Artist list: D
A full list of all the artists in my personal record collection, song lists are included for all.

Emboldened links highlight where there is at least one album in my collection. Biographies and album discographies are included for these artists.

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D (Japan)
D Mob (England)
D Peace and War Riddim Production (Jamaica)
D, Asher (England)
D, Chuck (the USA)
D, Crissy (Jamaica)
D, Elly (Jamaica)
D, Johnny (the USA)
D, Juggy (England)
D, Lukie (Jamaica)
D, Mike (the USA)
D, Rob (Australia)
D. Train (the USA)
D., Longsy (England)
D., Scotty (Jamaica)
D., Stinga (Jamaica)
D.A.F. (Germany)
D.C. (Saint Kitts and Nevis)
D.I. (the USA)
D.O.A. (Canada)
D.O.E. (the USA)
D.O.P. (England)
D.O.S.E. (England)
D.O.X. (the USA)
D.S. (France)
D:Ream (Northern Ireland)
D’Almaine, Charles (the USA)
D’Angel (Jamaica)
D’Angelo (the USA)
D’Arby, Terence Trent (the USA)
D’Bora (the USA)
D’Gary (Madagascar)
D’niel, Alexander (Argentina)
D1 (?)
D12 (the USA)
D4, The (New Zealand)
Da Belle, Adrift (the USA)
Da Brat (the USA)
Da Hool (Germany)
Da Mob (the USA)
Da Posse and Underground Crew, The (the USA)
Da Stupids (the USA)
Da Vincis, The (England)
Da Yeene (Sweden)
Da’Ville (Jamaica)
Dąbrowska, Ania (Poland)
Dabrye (the USA)
Dachauer Bauernkapelle (the Czech Republic)
Dad Blackard’s Moonshiners (the USA)
Dada Trash Collage (the USA)
Daddy Boastin’ (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)
Daddy Freddy (England)
Daddy Gong (Jamaica)
Daddy Legend (Jamaica)
Daddy Lilly (Jamaica)
Daddy Lizard (Jamaica)
Daddy Maza (Spain)
Daddy Meeks and Little Meeks (Jamaica)
Daddy Reems (Jamaica)
Daddy Screw (Jamaica)
Daddy Tar (Jamaica)
Daddy Woody (Jamaica)
Daddy Yankee (Puerto Rico)
Dadfag (the USA)
Daedelus (the USA)
DaFake Panda (France)
Daft Punk (France)
Dago Wops (England)
Dahl, Jeff (the USA)
Dahlbäck, John (Sweden)
Daho, Étienne (Algeria)
Daigrepont, Bruce (the USA)
Daily Flash, The (the USA)
Daily Mail Mystery Record (England)
Daily, E.G. (the USA)
Dainjamental (Trinidad and Tobago)
Daintees, The (England)
Daisy Chainsaw (England)
Daisy Clan (Germany)
Dakaneh (Spain)
Dakar, Rhoda (England)
Dakotas, The; filed under Kramer, Billy J. (England)
Dakus, Wes (Canada)
Dale and Grace (the USA)
Dale Band, The Paul (England)
Dale, Dick (the USA)
Dale, Ted (the USA)
Dälek (the USA)
Dalek Beach Party (England)
Dalhart, Vernon (the USA)
Dali’s Beauty Queens (South Africa)
Dalton (the USA)
Dalton, Karen (the USA)
Dalton, Lacy J. (the USA)
Damage (England)
Damage Manual, The (England)
Damia (France)
Damian (England)
Damil Records House Band (the USA)
Dammers, Jerry (England)
Damn Vandals (England)
Damned, The (England)
Damone, Vic (the USA)
Damrosch Orchestra (the USA)
DAN (England)
Dan I (England)
dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip; see le sac, dan (England) or Pip, Scroobius (England)
Dan, Mr. (England)
Dan, Rubi (Barbados)
Dana (Northern Ireland)
Dananananaykroyd (Scotland)
Danby, Will (England)
Dance Band, The (England)
Dance Floor Virus (Italy)
Dance On Your Grave (Malaysia)
Dance Reaction (England)
Dance With A Stranger (Norway)
Dandeexx (Jamaica)
Dandelion (England)
Dando, Evan (the USA)
Dandy Warhols, The (the USA)
Dandy, Trevor (?)
