Artist list: B
A full list of all the artists in my personal record collection, song lists are included for all.

Emboldened links highlight where there is at least one album in my collection. Biographies and album discographies are included for these artists.

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B and Rakim, Eric (the USA)
B Band; filed under Franco, Jess (Spain)
B Boyz (England)
B*Witched (Ireland)
B, Anthony (Jamaica)
B, Derek (England)
B, Early (Jamaica)
B, Howie (Scotland)
B, Hue (Jamaica)
B, Katy (England)
B, Lorna (Scotland)
B, Macka (England)
B, Malik (the USA)
B, Melanie (England)
B, Stevie (the USA)
B. Bumble and The Stingers (the USA)
B. Devotion; filed under Sheila 【French pop singer】 (France)
B.A.’nd Band (Scotland)
B.A.L.L. (the USA)
B.B.E. (France)
B.o.B (the USA)
B.V.S.M.P. (the USA)
B12 (England)
B-15 Project, The (England)
B-52s, The (the USA)
Babes In Toyland (the USA)
Babies, The (the USA)
Babineaux, Albert (the USA)
Babineaux, Percy (the USA)
Babli (Scotland)
Baboon (the USA)
Baby (the USA)
Baby Animals (Australia)
Baby Bird (England)
Baby Blue (England)
Baby Cham; filed under Cham (Jamaica)
Baby Chaos (Scotland)
Baby D (England)
Baby Dolls, The (the USA)
Baby Face Leroy; filed under Foster, Leroy (the USA)
Baby Face Turner; filed under Turner, Edgar (the USA)
Baby Namboos, The (England)
Baby Neal (the USA)
Baby Rasta and Gringo (Puerto Rico)
Baby Snakes (Sweden)
Baby Washington; filed under Washington, Jeanette (the USA)
Baby Wayne (Jamaica)
Babyface (the USA)
Babylon Zoo (England)
Babyshambles (England)
Baca’s Czech Orchestra (the USA)
Baccara (Spain)
Bach Philharmonic Orchestra (England)
Bach, Vivi (Denmark)
Bacharach, Burt (the USA)
Bachelor Pad, The (England)
Bachelor, Mr. (Jamaica)
Bachelors, The (Ireland)
Bachman Turner Overdrive (Canada)
Back To Flack (Spain)
Back To The Planet (England)
Backbeat Band, The (the USA)
Backroom Boys, The; filed under Ifield, Frank (England)
Backstreet Boys 【90s-00s boy band】 (the USA)
Backstreet Boys, The 【70s punk band】; filed under County, Wayne (the USA)
Backwash (the USA)
Backwater (the USA)
Bacon, Fred (the USA)
Bacon, Gar (the USA)
Bad Banana (the USA)
Bad Brains (the USA)
Bad Company 【drum n bass act】 (the USA)
Bad Company 【rock band】 (England)
Bad Dream Fancy Dress (England)
Bad Gal Bambi (Jamaica)
Bad Manners (England)
Bad Rabbits (the USA)
Bad Religion (the USA)
Bad Seeds, The; filed under Cave, Nick (Australia)
Bad To The Bone (the Netherlands)
Bad Yard Club, The; filed under Morales, David (the USA)
Bad, Elbee (the USA)
Bad, L.B.; filed under Bad, Elbee (the USA)
Badalamenti, Angelo (the USA)
Badar, Shahin (England)
Badarou, Wally (Benin)
Baddiel and Skinner (England)
Badeaux, Elias; filed under Louisiana Aces, The (the USA)
Badgeman, The (England)
Badger, Perk (the USA)
BadKat (the USA)
Badloves, The (Australia)
Badly Drawn Boy (England)
Badtown Boys (the USA)
Badu, Erykah (the USA)
Badun (Denmark)
Baez, Joan (the USA)
Baffin Island (the USA)
Bag Raiders (Australia)
Baga Worries (Jamaica)
Bağcan, Selda (Turkey)
Bager, Kenneth (Denmark)
Bags, The (the USA)
Bah, Rose (the Ivory Coast)
Bahamadia (the USA)
Bahumutsi (South Africa)
Bailey (England)
Bailey Brothers (the USA)
Bailey Rae, Corinne (England)
Bailey, DeFord (the USA)
Bailey, Derek (England)
Bailey, Edna (the USA)
Bailey, Kid (the USA)
Bailey, Liam (England)
Bailey, Philip (the USA)
Bailey, Roy (England)
Bailiff, Jessica (the USA)
Bailter Space (New Zealand)
Bailterspace; filed under Bailter Space (New Zealand)
Baim, Matteah (the USA)
Baird, Dan (the USA)
Baja Marimba Band (the USA)
Bakardy, Vell (the USA)
Baker Selection, George (the Netherlands)
Baker, Adrian (England)
Baker, Allyson (the USA)
Baker, Anita (the USA)
Baker, Arthur (the USA)
Baker, Elsie (the USA)
Baker, George (the USA)
Baker, Hylda (England)
Baker, Jeanette (the USA)
Baker, LaVern (the USA)
Baker, Michael (the USA)
Baker, Mickey (the USA)
Baker, Sam (the USA)
Baker, Susanne (?)
Baker, Yvonne (the USA)
Balanescu Quartet, The (Romania)
Balasubrahmanyam, S.P. (India)
Baldry, Long John (England)
Balfa Brothers, The (the USA)
Balfa Toujours (the USA)
Balfa, Dewey (the USA)
Balintine, Linda (the USA)
Balkan Beat Box (the USA)
Balkans (the USA)
Balke, Don (the USA)
Ball, Ed (England)
Ball, Marcia (the USA)
Ball, Michael (England)
Ballard, George (the USA)
Ballard, George Wilton (the USA)
Ballard, Hank (the USA)
Ballboy (Scotland)
Ballinamore Ceili Band, The (Ireland)
Balloon Farm, The (the USA)
Ballroom (?)
Baloyi, Nocks (South Africa)
Baltimora (Italy)
Bam Bam 【chicago, producer】 (the USA)
Bam! Bam! 【bay area, duo】 (the USA)
Bamba, Issa (Mali)
Bambaataa, Afrika (the USA)
Bambi (Jamaica)
Bambix (the Netherlands)
Bamboo (England)
Bamboos, The (Australia)
Banagan, Colin ‘Barrelhouse’ (England)
Bananarama (England)
Band Aid (England)
Band From Planet X, The (Canada)
Band Name (the USA)
Band Of Gold (the Netherlands)
Band Of Holy Joy, The (England)
Band Of Horses (the USA)
Band Of Skulls (England)
Band Of Susans (the USA)
Band of The Black Watch, The (Scotland)
Band of The Irish Guards (England)
Band Of The People, The; filed under Prince Buster (Jamaica)
Band, The (Canada)
Banda 11 de Enero de Murillo (Colombia)
Banda 2da de Laguneta Córdoba (Colombia)
Banda and The New Black Eagles, Robson (Zimbabwe)
Banda Bajera de San Pelayo (Colombia)
Banda de Zapadores de Mexico (Mexico)
Banda Española (?)
Banda y Coros Campesinos de Repelón (Colombia)
Banderas (England)
Bandit Queen (England)
Bandits, The; filed under Aitken, Laurel (Jamaica)
Bandolim, Jaco Do (Brazil)
Bandulu (the USA)
Bane, Honey (England)
Bang Bang Machine (England)
Bangers, The (the USA)
Bangles, The (the USA)
Banhart, Devendra (the USA)
Banjo Or Freakout (Italy)
Banjo Orchestra; filed under Van Eps, Fred (the USA)
Bank, Rob Da (England)
Bankhead, Harrison (the USA)
Banks, Azealia (the USA)
Banks, Darrell (the USA)
Banks, Homer (the USA)
Banks, Paul (England)
Banned, The (England)
Banner, David (the USA)
Ban-nhac Than-kinb (Vietnam)
Banshees, The (the USA)
Bantam Rooster (the USA)
Banton, Buju (Jamaica)
Banton, Burru (Jamaica)
Banton, Frisko (Jamaica)
Banton, Lefty (?)
