Artist list: C
A full list of all the artists in my personal record collection, song lists are included for all.

Emboldened links highlight where there is at least one album in my collection. Biographies and album discographies are included for these artists.

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C and C Music Factory (the USA)
C Average (the USA)
C, Danny (England)
C, Des (England)
C, Melanie (England)
C, Mr. 【Kingston singer】 (Jamaica)
C, Mr. 【London DJ】 (England)
C, Roy (the USA)
C., Don (Jamaica)
C.A. Quintet (the USA)
C.A.R. (France)
C.C. Riders, The; filed under Cochran, Wayne (the USA)
C.C.S. (England)
C.N.I. (the USA)
C.O.D. (the USA)
C.O.R.E. (England)
C.O.S. (the USA)
Caballé, Montserrat (Spain)
Cabaret Voltaire (England)
Cabineers, The (the USA)
Cable (England)
Cables, The (the USA)
Cacavas, Chris (Germany)
Cactus World News (England)
Cadbury, Joel (England)
Caddywhompus (the USA)
Cadets, The 【50s r n b group from USA】 (the USA)
Cadets, The 【60s showband from Ireland】 (Ireland)
Cadillacs, The (the USA)
Cadkin, Emil (the USA)
Cadogan, Susan (Jamaica)
Caesars (Sweden)
Caesars Palace; filed under Caesars (Sweden)
Café de Paris Orchestra, The (England)
Cage (the USA)
Cage, John (the USA)
Cage, Nicolas (the USA)
Cagedbaby (England)
Cages, The (the USA)
Caicedo, Emiro (Colombia)
Caillat, Colbie (the USA)
Cajun Fever; filed under Thibodeau, Donald (the USA)
Cake (the USA)
Cake Like (the USA)
Calamités, Les (France)
Caldwell, Bobby (the USA)
Cale, JJ (the USA)
Cale, John (Wales)
Calexico (the USA)
Calhoun, Chuck (the USA)
Calibur Entertainment (the USA)
Califone (the USA)
California Suns (the USA)
Call Answer (Canada)
Call The Doctor (England)
Call, The (the USA)
Calla (the USA)
Callahan Brothers, The (the USA)
Callahan, Bill (the USA)
Callas, Maria (the USA)
Callas, The (Greece)
Callender, Red (the USA)
Callicott, Joe (the USA)
Callier, Terry (the USA)
Calloway, Cab (the USA)
Calories (England)
Calvaes, The (the USA)
Calvert, Eddie (England)
Calvi, Anna (England)
Calvin 【00s bhangra artist】 (?)
Calvin 【80s, 90s reggae artist】 (?)
Calvin Party (England)
Calvin, Donnie (the USA)
Calypso Champions (Jamaica)
Calypso Clippers; filed under Reynolds, Monty (Jamaica)
Calypso Eddie (?)
Calypso Mama (The Bahamas)
Calypso Monarchs; filed under Lord Jellicoe (Jamaica)
Calypso Quintet 【Invader’s ensemble】; filed under Lord Invader (Trinidad and Tobago)
Calypso Quintet 【led by Everard Williams】; filed under Chin’s Calypso Sextet (Jamaica)
Calypso Quintet 【led by George Moxey】; filed under Moxey, George (Jamaica)
Calypso Quintet 【Lord Power’s ensemble】; filed under Lord Power (Jamaica)
Calypso Quintet 【Moxey’s ensemble】; filed under Moxey, George (Trinidad and Tobago)
Calypso Rhythm Boys; filed under Lord Invader (Trinidad and Tobago)
Calypso Star Band; filed under Porter, Hubert (Jamaica)
Calypsonians; filed under Mighty Terror, The (Trinidad and Tobago)
Cam’Ron (the USA)
Camar (Jamaica)
Cambodian Space Project, The (Cambodia)
Camelots, The (the USA)
Cameo (the USA)
Camera Obscura (Scotland)
Camerata Academica des Mozarteums Salzburg (Austria)
Cameron, Andy (Scotland)
Cameron, Grace (the USA)
Camille (Jamaica)
Camisra (England)
Camp Lo (the USA)
Campag Velocet (England)
Campbell Folk Group, The Ian (England)
Campbell, Al (Jamaica)
Campbell, Albert (the USA)
Campbell, Ali (England)
Campbell, Carol (Jamaica)
Campbell, Cornel (Jamaica)
Campbell, Don (England)
Campbell, Glen (the USA)
Campbell, Isobel (Scotland)
Campbell, Junior (Scotland)
Campbell, Mikey (Jamaica)
Campbell, Richard (the USA)
Campbell, Robin (England)
Camper Van Beethoven (the USA)
Campfire Girls (the USA)
Campillo, Lucho (Colombia)
Can (Germany)
Can 7 (Turkey)
Canada, Cody (the USA)
Canadian Rogues (the USA)
Canajas (?)
Canary; filed under Lord Canary (Guyana)
Cancel The Astronauts (Scotland)
Cancer Bats (Canada)
Candidate (the USA)
Candidates (England)
Candido (Cuba)
Candy and The Kisses (the USA)
Candy Flip (England)
Candy Girls (England)
Candy Man (Jamaica)
Candyland (England)
Candyskins, The (England)
Cane; filed under Crawford, James ‘Sugar Boy’ (the USA)
Canibus (Jamaica)
Canned Heat (the USA)
Cannibal and The Headhunters (the USA)
Cannibal Ox (the USA)
Cannibals, The 【English group】 (England)
Cannibals, The 【South African group】; filed under Mpharanyana (South Africa)
Cannon, Freddy (the USA)
Cannon, Jackie (the USA)
Cannon’s Jug Stompers (the USA)
Canon du Zaïre, Le (the D.R. Congo)
Canon, Lou (Canada)
Canopy and Matrix (England)
Cant, Brian (England)
Cantoma (England)
Cantor Meyerkanewsky Choir (?)
