Artist list: A
A full list of all the artists in my personal record collection, song lists are included for all.

Emboldened links highlight where there is at least one album in my collection. Biographies and album discographies are included for these artists.

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A (England)
A Baffled Republic (England)
A Band Of Bowsies (Ireland)
A Certain Ratio (England)
A Flock Of Seagulls (England)
A Frames (the USA)
A Grave With No Name (the USA)
A Guy Called Gerald (England)
A Hawk and A Hacksaw (the USA)
A Homeboy, A Hippie and A Funki Dread (England)
A House (Ireland)
A Man Called Adam (England)
A Million Billion Dying Suns (the USA)
A Place To Bury Strangers (the USA)
A Reminiscent Drive (France)
A Silver Mt. Zion; filed under Silver Mt. Zion (Canada)
A Singer Of Songs (Spain)
A Sunny Day In Glasgow (the USA)
A Taste Of Honey (the USA)
A Tribe Called Quest (the USA)
A Tribe Of Toffs (England)
A Way Of Life (England)
A Weather (the USA)
A Whisper In The Noise (the USA)
A Winged Victory For The Sullen (the USA)
A Witness (England)
A, Sei (Scotland)
A, Stevie (England)
A.B.S. Orchestra, The (England)
A.J. (England)
A.K.A. (?)
A.K.A. KOXX (Jamaica)
A.M. Sixty (the USA)
A.M.P. (England)
A.P.P.L.E. (the USA)
A.R. Kane (England)
A.R. Machines (Germany)
A.R.E. Weapons (the USA)
A.R.P. (Jamaica)
A+ (the USA)
A1 (England)
A5 (Germany)
Aaliyah (the USA)
AaRON (France)
Abacus (England)
Abafakasi (South Africa)
Abafana Bama Big Bag; filed under Big Bag Boys, The (South Africa)
Abafana Bamagoduka (South Africa)
Abafana Bamarabi (South Africa)
Abafana Baseqhudeni (South Africa)
Abafana Be Mvunge (South Africa)
Abafana Bentuntuko (South Africa)
Abafana Bentuthuko (South Africa)
Abafana Besi Manje Manje (South Africa)
Abafana Bezi Modern (South Africa)
Abafana Bomcikico (South Africa)
Abakhwenyana (South Africa)
Aba-Lilizeli (South Africa)
Abasi, Joseph (Kenya)
ABBA (Sweden)
Abba, Dimi Mini (Mauritania)
Abbot, Russ (England)
Abbott, Gregory (the USA)
Abby GoGo (the USA)
ABC (England)
Abdo Shamakh (Kenya)
Abdominal (Canada)
Abdul, Paula (the USA)
Abe Vigoda (the USA)
Abeele, Evan (Canada)
Aberdeen (the USA)
Aberdeen City (the USA)
Aberfeldy (Scotland)
Abeti (the D.R. Congo)
Abigail (England)
Aboojahwon (Jamaica)
Abraham, Andy (England)
Abrams, Colonel (the USA)
Abrasive Wheels (England)
Abreu, Toño (the Dominican Republic)
Abs (England)
Abshire, Nathan (the USA)
Absolutely Fabulous (England)
Absolutely Free (Canada)
Abstract Division (the Netherlands)
Abstract Random (Canada)
Abstract Rude (the USA)
Abwärts (Germany)
Abyssinians, The (Jamaica)
AC Acoustics (Scotland)
AC/DC (Australia)
Acab, Balam (the USA)
Academy One (England)
Accent, The (England)
Access 58 (England)
Accident 【Darlington punk band】; filed under Major Accident (England)
Accident 【Seattle punk band】 (the USA)
Accused, The (the USA)
Ace (the USA)
Ace Bushy Striptease (England)
Ace Of Base (Sweden)
Ace, Charley (Jamaica)
Ace, Johnny (the USA)
Aces, The; filed under Dekker, Desmond (Jamaica)
Acetate Zero (France)
Acetone (the USA)
Aceyalone (the USA)
Acid (Austria)
Acid Band, The; filed under Mapfumo, Thomas (Zimbabwe)
Acid Casuals (Wales)
Acid House Kings (Sweden)
Acid Mothers Temple and The Cosmic Inferno (Japan)
Acid Mothers Temple and The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. (Japan)
Acid Party (?)
