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#1 ananta-night-and-daydream.jpg 1978 [9, 46:08] Ananta - Night And Daydream (Touchstone Sound Recordings BBT-112) studio • new music
#2 ananta-songs-from-the-future.jpg 1980 [9, 35:01] Ananta - Songs From The Future (Touchstone Sound Recordings BBT-115) studio • new music 0.88 “Pathetically abysmal” Prog
date.png 01-Jan-2007
notes.png The end. Band split 1981.


ANANTA was formed in London, UK by Ilan Chester and the brothers Jorge and Charly Spiteri in the late 70's. They were joined by Mark Francis, Patrick Bernard and Dave Early and recorded their initial album Night and Daydream, issued by Touchstone Records in 1978. The album was later released under the alternative titles Wheel of Time and Purana.

The initial line-up of the band folded shortly after, but Chester decided to continue using this moniker. Joined by Alvaro Falcon, Luis Emilio Mauri and Gerry Lopez, this second version of Ananta recorded and released Songs From the Future in 1980.

Ilan Chester would later go on to have a long and succesfull solo career, and is a celebrated figue in the Venezuelan music scene.

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