Cantor, Eddie (the USA)
Cantrell, Bill (the USA)
Cantrell, Blu (the USA)
Cantrell, Laura (the USA)
Cantu-Ledesma, Jefre (the USA)
Capaldi, Jim (England)
CapaRezza (Italy)
Capercaillie (Scotland)
Capers, The (the USA)
Capital Hill (England)
Capitali$t Alienation (Canada)
Capitols, The (the USA)
Capleton (Jamaica)
Capone -N- Noreaga (the USA)
Capp Percussion Group, Frankie (the USA)
Capp, Andy (Jamaica)
Cappadonna (the USA)
Cappella (Italy)
Capris, The (the USA)
Caps, The (the USA)
Capstick with Calton Main Frickley Colliery Band, Tony (England)
Capsules, The (the USA)
Captain America (England)
Captain and Tennille (the USA)
Captain Barkey (Jamaica)
Captain Beefheart (the USA)
Captain Blood (Jamaica)
Captain Crunch (the USA)
Captain Hollywood Project (Germany)
Captain Murphy (the USA)
Captain Polaroid (England)
Captain Sensible (England)
Capybara (the USA)
Cara, Irene (the USA)
Caramba (Sweden)
Caravan (England)
Caravelles, The (England)
Carbo and The Soul Finders, Chuck (the USA)
Carbon/Silicon (England)
Carbone, D. (Italy)
Carcass (England)
Cardiacs (England)
Cardiff Cougar Allstars Cheerleaders (Wales)
Cardigans, The (Sweden)
Cardinal (the USA)
Cardinals, The (the USA)
Cardle, Matt (England)
Cardopusher (Venezuela)
Care (England)
Careless Hearts, The (the USA)
Caresser, The (Trinidad and Tobago)
Caretaker, The (England)
Caretakers, The (Canada)
Carey, Ian (the USA)
Carey, Mariah (the USA)
Carib Beats, The (Jamaica)
Carib Serenaders, The; filed under Lawrence, Azie (England)
Caribbean Serenaders, The (?)
Caribou (Canada)
Caribs, The (Jamaica)
Carl (Italy)
Carlberg, Pelle (Sweden)
Carle, Les (England)
Carlisle, Belinda (the USA)
Carlisle, Bill (the USA)
Carlisle, Cliff (the USA)
Carlisle, Elsie (England)
Carlisles, The (the USA)
Carlos, Don (Jamaica)
Carlos, Roberto (Brazil)
Carlson, Sara (the USA)
Carlton (England)
Carlton and Family Man Barrett; see Barrett, Carlton (Jamaica) or Barrett, Aston (Jamaica)
Carlton, Carl (the USA)
Carlton, Vanessa (the USA)
Carmel (England)
Carmen, Eric (the USA)
Carmichael, Hoagy (the USA)
Carmichael, Ian (Scotland)
Carnations, The (the USA)
Carne, Jean (the USA)
Carnes, Kim (the USA)
Carnival Art (the USA)
Caro, Sasha (Burma)
Carolina Gospel Singers (the USA)
Carolina Liar (the USA)
Carolina Ramblers String Band (the USA)
Carolina Tar Heels, The (the USA)
Caroline (Japan)
Carousel, The (England)
Carpe Diem (England)
Carpenters, The (the USA)
Carr and Teddy Johnson, Pearl (England)
Carr, Cathy (the USA)
Carr, James (the USA)
Carr, Kenneth (the USA)
Carr, Leroy (the USA)
Carr, Robert (England)
Carr, Wynona (the USA)
Carrà, Raffaella (Italy)
Carrabba, Chris (the USA)
Carrara, Émile (France)
Carrey, Jim (Canada)
Carrol, Jimmy (the USA)
Carrol, Ron (the USA)
Carroll and The Roulettes, Yvonne (the USA)
Carroll, Bernadette (the USA)
Carroll, Cath (England)
Carroll, David (the USA)
Carroll, Dina (England)
Carroll, Marc (Ireland)
Carroll, Ronnie (Northern Ireland)
Carrott, Jasper (England)
Cars, The (the USA)
Carson and Gaile (the USA)
Carson, Mary (the USA)
Cartel, Cutty (the USA)
Carter and Preston Young, Buster (the USA)
Carter and The Mighty Stars, James (the USA)
Carter Family, The (the USA)
Carter Tanton (the USA)
Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine (England)
Carter Tutti Void; see Carter, Chris (England) or Tutti, Cosey Fanni (England) or Void, Nik (England)
Carter, Betty (the USA)
Carter, Bill (the USA)
Carter, Bo; filed under Chatman, Bo (the USA)
Carter, Buster (the USA)
Carter, Chris (England)
Carter, Christina (the USA)
Carter, Clarence (the USA)
Carter, Dean (the USA)
Carter, Derrick L. (the USA)
Carter, Goree (the USA)
Carter, Joe (the USA)
Carter, June (the USA)
Carter, Kenny (the USA)
Carter, Margaret (the USA)
Carter, Maybelle (the USA)
Carter, Sara (the USA)
Carter, Wilf (Canada)
Cartey, Ric (the USA)
Carthy, Martin (England)
Cartoons (Denmark)
Cartouche (Belgium)
Cartridge; filed under French For Cartridge (England)
Caruso, Enrico (Italy)
Casa Loma Orchestra, The (the USA)
Casablancas, Julian (the USA)
Casady, Bianca (the USA)
Cäsar, Hase (Germany)
Cascada (Germany)
Cascades, The (the USA)
Cascadeur (France)
Case (England)
Case, Neko (the USA)
Casey, Al (the USA)
Casey, Claude (the USA)
Caseyettes, The; filed under Casey, Al (the USA)
Cash Cow (England)
Cash, Johnny (the USA)
Cash, Jon E (England)
Cash, Roseanne (the USA)
Cashmere (the USA)
Cashmore, Michael (England)
Casino Royale (Italy)
Casinos, The (the USA)
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone (the USA)
Casper and The Cookies (the USA)
Casper, Alisia (England)
Cassandra (England)
Cassegrain (Germany)
Cassidy, Butch (the USA)
Cassidy, David (the USA)
Cassidy, Eva (the USA)
Cassie (the USA)
Cassius (France)
Cassius The Great (South Africa)
Cast (England)
Cast Spells (the USA)
Castaways, The (the USA)
Castell, Joey (England)
Castell, Lacksley (Jamaica)
Castelli, Crico (Italy)
Castells, The (the USA)
Castille, Hadley J. (the USA)
Castle, Jo Ann (the USA)
Casto, Zoug (the Ivory Coast)
Castration Squad (the USA)
Castro, Cristian (Mexico)
Casuals, The (England)
Cat In Heat, The (Ireland)
Cat Paw (Jamaica)
Cat Venom (New Zealand)
Cat’s Eyes (England)
Catalinas, The (the USA)
Catapila (England)
Cataracs, The (the USA)
Catatonia (Wales)
Catchers 【90s indie pop band from Portstewart】 (Northern Ireland)
Catchers, The 【00s pop rock group from Scotland】 (Scotland)
Caténine (the USA)
Cateran, The (Scotland)
Caterpillar Ghost (Sweden)
Catherine (the USA)
Catherine Wheel 【90s folk rockers from Australia】 (Australia)
Catherine Wheel 【90s indie rockers from Great Yarmouth】 (England)
Cathode (England)
Catholics, The; filed under Black, Frank (the USA)
Catnaps (the USA)
Cato, Andy (England)
Cats And Cats And Cats (England)
Cats and The Fiddle, The (the USA)
Cats From Fresno, The; filed under Green, Slim (the USA)
Cats On Fire (Finland)
Cats UK (England)
Catwalk (England)
Cause Co-Motion! (the USA)
Caustic Resin (the USA)
Caustic Window (England)
Caution; filed under Priest, Maxi (England)
Cavaliers, The (the USA)
Cavanaugh, Dave (the USA)
Cave In (the USA)
Cave Singers, The (the USA)
Cave, Nick (Australia)
Caveny, Marie (the USA)
Caves (England)
Cay (England)
Cayetana (the USA)
CBS All Stars (South Africa)
ccc (England)
C-Doc (the USA)
Ce’cile (Jamaica)
Ceant Ceili Band, The Eamon (Ireland)
Ceberano, Kate (Australia)
Cecil (England)
Cecile; filed under Ce’cile (Jamaica)
Cee-Lo; filed under Green, Cee Lo (the USA)
Cele, Willard (South Africa)
Celestial (Sweden)
Celestial Tribes (?)
