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Ireland 1969 Ó Lionáird, Iarla
England 1979 O’Connor, Hazel
Ireland 1987 O’Connor, Sinéad
the USA 1938 O’Dell, Doye
the USA 1984 O’Neal, Alexander
England 1991 Oasis
the USA 1992 Oberst, Conor
Nigeria 1964 Obey, Ebenezer
the USA 1993 Oblivians
the USA 2005 Ocean, Frank
England 1998 Oceansize
the USA 1962 Ochs, Phil
the USA 1944 Odetta
the USA 1997 Of Montreal
Canada 1995 Offishall, Kardinal
the USA 1984 Offspring, The
England 1991 Oil Seed Rape
the USA 1998 Okkervil River
Ghana 1969 Okukuseku International Band Of Ghana
the USA 2000 Old School Freight Train
the USA 1995 Old Time Relijun
England 1973 Oldfield, Mike
the USA 1997 Oldham, Will
the USA 1992 Olivia Tremor Control
the D.R. Congo 1978 Olomide, Koffi
the USA 1995 Olson, Mark
England 2008 One eskimO
Canada 2005 One Night Band, The
England 2003 One Night Only
the USA 1998 Oneida
the USA 2007 Oneohtrix Point Never
England 1977 Only Ones, The
Japan 1970 Ono, Yoko
the USA 1987 Operation Ivy
Australia 2005 Operator Please
Scotland 1979 Orange Juice
England 1988 Orb, The
the USA 1956 Orbison, Roy
England 1987 Orbit, William
England 1989 Orbital
England 1992 Orch., The
Kenya 1976 Orchestra Les Mangelepa
Kenya 1974 Orchestra Super Mazembe
England 1978 Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
Congo-Brazzaville 1972 Orchestre le Peuple
the D.R. Congo 1968 Orchestre Stukas
France 1973 Orchestre Tao-Tao, L’
Scotland 1986 Orchids, The
Finland 2005 Orders, The
England 2003 Ordinary Boys, The
Canada 2001 Organ, The
Germany 1967 Organisation
the USA 2001 Orgone
England 1993 Orton, Beth
the USA 2009 Orwells, The
Jamaica 1967 Osbourne, Johnny
the USA 1958 Osmonds, The
the USA 2008 Other Lives
the USA 2006 Other Men
England 2002 Others, The
the USA 1968 Otis, Shuggie
the USA 1980 Our Daughters Wedding
the USA 1991 OutKast
Senegal 1965 Ouza
the USA 1945 Owens, Buck
the USA 1999 Oxes
the USA 1995 Ozomatli


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