Acid Ted (England)
Acid, The (Norway)
Acklin, Barbara (the USA)
Acme Sewage Co. (England)
Acorn, The (Canada)
Acoustic Ladyland (England)
Acquaintances (the USA)
Acquaviva, John (Italy)
Action 13, The (Nigeria)
Action Fire (Jamaica)
Action Pact; filed under !Action Pact! (England)
Action Painting! (England)
Action Swingers (the USA)
Action, The (England)
Actress (England)
Acuff, Roy (the USA)
Ad Libs, The (the USA)
Ada (Germany)
Adam and Eve (Germany)
Adam and The Ants (England)
Adams Family Orchestra (the USA)
Adams, Arthur (the USA)
Adams, Bryan (Canada)
Adams, Charlie (the USA)
Adams, Faye (the USA)
Adams, Gerald (England)
Adams, Johnny (the USA)
Adams, Marie (the USA)
Adams, Oleta (the USA)
Adams, Peter Bradley (the USA)
Adams, Ryan (the USA)
Adamski (England)
Adamson, Barry (England)
Adapted (Jamaica)
Add N To (X) (England)
Addams, Gomez (the USA)
Adé, King Sunny (Nigeria)
Adebimpe, Tunde (Nigeria)
Adele (England)
Adelines, The (Wales)
Adem (England)
Adeva (the USA)
Adicts, The (England)
adjkfs (the USA)
Adkins, Hasil (the USA)
Adkins, Jim (the USA)
Adler, Larry (the USA)
Administrators (England)
Admiral Bailey (Jamaica)
Admiral Fallow (Scotland)
Admiral T (France)
Admiral Tibet (Jamaica)
Adolf Plays The Jazz (Greece)
Adonis 【Chicagoan DJ / Producer】 (the USA)
Adonis 【Norwegian Producer】 (Norway)
Adorable (England)
Adult Net (England)
Adventures In Stereo (Scotland)
Adventures Of Stevie V (England)
Adventures, The (Northern Ireland)
Adverse, Anthony (England)
Adverts, The (England)
Aeolian Piano Roll (the USA)
Aereogramme (Scotland)
Aerial (Scotland)
Aerial M (the USA)
Aerosmith (the USA)
Afaar (the USA)
Afflicted Man (England)
Afghan Whigs, The (the USA)
Africa ‘70 (Nigeria)
African (Jamaica)
African All Stars (the D.R. Congo)
African Beats; filed under Adé, King Sunny (Nigeria)
African Brothers Band (Ghana)
African Head Charge (England)
African Penny Whistle Serenaders; filed under Scott, Tony 【american jazz musician】 (South Africa)
African Percussion Safari; filed under Chaino (the USA)
African Swingsters 【70s group】 (South Africa)
African Swingsters, The 【50s group】 (South Africa)
Afrika (Equatorial Guinea)
Afrika Korps (the USA)
Afrikan Boy (Nigeria)
Afrikan Simba (Nigeria)
Afrirampo (Japan)
Afro Caribs; filed under Malcolm, Carlos (Jamaica)
Afro Jamaican Rhythms; filed under Malcolm, Carlos (Jamaica)
Afrojack (the Netherlands)
Afroman (the USA)
Afropeans (Germany)
Afterlife (England)
Afternoon Naps (the USA)
AFX; filed under Aphex Twin (England)
Age Of Chance (England)
A-Gear (Germany)
A-Gen-53 (Austria)
Agent Sasco (Jamaica)
Aggregation; filed under C., Don (Jamaica)
Aggrovators, The (Jamaica)
Agnes (Sweden)
Agnews, The (?)
Agnostic Front (the USA)
Agoraphobic Nosebleed (the USA)
Agua De Annique; filed under Giersbergen, Anneke van (the Netherlands)
Aguayo, Matias (Chile)
Aguilera, Christina (the USA)
a-ha (Norway)
Ahead Of Our Time Orchestra, The (England)
A-Heads (England)
Ahmed, Ilyas (Pakistan)
Ahmed, Mahmoud (Ethiopia)
Ahnabith Gish (Canada)
Aidonia (Jamaica)
Aim (England)
Aina (England)
Ainsworth, Alyn (England)
Ainsworth, Junior (Jamaica)
Air (France)
Air Formation (England)
Air Miami (the USA)
Air Supply (Australia)
Airborne Toxic Event (the USA)
Airhead 【dubstep producer from London】 (England)
Airhead 【indie band from Maidstone】 (England)
Airiel (the USA)
Airling (Australia)
Aislers Set, The (the USA)
Aisling (Ireland)
Aitken, Laurel (Cuba)
Ajrenalin (Jamaica)
AK (the USA)
AKA Nobody (the USA)
Akasha (England)
Akdersen, Brya (?)
