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the USA 1980 R.E.M.
England 1983 R.O.C.
England 2004 Race, The
the USA 2005 Raconteurs, The
the USA 2007 Radical Face
the USA 2004 Radin, Joshua
England 1991 Radiohead
Scotland 1997 Radiotones
the USA 1991 Raekwon
the USA 1991 Rage Against The Machine
England 1984 Railway Children, The
the USA 1981 Rain Parade
England 1975 Rainbow
England 2014 Rainbow Reservoir
England 1977 Raincoats, The
the USA 1971 Raitt, Bonnie
England 2004 Rakes, The
South Africa 1970s Ramavhea, Alpheus
the USA 2009 Ramona Falls
the USA 1974 Ramones
the USA 1981 Ranaldo, Lee
Scotland 2009 Randolph’s Leap
Jamaica 1950s Ranglin, Ernest
England 2004 Ranks, Gappy
Jamaica 1985 Ranks, Shabba
England 2000 Rascal, Dizzee
England 2006 Rascals, The
the USA 1964 Rascals, The
the USA 2001 Ratatat
the Netherlands 2008 Rats On Rafts
Denmark 2001 Raveonettes, The
the USA 1962 Rawls, Lou
England 2002 Razorlight
England 1978 Rea, Chris
England 2000 Reaks, Ashley
Zambia 1975 Real Sounds, The
Canada 2002 Reason, The
China 2003 Rebuilding The Rights Of Statues
Germany 1997 Rechenzentrum
England 2008 Red Cosmos
the USA 1995 Red Elvises
the USA 1983 Red Hot Chili Peppers
the USA 2003 Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The
the USA 2004 Red Knife Lottery
the USA 1966 Red Krayola, The
England 2007 Red Light Company
England 1993 Red Snapper
the USA 1960 Redding, Otis
the USA 1940s Reed, Jimmy
the USA 1971 Reed, Lou
the USA 1949 Reeves, Jim
Finland 2003 Regina
Brazil 1961 Regina, Elis
England 1997 Regular Fries
Australia 2007 Regular John
Scotland 2001 Reindeer Section, The
the USA 2015 Reis, John
Scotland 2006 Remember Remember
the USA 1960s Renaissance, The
the USA 1979 Replacements, The
the USA 1971 Residents, The
the USA 1960 Revere and The Raiders, Paul
England 2006 Rhodes, Lou
Wales 2004 Rhys, Gruff
England 1958 Richard, Cliff
the USA 1982 Richie, Lionel
the USA 1971 Richman, Jonathan
England 1988 Ride
England 2004 Rifles, The
the USA 1998 Rilo Kiley
the USA 1948 Ritchie, Jean
Poland 2001 Riverside
the USA 1982 Roach, Steve
the USA 2005 Roark
the USA 1948 Robbins, Marty
England 1990s Robinson, Roger
the USA 1997 Rock, Aesop
the USA 1989 Rocket from the Crypt
the USA 1943 Rodgers and Hammerstein
the USA 1909 Rodgers, Jimmie
the USA 1967 Rodriguez
the USA 1960 Roe, Tommy
the USA 2002 Rogue Wave
the USA 2003 Rollercoaster Pilot
England 1962 Rolling Stones, The
the USA 1961 Ronettes, The
England 2003 Ronson, Mark
England 1998 Rooney, Paul
England 1994 Roots Manuva
the USA 1987 Roots, The
England 1992 Rosa Mota
the USA 2009 Rose, Frankie
the USA 2001 Rosebuds, The
England 2007 Roses Kings Castles
the USA 1968 Ross, Diana
England 1971 Roxy Music
England 2007 Royal Treatment Plant
the USA 1987 Royal Trux
the USA 1961 Royalettes, The
the USA 1998 Royce Da 5’9
Norway 1998 Röyksopp
Poland 1904 Rubinstein, Arthur
New Zealand 2003 Ruby Suns, The
England 2004 Rumble Strips, The
Germany 2012 Run Dust
the USA 2013 Run The Jewels
the USA 1983 Run-D.M.C.
the USA 1970 Rundgren, Todd
Scotland 1973 Runrig
Canada 1968 Rush
England 1993 Rush, Ed
England 2006 Rusko
England 1977 Ruts, The
England 1996 Rythmes Digitales, Les
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