Album Artist's A-Z (I)

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England 1999 I Am Kloot
Sweden 2006 I Awake
England 2006 I Was A Cub Scout
England 1985 I, Ludicrous
Sweden 2005 I’m From Barcelona
England 2003 IAMX
South Africa 1977 Ibrahim, Abdullah
the USA 2008 Icarus Himself
the USA 1998 Icarus Line, The
the USA 1990 Ice Cube
the USA 2000 Ice Water
Denmark 2008 Iceage
Australia 1992 Icecream Hands
the USA 1981 Ice-T
England 1980 Icicle Works, The
the USA 2011 Icky Blossoms
the USA 2003 Icy Demons
Norway 2006 Ida Maria
England 2012 Idles
Scotland 1995 Idlewild
England 1981 Idol, Billy
Nigeria 1973 Ikenga Super Stars of Africa
the USA 1960 Ikettes, The
England 2004 iLiKETRAiNS
England 2012 ILL
Australia 2009 Illy
the USA 2000 Ima Robot
the USA 1994 Imperial Teen
the USA 1972 Incredible Bongo Band, The
Scotland 1965 Incredible String Band, The
the USA 1991 Incubus
the USA 2006 Inkwell The Biologic
the USA 2005 Inna Vision
England 1986 Inspiral Carpets
Sweden 1998 International Noise Conspiracy, The
the USA 1998 Interpol
South Africa 1966 Intuthuko Brothers
Australia 1977 INXS
the USA 2002 Iron and Wine
the USA 1966 Iron Butterfly
England 1975 Iron Maiden
Jamaica 1968 Isaacs, Gregory
the USA 2005 Isles, The
the USA 1954 Isley Brothers, The
England 2006 It Hugs Back
the USA 1994 Ivy
South Africa 1960s Izintombi Zesi Manje Manje
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