Celestin, Jules; filed under Marie Marie, Bavon (?)
Celibate Rifles, The (Australia)
Cell (the USA)
Cement Kid (Jamaica)
Centaur (the USA)
Center, Bob (the USA)
Central American Marimba Band of Guatemala (Guatemala)
Central Line (England)
Ceo (Sweden)
Cerebral Fix (England)
Ceremony 【Bay Area punk band】 (the USA)
Ceremony 【Virginia post-punk band】 (the USA)
Cerrone (France)
Certain Lions and Tigers (Germany)
Cervantes, Chico (Colombia)
Cerys Of Catatonia; filed under Matthews, Cerys (Wales)
Ceschi (the USA)
Cesspit Rebels (England)
Cetera, Peter (the USA)
Cha Cha Cohen (England)
Chabano (Jamaica)
Chabe (Jamaica)
ChaCha (China)
Chachi On Acid (Canada)
Chaffin, Cleve (the USA)
Chain and The Gang (the USA)
Chain Gang Of 1974 (the USA)
Chaino (the USA)
Chair (England)
Chairlift (the USA)
Chairmen Of The Board (the USA)
Chakk (England)
Chali 2na (the USA)
Chalice (Jamaica)
Chalk and Numbers (the USA)
Chalkdust (England)
Chalmers, Donald (the USA)
Chalmers, Lloyd; filed under Charmers, Lloyd (Jamaica)
Chalmers, Thomas (the USA)
Cham (Jamaica)
Chamane, Caleb (South Africa)
Chamber Orchestra Of Europe (England)
Chamberlain (the USA)
Chamberlin (the USA)
Chambermaids, The (the USA)
Chambers Brothers, The (the USA)
Chambers, Kasey (Australia)
Chameleons, The (England)
Chamillionaire (the USA)
Champ’s Boys Orchestra (France)
Champaign (the USA)
Champion Lover (Canada)
Champion, Donovan (Jamaica)
Champion, Harry (England)
Champs, The 【L.A. r ‘n’ b group formed 1957】 (the USA)
Champs, The 【Specialty’s house r’n’b group】; filed under Allen, Tony 【rhythm n blues artist from Los Angeles】 (the USA)
Chance, J. (the USA)
Chancellors, The (the USA)
Chandler and The Blue Rhythms, Lee (the USA)
Chandler, Gene (the USA)
Chandler, Karen (the USA)
Chandler, Lorraine (the USA)
Chandra, Sheila (England)
Chanelle (the USA)
Change (Italy)
Channel, Bruce (the USA)
Channing, Stockard (the USA)
Chanson (the USA)
Chantays, The (the USA)
Chantells, The 【00s reggae】 (Jamaica)
Chantels, The 【50s girl group】 (the USA)
Chantepleures, The (the USA)
Chanter Sisters, The (England)
Chanter, Doreen (England)
Chantones, The (Canada)
Chao, Manu (France)
Chaos UK (England)
Chaosphere (?)
Chapel Club (England)
Chapel, Jean (the USA)
Chaplain and His Emeralds, Paul (the USA)
Chaplin, Charlie (Jamaica)
Chaplin, Tim (the USA)
Chapman Family, The (England)
Chapman, Chris (the USA)
Chapman, Edith (the USA)
Chapman, Michael (England)
Chapman, Tracy (the USA)
Chappell, Miss (the USA)
Chaps, The (Scotland)
Chapterhouse (England)
Chaput, Roger (France)
Charades, The (the USA)
Charged G.B.H.; filed under G.B.H. (England)
Charioteers, The (the USA)
Chariots Of Tuna (the USA)
Charlatans, The 【indie band, 80s-10s】 (England)
Charlatans, The 【psychedelic band, 60s】 (the USA)
Charlene (the USA)
Charles (South Africa)
Charles and Eddie (the USA)
Charles Demar (the USA)
Charles, Bobby (the USA)
Charles, Don (the USA)
Charles, Jimmy (the USA)
Charles, Kelly (the USA)
Charles, Ray (the USA)
Charles, Tina (England)
Charlie Cake Marching Band, The (England)
Charmaine; filed under Sister Charmaine (Jamaica)
Charmaines, The (the USA)
Charman, Jack (the USA)
Charmer, Ras (Jamaica)
Charmers, Lloyd (Jamaica)
Charmers, The 【50s doo wop group from NYC】 (the USA)
Charmers, The 【60s ska group from Kingston】 (Jamaica)
Charmettes, The (the USA)
Charol (Spain)
Charts, The (the USA)
Chas and Dave (England)
Chase (the USA)
Chase and Status (England)
Chasers, The (England)
Chasms, The (England)
Chatham Rise (the USA)
Chatman, Bo (the USA)
Chauke and The Tiyimeleni Young Sisters, J.J. (South Africa)
Chaundon (the USA)
Chauveau, Sylvain (France)
Chavez (the USA)
Chayanne (Puerto Rico)
Cheap And Deep (Ireland)
Cheap Glue (England)
Cheap Jazz (England)
Cheap Trick (the USA)
Cheapshot (England)
Cheatahs (England)
Cheatham, Brother Samuel (the USA)
Cheatham, Oliver (the USA)
Check 1-2; filed under McLachlan, Craig (Australia)
Checker, Chubby (the USA)
Checkmates, The; filed under Ford, Emile (England)
Chedda (Jamaica)
Cheeks, Judy (the USA)
Cheeks, Reverend Julius (the USA)
Cheeky Cheeky and The Nosebleeds (England)
Cheeky Girls, The (Romania)
Cheese, Richard (the USA)
Cheeze (the USA)
Cheeztrix, Jmmy (Jamaica)
Chef (the USA)
Chefs, The (England)
Chegwin, Keith (England)
Chello (Jamaica)
