Artist list: 0-9
A full list of all the artists in my personal record collection, song lists are included for all.

Emboldened links highlight where there is at least one album in my collection. Biographies and album discographies are included for these artists.

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112 (the USA)
190 (England)
214 (the USA)
702 (the USA)
911 (England)
999 (England)
3/3 (Japan)
!!! (the USA)
!Action Pact! (England)
$pyda; filed under Spyda (England)
(Please) Don’t Blame Mexico (France)
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead (the USA)
//orangenoise (Pakistan)
? and The Mysterians (the USA)
¡Forward, Russia! (England)
’N Sync (the USA)
µ-Ziq (England)
1 Giant Leap (England)
10 Years (the USA)
10, 000 Maniacs (the USA)
1000 Mexicans (England)
101 Strings (the USA)
101ers, The (England)
10cc (England)
12 Rounds (Scotland)
12 Tree (England)
120 Days (Norway)
13th Floor Elevators (the USA)
13th Son (Australia)
14 Iced Bears (England)
14K (the USA)
16 Horsepower (the USA)
16 Lovers Lane (Italy)
16B (England)
16C+ (Germany)
18 Wheeler (Scotland)
18th Century Corporation (Germany)
1910 Fruitgum Company (the USA)
1990s (Scotland)
1-Speed Bike (Canada)
2 Bears, The (England)
2 Cowboys (Italy)
2 For Joy (England)
2 Funky 2 (England)
2 In A Room (the USA)
2 In A Tent (England)
2 Live Crew, The (the USA)
2 Mad (England)
2 Men A Drum Machine and A Trumpet (England)
2 Puerto Ricans, a Blackman and a Dominican (the USA)
2 Star Tabernacle (the USA)
2 Tuff (the USA)
2 Unlimited (Belgium)
20 Hz (the USA)
2000F (Denmark)
21 Tandem Repeats (Canada)
22-20s (England)
22-Pistepirkko (Finland)
23rd Turnoff, The (England)
2-5BZ (Turkey)
2econd Class Citizen (England)
2Funky! (England)
2Pac (the USA)
2Play (England)
2Wo Third3 (England)
3 Colours Red (England)
3 Courgettes, The (England)
3 Of A Kind (England)
3 Tops, The; filed under Three Tops, The (Jamaica)
31Knots (the USA)
35 Summers (England)
39 Lyon Street (Scotland)
3D (England)
3gga (Jamaica)
3Oh!3 (the USA)
3rd Generation Band (Ghana)
3rd International (England)
4 Deep Connextion (England)
4 Etoiles; filed under Quatre Étoiles, Les (France)
4 Femmes Dans Le Vent, Les; filed under Ouza (Senegal)
4 Non Blondes (the USA)
4 Of Us, The (Northern Ireland)
4 Stars; filed under Quatre Étoiles, Les (France)
4 Strings (the Netherlands)
4 Tops, The; filed under Four Tops, The (the USA)
40 Glocc (the USA)
40 Thevz (the USA)
45 Grave (the USA)
45 King, The (the USA)
49ers (Italy)
4-Hero (England)
4-Ize (the USA)
4-Skins, The (England)
5 Hand Reel; filed under Five Hand Reel (Scotland)
5 Jones Boys, The (the USA)
5 Royales, The (the USA)
5 Spiritual Tones (the USA)’s, The (Japan)
50 Cent (the USA)
50 Hz (England)
50 Year Old Man (England)
5000 Volts (England)
500mg (the USA)
54-40 (Canada)
5ive; filed under Five (England)
5th Dimension, The (the USA)
6 Day Riot (England)
6 July; filed under Broady, Carlos ‘6 July’ (the USA)
60ft Dolls (Wales)
63 Trees (England)
65daysofstatic (England)
69dB (Scotland)
6-Shot (the USA)
7 Aurelius (the USA)
7 Year Bitch (the USA)
70 Gwen Party (England)
799th Jim (England)
7th Heaven (England)
7th Ragtime Orchestra, The (the USA)
80 Aum (the Netherlands)
808 State (England)
8-Eyed Spy (the USA)
8in8 (the USA)
93MillionMilesFromTheSun (England)
99 Allstars (England)
99th Floor Elevators (England)
9th Wonder (the USA)
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