Banton, Mega (Jamaica)
Banton, Pato (England)
Banton, Starkey (England)
Baptist Generals, The (the USA)
Bar B Boys; filed under Duncan, Glynn (the USA)
Baraccudas, The (England)
Baraka, Amiri (the USA)
Barakka (England)
Barât, Carl (England)
Barbara and The Browns (the USA)
Barbarian Electric (the Netherlands)
Barbarians, The (the USA)
Barbecue Bob (the USA)
Barbecue Joe (the USA)
Barbel (England)
Barber Town Boogie Woogie Cats; filed under Brown, Lee (the USA)
Barber, Chris (England)
Barbery, Zach (the USA)
Barbour, Dave (the USA)
Barbour, Inez (the USA)
Barbra and Neil (the USA)
Barcelona Pavilion, The (Canada)
Bärchen und Die Milchbubis (Germany)
Barclay James Harvest (England)
Bardo (England)
Bardo Pond (the USA)
Bare Snr., Bobby (the USA)
Bare Wires (the USA)
Bareilles, Sara (the USA)
Barely Works (England)
Barenaked Ladies (Canada)
Bargeld, Blixa (Germany)
Bark Psychosis (England)
Bar-Kays, The (the USA)
Barker, Blue Lu (the USA)
Barker, Dave (Jamaica)
Barker, Sophie (England)
Barker, Travis (the USA)
Barkmarket (the USA)
Barley, Matthew (England)
Barlights, The (England)
Barlow, Gary (England)
Barlow, Lou (the USA)
Barmy Army (England)
Barn Owl (the USA)
Barnes, Fred (England)
Barnes, J.J. (the USA)
Barnes, Jimmy (Scotland)
Barnes, Tim (the USA)
Barnett, Charlie (the USA)
Baroness (the USA)
BARR (the USA)
Barrack 2Mama (?)
Barrel House Annie (the USA)
Barrett and Youth For Christ Choir, T.L. (the USA)
Barrett, Aston (Jamaica)
Barrett, Carlton (Jamaica)
Barrett, Hugh (the USA)
Barrett, Susan (the USA)
Barrett, Syd (England)
Barrett, Wild Willy (England)
Barretto, Ray (Puerto Rico)
Barrie, J.J. (Canada)
Barrino, Ricco (the USA)
Barrix, Billy ‘Curley’ (the USA)
Barron Knights, The (England)
Barros, Sebastiao De (Brazil)
Barrow, Raymond (the USA)
Barry, John (England)
Barry, Len (the USA)
Bart and Friends (Australia)
Bartek (England)
Bartholomew, Dave (the USA)
Bartley, Dallas (the USA)
Barton Moss (England)
Barton, Eileen (the USA)
Barwick, Julianna (the USA)
Barzelay, Eef (Israel)
Barzin (Canada)
Base and DJ E-Z Rock, Rob (the USA)
Basement Aggression (Jamaica)
Basement Boys (South Africa)
Basement Jaxx (England)
Bashy (England)
Basia (Poland)
Basic Cable (the USA)
Basic House (England)
Basie, Count (the USA)
Basil and Yvonne (Jamaica)
Basil, Toni (the USA)
Basin Street Boys, The (the USA)
Baskerville Hounds, The (the USA)
Basque Dub Foundation (England)
Bass Men (England)
Bass, Delline (England)
Bass, Fontella (the USA)
Bass, Leon (the USA)
Bassett, Mick (the USA)
Bassey, Inyang (the USA)
Bassey, Shirley (Wales)
Bassheads (England)
Basshunter (Sweden)
Bassomatic (England)
Bastards, The (Switzerland)
Basti (England)
Bastro (the USA)
Bat For Lashes (England)
Batch, Ras (the US Virgin Islands)
Bathers, The (Scotland)
Bathgate (the USA)
Baths (the USA)
Bators, Stiv (the USA)
Bats, The (New Zealand)
Batt, Mike (England)
Battaglia, Kaci (the USA)
Battle (England)
Battles (the USA)
Batts, Will (the USA)
Bauhaus (England)
Bawl (Ireland)
Baxter and his Orange Friends, Willie (Northern Ireland)
Baxter Set, The Bruce (England)
Baxter, Andrew and Jim (the USA)
Baxter, Blake (the USA)
Baxter, Les (the USA)
Baxter, Tom (England)
Bay (?)
Bay City Rollers (Scotland)
Bayanga (Puerto Rico)
Bay-C (Jamaica)
Bayes, Nora (the USA)
Bays, The (England)
Bazzheadz; filed under DJ Mental Theo (the Netherlands)
BB All Star Band (South Africa)
BBC Dance Orchester (England)
BBC Radiophonic Workshop (England)
BBD; filed under Bell Biv DeVoe (the USA)
BC-52s, The (the USA)
BE (The Bahamas)
Be Good Tanyas (Canada)
Be Like Pablo (Scotland)
Be Your Own Pet (the USA)
Beach Boys, The (the USA)
Beach Fossils (the USA)
Beach House (the USA)
Beadle, Ashley (England)
Beady Eye (England)
Beaker (England)
Beal, Willis Earl (the USA)
Beale Street Jug Band; filed under Davenport, Jed (the USA)
Beale Street Sheiks (the USA)
Beam and The Four Fifths, Tommy ‘Jim’ (the USA)
Beaman, Lottie (the USA)
Beanpole (the USA)
Bear Bones (Scotland)
Bear Driver (England)
Bear In Heaven (the USA)
Beards Of Joy (England)
Beardsley (Japan)
Bearfoot Beware (England)
Bears 【indie pop band from Cleveland, Ohio】 (the USA)
Bears, The 【punk band from Watford】 (England)
Bearsuit (England)
Beasley, Walter (the USA)
Beastie Boys (the USA)
Beasty (the USA)
Beat and Peter (Spain)
Beat Boys, The; filed under Vincent, Gene (the USA)
Beat Happening (the USA)
Beat Poets, The (Scotland)
Beat Radio (the USA)
Beat Up, The (England)
Beat, The (England)
Beatbreaker (France)
Beatfreakz (the Netherlands)
Beatings, The (England)
Beatles, The (England)
Beatmasters, The (England)
Beatnik Filmstars (England)
Beato, Greg (the USA)
Beats International (England)
Beau Brummels, The (the USA)
Beaumont, Jimmy; filed under Skyliners, The (the USA)
Beausoleil (the USA)
Beautiful People (England)
Beautiful South, The (England)
Beauty Shop, The (the USA)
Beavers, The (the USA)
Beazers, The (England)
Bech, Greta Svabo (the Faroe Islands)
Beck (the USA)
Beck, Elder Charles (the USA)
Beck, Howie (Canada)
Beck, Jeff (England)
Beck, Judith (?)