Dandy; filed under Livingstone, Dandy (Jamaica)
Dandymite, Boom (Jamaica)
Danger Mouse (the USA)
Dangerfield, Fyfe (England)
Dangerous Summer, The (the USA)
Dangerous, Mikey (Canada)
Daniels Band, The Charlie (the USA)
Daniels, Bebe (the USA)
Daniels, Julius (the USA)
Daniels, Sue (Belgium)
Danielson (the USA)
Danielson Famile; filed under Danielson (the USA)
Danks, The (Canada)
Danleers, The (the USA)
Dannona (Hungary)
Danny and Lee; see Clarke, Danny (Jamaica) or Perry, Lee ‘Scratch’ (Jamaica)
Danny and The Juniors (the USA)
Danny Wilson (Scotland)
Danquah, George (Ghana)
Danse Society, The (England)
Dante, Steven (the USA)
Dantes, The (the USA)
Danzel (Belgium)
Danzig (the USA)
Danzy, Ron (the USA)
Dao Dezi (France)
Daphne and Celeste (the USA)
Dappled Cities (Australia)
Dappy (England)
Daptone Horns, The (the USA)
Dara, Olu (the USA)
Darby and Tarlton (the USA)
Darby, Teddy (the USA)
Darby, Ward (the USA)
Darbyshire, Richard (England)
Darc Mind (the USA)
Darcys, The (Canada)
Dare (England)
Dare, Phyllis (England)
Darewski, Herman (England)
Darin, Bobby (the USA)
Dario G (England)
Darius (Scotland)
Dark Captain (England)
Dark City (England)
Dark City Sisters (South Africa)
Dark Colour (the USA)
Dark, The (England)
Darkman (England)
Darkness, The (England)
Darkstar (England)
Darktown Strutters (South Africa)
Darling Buds, The (Wales)
Darlington, Laura (the USA)
Darnell, Jeffrey (England)
Darnielle, John (the USA)
Darnley, Herbert (England)
Darondo (the USA)
Darrell, Guy (England)
Dart Chillz (the USA)
Darts (England)
Dartz! (England)
Darude (Finland)
Darwin Deez (the USA)
Daryll-Ann (the Netherlands)
Das Contras (Scotland)
Das Damen (the USA)
Das Wanderlust (England)
Dat Oven (the USA)
Datarock (Norway)
Datblygu (Wales)
Datsuns, The (New Zealand)
Datta, Soumik (England)
Daulne, Marie (the D.R. Congo)
Davaa, Bilchi-Maa (Russia)
Dave; filed under Barker, Dave (Jamaica)
Davenport, Cow Cow (the USA)
Davenport, Jed (the USA)
Davenport, N’dea (the USA)
Davey, Cathy (Ireland)
Davey, Damian; filed under Damian (England)
David and David (the USA)
David and The Citizens (Sweden)
David Devant and his Spirit Wife (England)
David, Anne-Marie (France)
David, Craig (England)
David, F.R. (Tunisia)
David-Guillou, Angèle (France)
Davidson and his Orchestra, Harry (the USA)
Davidson, Alan ‘Country’ (England)
Davidson, Paul (Jamaica)
Davies and The Children, Eira (England)
Davies, Craig (England)
Davies, Dave (England)
Davies, Myra (Canada)
Davies, Ray (England)
Davies, Windsor (England)
Davis & Jones and The Fenders (the USA)
Davis Group, The Spencer (England)
Davis Jr., Sammy (the USA)
Davis Sisters, The (the USA)
Davis, Al (the USA)
Davis, Betty (the USA)
Davis, Billie (England)
Davis, Geater (the USA)
Davis, Hank (the USA)
Davis, Helen (the USA)
Davis, Jan (the USA)
Davis, Jessie Bartlett (the USA)
Davis, Jimmie (the USA)
Davis, Johnny (the USA)
Davis, Kirk (Jamaica)
Davis, Larry (the USA)
Davis, Link (the USA)
Davis, Mac (the USA)
Davis, Martha (the USA)
Davis, Maxwell (the USA)
Davis, Miles (the USA)
Davis, Reverend Gary (the USA)
Davis, Richie (England)
Davis, Skeeter (the USA)
Davis, Tyrone (the USA)
Davis, Walter (the USA)
Dawkins, Carl (Jamaica)
Dawkins, Rev. W.N. McKinley (the USA)
Dawn (the USA)
Dawn Of The Replicants (Scotland)
Dawn Parade, The (England)
Dawn Patrol (England)
Dawreck (the USA)
Dawson, Dana (the USA)
Dawson, Kimya (the USA)
Dawson, Peter (Australia)
Dawson, Ronnie (the USA)
Dawson, Steve (Canada)
Dax, Danielle (England)
Day In Jah (Jamaica)
Day Ravies (Australia)
Day, Bobby (the USA)
Day, Darren (England)
Day, Dave ‘Diddle’ (the USA)
Day, Doris (the USA)
Day, Inaya (the USA)
Day, Jackie (the USA)
Day, Margie (the USA)
Daydreamer (the USA)
Daydreaming (Canada)
Dayglo Abortions (Canada)
Dayne, Taylor (the USA)
Daysleepers, The (the USA)
Daysoul, Oliver (the USA)
Dazz Band (the USA)
DB Boulevard (Italy)
db’S, The (the USA)
D-Boy (England)
DBX (Scotland)
DCUP (Australia)
De Dannan (Ireland)
De Ja Vue (?)