Akendengué, Pierre (Gabon)
Akens, Jewel (the USA)
Akers, Garfield (the USA)
Akil (the USA)
Akon (the USA)
Akrobatik (the USA)
Akron/Family (the USA)
Akufen (Canada)
Al n Ted Experience (the USA)
Al Usthadh Umar Awadh Ban (Kenya)
Alabama 3 (England)
Alabama Sacred Harp Singers (the USA)
Alabama Shakes (the USA)
Alabama Sheiks (the USA)
Aladdin Chickenshackers; filed under Milburn, Amos (the USA)
Alamoody, Zein Labdin (Kenya)
Alan Watts (the USA)
Alarm Clocks, The (the USA)
Alarm, The (Wales)
Alaska In Winter (the USA)
Albania (Scotland)
Albarn, Damon (England)
Albert, Morris (Brazil)
Albini, Steve (the USA)
Alborosie (Italy)
Albright, Charles (the USA)
Album Leaf, The (the USA)
Alcapone Jnr. (Jamaica)
Alcapone, Dennis (Jamaica)
Alcohol Funnycar (the USA)
Alcoholic Faith Mission (Denmark)
Aldo, Steve (England)
Alegres Bucaneros, Los (Colombia)
Alegres del Valle, Los (Colombia)
Alena (the Netherlands)
Alessio’s Mandolin Quartet (?)
Alex and his alto sax; filed under Hendriks, Alex (South Africa)
Alex Canasta (Denmark)
Alex Party (Italy)
Alexander Brothers, The (Scotland)
Alexander Combo, The; filed under Rivers, Danny (England)
Alexander, Arthur (the USA)
Alexander, George (the USA)
Alexander, Sanford (Germany)
Alexander, Sister Dora (the USA)
Alexander, Texas (the USA)
Alexandra All Star Band (South Africa)
Alexandra Busybees (South Africa)
Alexandra Casbahs (South Africa)
Alexandra Dead End Kids (South Africa)
Alexandra Jungle Boys (South Africa)
Alexandra Junior Bright Boys (South Africa)
Alexandra Shamber Boys (South Africa)
Alexia (Italy)
Alfie (England)
Alford, John (Scotland)
Algebra (the USA)
Ali and Frazier (England)
Ali, Kelli (England)
Ali, The Illustrious And Praiseworthy Mohammed (the USA)
Aliberry (Jamaica)
Alice DeeJay (the Netherlands)
Alice Donut (the USA)
Alice In Chains (the USA)
Alien (England)
Alien Ant Farm (the USA)
Alien Hand (Ireland)
Alien Sex Fiend (England)
Aliens, The (Scotland)
Alimantado, Dr. (Jamaica)
Alinea (Slovenia)
Alisha’s Attic (England)
Alize, Creme (the USA)
Alkan, Erol (England)
All About Chad (the USA)
All About Eve (England)
All American Orchestra; filed under Hughes, Spike (the USA)
All Girl Summer Fun Band (the USA)
All India Radio (Australia)
All New Accelerators (England)
All New Adventures Of Us, The (England)
All Of My Life (England)
All Or Nothing H.C. (the USA)
All Saints (England)
All Seeing I (England)
All Star Trio, The (the USA)
All Stars 【Abdel Gadir Salim’s band】; filed under Salim, Abdel Gadir (Sudan)
All Stars 【Calvin Boze’s band】; filed under Boze, Calvin (the USA)
All Stars 【Gideon Jah Rubbaal’s band】; filed under Rubbaal, Gideon Jah (Jamaica)
All Stars 【Gregory Isaac’s band】; filed under Isaacs, Gregory (Jamaica)
All Stars 【Harry J’s band】; filed under J, Harry (Jamaica)
All Stars 【Illinois Jacquet’s band】; filed under Jacquet, Illinois (the USA)
All Stars 【Jack McVea’s band】; filed under McVea, Jack (the USA)
All Stars 【Louis Armstrong’s band】; filed under Armstrong, Louis (the USA)
All Stars 【Rupie Edward’s band】; filed under Edwards, Rupie (Jamaica)