Chelmsford County High School (England)
Chelsea (England)
Chelsea Light Moving (the USA)
Chemical Brothers, The (England)
Chemical People (the USA)
Cheney, Chris (Australia)
Chenier, Clifton (the USA)
Chentelles, The (the USA)
Chequers, The (England)
Cher (the USA)
Cheri (Canada)
Cherokees, The (the USA)
Cherrelle (the USA)
Cherry Ghost (England)
Cherry Pies; filed under Dekker, Desmond (Jamaica)
Cherry Wave, The (Scotland)
Cherry, Eagle-Eye (Sweden)
Cherry, Neneh (Sweden)
Cherrystones (England)
Cherubs (England)
Cheshire Cat (England)
Chesler, Oliver (the USA)
Chesnutt, Vic (the USA)
Chess Men; filed under Boyd, Eddie (the USA)
Chester French (the USA)
Chester, Ilan (Venezuela)
Chesterfields, The (England)
Chestnut, Cyrus (the USA)
Chestnut, Morris (the USA)
Chevalier, Maurice (France)
Chewers, The (the USA)
Chezidek (Jamaica)
Chi Ching (Jamaica)
Chia Pet (the USA)
Chiavola, Kathy (the USA)
Chibadura, John (Zimbabwe)
Chibite - The Zawose Family (Tanzania)
Chic (the USA)
Chicago (the USA)
Chicago Blues Band 【George ‘Harmonica’ Smith’s band】; filed under Smith, George ‘Harmonica’ (the USA)
Chicago Blues Band 【Junior Well’s band】; filed under Wells, Junior (the USA)
Chicago Broomdusters; filed under Carter, Joe (the USA)
Chicago Four; filed under Spivey, Victoria (the USA)
Chicago Transit Authority; filed under Chicago (the USA)
Chicago Travelers (the USA)
Chicagoans; filed under Teagarden, Jack (the USA)
Chicane (England)
Chicken (Jamaica)
Chicken Chest (Jamaica)
Chicken Shack (England)
Chicken, Mr. (Jamaica)
Chickenhead (the USA)
Chickens; filed under Wilson, Hop (the USA)
Chico (Wales)
Chicory Tip (England)
Chiddy Bang (the USA)
Chiefs, The (the USA)
Chiffons, The (the USA)
Child (England)
Child Actor (the USA)
Child, Lorraine (England)
Childe, Sonny (Guyana)
Children Collide (Australia)
Children Of The Night (England)
Children of the Revolution, The; filed under KLF, The (England)
Children’s Choir Of San Fernandez, The (the USA)
Children’s Hour (New Zealand)
Childs, Euros (Wales)
Childs, Solomon (the USA)
Chi-Lites, The (the USA)
Chill E.B. (the USA)
Chilli (the USA)
Chills, The (New Zealand)
Chilton, Alex (the USA)
Chimbetu, Simon (Zimbabwe)
Chimera (England)
Chimes, The 【American doo-wop group】 (the USA)
Chimes, The 【Scottish soul group】 (Scotland)
Chimvu Jazz; filed under Namoko, Alan (Malawi)
Chin and The Souvenirs, Kes (Jamaica)
Chin Chin (the USA)
Chin, Marcy (Jamaica)
Chin’s Calypso Sextet (Jamaica)
China Black (England)
China Crisis (England)
China Drum (England)
Chin-Chin (Switzerland)
Chinese Stars, The (the USA)
Chiney K Productions (Jamaica)
Chingy (the USA)
Chinnaman (Jamaica)
Chino (Jamaica)
Chipmunk (England)
Chipmunks, The (the USA)
Chips, The (the USA)
Chirgwin, G H (England)
Chirino, Willy (Cuba)
Chisala Kalusha Jr., Alfred (Zambia)
Chiweshe and The Earthquake, Stella (Zimbabwe)
Chiyo and The Crescents (the USA)
Chk Chk Chk; filed under !!! (the USA)
Choates, Harry (the USA)
Choc Stars (the D.R. Congo)
Chocolate Horse, The (the USA)
Chocolate Puma (the Netherlands)
Chocolate Snow (the USA)
Chocolate Watchband, The (the USA)
Chohan, Romesh (Scotland)
Choice Spirit (Scotland)
Choir, The (the USA)
Chokebore (the USA)
Chop Chop (the USA)
Choppa (Jamaica)
Chordettes, The (the USA)
Chorus and Orchestra (the USA)
Chorus of Male Voices (the USA)
Chorzempa, Daniel (the USA)
Chosen Few 【00s-10s hip-hop collective】 (the USA)
Chosen Few 【70s reggae group】 (Jamaica)
Chris (?)
Chris, Sam (the USA)
Chrisalids (England)
Chrisinti (Jamaica)
Christ, Wolfram (Germany)
Christ. (Scotland)
Christian Death (the USA)
Christian, A. (?)
Christian, Arthur (England)
Christians, The (England)
Christie (England)
Christie and The Underdog, Donald (?)
Christie, David (France)
Christie, Lou (the USA)
Christie, Tony (England)
Christines, The (the USA)
Christmas (the USA)
Christopher; filed under Martin, Christopher (Jamaica)
Chromatics (the USA)
Chrome 【English r n b singer】 (England)
Chrome 【Jamaican reggae DJ】 (Jamaica)
Chromeo (Canada)
Chron Gen (England)
Chronicle (Jamaica)
Chronixx (Jamaica)
Chu, Wong (Jamaica)
Chuck and Mac (the USA)
Chuck Jnr. (Jamaica)
Chuck; filed under Josephs, Chuck (Jamaica)
Chuckleberry; filed under Berry, Chuckle (Jamaica)
Chug (New Zealand)
Chumbawamba (England)
Chumps, Mr. (Jamaica)
Chune, Marlon (?)
