Album Artist's A-Z (V)

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England 2010 Vaccines, The
Colombia 1930s Valencia, Juan Polo
the USA 2006 Vampire Weekend
the USA 1972 Van Halen
the USA 1957 Van Ronk, Dave
the USA 1999 Vanderslice, John
the USA 1976 Vandross, Luther
Greece 1961 Vangelis
the USA 1967 Vanilla Fudge
Scotland 1986 Vaselines, The
the USA 1942 Vaughan, Sarah
England 2011 VCMG
Canada 2004 Veer Union, The
the USA 1982 Vega, Suzanne
England 2004 Vek, Tom
the USA 1989 Velocity Girl
Brazil 1966 Veloso, Caetano
the USA 1965 Velvet Underground, The
the USA 1997 Venice Is Sinking
England 1978 Venom
the USA 1958 Ventures, The
England 2009 Veronica Falls
the USA 1990 Versus
the USA 1993 Veruca Salt
England 1989 Verve, The
England 2008 Very Best, The
Ukraine 1983 Veseli Muzyky
the USA 2003 Vetiver
the USA 1997 VHS or Beta
England 1976 Vibrators, The
England 1978 Vicious, Sid
South Africa 1930s Vier Transvalers, Die
Canada 2012 Viet Cong
Scotland 2005 View, The
the USA 2003 Vile, Kurt
the USA 1956 Vincent, Gene
Australia 1994 Vines, The
the USA 1980 Violent Femmes
England 1978 Visage
the USA 1998 Viva Voce
Belgium 1997 Vive La Fête
the USA 2007 Vivian Girls
England 2005 Voice Of The Seven Woods
Italy 2011 Voices From The Lake
the Netherlands 2001 Voicst
the USA 2009 Volcano Choir
the USA 2000 Von Bondies, The
Germany 2005 Von Südenfed
the USA 2003 Voxtrot
the USA 1998 Voyager One
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