All Stars 【Sarah Vaughan’s band】; filed under Vaughan, Sarah (the USA)
All Stars 【Terry Snyder’s band】; filed under Snyder, Terry (the USA)
All Stars 【The Melodian’s band】; filed under Melodians, The (Jamaica)
All Stars 【The Technique’s band】; filed under Techniques, The (Jamaica)
All Stars 【Tom Archia’s band】; filed under Archia, Tom (the USA)
All Stars 【Tommy McCook’s band】; filed under McCook, Tommy (Jamaica)
All Stars 【Wynonie Harris’s band】; filed under Harris, Wynonie (the USA)
All Stars, The 【Prince Buster’s band】; filed under Prince Buster (Jamaica)
All The Rage (England)
All The Saints (the USA)
All Will Be Quiet (Finland)
All-4-One (the USA)
Allan and The Arrows, Davie (the USA)
Allan, Johnnie (the USA)
Allen and Allen (the USA)
Allen and The Backbeats, Bill (the USA)
Allen Brothers, The (the USA)
Allen, Annisteen (the USA)
Allen, Donna (the USA)
Allen, Henry ‘Red’ (the USA)
Allen, Hilary (Ireland)
Allen, I Hate Myself (?)
Allen, Jesse (the USA)
Allen, Jessy (Wales)
Allen, Lee (the USA)
Allen, Lily (England)
Allen, Lonnie (the USA)
Allen, Ronnie (the USA)
Allen, Tony 【afrobeat artist from Nigeria】 (Nigeria)
Allen, Tony 【rhythm n blues artist from Los Angeles】 (the USA)
Allen, Vernon (Jamaica)
Alley Cat (Jamaica)
Alliance (Jamaica)
Alligator Indian (the USA)
Allison, Dot (Scotland)
Allison, Gene (the USA)
Allison, Luther (the USA)
Allison’s Sacred Harp Singers (the USA)
Allman Brothers Band, The (the USA)
Allo Darlin’ (England)
Allo Star (Jamaica)
allSTARS* (England)
Alma y Los Cadáveres (Spain)
Almamegretta (Italy)
Almanac Singers, The (the USA)
Almeida and Sebastiao De Barros, Hianto De (Brazil)
Almighty Rhombus, The (Canada)
Almighty, The (Scotland)
Almond, Marc (England)
Almost, The (the USA)
Alone (Wales)
Along Came December (England)
Aloof, The (England)
Alpaca Sports (Sweden)
Alperin, Mikhail (Ukraine)
Alpert, Herb (the USA)
Alphabeat (Denmark)
Alphaville (Germany)
Alphonso, Carlton (Jamaica)
Alphonso, Roland (Jamaica)
Alpini, Canti (Italy)
Alps (Australia)
Alright The Captain (England)
Alrikson, Mathias (Sweden)
ALSO (England)
Altan (Ireland)
Altar Eagle (the USA)
Altenburger, Christian (Germany)
Alter Der Ruine (the USA)
Alter Ego (Germany)
Altered Boys (the USA)
Altered Hours, The (Ireland)
Altered Images (Scotland)
Altern 8 (England)
Alternative (Scotland)
Alternative TV (England)
Althia and Donna (Jamaica)
Alt-J; filed under (England)
Altkat (France)
Altstatt, Julia (the USA)
Aluminum Babe (Sweden)
Alvarez, J (Puerto Rico)
Alvey and Green Fuz, Randy (the USA)
Alvin, Dave (the USA)
Alvvays (Canada)
AM Radio (the USA)
Ama, Shola (England)
Amadou and Mariam (Mali)
Amagugu (South Africa)
Amahlope, Mafutha (South Africa)
Amakhosazana (South Africa)
Amaqawe Omculo (South Africa)
Amaqhawe (South Africa)
Amaqola Band (South Africa)
Amarante, Rodrigo (Brazil)
Amarie (the USA)
Amaswazi Emvelo (South Africa)
Amayenge (Zambia)
Amazing Baby (the USA)
Amazulu (England)
Amazulu Amnyama (South Africa)
Ambassadors Of Funk and MC Mario (England)
Amboy Dukes, The (the USA)