De La Soul (the USA)
De Mens (Belgium)
De Rosa (Scotland)
De’ Lacy (the USA)
Deacon Blue (Scotland)
Deacon The Villain (the USA)
Deacon, Dan (the USA)
Deacons, The (Jamaica)
Dead 60s, The (England)
Dead Boys, The (the USA)
Dead By Pregnancy (Portugal)
Dead Can Dance (Australia)
Dead Cassettes (England)
Dead Dawn (the USA)
Dead End Kids (Scotland)
Dead Famous People (New Zealand)
Dead Heart Bloom (the USA)
Dead Horse One (France)
Dead Kennedys (the USA)
Dead Leaf Echo (the USA)
Dead Man’s Tree (England)
Dead Mans Bones (the USA)
Dead Mantra, The (France)
Dead Meadow (the USA)
Dead Mellotron (the USA)
Dead Moon (the USA)
Dead Or Alive (England)
Dead Prez (the USA)
Dead Stars (the USA)
Dead Trees, The (the USA)
Dead Weather, The (the USA)
Dead Wife (Canada)
Dead Wolf Club (England)
Deadline Shakes, The (Scotland)
Deadly Hume, The (Australia)
Deadly Hunta (England)
Deadly Ones, The (the USA)
Deadmau5 (Canada)
Deadstring Brothers (the USA)
Deafheaven (the USA)
Deal, Kim (the USA)
Dean and Jean (the USA)
Dean Brothers (England)
Dean, Hazell (England)
Dean, Jamie (the USA)
Dean, Jimmy (the USA)
Dean, Nora (Jamaica)
Dean, Snoopy (the USA)
Dear Darling, Hello (the USA)
Dear Nora (the USA)
Dear Reader (South Africa)
Dear, Matthew (the USA)
Dearly Beloved (Canada)
Dears, The (Canada)
Dearth, Harry (England)
Deas Vail (the USA)
Death (the USA)
Death and Vanilla (Sweden)
Death Cab For Cutie (the USA)
Death Cult (England)
Death From Above 1979 (Canada)
Death Grips (the USA)
Death In June (England)
Death In Vegas (England)
Death Set, The (Australia)
Death To The Brutes (Poland)
Death Valley Rally (the USA)
Death Vessel (the USA)
Deathline (England)
DeBarge (the USA)
Debelle, Speech (England)
DeBerry, Jimmy (the USA)
Debils (Switzerland)
DeBlanc (Italy)
Debonettes, The (the USA)
Debutantes, The (the USA)
Decadent, The (the USA)
Decameron (England)
Decemberists, The 【00s-10s indie pop band】 (the USA)
Decemberists, The 【80s pop band】 (England)
Deceptions (?)
