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the USA 1992 G. Love
England 1978 G.B.H.
England 1976 Gabriel, Peter
England 1979 Gadget, Fad
England 2003 Gahan, Dave
France 1957 Gainsbourg, Serge
the USA 1988 Galaxie 500
the USA 1984 Gallo, Vincent
England 1977 Gang Of Four
the USA 1986 Gang Starr
the USA 1994 Garbage
Argentina 1980 García, Charly
France 1997 Garcia, Sergent
England 1999 Garlic
the USA 2005 Gaslight Anthem, The
Australia 1995 Gaslight Radio
the USA 1960 Gaye, Marvin
Ireland 1986 Geldof, Bob
England 1993 Gene
England 1967 Genesis
the USA 2005 Georgie James
the USA 1994 Geraldine Fibbers, The
the USA 1995 Gerbils, The
the USA 1991 Germano, Lisa
the USA 1977 Germs
England 1959 Gerry and The Pacemakers
Australia 1997 Gersey
the USA 2004 Get Him Eat Him
the USA 1980 Get Smart!
the USA 1950 Getz, Stan
Japan 1984 Ghost
the USA 1996 Ghostface Killah
the USA 2004 Ghostland Observatory
England 2006 Ghostpoet
the USA 2002 Giant Panda
the USA 1985 Giant Sand
the USA 2004 Gibson, Laura
England 2006 Gideon and The Shark, Joe
the Netherlands 2007 Giersbergen, Anneke van
Brazil 1963 Gilberto, Astrud
the USA 1986 Gilberto, Bebel
the USA 1858 Gilmore’s Band
Ireland 2011 Girl Band
the USA 2000 Girl Talk
the USA 2007 Girls
the USA 1988 Girls Against Boys
Scotland 2006 Glasvegas
the USA 1997 Gliss
England 1960s Glover and John Lawrenson, Cynthia
the USA 1900s Gluck, Alma
the USA 2003 Gnarls Barkley
England 2006 Gnod
England 2000 Go! Team, The
Sweden 2012 Goat
Australia 1977 Go-Betweens, The
Scotland 2008 God Help The Girl
Ireland 2002 God Is An Astronaut
the USA 1989 God Is My Co-Pilot
the USA 1991 God Machine, The
Canada 1994 Godspeed You! Black Emperor
the USA 1978 Go-Go’s, The
the USA 1999 Gogol Bordello
Scotland 2009 Golden Grrrls
the USA 1989 Golden Smog
England 1999 Goldfrapp
England 1994 Goldie
the USA 1962 Goldsboro, Bobby
England 1995 Golightly, Holly
England 1996 Gomez
France 1967 Gong
Zimbabwe 2010s Gonora, Daniel
Sweden 2003 González, José
the USA 1986 Goo Goo Dolls, The
the USA 2000 Good Life, The
England 2012 Good Throb
Canada 2003 Good, Matthew
England 2006 Good, The Bad and The Queen, The
Scotland 1981 Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie
Finland 2004 Goodnight Monsters
the USA 2000 Gordon, Kim
England 1998 Gorillaz
Wales 1991 Gorkys Zygotic Mynci
the USA 1999 Gossip
France 1999 Gotan Project
the USA 1997 Gothic Archies, The
Australia 2007 Gow and The Dead Leaves, Matt Joe
the USA 2005 Graduate, The
the USA 2006 Grand Archives
France 2003 Grand Corps Malade
England 1992 Grand Drive
the USA 2008 Grand Duchy
England 2003 Grand National
the USA 1992 Grandaddy
Barbados 1975 Grandmaster Flash
the USA 1991 Grant Lee Buffalo
Guyana 1977 Grant, Eddy
the USA 2009 Grant, John
England 2007 Grantura
England 1967 Grapefruit
the USA 1965 Grateful Dead
Australia 2005 Grates, The
England 1992 Gray, David
the USA 2003 Grayskul
Canada 2003 Great Lake Swimmers
the USA 2005 Great Northern
the USA 1917 Green Brothers Novelty Band
the USA 1989 Green Day
the USA 1980 Green On Red
the USA 1967 Green, Al
the USA 2008 Green, Anthony
the USA 1997 Green, Cee Lo
England 2006 Green, Liz
Ireland 1964 Grehan Sisters, The
the USA 1991 Grenadine
the USA 1999 Grey and Mofro, JJ
England 1970 Greyhound
New Zealand 1979 Griff, Zaine
the USA 1978 Griffith, Nanci
England 2006 Grinderman
the USA 2004 Grizzly Bear
England 1996 Groove Armada
England 1964 Groundhogs, The
England 1982 Guana Batz
the USA 1983 Guided By Voices
England 2004 Guillemots
Japan 1987 Guitar Wolf
the USA 1990 Gumball
the USA 1979 Gun Club, The
the USA 2007 Gunn, Steve
the USA 1985 Guns N’ Roses
the USA 1991 Guster
the USA 1967 Guthrie, Arlo
the USA 1930s Guthrie, Woody
the USA 2003 Gutter Twins, The
Australia 2008 Gypsy and The Cat
Australia 1997 Gyroscope
the USA 1987 GZA