Ambrose and his Orchestra (England)
Ambrose, Sammy O. (the USA)
Ambrosius, Marsha (England)
Amderma (Slovenia)
Amebix (England)
Amelle; filed under Berrabah, Amelle (England)
A-Men (the Netherlands)
Amen Corner (Wales)
Amen UK! (Northern Ireland)
America (England)
American Analog Set, The (the USA)
American Concert Orchestra (the USA)
American Music Club (the USA)
American Quartet (the USA)
American Symphony Orchestra (the USA)
American Teens (the USA)
Americano, Luiz (Brazil)
Amerie (the USA)
Amerson, Rich Manuel "Rich" (the USA)
Ames Brothers, The (the USA)
Ames Harris Desert Water Bag Company (the USA)
Ames, Nancy (the USA)
Amethyst (England)
Amiel (Australia)
Amigos, The (the USA)
Amiina (Iceland)
Ammons, Albert (the USA)
Amnesia, Jose (Italy)
Amor de Días (England)
Amorosi, Vanessa (Australia)
Amorphous Androgynous (England)
Amos, Tori (the USA)
Amos; filed under Pizzey, Amos (England)
Ampacity (Poland)
Amps, The (the USA)
Amsterdam (England)
Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra, The (the Netherlands)
Amsterdamned (the Netherlands)
Amusa and Hadji Mustafa, Hadji (Nigeria)
Amusement Parks On Fire (England)
Amy Meredith (Australia)
An Emotional Fish (Ireland)
An Horse (Australia)
Ana Hausen (Scotland)
Anaal Nathrakh (England)
Anal Teens (England)
Anamanaguchi (the USA)
Ananda, Gabriel (Germany)
Anania Wa Mfolo; filed under Mokoena, Anania (South Africa)
Ananta (England)
Anarchie (Jamaica)
Anastacia (the USA)
Anata Wa Sukkari Tsukarete Shimai (England; Scotland; Japan)
ANBB (Germany)
Anchor and Braille (the USA)
Ancient Beatbox (England)
Ancient Methods (Germany)
And Also The Trees (England)
And So I Watch You From Afar (Northern Ireland)
And The Giraffe (the USA)
And Why Not? (England)
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead; filed under ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead (the USA)
Andersen, Steindór (Iceland)
Anderson, Angry (Australia)
Anderson, Bill (the USA)
Anderson, Brett (England)
Anderson, Carleen (the USA)
Anderson, Deborah (England)
Anderson, Frank (Jamaica)
Anderson, Fred (the USA)
Anderson, Gladstone (Jamaica)
Anderson, Jamie (England)
Anderson, Jimmy (the USA)
Anderson, Jon (England)
Anderson, Kasey (the USA)
Anderson, Kip (the USA)
Anderson, Laurie (the USA)
Anderson, Lynn (the USA)
Anderson, Pink (the USA)
Anderson, Roshell (the USA)
Anderson, Vicki (the USA)
Andersson, Theresa (Sweden)
Andevska, Jana (the USA)
André 3000 (the USA)
Andre, Peter (Australia)
Andrew and Sample, De’ (Jamaica)
Andrew Jackson Jihad (the USA)
Andrews and The Hearts, Lee (the USA)
Andrews Sisters, The (the USA)
Andrews, Ed (the USA)
Andrews, Julie (England)
Andrews, Michael (the USA)
Andrews, Troy (the USA)
Androids Of Mu (England)
Andromeda Scar (?)
Andy, Bob (Jamaica)
Andy, Horace (Jamaica)
ANE (?)
Aneka (Scotland)
Anemic Boyfriends, The (the USA)
Angel City (the Netherlands)
Angel, The (the USA)
Angelee (Jamaica)
Angelettes, The (the USA)
Angelic (England)
Angelic Upstarts (England)
Angelica (England)
Angelika (the USA)
Angelique (?)