Dechemia (the USA)
Decibelles (France)
Deckchair Orange (Austria)
Decoration (England)
Decorators, The (England)
Dee and The Mellotones, Tommy (the USA)
Dee Dee (Belgium)
Dee Jays, The; filed under O’Keefe, Johnny (Australia)
Dee, Baby (England)
Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich, Dave (England)
Dee, Kiki (England)
Dee, Kool Moe (the USA)
Dee, Lenny (the USA)
Dee, Teacha (Jamaica)
Dee, Tommy (the USA)
Dee’s Group; filed under Sir Dee’s Group (Jamaica)
Deebank, Maurice (England)
Deee-Lite (the USA)
Deejays, The (England)
Deekline (England)
Deene, Carol (England)
Deep Blue Something (the USA)
Deep C (England)
Deep City Band (the USA)
Deep Dish (Iran)
Deep Forest (France)
Deep Lust (the USA)
Deep MC (England)
Deep Purple (England)
Deep River Boys, The (the USA)
Deep Roots (England)
Deep Time (England)
Deep Turtle (Finland)
Deepest Blue (England)
Deepside (France)
Deer Tick (the USA)
Deer Tracks, The (Sweden)
Deerhoof (the USA)
Deerhunter (the USA)
Deers (Spain)
Dees and his Cast of Idiots, Dick (the USA)
Dees, Sam (the USA)
Deetah (Chile)
Def Leppard (England)
Def, Mos (the USA)
Defever, Warren (the USA)
Deffan, Ted (the USA)
Definition Of Sound (England)
Deftones (the USA)
Degree; filed under General Degree (Jamaica)
Degrees Of Motion (England)
Deh Deh (Jamaica)
Deirdres, The (England)
Déjà Vu 【Jamaican reggae artist】 (Jamaica)
DeJaVu 【Scottish pop act】 (Scotland)
DeJohnette, Jack (the USA)
Dekker, Desmond (Jamaica)
Dekker, George (Jamaica)
Del Amitri (Scotland)
Del Costa (England)
Del Rey, Lana (the USA)
Del Royals (the USA)
Del The Funky Homosapien (the USA)
Del-Airs, The (the USA)
Delakota (England)
Delaney, Eric (England)
Delaney, Mattie (the USA)
Delaney, Tom (the USA)
Delay Trees (Finland)
deLay, Paul (the USA)
Delays, The (England)
Delegation (England)
Delerium (Canada)
Delfonics, The (the USA)
Delgado, Beatrix (Switzerland)
Delgado, Junior (Jamaica)
Delgados, The (Scotland)
Delicate Steve (the USA)
Delicates, The (the USA)
Delicatessen (England)
Delicious (?)
Delicious Monster (England)
Deliverance (England)
Dell and The Trends, Danny (the USA)
Dellé (Germany)
Dellinger; filed under Dillinger (Jamaica)
Dellon, Phyllis; filed under Dillon, Phyllis (Jamaica)
Dells, The (the USA)
Dell-Vikings, The (the USA)
Dellwoods, The (the USA)
Delmore Brothers (the USA)
Delphic (England)
Delroy; filed under Wilson, Delroy (Jamaica)
Delta 【Australian hip-hop】 (Australia)
Delta 【Jamaican reggae】 (Jamaica)
Delta 5 (England)
Delta Cats; filed under Brenston, Jackie (the USA)
Delta Duo, The; filed under Hughes, Pee Wee (the USA)
Delta Group (the Ivory Coast)
Delta John; filed under Hooker, John Lee (the USA)
Delta Lady (England)
Delta Rhythm Boys, The (the USA)
Delta Spirit (the USA)
Delta Will (Canada)
Deltairs, The (the USA)
Del-Tones 【60s surf band】; filed under Dale, Dick (the USA)
Deltones, The 【80s ska band】 (England)
Deludes, The (England)
Delus (Jamaica)
Deluxe, Tim (England)
Del-Vetts, The (the USA)
Delvy, Richard (the USA)
Dem Hoodstarz (the USA)
Demarco (Jamaica)
Demassae, Seleshe (Ethiopia)
Demdike Stare (England)
DeMent, Iris (the USA)
Demented, The (the USA)
Dementio13 (Wales)
Demissew, Lemma (Ethiopia)
Demo Delgado (Jamaica)
Demob (England)
Demolition Doll Rods, The (the USA)
Demon (England)
Dempsey (England)
Dempsey, Damien (Ireland)
Dempsey, Paul (Australia)
Demus, Chaka (Jamaica)
Demus, Junior (Jamaica)
Dene, Terry (England)
Deneuve, Catherine (France)
Dengue Fever (the USA)
Denison Jr., Homer (the USA)
Denison-Kimball Trio, The (the USA)
Dennis Mento Band, Rod (Jamaica)
Dennis, Cathy (England)
Dennis, Jackie (Scotland)
Dennisons, The (England)
Denny, Will F. (the USA)
Denny, Williard (the USA)
Denters, Esmée (the Netherlands)
Denver, John (the USA)
Denver, Karl (Scotland)
Denyque (Jamaica)
Departed, The (the USA)
Department Of Eagles (the USA)
Department S (England)
Depeche Mode (England)
Dependency Tendency, The (?)