Beck, Robin (the USA)
Becker, Meret (Germany)
Becketts (England)
Beckford, Theophilus (Jamaica)
Beckham, Victoria (England)
Bedasse, Alerth (Jamaica)
Beddington, Martin (England)
Bedflowers (England)
Bedhead (the USA)
Bedingfield, Daniel (England)
Bedingfield, Natasha (England)
Bedrocks (England)
Bedroom Eyes (Sweden)
Bee and The Buzzing Bunch, Celi (the USA)
Bee Gees (Australia)
Bee Mask (the USA)
Beecher (England)
Beef (England)
Beenie Don (Jamaica)
Beenie Man (Jamaica)
Bees, The 【00s indie band from Isle of Wight】 (England)
Bees, The 【50s r ‘n’ b band from New York】 (the USA)
Bees, The 【60s garage band from Covena, CA】 (the USA)
Beets, The (the USA)
Beex (the USA)
Bega, Lou (Germany)
Begg, Si (England)
Beggar and Co. (England)
Beggars Opera (Scotland)
Beggs, Nick (England)
Beiderbecke, Bix (the USA)
Beinum, Eduard Van (the Netherlands)
Beirut (the USA)
Belafonte, Harry (the USA)
Bel-Aires, The (the USA)
Belasco, Lionel (Trinidad and Tobago)
Belay, Samuel (Ethiopia)
Belfast Gypsies (Northern Ireland)
Beliefs (Canada)
Bell (the USA)
Bell and Spurling (England)
Bell and The Bellboys, Freddie (the USA)
Bell and The Drells, Archie (the USA)
Bell Biv DeVoe (the USA)
Bell Notes, The (the USA)
Bell X1 (Ireland)
Bell, Andrew (Jamaica)
Bell, Carey (the USA)
Bell, Chris (the USA)
Bell, Ed (the USA)
Bell, Maggie (Scotland)
Bell, Vinnie (the USA)
Bell, William (the USA)
Bellamy Brothers (the USA)
Belle and Sebastian (Scotland)
Belle and The Devotions (England)
Belle Brigade (the USA)
Belle Epoque, La (France)
Belle Ghoul (the USA)
Belle Stars, The (England)
Belle, Regina (the USA)
Bellefire (Ireland)
Bellemou; filed under Messaoud, Bellemou (Algeria)
Belleruche (England)
Bellini (Germany)
Bellini Ensemble Unique (the USA)
Bellot, Errol (England)
Bellson, Louie (the USA)
Belly (the USA)
Belmont, Joe (the USA)
Belmonte, Francesca (England)
Belmonts, The (the USA)
Belong (the USA)
Beloved, The (England)
Beltones, The (Jamaica)
Beltram, Joey (the USA)
Beltram; filed under Beltram, Joey (the USA)
Belvin, Jesse (the USA)
Bembeya Jazz National (Guinea)
Bembo, Lita (the D.R. Congo)
Ben and Jason (England)
Ben, Jorge (Brazil)
Ben’s Imaginary Band (Canada)
Ben-Ari, Miri (Israel)
Benassi, Benny (Italy)
Benatar, Pat (the USA)
Bendeth, David (England)
Benedict Brothers, The (England)
Benga (England)
Bengal and his Six Outfielders, Stacy (the USA)
Benjamin (Jamaica)
Benjie (Germany)
Benjie, Risto (Jamaica)
Benn, Nigel (England)
Bennet and Dennis (Jamaica)
Bennett and his Famous Motel Cowboys, Pinto (the USA)
Bennett and The Rebel Rousers, Cliff (England)
Bennett, Chris (the USA)
Bennett, Ike (Jamaica)
Bennett, Lauren (England)
Bennett, Lorna (Jamaica)
Bennett, Louise (Jamaica)
Bennett, Tony (the USA)
Bennett, Val (Jamaica)
Benny III (England)
Benoni Flute Quintet (South Africa)
Benson, Brendan (the USA)
Benson, George (the USA)
Benson, Sharon (England)
Bent (England)
Bent, Steve (England)
Bentham and The Dinnerladies, Pete (England)
Bentley Rhythm Ace (England)
Bentley, Earlene (the USA)
Bently Boys, The (the USA)
Benton, Brook (the USA)
Benton, Buster (the USA)
Benz, Spragga (Jamaica)
Benzler, Albert (the USA)
Berg, Yung (the USA)
Bergeron, Shirley (the USA)
Bergman, Marit (Sweden)
Bergsman, Victoria (Sweden)
Berigan, Bunny (the USA)
Berlin (the USA)
Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra (Germany)
Berlin, Irving (the USA)
Berliner Philharmoniker, The (Germany)
Berliner, Emile (Germany)
Bermuda (?)
Bernal, Gael García (Mexico)
Bernard, Al (the USA)
Bernard, Rod (the USA)
Bernero, Johnny (the USA)
Bernhart, Carl (Germany)
Bernstein, Steven Jesse (the USA)
Bernthøler (Belgium)
Berrabah, Amelle (England)
Berri (England)
Berry, Chuck (the USA)
Berry, Chuckle (Jamaica)
Berry, Dave (England)
Berry, Dorothy (the USA)
Berry, Heidi (the USA)
Berry, Mike (England)
Berry, Nick (England)
Berry, Richard (the USA)
Berryman, Pete (England)
Berserker Children Club (Japan)
Bertei, Adele (the USA)
Bertha Lutz (Brazil)
Bertrand, Plastic (Belgium)
Bertrand, Robert (the USA)
Bescenta (Jamaica)
Besnard Lakes, The (Canada)
Besses O’ The Barn Band (England)
Best Available Technology (the USA)
Best Coast (the USA)
Best Friends (England)
Best Fwends (the USA)
Best, Cha (the USA)
Bestel, Zoë (England)
Beta Band, The (Scotland)
Bête Noire (England)
Betopey (Colombia)
Bette Davis and The Balconettes (England)
Better Tomorrow (Jamaica)
Better Ways (England)
Bettie Serveert (the Netherlands)
Betty (the USA)
Betty and The Werewolves (England)
Beulah (the USA)
Beverley’s Allstars (Jamaica)
Beverly and The Green Rappers (England)
Bewitched Hands, The (France)
Bey, Refik (Turkey)
Beyene, Girma (Ethiopia)
Beyoncé (the USA)
Beyond All Means (England)
Beyond; filed under Robbins, Kate (England)
Beytah (the USA)
Bhangra Knights vs. Husan (England)
Bhaniawalla, Kaka (India)
Bhengu and Bhengu; see Bhengu, Sipho (South Africa) or Bhengu, Bethwell (South Africa)
Bhengu, Bethwell (South Africa)
Bhengu, Sipho (South Africa)
Bhundu Boys, The (Zimbabwe)
Bhuti, Djaar Na (England)
Biafra, Jello (the USA)
Bibbs, Betty (the USA)
Bibby and The Astronauts (Jamaica)
BiBi (France)
Bible, The (England)
Bickers, Terry (England)
BID (India)
Biddleville Quintette (the USA)
Biddu Orchestra (India)
Bidgood, Harry (England)
Bieber, Justin (Canada)
Biedermann, Walter (the USA)
Biehling, John H. (the USA)
Biese, Paul (the USA)
Biff Bang Pow! (England)
Biffy Clyro (Scotland)
Big 5 (England)
Big Ali (the USA)
Big Apple Band, The; filed under Murphy, Walter (the USA)
Big Audio Dynamite (England)
Big Bag Boys, The (South Africa)
Big Black (the USA)
Big Black Cloud (the USA)
Big Boi (the USA)
Big Bopper, The (the USA)
Big Boy (Puerto Rico)
Big Boy Tomato (England)
Big Brother and The Holding Company (the USA)
Big Carrot (England)
Big Chief (the USA)
Big Chopps (the USA)
Big Country (Scotland)
Big Daddy (the USA)
Big Dave and his Orchestra; filed under Cavanaugh, Dave (the USA)
Big Dho (the USA)
Big Dipper (the USA)
Big Dish, The (Scotland)
Big Ed and his Combo; filed under Burns, Eddie ‘Guitar’ (the USA)
Big Flame (England)
Big Four, The (South Africa)
Big Fun (England)
Big Hard Excellent Fish (England)
Big Herk (the USA)
Big In Albania (England)
Big In Japan (England)
Big Joan (England)
Big Joe (Jamaica)
Big Leaves (Wales)
Big Louise (the USA)
Big Maceo (the USA)
Big Match, The (England)
Big Maybelle (the USA)
Big Mountain (the USA)
Big Mukwebo; filed under Mukwebo, James (South Africa)
Big NoLove (the USA)
Big Noyd (the USA)