Angelite (Bulgaria)
Angelle, Bobby (the USA)
Angello, Steve (Greece)
Angelo and The Tuxedos, Bobby (England)
Angelou, Maya (the USA)
Angels, The (the USA)
Anglin, Errol (Jamaica)
Anglo, Steve (England)
Anguish Sandwich (England)
Anhrefn (Wales)
Animal Collective (the USA)
Animal Magnet (England)
Animal Nightlife (England)
Animals That Swim (England)
Animals, The (England)
Animaniaks; filed under DJ Shadow (the USA)
Animashaun, Lekan (Nigeria)
Animotion (the USA)
Anka, Paul (Canada)
Ann, Keren (Israel)
Anna Bradley (the USA)
Annia (Spain)
Annie Stevenson (Scotland)
Ann-Margret (Sweden)
Annuals (the USA)
Anorak (Slovenia)
Anorexia (England)
Anorimoi (Greece)
Anorkey (Jamaica)
Another Level (England)
Another Sunny Day (England)
Anouchka (England)
Anouschka (France)
Ant and Dec (England)
Ant, Adam (England)
Ant; filed under Harding, Antony (England)
Anthill Mob (England)
Anthony, Eddie (the USA)
Anthony, Harry (the USA)
Anthony, Mike (England)
Anthony, Ray (the USA)
Anthony, Rayburn (the USA)
Anthrax (the USA)
Anthroprophh (England)
Anti/Dogmatikss (Spain)
Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra (the USA)
Anticapella (Italy)
Anti-Corpos (Brazil)
Antihero (England)
Antimatter (England)
Anti-Nowhere League (England)
Anti-Pasti (England)
Antischism (the USA)
Anti-Scrunti Faction (the USA)
Anti-Social (England)
Antlers, The (the USA)
Antoinette (England)
Antolini, Charly (Switzerland)
Antonia (England)
Antonomasia (Italy)
Antony and The Johnsons; filed under Hegarty, Antony (England)
Antony; filed under Hegarty, Antony (England)
Antwinettes, The (the USA)
Anúna (Ireland)
Anything After (the USA)
Apache Indian (England)
Apache Scratchy (Jamaica)
Apaches, The (South Africa)
Apagya Show Band (Ghana)
Apartment (England)
Apartments, The (Australia)
APB (England)
Apes, The (the USA)
Apex Club Orchestra; filed under Noone, Jimmie (the USA)
Aphex Twin (England)
Aphrodisiacs, The (Scotland)
Apna Sangeet (England)
Apocalypse Babys (England)
Apocalyptica (Finland)
Apollo 18 (South Korea)
Apollo 440 (England)
Apostle Of Hustle (Canada)
Apostles Of Music (the USA)
Apostolic Intervention (England)
Appalachian Vagabond (the USA)
Apparat (Germany)
Appell and his Applejacks, Dave (the USA)
Appendix Out (Scotland)
Apple Rabbits (England)
Appleby, Kim (England)
Applejacks, The (England)
Apples In Stereo, The (the USA)
Apples, The (Scotland)
Appleton (Canada)
Appletop (France)
Appliance (England)
Applicants (England)
Approach (Jamaica)
Aprohead (the USA)
Aprons, The (England)
Apteka (the USA)
Aqua 【pop group】 (Denmark)
Aqua 【reggae artist】 (Jamaica)
Aqua Bassino (Scotland)
Aqua Vista (England)
Aquaserge (France)
Aquasky 【American rapper】 (the USA)
Aquasky 【breakbeat trio from Bournemouth】 (England)
Aquatones, The (the USA)
Aqueduct (the USA)
Arab On Radar (the USA)
Arab Strap (Scotland)
Årabrot (Norway)
Arabs, The (Jamaica)
Araki, Yuko (Japan)
Arashi (Japan)
Arby, Hayra (Mali)
Arc In Round (the USA)
Arcade Fire (Canada)
Arcadia (England)
Arcadian Serenaders (the USA)
Arcanoid (Spain)
Arcari, Dave (Scotland)
Archangel, The (the USA)
Archer, Elizabeth (England)
Archer, Tasmin (England)
Archers Of Loaf (the USA)
Archia, Tom (the USA)
Archibald (the USA)
Archibald, Vernon (the USA)
Archie Bronson Outfit (England)