Chungking (England)
Church, Charlotte (Wales)
Churchhill Garden, The (Switzerland)
Chute De Esperma (Spain)
Chvad SB (the USA)
Chvrches (Scotland)
Chynaman (England)
Ciara (the USA)
Ciccone Youth (the USA)
Cicero (Scotland)
Ciegito de Nagua, El (the Dominican Republic)
Cigarettes, The (England)
Cilla and Artie with The Singing Kettle Kids (Scotland)
Cilmi, Gabriella (Australia)
Cimarons, The (England)
Cincinnati Jug Band (the USA)
Cinema (Scotland)
Cinema Red and Blue (the USA)
Cinematic Orchestra, The (England)
Cinerama (England)
Cinnamon (Saint Kitts and Nevis)
Cio D’Or (Germany)
Circle (Finland)
Circular (Germany)
Circulatory System (the USA)
Cissel, Chuck (the USA)
Citations, The (the USA)
Citay (the USA)
Citizen Cope (the USA)
Citradels, The (Australia)
Citrus (Japan)
City Boy (England)
City High (the USA)
City Slickers; filed under Jones, Spike (the USA)
City Spud (the USA)
Civil Wars, The (the USA)
Clague (England)
Clail / On-U Sound System, Gary (England)
Claire and Friends (England)
Clan Of Xymox (the Netherlands)
Clancy All Stars (Jamaica)
Clancy Brothers, The (Ireland)
Clandestines (Malta)
Clang (the USA)
Clannad (Ireland)
Clanton, Jimmy (the USA)
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (the USA)
Clap! Clap! (Italy)
Clapham and Dwyer (England)
Clapp, Allen (the USA)
Clapton, Eric (England)
Clare, Tom (England)
Clarendonians, The (Jamaica)
Clark (England)
Clark and friends, Dave; filed under Clark Five, The Dave (England)
Clark and The Product Of Time, Sharon (the USA)
Clark Five, The Dave (England)
Clark Sisters, The (the USA)
Clark, Anne (England)
Clark, Chris (the USA)
Clark, Claudine (the USA)
Clark, Gary (Scotland)
Clark, Gavin (England)
Clark, Gene (the USA)
Clark, Gerald (Trinidad and Tobago)
Clark, Glen (the USA)
Clark, Helen (the USA)
Clark, Jimmy (the USA)
Clark, Lonnie (the USA)
Clark, Louis (England)
Clark, Petula (England)
Clark, Ross (Scotland)
Clark, Sanford (the USA)
Clark, W. C. (the USA)
Clarke Brothers, The (England)
Clarke, Alliandro (Jamaica)
Clarke, Danny (Jamaica)
Clarke, Dave (England)
Clarke, George (the USA)
Clarke, John Cooper (England)
Clarke, Johnny (Jamaica)
Clarke, Lloyd (Jamaica)
Clarke, Norbert (Jamaica)
Clarke, Steve (Jamaica)
Clarke, Tony (the USA)
Clarke, William (the USA)
Clarkson, Kelly (the USA)
Clash, The (England)
Classics (Cuba)
Classix Nouveaux (England)
Clausen, Casper (Denmark)
Claw Boys Claw (the Netherlands)
Clay, Joe (the USA)
Clay, Judy (the USA)
Clayborn, Rev Edward W. (the USA)
Clayton, Adam (Ireland)
Clayton, Doctor (the USA)
Clayton, Kimber (the USA)
Clayton, Merry (the USA)
Clayton-Jones, Edward (Australia)
Claytown Troupe (England)
Clean, The (New Zealand)
Clear Light (the USA)
Clearlake (England)
Clearwater, Eddie (the USA)
Cleary, Jon (the USA)
Clefs Of Lavender Hill (the USA)
Cleftones, The (the USA)
Clegg, Johnny (England)
Clem Snide (the USA)
Cleopatra (England)
Cleveland Choir, The Rev. James (the USA)
Cleveland, Big Boy (the USA)
Click, Nicky (the USA)
Clickettes, The (the USA)
Clientele, The (England)
Cliff Dweller (the USA)
Cliff, Jimmy (Jamaica)
Clifford, Buzz (the USA)
Clifford, Linda (the USA)
C-Lim (the USA)
Climax (the USA)
Climax Blues Band (England)
Climie Fisher (England)
Cline, Nels (the USA)
Cline, Patsy (the USA)
Clinic (England)
Clinical Trials (the USA)
Clinton, George (the USA)
Clipse (the USA)
Cliques, The (the USA)
Clive and Naomi (Jamaica)
Clivey (Jamaica)
Clivillés and Cole (the USA)
Clochards; filed under Ferrero, Médard (France)
Clock (England)
Clock DVA (England)
Clock Opera (England)
Clockwork Era (England)
Clodhoppers; filed under Johnson, Earl (the USA)
Clooney, Rosemary (the USA)
Clor (England)
Clorofila (Mexico)
Close Lobsters (Scotland)
Cloud 【funk band, 80s】 (England)
Cloud 【indie, 00s-10s】 (the USA)
Cloud Control (Australia)
Cloud Cult (the USA)
Cloud Nothings (the USA)
Cloud Room, The (the USA)
Cloud Seeding (the USA)
Cloud, Harry (the USA)
Clouds 【10s club from Scotland】 (Scotland)
Clouds 【60s proggies from Edinburgh】 (Scotland)
Clouds 【80s-90s indie rock from Sydney】 (Australia)
Clouds Of Joy; filed under Kirk, Andy (the USA)
Clouds, The 【80s-90s indie from Manchester】 (England)
Clough, Arthur (the USA)
Clout (South Africa)
Cloutier, Frank (the USA)
Clovers, The (the USA)
Clowns Smiling Backwards (Australia)
Clowns, The; filed under Smith, Huey ‘Piano’ (the USA)
CLSM (England)
Club 8 (Sweden)
Club Des Belugas (Germany)
Club Foot Orchestra (the USA)
Club Nouveau (the USA)
Club Session (the USA)
Club Smith (England)
Clubhouse (Italy)
Clubland (?)
