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the USA 1999 N*E*R*D
the USA 2007 N.A.S.A.
the USA 1986 N.W.A.
Senegal 1982 N’Dour, Youssou
Poland 2008 Nac/Hut Report
the USA 1992 Nada Surf
the USA 2003 Nadler, Marissa
Russia 1989 Namtchylak, Sainkho
England 2002 Nanaki
England 1981 Napalm Death
the USA 1991 Nas
Brazil 1962 Nascimento, Milton
Canada 1975 Nash The Slash
England 2007 Nash, Kate
the USA 1999 Nastasia, Nina
the USA 1999 National, The
the USA 1890s Natus, Joseph
Scotland 1991 Nectarine No.9, The
England 1987 Ned’s Atomic Dustbin
the USA 1957 Neil, Fred
the USA 1956 Nelson, Willie
the USA 1967 Neon Philharmonic, The
the USA 2009 Nerves Junior
Germany 1971 Neu!
the USA 1989 Neutral Milk Hotel
England 2005 New Cassettes
England 1980 New Model Army
England 1980 New Order
Canada 1996 New Pornographers, The
Australia 1981 New Race
the USA 1957 New World Theatre Orchestra, The
the USA 1971 New York Dolls
the USA 1900s New York Military Band
England 2004 New Young Pony Club
Canada 2004 Newman, A.C.
the USA 1962 Newman, Randy
the USA 2002 Newsom, Joanna
England 2000 Nextmen, The
South Africa 1982 Ngane and Khamba
Germany 1963 Nico
Scotland 1960s Nicol, Hector
the Netherlands 1987 Nightblooms, The
England 1979 Nightingales
England 1988 Nightmares On Wax
the USA 1958 Nilsson, Harry
Chile 2006 Niña Ciboulette
England 2003 Nine Black Alps
the USA 1988 Nine Inch Nails
Jamaica 1986 Ninjaman
England 1967 Nirvana [60s psychedelia]
the USA 1987 Nirvana
Ghana 2007 Nite Life
the Netherlands 1974 Nits
the USA 1966 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
England 1985 Nivens, The
the USA 2005 No Age
Canada 2009 No Joy
England 2006 Noah and The Whale
the USA 1999 No-Cash
France 1983 Noir Désir
England 2004 Noir, Jim
England 2003 Noisettes
England 1984 Nomad and The Nightmares, Naz
the USA 1948 Nordine, Ken
Japan 1999 Noriko, Tujiko
Mexico 2002 Nortec Collective
the USA 2010 North Dakota
England 2005 Nosferatu D2
the USA 1992 Notorious B.I.G.
Germany 1989 Notwist, The
the USA 2007 Now Now Every Children
England 1979 Numan, Gary
the USA 1993 Number One Cup
the USA 2000 Numbers
Australia 1978 Numbers, The [70s,80s pop-rock]
the USA 2004 Nurses
England 1989 Nutty Boys, The
the USA 1965 Nyro, Laura


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