Archies, The (the USA)
Architechs (England)
Architect (Germany)
Architecture In Helsinki (Australia)
Archive (England)
Arctic Flow, The (the USA)
Arctic Monkeys (England)
Arctic Plateau (Italy)
Arcwelder (the USA)
Arden, Victor (the USA)
Ardoin, Amédé (the USA)
Argent (England)
Argentine Orchestra and Singers, The (the USA)
Ariel (England)
Arise and Ruin (Canada)
Ariza (Colombia)
Arizona (Jamaica)
Arizona Payboys; filed under Gunn, Art (the USA)
Arizona Wranglers (the USA)
Ariztía (Chile)
Arkansas Cotton Pickers; filed under Howard, Paul (the USA)
Arkells (Canada)
Armatrading, Joan (Saint Kitts and Nevis)
Armenta (the USA)
Armistice (Canada)
Armitage Shanks, The (England)
Armitage Shankz (England)
Armoury Show, The (Scotland)
Arms (the USA)
Armstrong (Wales)
Armstrong Twins, The (the USA)
Armstrong, Craig (Scotland)
Armstrong, Louis (the USA)
Armstrong, Tim (the USA)
Army Navy (the USA)
Army Of One (the USA)
Arnalds, Ólöf (Iceland)
Arnee and The Terminators (England)
Arnold, Billy Boy (the USA)
Arnold, David (England)
Arnold, Eddy (the USA)
Arnold, Kokomo (the USA)
Arnold, P.P. (the USA)
Arnold, Taz (the USA)
Aron and Charles; see Lerole, Jack (South Africa) or Charles (South Africa)
Aron and Michael; see Lerole, Jack (South Africa) or Michael (South Africa)
Aron; filed under Lerole, Jack (South Africa)
Arondies, The (the USA)
Arovane (Germany)
Arrakis (England)
Arrau, Claudio (Chile)
Arrested Development (the USA)
Arriba Brothers (?)
Arrington, Steve (the USA)
Arrow (Montserrat)
Arrows (England)
Arrows All Star (Jamaica)
Arrows, The; filed under Majestic Arrows, The (the USA)
Arsitocats; filed under Jenkins, Duke (the USA)
Arslan, Yüksel (Turkey)
Art (England)
Art and Language (England)
Art Attacks, The (England)
Art Brut (England)
Art Company, The (the Netherlands)
Art Of Fighting (Australia)
Art Of Noise, The (England)
Art Of Trance (England)
Art vs. Science (Australia)
Artery (England)
Artful Dodger (England)
Arthur and Yu (the USA)
Arthur, Charline (the USA)
Arthur, Davey (Ireland)
Arthur, Marie-Pierre (Canada)
Arthur, Neil (England)
Artisan Guns (New Zealand)
Artistics, The (the USA)
Artists United Against Apartheid (the USA)
Arts and Leisure (the USA)
Artwork (England)
As Amigas de Plástico (Brazil)
As I Lay Dying (the USA)
Asa-Chang and Junray (Japan)
Asbest (the Netherlands)
ASC (England)
Ascension (the USA)
Ases del Ritmo, Los (Colombia)
Ash (Northern Ireland)
Ash, Daniel (the USA)
Ash, Sam (the USA)
Ashanti (the USA)
Ashaye (England)
Ashcroft, Richard (England)
Asher, James (England)
Ashes, The (the USA)
Ashfield, Rhoda (England)
Ashford and Simpson (the USA)
Ashley (England)
Ashley and Foster; see Ashley, Clarence (the USA) or Foster, Gwen (the USA)
Ashley, Clarence (the USA)
Ashley, Johnny (Jamaica)
Ashton, Bud (England)
Ashton, Gardiner and Dyke (England)
Ashworth, Ernest (the USA)
Asian Dub Foundation (England)
Ask For Joy (the USA)
Askari Wa K.A.R. Ya Sita (6th K.A.R.) (Tanzania)
Askell (Jamaica)
Askey, Arthur (England)
Asobi Seksu (the USA)
Assagai (South Africa)
Assassin (Jamaica)
Assembly, The (England)
Asshole In A Wheelchair (the USA)
Assilass (Jamaica)
Associates (Scotland)
Association, The (the USA)
Astaire, Fred (the USA)
Astatque, Mulatu (Ethiopia)
Astbury, Ian (England)