Big P (England)
Big Pauper (the USA)
Big Pink, The (England)
Big Remo (the USA)
Big Rich (the USA)
Big Roll Band; filed under Money, Zoot (England)
Big Rube (the USA)
Big Satan Inc. (the USA)
Big Sexy Noise (England)
Big Ship Crew (Jamaica)
Big Six, The (South Africa)
Big Sleep, The (the USA)
Big Sound Authority, The (England)
Big Star (the USA)
Big Stick (the USA)
Big Three Trio, The (the USA)
Big Three, The (England)
Big Time Boys, The (South Africa)
Big Troubles (the USA)
Big Voice Jack; filed under Lerole, Jack (South Africa)
Big Walter (the USA)
Big Wednesday (Scotland)
Big Yawn (Australia)
Big Youth (Jamaica)
Big Zak (the USA)
Bigard, Barney (the USA)
Biggs, Barry (Jamaica)
Biggs, Howard (the USA)
Biggun, Ivor (England)
Bigod 20 (Germany)
Bilal (the USA)
Bilbo Baggins (Scotland)
Bilge Pump (England)
Bilinda Butchers, The (the USA)
Bilk, Acker (England)
Bill 【American Rock n Roller, 50s】; filed under Black, Bill (the USA)
Bill 【English novelty act, 90s】 (England)
Billbrough, Jon (England)
Billie; filed under Piper, Billie (England)
Billy and Lillie (the USA)
Billy Moon (Canada)
Bimbo Jet (France)
Binger, Charlie (Jamaica)
Bingham, Ryan (the USA)
Bingham, Yummy (the USA)
Bingy Bunny (Jamaica)
Binkley, Jimmy (the USA)
Binttii, Daniel (Ireland)
Biohazard (the USA)
Biosphere (Norway)
Birch, Chris (Jamaica)
Bird Blobs (Australia)
Bird, Andrew (the USA)
Birdhouse (England)
Birdie Culture (Jamaica)
Birdland (England)
Birds Of Tokyo (Australia)
Birds, The (England)
Birdy (England)
Birdy Nam Nam (France)
Birkett, Zoe (England)
Birkin, Jane (England)
Birthday Party, The (Australia)
Bis (Scotland)
Bisbee, Jasper (the USA)
Bisbee-Schuler, Beulah (the USA)
Bishop Allen (the USA)
Bishop G (the USA)
Bishop, Stephen (the USA)
Bishops, The 【00s,10s indie band】 (England)
Bishops, The 【70s new wave band】; filed under Count Bishops, The (England)
Bitburger Murders (the USA)
Bitches (England)
Biti (England)
Bitstream (England)
Bittu, B.S. (India)
Bitty, Mirielle (the Ivory Coast)
Bivouac (England)
Biz, The (Romania)
Bizarre (the USA)
Bizarre Inc (England)
Bizkids (the Netherlands)
Bizon Kidz (the Netherlands)
Bizz Nizz (Belgium)
Björk (Iceland)
Björn Again (Australia)
Björn and Benny, Agnetha and Anni-Frid; filed under ABBA (Sweden)
Bl’ast (the USA)
Bla (Spain)
Blacc, Aloe (the USA)
Black (England)
Black Ace (the USA)
Black and Blue Trio, The (the USA)
Black and White Marimba Band (the USA)
Black Angel (Jamaica)
Black Angels, The (the USA)
Black Bottom Stompers; filed under Dodd, Johnny (the USA)
Black Box (Italy)
Black Box Recorder (England)
Black Britain (England)
Black Broadway Boys, The (South Africa)
Black Chow (England)
Black Country Three (England)
Black Crowes (the USA)
Black Diamond (Liberia)
Black Diamonds Band (England)
Black Dice (the USA)
Black Dog (England)
Black Duke (South Africa)
Black Eyed Peas, The (England)
Black Eyed Snakes, The (the USA)
Black Feather (Norway)
Black Flag (the USA)
Black Francis; filed under Black, Frank (the USA)
Black Funk (South Africa)
Black Ghosts, The (England)
Black Gorilla (Finland)
Black Grape (England)
Black Heart Procession, The (the USA)
Black Hearted Brother (England)
Black Keys, The (the USA)
Black Kids (the USA)
Black Lace (England)
Black Legend (Italy)
Black Lion Band (Ethiopia)
Black Lips (the USA)
Black Magic Band (England)
Black Market Karma (England)
Black Merda (the USA)
Black Milk (the USA)
Black Moth Super Rainbow (the USA)
Black Mountain (Canada)
Black Nasty (Canada)
Black Pearl (Jamaica)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (the USA)
Black Roots (England)
Black Ryno (Jamaica)
Black Sabbath (England)
Black Sheep (the USA)
Black Slate (England)
Black Sorrows, The (Australia)
Black Spade Productions (Jamaica)
Black Star Liner (England)
Black Star Musical Club (Tanzania)
Black Steel (England)
Black Sun Empire (the Netherlands)
Black Swan Lane (the USA)
Black Tambourine (the USA)
Black Thought (the USA)
Black Twig (Finland)
Black Uhuru (Jamaica)
Black Velvets, The (England)
Black, Bill (the USA)
Black, Charly (Jamaica)
Black, Cilla (England)
Black, Dan (England)
Black, Frank (the USA)
Black, Jay (the USA)
Black, Jully (Jamaica)
Black, Lewis (the USA)
Black, Marion (the USA)
Black, Pauline (England)
Black, U (Jamaica)
Blackbird Blackbird (the USA)
Blackbyrds, The (the USA)
Blacker (Jamaica)
Blackfoot Sue (England)
Blackhearts, The; filed under Jett, Joan (the USA)
Blackitude (England)
Blackman, Honor; filed under Macnee and Honor Blackman, Patrick (England)
Blackman, Paul (Jamaica)
Blackman, Peter (England)
Blackmore’s Night (England)
Blacknell and the New Breed, Eugene (the USA)
Blackout (Jamaica)
Blackrock; filed under Freeman, Judy (the USA)
Blacks Unlimited, The; filed under Mapfumo, Thomas (Zimbabwe)
Blackshaw, James (England)
Blacksmoke (England)
Blackstreet (the USA)
Blackwell, Bumps (the USA)
Blackwell, Charles (England)
Blackwell, Scrapper (the USA)
Blackwood, Hugh (Jamaica)
Blade (Iran)
Blade Icewood (the USA)
Bladin, Christer (Sweden)
Blaggers ITA (England)
Blair 1523 (England)
Blair, Sunny (the USA)
Blair; filed under Booth, Blair (the USA)
Blak Beat Niks (the USA)
Blake and his Orchestra, Garry (England)
Blake, Blind 【bluesman, 20s-30s】 (the USA)
Blake, Blind 【calypso, 30s-60s】 (The Bahamas)
Blake, James (England)
Blake, Paul (Jamaica)
Blake, Peter (England)
Blake, Tommy (the USA)
Blame (England)
Blaminack (the USA)
Blanche Hudson Weekend, The (England)
Blancmange (England)
Blanco, Morgan (Colombia)
Blanco, Mykki (the USA)
Bland, Billy (the USA)
Bland, Bobby (the USA)
Blandella, Kwayko (Jamaica)
Blanes, Hue (Australia)
Blaney, Ed (England)
Blank and Jones (Germany)
Blank Dogs (the USA)
Blank, Amanda (the USA)
Blanton, Carsie (the USA)
Blaqk Audio (the USA)
Blasters, The (the USA)
Blaudzun (the Netherlands)
Blawan (England)
Blaya (Portugal)
Blay-Ambolley and the Steneboofs, Gyedu (Ghana)
Blaze (the USA)
Blaze, Ricky (the USA)
Blazer Boy (the USA)
Blazers, The (the USA)
Blazin’ Squad (England)
BLC (the USA)
Bleach (England)
Bleaching Agent (England)
Blechdom, Kevin (the USA)
Bleech (England)
Bleechers, The (Jamaica)
Bleezo (the USA)
Bleib Alien; filed under Erickson, Roky (the USA)
Blender, Everton (Jamaica)
Blenders, The (the USA)
Blessed (Jamaica)
Blessed Ethel (England)
Bley, Carla (the USA)
Blige, Mary J. (the USA)
Blind Blake; filed under Blake, Blind 【bluesman, 20s-30s】 (the USA)
Blind Boy Fuller (the USA)
Blind Joe Reynolds; filed under Reynolds, Blind Joe (the USA)
Blind Joe Taggart; filed under Taggart, Blind Joe (the USA)