Cluck, Diane (the USA)
Cmn ineed yr hlp (the USA)
C-Mone (England)
C-Money (Saint Kitts and Nevis)
CNN 【90s industrial group】 (England)
CNN 【90s-10s rap duo】; filed under Capone -N- Noreaga (the USA)
Co.Ro. (Italy)
Coast (England)
Coast To Coast (England)
Coastal (Northern Ireland)
Coasters, The (the USA)
Coates, Dorothy Love (the USA)
Coathangers, The (the USA)
Cobain, Kurt (the USA)
Cobb, Arnett (the USA)
Cobra Starship (the USA)
Cobra; filed under Mad Cobra (Jamaica)
Cocadictos (Spain)
Cochran and The Earwigs, Dib (England)
Cochran, Eddie (the USA)
Cochran, Jackie Lee (the USA)
Cochran, Wayne (the USA)
Cock Robin (the USA)
Cock Sparrer (England)
Cockburn, Bruce (Canada)
Cocker, Jarvis (England)
Cocker, Joe (England)
CocknBullKid (England)
Cockney Rebel; filed under Harley, Steve (England)
Cockney Rejects (England)
Coco Electrik (England)
Cocoa Tea (Jamaica)
CocoRosie (the USA)
Cocteau Twins (Scotland)
Coday, Bill (the USA)
Codec and Flexor (Germany)
Codeine (the USA)
Coefield, Brice (the USA)
Coffee (the USA)
Coffee, Diane (the USA)
Coffey, Cath (England)
Coffey, Dennis (the USA)
Coffin Break (the USA)
Cogan, Alma (England)
Cohan, George M. (the USA)
Co-Hearts, The (the USA)
Cohen and The Alpha-Beta, Izhar (Israel)
Cohen, Leonard (Canada)
Cohn, Marc (the USA)
Coil (England)
Coin-Op (England)
Coker, Alvadean (the USA)
Colbert, Bertha (the USA)
Colclough, Phil (Scotland)
Cold Blood (the USA)
Cold Blood Devices (England)
Cold Mailman (Norway)
Cold Specks (England)
Cold War Kids (the USA)
Coldcut (England)
Colder (France)
Coldplay (England)
Cole and The Commotions, Lloyd (Scotland)
Cole, Ann (the USA)
Cole, Buddy (the USA)
Cole, Cheryl (England)
Cole, Cozy (the USA)
Cole, Lloyd (England)
Cole, MJ (England)
Cole, Nat King (the USA)
Cole, Natalie (the USA)
Cole, Paula (the USA)
Cole, Stranger (Jamaica)
Coleman, Austin (the USA)
Coleman, Gary B.B. (the USA)
Coleman, Michael (Ireland)
Coleman, Naimee (Ireland)
Coleman, Phonte (the USA)
Coles, Tucker (the USA)
Collapse Under The Empire (Germany)
Collapsed Lung (England)
Collective Soul (the USA)
Collective, The (England)
Colleen (France)
College Boyz (the USA)
Collie Buddz (the USA)
Collier, Mitty (the USA)
Collins and Collins (the USA)
Collins and his Orchestra, Harold (England)
Collins, Albert (the USA)
Collins, Ansel (Jamaica)
Collins, Arthur (the USA)
Collins, Bootsy (the USA)
Collins, Byron (the USA)
Collins, Dave and Ansel; see Barker, Dave (Jamaica) or Collins, Ansel (Jamaica)
Collins, Edith and Sherman (the USA)
Collins, Edwyn (Scotland)
Collins, Jose (England)
Collins, Judy (the USA)
Collins, Larry (the USA)
Collins, Lorrie (the USA)
Collins, Lyn (the USA)
Collins, Marcus (England)
Collins, Phil (England)
Collins, Rodger (the USA)
Collins, Sam (the USA)
Collins, Shirley (England)
Collister, Christine (England)
Colombo, Joseph (France)
Colonel Gurnell (?)
Colonel Mite (England)
Color Me Badd (the USA)
Colorblind James Experience (the USA)
Colored Quartet (the USA)
Colossal Gospel (the USA)
Colour Me Wednesday (England)
Colour, The (the USA)
Colourbox (Scotland)
Colourfield, The (England)
Columbia Records (the USA)
Colyer, Ken (England)
Com.A (England)
Coma Cinema (the USA)
Combat 84 (England)
Combat Not Conform (Germany)
Come (the USA)
Come On Gang! (Scotland)
Comes, The (Japan)
Comet (the USA)
Comet Gain (England)
Comets On Fire (the USA)
Comets; filed under Haley and his Comets, Bill (the USA)
Commander Shad (Jamaica)
Comme Ci Comme Ca; filed under Lonyo (England)
Commentators, The (England)
Commie (Scotland)
Commissioners, The (England)
Commitments, The (Ireland)
Commodores (the USA)
Common (the USA)
Common, Jonnie (Scotland)
Communards, The (Scotland)
Como, Perry (the USA)
Compass Point All Stars (Jamaica)
Compos Mentis (New Zealand)
Composer (France)
Composer, The (England)
Composers Ensemble (England)
Compton, Charles (?)
Compulsion (Ireland)
Computer Club (the USA)
Computerized (Jamaica)
Comsat Angels, The (England)
Comstock, Bobby (the USA)
Conboy, Paul (England)
Concept, The (the USA)
Concern (the USA)
Concerto Caledonia (Scotland)
Concerto Köln (Germany)
Concord Dawn (New Zealand)
Concrete Jungle Production (Jamaica)
Concretes, The (Sweden)
Condon, Eddie (the USA)
Conemelt (England)
Confederates, The; filed under Costello, Elvis (England)
Confetti (England)
Conflict 【00s-10s reggae artist】 (Jamaica)
Conflict 【London punk band, 80s-10s】 (England)
Conflict 【Tuscan punk band, 80s】 (the USA)
Congo, Ras (the USA)
Congolocho (Tonga)
Congos, The (Jamaica)
Congotronics vs. Rockers (the D.R. Congo)
Congregation (England)
Conjunto Colombia (Colombia)
Conjunto Los Rumberos (Colombia)
Conjunto Martínez (Colombia)
Conjunto Miramar (Colombia)
Conjunto Ritmos del Caribe (Colombia)
Conjunto Típico del Magdalena (Colombia)
Conjunto Vallenato; filed under Morón, Elías (Colombia)
Conley, Arthur (the USA)
Conn, Didi (the USA)
Connell, Miranda (England)
Connells, The (the USA)
Connick Jr., Harry (the USA)
Connie’s Inn Orchestra; filed under Lattimore, Harlan (the USA)
Conniff, Ray (the USA)
Connolly, Billy (Scotland)
Connolly, Dolly (the USA)
Connor, Chris (the USA)
Connors and The Cycles, Carol (the USA)
Connors, Norman (the USA)
Conquering Animal Sound (Scotland)
Conquerors, The (Jamaica)
Consequence (the USA)
Consho, Johnnie (?)
