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Jamaica 1976 Wailer, Bunny
the USA 1958 Wailers, The
the USA 1968 Wainwright III, Loudon
the USA 1988 Wainwright, Rufus
the USA 1978 Waitresses, The
the USA 1970 Waits, Tom
Jamaica 1977 Wales, Josey
the USA 1967 Walker, Scott
the USA 2000 Walkmen, The
the USA 1999 Walla, Chris
the USA 2005 Wallpaper
the USA 1969 War
the USA 2005 War On Drugs, The
the USA 1999 Ward, M.
Norway 2003 Wardruna
Scotland 2009 Ware, Jessie
the USA 2000 Warlocks, The
England 1995 Warm Jets, The
the USA 1962 Warwick, Dionne
Papua New Guinea 2006 Washington
England 1983 Waterboys, The
the USA 1941 Waters, Muddy
England 2000 Wave Pictures, The
the USA 2008 Wavves
the USA 2005 We All Have Hooks For Hands
the USA 2000 We Are Scientists
the USA 1964 We Five
England 1985 We’ve Got A Fuzzbox And We’re Gonna Use It
the USA 1970 Weather Report
England 1997 Weaver, Jane
the USA 1966 Webster Fabio, Sarah
England 1985 Wedding Present, The
the USA 1997 Weedeater
the USA 1984 Ween
the USA 1992 Weezer
the USA 1996 Welch, Gillian
England 1991 Weller, Paul
Scotland 1989 Wells, Bill
the USA 1968 Wendy and Bonnie
France 2007 Wendy Darlings, The
Scotland 1990 Wendys, The
the USA 2000 West, Kanye
Scotland 1982 Wet Wet Wet
the USA 2007 Wheels On Fire
the USA 2002 Whigs, The
Ireland 1991 Whipping Boy
the USA 2006 Whiskey Myers
the USA 2006 White Denim
England 2007 White Lies
the USA 1968 White Lightning
the USA 2004 White Rabbits
England 2002 White Rose Movement
the USA 1997 White Stripes, The
the USA 1998 White, Jack
the USA 1964 White, Tony Joe
Germany 2003 Whitest Boy Alive, The
England 1964 Who, The
the USA 1997 Why?
Scotland 1950 Wick Scottish Dance Band, The
the USA 1994 Wilco
England 2002 Wild Beasts
the USA 2010 Wild Flag
the USA 1953 Williams, Andy
the USA 1929 Williams, Big Joe
the USA 1937 Williams, Hank
the USA 1957 Williams, Larry
the USA 1978 Williams, Lucinda
England 1996 Williams, Robbie
the USA 1996 Williams, Saul
the USA 1966 Wilson, Brian
the USA 1970 Wilson, Dennis
the USA 1957 Wilson, Jackie
Scotland 1983 Win
England 2003 Winehouse, Amy
England 2006 Winterkids
Canada 2001 Wintersleep
England 1971 Winwood, Steve
England 1976 Wire
Scotland 2004 Withered Hand
the USA 1996 Wolf Eyes
Canada 2003 Wolf Parade
England 2002 Wolf, Patrick
the USA 2006 Wolfe, Chelsea
Germany 1999 Wolfenmond
England 1984 Wolfhounds, The
the USA 1962 Womack, Bobby
England 1973 Wombles, The
England 1986 Wonder Stuff, The
the USA 1961 Wonder, Stevie
England 1982 Woodentops, The
the USA 2005 Woods
England 2004 Working For A Nuclear Free City
England 1985 World Party
Japan 2000 World’s End Girlfriend
Ireland 1989 Would Be’s, The
the USA 2001 Wovenhand
the USA 1955 Wray, Link
England 1976 Wreckless Eric
the USA 1989 Wrens, The
the USA 1964 Wright, O.V.
Scotland 1991 Wrigley, Jennifer and Hazel
the USA 1993 Wu-Tang Clan
England 1970 Wyatt, Robert
the USA 2006 Wye Oak
the USA 1966 Wynette, Tammy
England 2009 Wynn, Mark
the USA 1989 Wynn, Steve
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