Anna Moo with Bo Diddley - Moochas Gracias

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Not in my collection.

The Pro review:

Newberry, Florida—One of rock and roll’s legendary founding fathers, Bo Diddley, is playing to a new audience - children. Bo has joined forces with award-winning children’s singer and songwriter Anna Moo for her latest CD release Moochas Gracias.These two artists have created a collection of songs that celebrate the joys of childhood. Moochas Gracias combines Bo’s unique style with Anna Moo’s commitment to a diversity of music styles and multicultural material for kids. Songs like "Puddle Stomping," "Peanut Butter Blues" and "Bob-A-Long," a tribute song to Bob Dylan, make Moochas Gracias a cross-generational classic that reviewers have dubbed "Brilliant, Nostalgic and Wonderful…"

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Bo Diddley 【1958】 (1958) Go Bo Diddley (1959) Have Guitar Will Travel (1960) Bo Diddley in the Spotlight (1960) Bo Diddley is a Gunslinger (1960) Bo Diddley is a Lover (1961) Bo Diddley’s A Twister (1962) Bo Diddley 【1962】 (1962) Bo Diddley and Company (1963) Surfin’ with Bo Diddley (1963) Two Great Guitars (1964) Hey Good Lookin’ (1965) 500% More Man (1965) The Black Gladiator (1970) Another Dimension (1971) Where It All Began (1972) The London Bo Diddley Sessions (1973) Big Bad Bo (1974) Ain’t It Good to be Free (1983) Breakin’ Through The BS (1989) This Should Not Be (1993) Promises (1994) A Man Amongst Men (1996) Moochas Gracias (2002)