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England 1979 A Flock Of Seagulls
England 1988 A Guy Called Gerald
the USA 2004 A Hawk and A Hacksaw
Ireland 1985 A House
the USA 2003 A Place To Bury Strangers
Spain 1976 A Roda
the USA 1985 A Tribe Called Quest
Belgium 2011 A Winged Victory For The Sullen
England 1982 A Witness
France 2005 AaRON
Sweden 1972 ABBA
England 1980 ABC
the USA 2004 Abe Vigoda
the USA 2001 Aberdeen City
Scotland 1990 AC Acoustics
Australia 1973 AC/DC
the USA 1994 Aceyalone
Japan 2005 Acid Mothers Temple and The Cosmic Inferno
Japan 1995 Acid Mothers Temple and The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.
the USA 1968 Ackles, David
England 2001 Acoustic Ladyland
England 2004 Actress
the USA 2004 Adams, Peter Bradley
the USA 2000 Adams, Ryan
England 1988 Adamson, Barry
England 2006 Adele
England 1991 Adorable
Scotland 1996 Adventures In Stereo
England 1976 Adverts, The
Scotland 1998 Aereogramme
the USA 1970 Aerosmith
the USA 1986 Afghan Whigs, The
the USA 1980 Agnostic Front
the USA 1993 Aguilera, Christina
Norway 1982 A-ha
Canada 2005 Ahnabith Gish
France 1995 Air
England 1998 Air Formation
Australia 2012 Airling
Cuba 1957 Aitken, Laurel
the USA 2002 Akron/Family
England 1989 Alabama 3
the USA 2009 Alabama Shakes
Wales 1977 Alarm, The
the USA 1998 Album Leaf, The
Scotland 1958 Alexander Brothers, The
England 2002 Ali, Kelli
the USA 1987 Alice In Chains
Ireland 2006 Alien Hand
Scotland 2005 Aliens, The
England 1985 All About Eve
England 2005 Allen, Lily
the USA 1969 Allman Brothers Band, The
England 2008 Allo Darlin’
the USA 1940 Almanac Singers, The
the USA 2005 Almost, The
Germany 1983 Alphaville
Scotland 1980 Altered Images
England 1976 Alternative TV
Canada 2011 Alvvays
the USA 2001 AM Radio
South Africa 1972 Amagugu
South Africa 1979 Amaswazi Emvelo
the USA 2008 Amazing Baby
the USA 1982 American Music Club
the USA 1990 Amos, Tori
Poland 2005 Ampacity
the USA 1995 Amps, The
England 2004 Amusement Parks On Fire
Australia 2008 An Horse
England 1977 Ananta
England 2009 Anata Wa Sukkari Tsukarete Shimai
Germany 2007 ANBB
the USA 2004 Anchor and Braille
Germany 2007 Ancient Methods
England 1979 And Also The Trees
Northern Ireland 2005 And So I Watch You From Afar
England 2007 Anderson, Brett
the USA 1976 Anderson, Laurie
the USA 2000 Andrew Jackson Jihad
England 1977 Angelic Upstarts
the USA 2000 Animal Collective
England 1962 Animals, The
the USA 2010 Annabel (lee)
the USA 2003 Annuals
England 1997 Anohni
Greece 1993 Anorimoi
England 1977 Ant, Adam
the USA 1981 Anthrax
England 1998 Antimatter
England 1980 Anti-Nowhere League
the USA 2006 Antlers, The
England 1992 Apache Indian
England 2005 Apartment
England 1991 Aphex Twin
Finland 1993 Apocalyptica
Canada 2001 Apostle Of Hustle
the USA 1994 Apple, Fiona
the USA 1992 Apples In Stereo, The
the USA 2003 Aqueduct
the USA 1994 Arab On Radar
Scotland 1995 Arab Strap
the USA 2006 Arc In Round
Canada 2003 Arcade Fire
Spain 2007 Arcanoid
Scotland 2004 Arcari, Dave
the USA 1992 Archers Of Loaf
England 2002 Archie Bronson Outfit
Germany 1998 Architect
Australia 2000 Architecture In Helsinki
England 2002 Arctic Monkeys
the USA 1988 Arcwelder
Saint Kitts and Nevis 1971 Armatrading, Joan
the USA 2007 Armstrong, Tim
the USA 1966 Arnold, P.P.
the USA 1988 Arrested Development
Montserrat 1971 Arrow
England 2003 Art Brut
Australia 1995 Art Of Fighting
the USA 2006 Arthur and Yu
the USA 2011 Ascension
Northern Ireland 1992 Ash
England 1993 Asian Dub Foundation
the USA 2001 Asobi Seksu
Scotland 1979 Associates
Zimbabwe 1960s Astazio, Alport
Denmark 2007 Asteroids Galaxy Tour, The
England 1977 Astronauts, The
England 1975 Aswad
Germany 1992 Atari Teenage Riot
the USA 2006 Atlas Sound
Belgium 1995 Atlas, Natacha
the USA 1994 Atmosphere
Scotland 2005 Attic Lights
the USA 1994 Au Revoir Simone
England 1995 Audioweb
the USA 2003 Audition, The
the USA 1997 Austerity Program
England 1987 Autechre
England 1991 Auteurs, The
Italy 1977 Automat
Wales 2002 Automatic, The
the USA 2003 Automato
Australia 1997 Avalanches, The
Malaysia 2008 Avi, Zee
the USA 1968 Axelrod, David
Scotland 1981 Aztec Camera
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