Depreciation Guild (the USA)
Depressedly, Elvis (the USA)
Deprince, Adolphe (France)
Der Beat From Baghdad (the USA)
Der Riß (Germany)
Deradoorian, Angel (the USA)
Derbyshire, Delia (England)
Derek and The Dominos (England)
Derelicts (the USA)
Derrero (Wales)
Derrick and Patsy; see Morgan, Derrick (Jamaica) or Todd, Millicent ‘Patsy’ (Jamaica)
derTANZ (Hungary)
Deru (the USA)
Derülo, Jason (the USA)
Desafinado (the USA)
DeSanto, Sugar Pie (the USA)
Desc (Scotland)
Deschanel, Zooey (the USA)
Desechables (Spain)
Deseridata (England)
Desert (England)
Desert Storm (the USA)
Desert Storm Soundsystem (Scotland)
Desh (?)
DeShannon, Jackie (the USA)
Desireless (France)
Desires, The (the USA)
Deskee (Germany)
Desolation Wilderness (the USA)
Desperate Bicycles, The (England)
Despot (the USA)
Destiny’s Child (the USA)
Destra (Trinidad and Tobago)
Destroy All Monsters (the USA)
Destroy Nate Allen (the USA)
Destroyer (Canada)
Destroyers, The 【blues rock, 70s-10s】; filed under Thorogood, George (the USA)
Destroyers, The 【reggae, 60s-70s】 (Jamaica)
Destruction Unit (the USA)
Destructo (the USA)
Detective Agency (the USA)
Detective Instinct (England)
Detectors (Spain)
Determine (Jamaica)
Dethkats, The (England)
Detours (Cuba)
Detrimental (the USA)
Detroit Cobras, The (the USA)
Detroit Emeralds (the USA)
Detroit Soul Project (the USA)
Detroit Spinners, The (the USA)
Detroit Wheels, The; filed under Ryder, Mitch (the USA)
Detroit, Marcella (the USA)
Deuce (England)
dEUS (Belgium)
Deutsche Volkslieder (Germany)
Deutscher Abschaum (Germany)
Deutschmark Bob; filed under DM Bob (the USA)
Deux Furieuses (England)
Dev (the USA)
Devastations (Australia)
DeVaughn, Raheem (the USA)
DeVaughn, William (the USA)
Devera Ngwena; filed under Moyo, Jonah (Zimbabwe)
Deviants, The (England)
Deville, Willie (the USA)
Devin (the USA)
Devin The Dude (the USA)
Devine, Sydney (Scotland)
Devious (the USA)
Devlin (England)
Devo (the USA)
Devonte (Jamaica)
DeVotchKa (the USA)
DeWitt, Keegan (the USA)
Dexter (the Netherlands)
Dexter, Al (the USA)
Dexys Midnight Runners (England)
Dexys; filed under Dexys Midnight Runners (England)
DeZurik Sisters, The (the USA)
D-Fex (England)
Dhlamini, Walter (South Africa)
Di (England)
Di Bart, Tony (England)
Di-Abafana (South Africa)
Diabaté, Kasse Mady (Mali)
Diabaté, Toumani (Mali)
Diaboliks, The (England)
Diagrams (England)
Dialectrix (Australia)
Diamond Joe; filed under Esposito, Joe (the USA)
Diamond Rings (Canada)
Diamond, Jim (Scotland)
Diamond, Johnny (Jamaica)
Diamond, Lee (the USA)
Diamond, Macka (Jamaica)
Diamond, Neil (the USA)
Diamond, Wesly (Jamaica)
Diamond’s Orchestra, Leo (the USA)
Diamonds, Nick; filed under Thorburn, Nick (Canada)
Diamonds, The (the USA)
Diane, Alela (the USA)
Diaz, Cyril (Trinidad and Tobago)
Diaz, Madi (the USA)
Díaz, Simón (Venezuela)
Dibala, Diblo (the D.R. Congo)
Dibango, Manu (Cameroon)
Diblo; filed under Dibala, Diblo (the D.R. Congo)
Dice Raw (the USA)
Dice The Boss; filed under Dice, Pama (Jamaica)
Dice, Jon (the USA)
Dice, Pama (Jamaica)
Dick Diver (Australia)
Dickens, Little Jimmy (the USA)
Dickey, Gwen (the USA)
Dickies, The (the USA)
Dickinson, Sandra (the USA)
Dickson, Barbara (Scotland)
Dickson, Pearl (the USA)
DiCola, Vince (the USA)
Dictators, The (the USA)
Diddley, Bo (the USA)
Diddy 【English DJ】 (England)
Diddy 【U.S. rapper】 (the USA)
Diddy Men, The; filed under Dodd, Ken (England)
Dido (England)
Die Kreuzen (the USA)
Die Toten Hosen (Germany)
Diesel # 1 (Italy)
Diesel Park West (England)
Dietert, Julius (the Czech Republic)
Different Gear (England)
Differentials and The Four Gentleman (the USA)
Difford, Chris (England)
DiFranco, Ani (the USA)
Dig (the USA)
Digance, Richard (England)
Digital Ancient (?)