Blind Lemon Jefferson; filed under Jefferson, Blind Lemon (the USA)
Blind Mamie Forehand; filed under Forehand, Blind Mamie (the USA)
Blind Melon (the USA)
Blind Squire Turner; filed under Turner, Blind Squire (the USA)
Blind Uncle Gaspard; filed under Gaspard, Blind Uncle (the USA)
Blind Willie Johnson; filed under Johnson, Blind Willie (the USA)
Blind Willie McTell; filed under McTell, Blind Willie (the USA)
Blind Willie Reynolds; filed under Reynolds, Blind Willie (the USA)
Bling Dawg (Jamaica)
Blink (Ireland)
Blink-182 (the USA)
Bliss (England)
Bliss n Eso (Australia)
Blisters, The; filed under Isle, Ronnie (the USA)
Blitz (England)
Blitzen Trapper (the USA)
Blitzkrieg (Germany)
Blitzoids (the USA)
Blizzard Boys (Canada)
BLK JKS (South Africa)
Blo (Nigeria)
Blobby, Mr. (England)
Bloc Party (England)
Blockhead (the USA)
Blockheads, The; filed under Dury, Ian (England)
Blockster (England)
Blonde Ambition (England)
Blonde Louis (England)
Blonde Redhead (the USA)
Blonde Summer (the USA)
Blondes (the USA)
Blondie (the USA)
Blondy, Alpha (the Ivory Coast)
Blood Brothers, The (the USA)
Blood Circus (the USA)
Blood On The Saddle (the USA)
Blood Red Shoes (England)
Blood Uncles, The (Scotland)
Blood, The (England)
Blood, Wada and Andrew (Jamaica)
Bloodfire Possé, The (Jamaica)
Bloodhound Gang (the USA)
Bloodkin (the USA)
Bloodstone (the USA)
Bloodvessel, Buster (England)
Bloody Knives, The (the USA)
Bloomer (England)
Blouse (the USA)
Blow Monkeys, The (England)
Blow Up (the USA)
Blow, Kurtis (the USA)
Blow, The (the USA)
Blowdriers, The (the USA)
Blowtops, The (the USA)
Blu, Angel (England)
Blu, Peggi (the USA)
Blubber (England)
Blue 【00s boy band】 (England)
Blue 【70s rock band】 (Scotland)
Blue 【80s pop duo】 (England)
Blue Aeroplanes, The (England)
Blue Beats, The (Jamaica)
Blue Belles, The (the USA)
Blue Boy 【Scottish dance DJ】 (Scotland)
Blue Boys Of Ibrox (Scotland)
Blue Caps; filed under Vincent, Gene (the USA)
Blue Cheer (the USA)
Blue Daisy (England)
Blue Feather (the Netherlands)
Blue Five; filed under Williams, Clarence (the USA)
Blue Flames 【Gene Lamarr’s band】; filed under Lamarr, Gene (the USA)
Blue Flames 【Little Junior Parker’s band】; filed under Parker, Junior (the USA)
Blue Flames, The 【Georgie Fame’s band】; filed under Fame, Georgie (England)
Blue Giant Zeta Puppies, The (England)
Blue Glaze Mento Band (Jamaica)
Blue Harmony Boys (the USA)
Blue Haze (England)
Blue Jays, The (the USA)
Blue Light Curtain (the USA)
Blue Melons, The (England)
Blue Men, The (England)
Blue Mercedes (England)
Blue Mink (England)
Blue Mountain Caroleers, The (Jamaica)
Blue Nile, The (Scotland)
Blue Orchids, The 【60s Coventry girl group】; filed under Orchids, The 【60s girl group from Coventry】 (England)
Blue Orchids, The 【70s-00s Manchester post-punk group】 (England)
Blue Oyster Cult (the USA)
Blue Pearl (England)
Blue Rhythm Orchestra; filed under Williams, John (Trinidad and Tobago)
Blue Ridge Buddies; filed under Mainer, Wade (the USA)
Blue Ridge Duo, The (the USA)
Blue Ridge Highballers (the USA)
Blue Rivers and The Maroons; filed under Rivers and The Maroons, Blue (England)
Blue Scholars (the USA)
Blue Six 【blues combo】; filed under Venuti, Joe (the USA)
Blue Six 【club】 (the USA)
Blue Sky Boys, The (the USA)
Blue Sky Productions (Jamaica)
Blue Smitty (the USA)
Blue Sonix (the USA)
Blue Zoo (England)
Blue, Barry (England)
Blue, Little Joe (the USA)
Blue, Pamela (England)
Bluebells, The (Scotland)
Blueboy 【English indie band】 (England)
Bluegrass Boys; filed under Monroe, Bill (the USA)
Blues Band 【USA, 20s】; filed under Brown, Kid (the USA)
Blues Band, The 【England, 70s-80s】 (England)
Blues Blasters; filed under McCracklin, Jimmy (the USA)
Blues Boys; filed under McDowell, Fred (the USA)
Blues Brothers, The (the USA)
Blues Busters, The (Jamaica)
Blues By Five (England)
Blues Combo; filed under Waters, Muddy (the USA)
Blues Magoos, The (the USA)
Blues Project (the USA)
Blues Revolution (Zimbabwe)
Blues Rockers, The (the USA)
Blues Serenaders; filed under Austin, Lovie (the USA)
Bluesbreakers, The (England)
Blueskins, The (England)
Bluetones, The (England)
Bluie, Louie (the USA)
Blunt, James (England)
Bluntstone, Colin (England)
Blur (England)
Blutsturz (Germany)
Bluttat (Germany)
Bly, Robert (the USA)
B-Mania (the Netherlands)
B-Movie (England)
BMR (Germany)
BMX Bandits, The (Scotland)
Bo Carter; filed under Chatman, Bo (the USA)
Bo, Eddie (the USA)
Bo’ness and Carriden Band (Scotland)
Boadi and his African Internationals, Dan (Nigeria)
Board’s Band, Johnny; filed under Ace, Johnny (the USA)
Boards Of Canada (Scotland)
BOAT (the USA)
BOB (England)
Bob and Earl (the USA)
Bob and Fred (the USA)
Bob and Jerry (the USA)
Bob and Marcia (Jamaica)
Bob B. Soxx and The Blue Jeans (the USA)
Bob Hund (Sweden)
Bob Log III (the USA)
Bob The Builder (England)
Bobby McGee’s, The (England)
Bobettes, The (the USA)
Bobmo (France)
Boca Chica (the USA)
Bocce (Canada)
Bocum, Afel (Mali)
Boddington and Mark Williams, Karen (Australia)
BoDeans (the USA)
Bodines, The (England)
Body Count (the USA)
Body Futures (the USA)
Body/Head (the USA)
BodyRockers (Australia; England)
Bodyrox (England)
Bodysnatchers, The (England)
Boffalongo (the USA)
Bogan, Lucille (the USA)
Bogan, Ted (the USA)
Bogard Brothers, The (South Africa)
Bogeyman (England)
Boggs, Dock (the USA)
Boggs, The (the USA)
Bogle (Jamaica)
Bogshed (England)
Bohannon, Hamilton (the USA)
Bohemian Band (the USA)
Boines, Houston (the USA)
BOK Darklord (Australia)
Bolan, Marc; filed under T. Rex (England)
Bolland, C.J. (England)
Bollin, Zuzu (the USA)
Bolo, Yami (Jamaica)
Bolshoi, The (England)
Bolt Thrower (England)
Bolton, Michael (the USA)
Bomb 20 (Germany)
Bomb The Bass (England)
Bombalurina (England)
Bombay Bicycle Club (England)
Bombers 【Canadian funk group, 70s】 (Canada)
Bombers 【English indie group, 10s】 (England)
Bombrush Productions (Jamaica)
Bommarito, Nic (the USA)
Bon Accord Hitters (South Africa)
Bon Iver (the USA)
Bon Jovi (the USA)
Bon Jovi, Jon (the USA)
Bon Rock (the USA)
Bon, Simon Le (England)
Bona, Richard (Cameroon)
Bond and The Undercover Men, Jane (England)
Bond Organisation, Graham; filed under Bond, Graham (England)
Bond, Eddie (the USA)
Bond, Graham (England)
Bond, Johnny (the USA)
Bonde do Rolê (Brazil)
Bonds, Gary U.S. (the USA)
Bondy, A.A. (the USA)
Bone Thugs-n-Harmony (the USA)
Bone, Krayzie (the USA)
Bones and The Racketeers, Elbow (the USA)
Bones Like Snowflakes (the USA)
ḅoƞeṣiƒt (?)