Asteroids Galaxy Tour, The (Denmark)
Astley, Edwin (England)
Astley, Rick (England)
Astor, Peter (England)
Astors, The (the USA)
Astral Bodies (the Netherlands)
Astralasia (England)
Astronautalis (the USA)
Astronauts, The 【American indie band】; filed under Oyola, José (the USA)
Astronauts, The 【English art rock band】 (England)
Astronomar (the USA)
Aswad (England)
At The Drive-In (the USA)
Atari Teenage Riot (Germany)
Atari, Gali (Israel)
Ataru (Jamaica)
ATB (Germany)
A-Teens (Sweden)
Atelier Folie (Italy)
Ateso Jazz Band (Uganda)
Athlete (England)
Athletes, The; filed under Yorkston, James (Scotland)
Atilla The Hun (Trinidad and Tobago)
Atims (the Netherlands)
Atkins, Chet (the USA)
Atkins, Nicole (the USA)
Atlantic All Stars; filed under Calhoun, Chuck (the USA)
Atlantic Ocean (the Netherlands)
Atlantic Starr (the USA)
Atlantics, The 【American R n B band, 60s】 (the USA)
Atlantics, The 【Australian Surf band, 60s】 (Australia)
Atlas Sound (the USA)
Atlas, Natacha (Belgium)
Atlee, John Yorke (the USA)
Atmosfear (England)
Atmosphere (the USA)
Atomic (Jamaica)
Atomic 61 (the USA)
Atomic Kitten (England)
Atomizer (England)
Atoms For Peace (the USA)
A-tota-so (England)
ATR; filed under Atari Teenage Riot (Germany)
Attack, The (England)
Attic Lights (Scotland)
Attractions, The; filed under Costello, Elvis (England)
ATV; filed under Alternative TV (England)
Atwell, Reverend B. (England)
Atwell, Roy (the USA)
Atwell, Winifred (Trinidad and Tobago)
Atz, Louis (the USA)
Ätztussis (Germany)
AU (the USA)
Au Pairs, The (England)
Au Revoir Simone (the USA)
Aucoin, Rich (Canada)
Audio Arts Strings, The (the USA)
Audio Bullys (England)
Audio Soul Project (the USA)
Audion (the USA)
Audionite (Germany)
Audioweb (England)
Audition, The (the USA)
Auger, Brian (England)
Auld, George (the USA)
Aureole (Japan)
Aurora (England)
Auroux, Julien (France)
Aurra (the USA)
Austerity Program (the USA)
Austin, James (the USA)
Austin, Lovie (the USA)
Austin, Patti (the USA)
Austin, Sil (the USA)
Austra (Canada)
Australian Doors Show, The (Australia)
Australians, The (England)
Autechre (England)
Auteurs, The (England)
Autochtone (England)
Autohaze (Australia)
Autolux (the USA)
Automat (Italy)
Automatic, The (Wales)
Automations and The Ons (Scotland)
Automato (the USA)
Autons (England)
Autorotation (England)
Autry, Gene (the USA)
Autumn Stone (Scotland)
Autumn’s Grey Solace (the USA)
Autumnkind, The (England)
Aux 88 (the USA)
Avalon, Frankie (the USA)
Avant Garde, The (the USA)
Avengers, The (the USA)
Average White Band (Scotland)
Avery Storm (the USA)
Avi Buffalo (the USA)
Avi, Zee (Malaysia)
Avicii (Sweden)
Avon Comedy Four (the USA)
Avrocar (England)
Axel Boy Quartet (Denmark)
Axelrod, David (the USA)
Axeman, Danny (Jamaica)
Axwell (Sweden)
Aya (England)
Ayers, Kevin (England)
Ayers, Roy (the USA)
Ayinde Barrister and Africa’s International Music Ambassadors, Chief Doctor (Nigeria)
Ayres Orchestra, Mitchell (the USA)
Aysha, Jodie (England)
Ayya; filed under Ites, Ayya (the Netherlands)
Azak, Yusuf (Scotland)
Aznavour, Charles (France)
Azrock (Jamaica)
Aztec Camera (Scotland)
Azuma and Uppers International, Christy (Ghana)
Azure Blue (Sweden)
Azure Ray (the USA)
Azymuth (Brazil)
Azzido Da Bass (Germany)
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