Digital Cow (England)
Digital Mystikz (England)
Digital Orgasm (Belgium)
Digital Underground (the USA)
Digitalism (Germany)
Dignitary, Fremo (Jamaica)
DIIV (the USA)
Dikwaikwai (South Africa)
Dilika (South Africa)
Dillard and Tex-Town Display, Moses (the USA)
Dillard, Ricky (the USA)
Dillinger (Jamaica)
Dillinger Escape Plan, The (the USA)
Dillinger, Daz (the USA)
Dillon, Phyllis (Jamaica)
Dillon, Sandy (the USA)
Dima Sisters (South Africa)
Dimples D (the USA)
DiMucci, Dion (the USA)
Diners (the USA)
Ding Dong (Jamaica)
Dino, Kenny (the USA)
Dinosaur Feathers (the USA)
Dinosaur Jr. (the USA)
Dinowalrus (the USA)
Dio (the USA)
Dion and The Belmonts (the USA)
Dion, Celine (the USA)
Diop, Aby Ngana (Senegal)
Dipers, The (the USA)
Dire Straits (England)
Dirt (England)
Dirt Crew (Germany)
Dirt Fisherman (the USA)
Dirtblonde (England)
Dirtbombs, The (the USA)
Dirtsman (Jamaica)
Dirty (England)
Dirty Beaches (Taiwan)
Dirty Beatniks, The (Ireland)
Dirty Dozen Brass Band, The (the USA)
Dirty Ghosts (the USA)
Dirty Gringo (the USA)
Dirty Nil, The (Canada)
Dirty Pretty Things (England)
Dirty Projectors (the USA)
Dirty Red (the USA)
Dirty Three (Australia)
Disappears (the USA)
Discharge (England)
Disciples (?)
Disco (Wales)
Disco Bros., The (England)
Disco Inferno (England)
Disco Scooters (England)
Disco Tex and The Sex-O-Lettes (the USA)
Disconcerts (England)
Discovery (the USA)
Disguise (England)
Dishari (England)
Dishrags, The (Canada)
Disorder (England)
Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy (the USA)
Disrupters (England)
Dissolved (Scotland)
Distel, Sacha (France)
Distin Jr., Hillroy (the USA)
Distin, Hillroy (the USA)
Distort (?)
Disturbers, The (the Netherlands)
Disturbia Production Team (?)