Boney M (Germany)
Bonez (Jamaica)
Bong Rips (Russia)
Bonga (Angola)
Bongo Chilli (Jamaica)
Bongo Herman (Jamaica)
Bongo Les (Jamaica)
Bong-Ra (the Netherlands)
Bongwater (the USA)
Bonjour Monsieur Basie (England)
Bonnacons Of Joy (England)
Bonner, Juke Boy (the USA)
Bonner, Misty (the USA)
Bonnes, Troy (the USA)
Bonnie Prince Billy (the USA)
Bono (Ireland)
Bono, Sonny (the USA)
Bonobo (England)
Bonsall and The Orange Playboys, Joe (the USA)
Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band (England)
Boo Radleys, The (England)
Boo, Betty (England)
Boo, Chucky (Jamaica)
Boodle It Wiggins; filed under Wiggins, James (the USA)
Boodram featuring Fireball, Sherlene (Jamaica)
Boog, Sean (the USA)
Boogaloos, The (South Africa)
Boogie Box High (England)
Boogie Cats, The; filed under Aitken, Laurel (Jamaica)
Boogie Down Productions (the USA)
Boogie Monster (Canada)
Boogie Pimps (Germany)
Boogie Woogie Boys; filed under Johnson, Pete (the USA)
Boogie Woogie Four; filed under Morse, Ella Mae (the USA)
Boogie Woogie Seven; filed under Cole, Buddy (the USA)
Boogie Woogie Sextet; filed under Morse, Ella Mae (the USA)
Book Burners, The (the USA)
Book Group (Scotland)
Booka Shade (Germany)
Booker Orchestra (the USA)
Booker T. and The M.G.’s (the USA)
Booker, Charley (the USA)
Booker, John Lee; filed under Hooker, John Lee (the USA)
Bookish, Simon (England)
Books, The (the USA)
Boom Bip (the USA)
Boom Brothers (South Africa)
Boom Club (?)
Boom Pam (Israel)
Boom, Barry (England)
Boomtown Rats, The (Ireland)
Boon Experience, The Clint (England)
Boone, Daniel (England)
Boone, Len (England)
Boone, Pat (the USA)
Booth, Blair (the USA)
Booth, Tim (England)
Booth, Webster (England)
Boothe, Ken (Jamaica)
Boothill Foot Tappers, The (England)
Boots, The (Germany)
Bootsauce (Canada)
Booty Luv (England)
Bootzilla Orchestra, The; filed under McLaren, Malcolm (England)
Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. (the USA)
Bop, Rally (Jamaica)
Bops And Son (South Africa)
Bordellos, The (England)
Bored! (Australia)
Boredoms (Japan)
Borgeois Heroes (the USA)
Boring Girls (England)
Boris (Japan)
Born Jamericans (the USA)
Born Ruffians (Canada)
Boro Maggi (England)
Borrell, Johnny (England)
Borzoi (the USA)
Boscombe Summer (England)
Boss Hog (the USA)
Bossa Rio (Brazil)
Boss-Tones (the USA)
Bostic, Earl (the USA)
Bostich (Mexico)
Boston (the USA)
Bostweeds, The (the USA)
Boswell Sisters, The (the USA)
Botany (the USA)
Botella Project (Spain)
Bott, Catherine (England)
Bottle Rockets, The (the USA)
Boucher, Judy (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)
Bouchillon, Chris (the USA)
Boudreaux, Big Chief Monk (the USA)
Boukella, Youcef (Algeria)
Boukmans Eksperyans (Haiti)
Boulet, Jonathan (Australia)
Boulter, Dave (England)
Bouncer, Peter (England)
Bound Stems (the USA)
Bounty Killer (Jamaica)
Bourbon Somersault the 3rd (England)
Bourgeois Tagg (the USA)
Bow Street Runners (the USA)
Bow Wow (the USA)
Bow Wow Wow (England)
Bowerbirds (the USA)
Bowers, Ben (Jamaica)
Bowers, Dane (England)
Bowers-Broadbent, Christopher (England)
Bowie, David (England)
Bowling For Soup (the USA)
Bowlly, Al (England)
Bowman, Priscilla (the USA)
Box Elders 【Omaha, 00s-10s】 (the USA)
Box Tops, The (the USA)
Boxelders 【Baltimore duo, 10s】 (the USA)
Boxer Rebellion, The (England)
Boy (Switzerland; Germany)
Boy 8-Bit (England)
Boy and Bear (Australia)
Boy Division (the USA)
Boy Friday (Jamaica)
Boy Friend 【Austin duo, 10s】 (the USA)
Boy Genius (the USA)
Boy George (England)
Boy In Static (the USA)
Boy Least Likely To, The (England)
Boy Meets Girl (the USA)
Boy MJ (Malaysia)
Boy Nze (South Africa)
Boy Party (the USA)
Boy Without God (the USA)
Boy Wunda, The (England)
Boyd, Eddie (the USA)
Boyd, Georgia (the USA)
Boyd, Oscar (the USA)
Boyd’s Cowboy Ramblers, Bill (the USA)
Boyfriend 【Glasgow 4-piece, 90s】 (Scotland)
Boyfriends 【Julia Lee’s band】; filed under Lee, Julia (the USA)
Boyfriends 【Neko Case’s band】; filed under Case, Neko (the USA)
Boyish (Japan)
Boyle, Billy (England)
Boyle, Susan (Scotland)
Boyoyo Boys (South Africa)
Boyracer (England)
Boys (the USA)
Boys Boys (Japan)
Boys From Nowhere (the USA)
Boys Next Door, The (Australia)
Boys Noize (Germany)
Boys Town Gang (the USA)
Boys, The 【60s ska】; filed under Taitt, Lynn (Jamaica)
Boys, The 【70s-80s new wave】 (England)
Boyton, Arthur (England)
Boyz and Girl (China)
Boyz II Men (the USA)
Boyz, The; filed under Heavy D. (the USA)
Boyzone (Ireland)
Boze, Calvin (the USA)
BPA, The; filed under Brighton Port Authority, The (England)
Bra Sello (South Africa)
Braces, The (Germany)
Bracey, Ishman (the USA)
Brackett, John (Puerto Rico)
Bradfield, Louis (England)
Bradford (England)
Bradley, Jan (the USA)
Bradley, Tommie (the USA)
Bradley, Will (the USA)
Bradshaw, Rochell (Jamaica)
Bradshaw, Sonny (Jamaica)
Bradshaw, Tiny (the USA)
Brady and The Conchords, Bob (the USA)
Brady, Paul (Northern Ireland)
Bragg, Billy (England)
Bragg, Dobby (the USA)
Bragga Dap; filed under Bragga Dat (Jamaica)
Bragga Dat (Jamaica)
Bragga; filed under Bragga Dat (Jamaica)
Braid (the USA)
Braids (Canada)
Brain Death (Japan)
Brain F# (the USA)
Brainbug (Italy)
Brainstorm (the USA)
Brainwash (the USA)
Brakes (England)
Bramble, Derek (England)
Bramma (Jamaica)
Bramwell (Jamaica)
Bran Van 3000 (Canada)
Brand New Heavies, The (England)
Brandenburg, Helmuth (Germany)
Brandy (the USA)
Branigan, Laura (the USA)
Brasil ‘66; filed under Mendes, Sérgio (Brazil)
Brasilios, Los (the USA)
Brass Construction (the USA)
Brat, The 【Californian punk band, 70s-80s】 (the USA)
Brat, The 【English novelty act】 (England)
Bratt, Deva (Jamaica)
Braun, Nina Von (Germany)
Brave Captain (England)
Bravemusic (England)
Bravery, The (the USA)
Brawani, Alysanne (India)
Braxton, Toni (the USA)
Brazos (the USA)
Brazos Valley Boys; filed under Thompson, Hank (the USA)
Bread (the USA)
Bread, Dailey (Jamaica)
Breadcat (?)