Consolers, The (the USA)
Consolidated (the USA)
Constantine, Eddie (the USA)
Constantines (Canada)
Constants (the USA)
Constipated Monkeys (the USA)
Container Drivers, The (England)
Contemporary Gospel Chorus of The High School of Music and Art, The (the USA)
Contenders, The (England)
Contortions (the USA)
Contours, The (the USA)
Control (England)
Controller 7 (the USA)
Controllers, The (the Netherlands)
Convertibles, The; filed under Corvette, Nikki (the USA)
Conway Brothers (the USA)
Conway, Leonard (Jamaica)
Conway, Russ (England)
Conway’s Band (the USA)
Cooder, Ry (the USA)
Cook and The Gaylads, Ronnie (the USA)
Cook, Norman (England)
Cook, Paul (England)
Cook, Peter (England)
Cooke, Carolyn (the USA)
Cooke, Dale; filed under Cooke, Sam (the USA)
Cooke, L.C. (the USA)
Cooke, Sam (the USA)
Cookie and The Cupcakes (the USA)
Cookie Crew (England)
Cookies, The (the USA)
Cool Kids, The (the USA)
Cool Notes, The (England)
Cooler (England)
Cooley, Spade (the USA)
Coolidge, Rita (the USA)
Coolio (the USA)
Cooly G (England)
Coombs, Lee (England)
Coombs, Pat (England)
Coon Creek Girls (the USA)
Coons, Harry (the USA)
Coons, Jer (the USA)
Cooper Temple Clause, The (England)
Cooper, Alice (the USA)
Cooper, Marty (the USA)
Cooper, Tommy (Wales)
Cooperettes (the USA)
Cop Shoot Cop (the USA)
Coparck (the Netherlands)
Copas, Cowboy (the USA)
Cope, Julian (England)
Copeland Singers, Alan (the USA)
Copeland, Eric (the USA)
Copeland, Johnny (the USA)
Copper Cat (Jamaica)
Coppice Halifax (the USA)
Cops ‘n Robbers (England)
Copy Haho (Scotland)
Copyright (?)
Cora, Tom (the USA)
Coral Sea, The (the USA)
Coral, The (England)
Corbin, Selah (Wales)
Corchado, Manny (Puerto Rico)
Corden, James (England)
Cordet, Louise (England)
Cordsmen; filed under Maize, Joe (the USA)
Corduroi (the USA)
Corduroy (England)
Corey, Giles (the USA)
Corimer, Lesa (the USA)
Corimer, Nolan (the USA)
Corin and Her Boyfriends, Terry (the USA)
Cormega (the USA)
Corn, Cutty (Jamaica)
Cornel; filed under Campbell, Cornel (Jamaica)
Cornelius (Japan)
Cornell, Don (the USA)
Cornershop (England)
Cornwell, Hugh (England)
Corona (Italy)
Coronets, The (the USA)
Corporation, The (Jamaica)
Corpus Christi (the USA)
Corr, Ida (Denmark)
Corraleros de Majagual, Los (Colombia)
Correcto (Scotland)
Corries, The (Scotland)
Corrigan, Briana (Northern Ireland)
Corrs, The (Ireland)
Corsairs, The (the USA)
Corsettes, The (England)
Corsten, Ferry (the Netherlands)
Cort Skiffle, Bob (England)
Cortez, Dave ‘Baby’ (the USA)
Cortina Delu (England)
Cortinas, The (England)
Corvette, Nikki (the USA)
Corvettes, The (the USA)
Cosculluela (Puerto Rico)
Cosentino, Bethany (the USA)
Cosmic Psychos (Australia)
Cosmonauts (the USA)
Cosmos (England)
Costa, Don (the USA)
Costanzo, Jack (the USA)
Costello, Elvis (England)
Costello, Larry (the USA)
Cotillard, Marion (France)
Cottam (England)
Cotton Jones (the USA)
Cotton, James (the USA)
Cottonmouth (England)
Cottrell Band, The Willie (the USA)
Cougar, John (the USA)
Cough Cool (the USA)
Council Of Bad Knaves (?)
Council Tax Band (England)
Count Bass D (the USA)
Count Bishops, The (England)
Count Five (the USA)
Count of Chateau Noir, The (England)
Count Owen (Jamaica)
Count Zebra (Jamaica)
Counting Crows (the USA)
Country Boys, The; filed under Williams, Hank (the USA)
Country Joe and The Fish (the USA)
Country Speng (Jamaica)
Country Teasers (England)
County, Jayne; filed under County, Wayne (the USA)
County, Wayne (the USA)
Cours Lapin (Denmark)
Course, The (the Netherlands)
Courteeners, The (England)
Courtland and Jeffries (England)
Courvale, Keith (the USA)
Cousin Joe (the USA)
Cousins and De Moss (the USA)
Cousins, Tina (England)
Couty and The Braves, Nat (the USA)
Covay, Don (the USA)
Cove, Harry (England)
Cover Drive (Barbados)
Covington, Bogus Ben (the USA)
Covington, Julie (England)
Coward Brothers, The (England; the USA)
Coward, Noël (England)
Cowboy Band; filed under Wakely, Jimmy (the USA)
Cowboy Jazz Revue; filed under McCalister Jr., Don (the USA)
Cowboy Junkies (Canada)
Cowboys; filed under Sir Lord Comic (Jamaica)
Cowcube (England)
Cows (the USA)
Cowsills, The (the USA)
Cox, Bill (the USA)
Cox, Carl (England)
Cox, Ida (the USA)
Cox, Marion Evelyn (the USA)
Cox, Michael (England)
Coxon, Graham (England)
Coyle, Mick; filed under Ferguson, Neil Nicholson and Mick Coyle, Bob (Scotland)
Coyne, Kevin (England)
Coyne, Wayne (the USA)
Coyote Bones (the USA)
CPK (the USA)
Crab Smasher (Australia)
Crabs, The (England)
Crac (Wales)
Cracker (the USA)
Crackhead Worm (France)
Cracknell, Sarah (England)
Craig and Willoughby (England)
Craig, Earl (the USA)
Crain, Edward L. (the USA)
Crain, Samantha (the USA)
Cramer, Floyd (the USA)
Cramps, The (the USA)
Cranberries, The (Ireland)
Crane (England)
Cranebuilders (England)
Cranes (England)
Crash And The ‘Coots (England)
Crash Paris (England)
Crash Test Dummies (Canada)
Crass (England)
Cravats, The (England)
Craven, Beverley (England)
Crawford, Davell (the USA)
Crawford, James ‘Sugar Boy’ (the USA)
Crawford, Michael (England)
Crawford, Randy (the USA)
Cray, Robert (the USA)
Crayola Lectern (England)
Crayton, Pee Wee (the USA)
Crazy Frog (Sweden)
Crazy Horse (the USA)
Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, The; filed under Brown, Arthur (England)
Crazyhead (England)
Cream (England)
Creamers (the USA)
Creaming Jesus (England)
Create! (the USA)
Creatica (?)