Ditching The Albatross (Canada)
Ditto, Beth (the USA)
Divine (the USA)
Divine Comedy, The (Northern Ireland)
Divine Inspiration (England)
Divine Ke (the Netherlands)
Divinyls (the USA)
Dixie Cups, The (the USA)
Dixie Flyers, The (the USA)
Dixie Mountaineers; filed under Stoneman, Ernest (the USA)
Dixie Ramblers (the USA)
Dixie Sacred Trio (the USA)
Dixieland Eight; filed under Weston, Paul (the USA)
Dixon Brothers (the USA)
Dixon, Alesha (England)
Dixon, Beatrice (the USA)
Dixon, David (Australia)
Dixon, Dorsey (the USA)
Dixon, Floyd (the USA)
Dixon, Raymond (the USA)
Dixon, Tex (Jamaica)
Dixon, Tina (the USA)
Dixon, Trevor (England)
Dixon, Willie (the USA)
Dixon’s Jazz Maniacs (the USA)
Dize, Tony (Puerto Rico)
DJ Abstract (the USA)
DJ Aligator (Iran)
DJ AM (the USA)
DJ Babão (Brazil)
DJ Babu (the USA)
DJ Boogie Blind (the USA)
DJ Casper (the USA)
DJ Chucky; filed under XTM and DJ Chucky (Spain)
DJ Chus (Spain)
DJ Cleo (South Africa)
DJ Crabbe (France)
DJ Crystal (the USA)
DJ Dado (Italy)
DJ Deelat (France)
DJ Dexter (Australia)
DJ Distance (England)
DJ Dolores (Brazil)
DJ Duke (the USA)
DJ E.T. (the USA)
DJ Ecco (the USA)
DJ Europe (Belgium)
DJ E-Z Rock; filed under Base and DJ E-Z Rock, Rob (the USA)
DJ Fast Eddie, The (the USA)
DJ Food (England)
DJ Format (the USA)
DJ Frank E (the USA)
DJ Fresh (England)
DJ Green Lantern (the USA)
DJ H. featuring Stefy (Italy)
DJ Habett (France)
DJ Hatcha (England)
DJ Hollerbusch (Germany)
DJ Honda (Japan)
DJ Hype (England)
DJ Jazzy Jeff (the USA)
DJ Jean (the Netherlands)
DJ Jurgen (the Netherlands)
DJ Kalid (Jamaica)
DJ Kaos (England)
DJ Kayslay (the USA)
DJ Kentaro (Japan)
DJ Koze (Germany)
DJ Les and The Kool Kat (England)
DJ Luck and MC Neat (England)
DJ Marky (Brazil)
DJ Mental Theo (the Netherlands)
DJ Miko (Italy)
DJ Milf (England)
DJ MK (England)
DJ Olive (the USA)
DJ Onan (Scotland)
DJ Ötzi (Austria)
DJ Outkast (the Netherlands)
DJ Patex (Germany)
DJ Pied Piper and The Masters Of Ceremonies (England)
DJ Premier (the USA)
DJ Primecuts (England)
DJ Q (England)
DJ QBert (the USA)
DJ Quicksilver (Turkey)
DJ Rap (the USA)
DJ Red (England)
DJ Respecta (Germany)
DJ Riko (the USA)
DJ Rinch (Saint Kitts and Nevis)
DJ Roughneck (?)
DJ Rx (Finland)
DJ Sakin (Germany)
DJ Sammy (Spain)
DJ Sandji (Mali)
DJ Scot Project (Germany)
DJ Scotch Egg (Japan)
DJ Scott (Scotland)
DJ Scud (England)
DJ Shadow (the USA)
DJ Sneak (Canada)
DJ Space C (Italy)
DJ Spooky (the USA)
DJ SS (England)
DJ Stingray (the USA)
DJ Stratt (France)
DJ Suedo (?)
DJ Sugar Kid (Puerto Rico)
DJ Sven (the Netherlands)
DJ Swamp (the USA)
DJ T (Germany)
DJ Tiësto; filed under Tiësto (the Netherlands)
DJ Towha Towha (the USA)
DJ Vadim (Russia)
DJ Vinyl Junkie (England)
DJ Wag (Germany)
DJ Znobia (Angola)
DJ Zo (the USA)
Djamila, Cheba (Algeria)
Django Django (England)
Djedjotronic (France)
Djimi, Gnaore (the Ivory Coast)
Djoehla, Nji Raden Hadji (Indonesia)
DJs At Work (Germany)
Djum Djum (England)
Dlugosch, Boris (Germany)
D-Lynx (Jamaica)
DM Bob (the USA)
DMG$ (the USA)
DMGeez; filed under DMG$ (the USA)
D-Mob; filed under D Mob (England)
DNA 【70s ‘no wave’ band】 (the USA)
DNA 【90s tripbeat band】 (England)
Dntel (the USA)
Do (the Netherlands)
Do Make Say Think (Canada)
Dø, The (France)
Dobbs, John (?)