Break Machine (the USA)
Break, The (Australia)
Breaks, Danny (England)
Breakspeare, Cindy (Jamaica)
Breakwater (the USA)
B-Real (the USA)
Breathe (England)
Breathless (England)
Breaux Frères, The (the USA)
Breaux, Cleoma (the USA)
Breaux, Jimmy (the USA)
Breaux, Ophy (the USA)
Brecker Brothers, The (the USA)
Breed (England)
Breeders, The (the USA)
Breen, Ann (Northern Ireland)
Breeze (Jamaica)
Breeze, Andre (Jamaica)
Brel, Jacques (Belgium)
Brenda and The Tabulations (the USA)
Brendon (England)
Brennan, Joe (?)
Brennan, Máire (Ireland)
Brennan, Walter (the USA)
Brenston, Jackie (the USA)
Breton (England)
Brewer, Terese (the USA)
Brewin, Breezly (the USA)
Brewis, Peter (England)
Brian and Michael (England)
Brian Jonestown Massacre (the USA)
Brick (the USA)
Brick Supply (England)
Brickell, Edie (the USA)
Bricolage (Scotland)
Bridewell Taxis, The (England)
Bridges, Alicia (the USA)
Brief Candles (the USA)
Brigadier Jerry (Jamaica)
Brigandage (England)
Brigands, The (the USA)
Briggs, Billy (the USA)
Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band (England)
Bright Eyes (the USA)
Bright, Larry (the USA)
Brighter (England)
Brightman, Sarah (England)
Brighton Port Authority, The (England)
Brilliant At Breakfast (Indonesia)
Brilliant Colors (the USA)
Brim, John (the USA)
Brinkmann, Thomas (Germany)
Brinks, Stanley (France)
Brinson, Lauren (?)
Bristol, Johnny (the USA)
British Electric Foundation (England)
British India (Australia)
British Military Band (England)
British Sea Power (England)
Britt, Elton (the USA)
Broad, David (England)
Broadcast (England)
Broadcast Radio (Canada)
Broadway Syncopators; filed under Smith, Clemons (Trinidad and Tobago)
Broady, Carlos ‘6 July’ (the USA)
Broccoli (Scotland)
Brock, Fredy (Germany)
Broder, Andrew (the USA)
Broderick, Peter (the USA)
Brodsky Quartet, The (England)
Broggs, Peter (Jamaica)
Brogues, The (the USA)
Brokaw, Chris (the USA)
Broken Bells (the USA)
Broken Bones (England)
Broken English (England)
Broken Family Band, The (England)
Broken Jug (Germany)
Broken Records (Scotland)
Broken Shoulder (England)
Broken Social Scene (Canada)
Broken Water (the USA)
Broken West, The (the USA)
Brokeoffs, The; filed under Golightly, Holly (England)
Broncho (the USA)
Bronski Beat (Scotland)
Brønsted, Anna (Denmark)
Bronx, The (the USA)
Bronzeville Five, Lewis (the USA)
Brook Bond Food (England)
Brook Brothers, The (England)
Brook, Michael (Canada)
Brooklyn Bounce (the USA)
Brooks and The Four Tones, Dusty (the USA)
Brooks and The Uptown Sound, J.C. (the USA)
Brooks, Baba (Jamaica)
Brooks, Elkie (England)
Brooks, Hadda (the USA)
Brooks, Meredith (the USA)
Brooks, Pattie (the USA)
Brookstein, Steve (England)
Broomdusters, The; filed under James, Elmore (the USA)
Broonzy, Big Bill (the USA)
Brophy Brothers Ceili Band, The (Ireland)
Bros (England)
Brosh, Benny (the USA)
Brotha Lynch Hung (the USA)
Brother (England)
Brother Ali (the USA)
Brother Bell (the USA)
Brother Beyond (England)
Brother Danielson; filed under Danielson (the USA)
Brother Delphi (England)
Brother Sun, Sister Moon (England; New Zealand)
Brother’s Yard (Slovenia)
Brotherhood (England)
Brotherhood Of Man (England)
Brothers In Rhythm (England)
Brothers In Sound (England)
Brothers Johnson, The (the USA)
Brothers Martin, The (the USA)
Brothers Of Soul (the USA)
Broughams, The (the USA)
Broussard, Grace (the USA)
Broussard, LeRoy (the USA)
Broussard, Marc (the USA)
Broussard, Rick (the USA)
Brown and his Band, Walter (the USA)
Brown and his Blockbusters, Boots (the USA)
Brown and his Ignunt Strings, Hash (the USA)
Brown and Piblokto!, Pete (England)
Brown Jr., Oscar (the USA)
Brown Sauce (England)
Brown, A.J. (Jamaica)
Brown, Al (Jamaica)
Brown, Altyrone Deno (the USA)
Brown, Andrea (the USA)
Brown, Angie (England)
Brown, Arthur (England)
Brown, Barry (Jamaica)
Brown, Bobby (the USA)
Brown, Bootie (the USA)
Brown, Buster (the USA)
Brown, Charles (the USA)
Brown, Chris (the USA)
Brown, Chuck (the USA)
Brown, Clarence ‘Gatemouth’ (the USA)
Brown, Cleo (the USA)
Brown, Co-Co (Jamaica)
Brown, Danny (the USA)
Brown, Dennis (Jamaica)
Brown, Eddie (Jamaica)
Brown, Edna (the USA)
Brown, Fergus (Australia)
Brown, Findlay (England)
Brown, Foxy 【American rapper】 (the USA)
Brown, Foxy 【Jamaican reggae singer】 (Jamaica)
Brown, Freddie (the USA)
Brown, Glen (Jamaica)
Brown, Henry (the USA)
Brown, Honey (the USA)
Brown, Ian (England)
Brown, James (the USA)
Brown, James ‘Widemouth’ (the USA)
Brown, Jasper (the USA)
Brown, Jocelyn (the USA)
Brown, Joe (England)
Brown, Joe Washington (the USA)
Brown, Kathy (the USA)
Brown, Kelsey (the USA)
Brown, Kid (the USA)
Brown, Lee (the USA)
Brown, Lloyd (Jamaica)
Brown, Mark (England)
Brown, Maxine (the USA)
Brown, Michael (England)
Brown, Milton (the USA)
Brown, Miquel (Canada)
Brown, Nappy (the USA)
Brown, Neville (Jamaica)
Brown, Peter (the USA)
Brown, Polly (England)
Brown, Prezident (Germany)
Brown, Rachael (the USA)
Brown, Randy (the USA)
Brown, Richard ‘Rabbit’ (the USA)
Brown, Roger (the USA)
Brown, Roy (the USA)
Brown, Ruth (the USA)
Brown, Sam (England)
Brown, Sarah (the USA)
Brown, Shirley (the USA)
Brown, Sidney (the USA)
Brown, Sleepy (the USA)
Brown, Teddy (Jamaica)
Brown, VV (England)
Brown, William (the USA)