Creation Rebel (Jamaica)
Creation, The (England)
Creations, The (South Africa)
Creative Posse 【American pop group】 (the USA)
Creative Posse 【Jamaican reggae group】 (Jamaica)
Creators, The; filed under Perry, Lee ‘Scratch’ (Jamaica)
Creatures, The (England)
Credit To The Nation (England)
Creduer, Joe (the USA)
Creed, Helios (the USA)
Creedence Clearwater Revival (the USA)
Creeping Nobodies, The (Canada)
Creepoid (the USA)
Creole and The Coconuts, Kid (the USA)
Creoles; filed under Li’l Millet (the USA)
Crescendo (England)
Crescendos, The (the USA)
Crescent (England)
Crespo, Rafeal Yepes (Colombia)
Crests, The (England)
Crew-Cuts, The (Canada)
Crewe, Bob (the USA)
Cribbins, Bernard (England)
Cribs, The (England)
Crickets, The (the USA)
Criddle, Master Thomas (England)
Crikey It’s The Cromptons (England)
Crimea, The (England)
Cringe (the USA)
Crippled Black Phoenix (England)
Crisis (England)
Crispy Ambulance (England)
Crispy and Co. (the USA)
Cristina (the USA)
Criterion Quartet (the USA)
Croce, Jim (the USA)
Crochet, Cleveland (the USA)
Crocker, Frankie (the USA)
Crockett, G.L. (the USA)
Crocketts, The (Wales)
Crocodile God (England)
Crocodiles (the USA)
Crofters, The (Scotland)
Cronin, Mikal (the USA)
Crookers (Italy)
Crookes, The (England)
Crooklyn Clan, The (the USA)
Crooks, Richard (the USA)
Crookwood (the USA)
Crosby (South Africa)
Crosby, Bing (the USA)
Crosby, David (the USA)
Crosby, Gary (the USA)
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young (the USA)
Cross, Christopher (the USA)
Cross, Sandra (England)
Crossover (the USA)
Crothers, Scatman (the USA)
Crow, Jim (Jamaica)
Crow, Rob (the USA)
Crow, Sheryl (the USA)
Crowd, The (England)
Crowded House (Australia)
Crowder Band, Dave (the USA)
Crowley, Adrian (Ireland)
Crown Heights Affair (the USA)
Crowsdell (the USA)
Croxton, Frank (the USA)
Crucial Robbie (England)
Crucial Vibes (Jamaica)
Crudup, Arthur (the USA)
Cruise, Julee (the USA)
Cruiser (Scotland)
Cruising (Ireland)
Crusaders, The (the USA)
Crush (England)
Crust (the USA)
Crustation (England)
Cruyff In The Bedroom (Japan)
Cruz, Anthony (the USA)
Cruz, Juan de la (the Philippines)
Cruz, Taio (England)
Cry No More (England)
Cryin’ Shames, The (England)
Crystal Antlers (the USA)
Crystal Castles (Canada)
Crystal Distorsion (England)
Crystal Fighters (Spain)
Crystal Fountain (the USA)
Crystal Grass (the USA)
Crystal Method, The (the USA)
Crystal Stilts (the USA)
Crystal, Conrad (Jamaica)
Crystalites, The (Jamaica)
Crystals, The (the USA)
CSS (Brazil)
Cub (the USA)
Cuba (England)
Cuban Boys (England)
Cubanate (England)
Cube (England)
Cubical, The (England)
Cuckooland (England)
Cud (England)
Cuddly Shark (Scotland)
Cudgels (England)
Cudi, Kid (the USA)
Cuff (England)
Cujo (Brazil)
Cullinan, Tom (England)
Cullum, Jamie (England)
Cult, The (England)
Cults (the USA)
Culture (Jamaica)
Culture Beat (Germany)
Culture Club (England)
Culture Musical Club (Tanzania)
Culture, Louie (Jamaica)
Culture, Smiley (England)
Cumberland, Enid (Jamaica)
Cumbia Soledeña, La (Colombia)
Cumbiamberos de Chorrera, Los (Colombia)
Cunliffe, Whit (England)
Cunningham, David (Ireland)
Cunningham, John (England)
Cunningham, Ruth-Anne (Ireland)
Cure, The (England)
Curios, The (the USA)
Curiosity Killed The Cat (England)
Curiosity Shoppe (England)
Curless, Dick (the USA)
Current 93 (England)
Curry (the USA)
Curry and Congregation, Elder (the USA)
Curry, Ben (the USA)
Curry, Clifford (the USA)
Curse (Canada)
Cursive (the USA)
Curtains, The (the USA)
Curtis, Tony (Jamaica)
Curve (England)
Cush (Jamaica)
Cut Chemist (the USA)
Cut City (Sweden)
Cut Copy (Australia)
Cut Master M.C. (England)
Cut Off Your Hands (New Zealand)
Cute Is What We Aim For (the USA)
Cutee B (France)
Cutler, Ivor (Scotland)
Cutting Crew (England)
Cutting Edge (England)
Cutty 【rapper from Atlanta】; filed under Cartel, Cutty (the USA)
Cutty 【reggae artist】 (Jamaica)
Cwtch (Wales)
Cybersonik (Canada)
Cyclic Freeload Unit (?)
Cygnet Ring, The (England)
Cygnus X-1 (England)
CyHi The Prince (the USA)
Cymbals Eat Guitars (the USA)
Cyphers, Bubber (the USA)
Cypress Hill (the USA)
Cyrus, Billy Ray (the USA)
Cyrus, Miley (the USA)
Czars, The (the USA)
Czerwonky, Richard (the USA)
CZR (the USA)
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