Brown, Willie (the USA)
Brown’s Ferry Four (the USA)
Browne, Duncan (England)
Browne, Harry C. (the USA)
Browne, Jackson (the USA)
Browne, Tom (the USA)
Brownie (the US Virgin Islands)
Brownie, Danny (Jamaica)
Brownies 【Milton Brown’s band, 30s】; filed under Brown, Milton (the USA)
Brownies, The 【indie band, 00s-10s】 (England)
Brownman (Trinidad and Tobago)
Browns, The (the USA)
Browz, Ron (the USA)
Bruce Peninsula (Canada)
Bruce, Ed (the USA)
Bruce, Tommy (England)
Bruce, Vin (the USA)
Brühl, Heidi (Germany)
Bruisers, The (England)
Brun, Ane (Norway)
Brunks (England)
Brunswick Quartet (the USA)
Brunt, Walter Van (the USA)
Brush Cutters, The; filed under Willet, Slim (the USA)
Brutal Force (England)
Brutal Goose (Scotland)
Brutal Juice (the USA)
Brutal Truth (the USA)
Bruvvers, The; filed under Brown, Joe (England)
Bryan, Tony (England)
Bryant, Jimmy (the USA)
Bryant, Marie (the USA)
Bryant’s Jubilee Quartet (the USA)
Bryson, Peabo (the USA)
BT (the USA)
Buarqee, Chico (Brazil)
Bubba (Jamaica)
Bubbah’s Tum (England)
Bubble Gum (Scotland)
Bubble Puppy, The (the USA)
Bubblegum Lemonade (Scotland)
Bubbles, The (Jamaica)
Bublé, Michael (Canada)
Buccaneer (Jamaica)
Buchanan Brothers (the USA)
Buchanan, Kelly (the USA)
Buchanan, Roy (the USA)
Buck 65 (Canada)
Buck and The Blazers, John (the USA)
Buckaroos; filed under Owens, Buck (the USA)
Bucketheads, The; filed under Dope, Kenny (the USA)
Buckingham, Lindsey (the USA)
Bucklebusters; filed under Hopkins, Al (the USA)
Buckley, Tim (the USA)
Bucknor and his Revolution, Segun (Nigeria)
Bucks Fizz (England)
Buckshot (the USA)
Budd, Harold (the USA)
Budden, Joe (the USA)
Buddies; filed under Wilson, Hop (the USA)
Budgie (Wales)
Buffalo Bearcats; filed under Jackson, Bull Moose (the USA)
Buffalo Springfield (the USA)
Buffalo Tom (the USA)
Bug, The (England)
Bugaloos, The (England)
Bugbear, The (England)
Buggles (England)
Buglamp (the USA)
Bugs and Rats (the USA)
Bui, Carol (the USA)
Built To Spill (the USA)
Bulat, Basia (Canada)
Bulbs Of Held (England)
Bulgarian Voices Angelite; filed under Angelite (Bulgaria)
Bulgarian Women’s Choir Angelite; filed under Angelite (Bulgaria)
Bulimia Banquet (the USA)
Bull City Red (the USA)
Bull Mountain Moonshiners (the USA)
Bull, Johnny (Jamaica)
Bull, Mr. (South Africa)
Bullens, Cindy (the USA)
Bullet For My Bloody Valentine (England)
Bullet For My Valentine (Wales)
Bullet Lavolta (the USA)
Bumble Bee Slim (the USA)
Bumblebees, The (England)
Bumblebeez (Australia)
Bun B (the USA)
Bunny and Ricky; see Rugs, Bunny (Jamaica) or Storm, Ricky (Jamaica)
Bunnygrunt (the USA)
Bunton, Emma (England)
Bunyan, Vashti (Scotland)
Buraka Som Sistema (Portugal)
Burch, Paul (the USA)
Burden, Ray (the USA)
Burdon, Eric (England)
Burgess, Sonny (the USA)
Burgess, Tim (England)
Burgh, Chris de (England)
Burgos, Efrian (Colombia)
Burial 【00s-10s dubstep producer】 (England)
Burial, The 【80s ska band】 (England)
Burke, Alexandra (England)
Burke, Rodney (England)
Burke, Solomon (the USA)
Burkhart, Maurice (the USA)
Burnett and Rutherford (the USA)
Burnett, T-Bone (the USA)
Burnette, Dorsey (the USA)
Burnette, Johnny (the USA)
Burning Brides (the USA)
Burning Condors (England)
Burning Hearts (Finland)
Burning House (England)
Burning Love Jumpsuit (Ireland)
Burning Spear (Jamaica)
Burnout (the USA)
BURNS (Scotland)
Burns Unit, The (Scotland)
Burns, Eddie ‘Guitar’ (the USA)
Burr, Henry (Canada)
Burrell, Roland (Jamaica)
Burrello, Tony (the USA)
Burris, Graham (the USA)
Burroughs, William S. (the USA)
Burrows, Tony (England)
Burt, George (Scotland)
Burton, Ben (the USA)
Burton, Jenny (the USA)
Burton, Richard (Wales)
Burzootie (the USA)
Bus Lines, The (?)
Bus Stop (England)
Busby Marou (Australia)
Buscemi (Belgium)
Busdriver (the USA)
Bush, Fuzzy (Jamaica)
Bush, Kate (England)
Bush, Sam (the USA)
Business International, The; filed under Ronson, Mark (England)
Business, The (England)
Busted (England)
Buster (England)
Buster’s All Stars 【Prince Buster’s group】; filed under Prince Buster (Jamaica)
Busters Allstars 【Ska Revivalists】 (England)
Busters, The 【60s surf rock band】 (the USA)
Busters, The 【80s-90s ska band】 (Germany)
Busy Signal (Jamaica)
Butcher Boy (Scotland)
Butera, Sam (the USA)
Butler and Pearl, Carl (the USA)
Butler Trio, The John (Australia)
Butler, Bernard (England)
Butler, Billy (the USA)
Butler, Henry (the USA)
Butler, Jerry (the USA)
Butler, Jonathan (South Africa)
Butler, Leslie (Jamaica)
Butler, Win (the USA)
Butt, Clara (England)
Buttah (the USA)
Butter The Children (the USA)
Butterfield Blues Band, The Paul; filed under Butterfield, Paul (the USA)
Butterfield, Paul (the USA)
Butterflies, The (South Africa)
Butterfly Effect, The (Australia)
Butthole Surfers (the USA)
Buuren, Armin van (the Netherlands)
Bux, The (the USA)
Buyana, K. (South Africa)
Buzzcocks (England)
By The Sea (England)
Byetone (Germany)
Bygones (the USA)
Bygraves, Max (England)
Byles, Junior (Jamaica)
Bynar (Greece)
Bynars, The (the USA)
Byrd and his Blues Jumpers, Roy (the USA)
Byrd and The G.B. Experience, Gary (the USA)
Byrd, Cecil (Jamaica)
Byrd, Donald (the USA)
Byrd, Jerry (the USA)
Byrd, John (the USA)
Byrds, The (the USA)
Byrne, David (Scotland)
BZO (the USA)
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