Dobbyn and Herbs, Dave (New Zealand)
Dobson Jr., Al (England)
Dobson, Dobby (Jamaica)
Doc Sausage (the USA)
Doc Schoko (Germany)
Doctor and The Crippens (England)
Doctor and The Medics (England)
Doctor Bop (the USA)
Dodd, Jegsy (England)
Dodd, Johnny (the USA)
Dodd, Ken (England)
Dodds, Nella (the USA)
Dodgems, The (England)
Dodgy (England)
Dodos, The (the USA)
Doe, Ernie K (the USA)
Doe, John (the USA)
Does It Offend You, Yeah (England)
Dog Bite (the USA)
Dog Day Afternoon (Wales)
Dog Eat Dog (the USA)
Dog Faced Hermans (Scotland)
Dog, Sen (Cuba)
Dog, Tim (the USA)
Dogg, Nate (the USA)
Dogg, Snoop (the USA)
Dogg, Swamp (the USA)
Doggett, Bill (the USA)
Dognoize (England)
Dogs Blood Order (England)
Dogs D’Amour, The (England)
Dogs In Ecstasy (the USA)
Doh, Ken (England)
Doiron, Julie (Canada)
Dokkemand (Norway)
Dolan, Jimmie; filed under Dolan, Ramblin’ Jimmie (the USA)
Dolan, Joe (Ireland)
Dolan, Ramblin’ Jimmie (the USA)
Dolby, Thomas (England)
Dolce Music Theatre, Joe (the USA)
Dolfinz (Scotland)
Doll and The Kicks (England)
Doll, The (England)
Dolla, AG (England)
Dollar (England)
Dollar Fifty (Jamaica)
Dollar Will (the USA)
Dollarman (Grenada)
Dollimore, Ralph (England)
Dolls, The (the USA)
Dolly (Turkey)
Dolly Dolly (England)
Dolly Mixture (England)
Dolly Rocker Movement, The (Australia)
Dollybird (?)
Dollyrots, The (the USA)
Dom and Roland (England)
Dom’s Kindergarten (the Netherlands)
Domes Of Silence (England)
Dometown Gang, The (Germany)
Dominatrix 【80s synthpop band】 (the USA)
Dominatrix 【90s club act】 (England)
Dominique Young Unique (the USA)
Dominique, Lisa (England)
Domino State, The (England)
Domino, Fats (the USA)
Domino, Renaldo (the USA)
Dominoes 【Billy Ward’s backing band】; filed under Ward, Billy (the USA)
Dominoes, The 【40s-50s Jive band】 (the USA)
Dominoes, The 【60s Ska band】; filed under Hinds, Justin (Jamaica)
Don and Juan (the USA)
Don and The Galaxy (the USA)
Don Juans, The; filed under Williams, Andre (the USA)
Donahue, Jonathan (the USA)
Donaldson, Eric (Jamaica)
Donato, João (Brazil)
Donays, The (the USA)
Dondolo (France)
Done Lying Down (England)
Donegan, Lonnie (Scotland)
Donkey (Scotland)
Donkeys, The (England)
Donn, Steve (the USA)
Donnaree (Jamaica)
Donnelly, Jamie (the USA)
Donnelly, Tanya (the USA)
Donohue, Skip (England)
Donovan (Scotland)
Donovan, Barb (the USA)
Donovan, Jason (Australia)
Doo and The Don’ts, Dicky (the USA)
Doobie Brothers, The (the USA)
Doolas, Angel (Jamaica)
Dooleys, The (England)
Doolittle, Eliza (England)
Doom 【80-10s rapper】; filed under MF Doom (the USA)
Doom 【80-90s crust punk group】 (England)
Doonican, Val (Ireland)
Doop (the Netherlands)
Doors, The (the USA)
Dope Body (the USA)
Dope Smugglaz (the USA)
Dope, Kenny (the USA)
Dorau, Andreas (Germany)
Dore, Charlie (England)
Dorias Barraca (Denmark)
Dorine_Muraille (France)
Dorman, Harold (the USA)
Dorothy (Northern Ireland)
Dorsey, Gail Ann (the USA)
Dorsey, Lee (the USA)
Dorsey, Tommy (the USA)
Dosen, Stephanie (the USA)
Doseone (the USA)
Dosh, Freddy (England)
Dot Dash (the USA)
Dots, The (England)
Double 99 (England)
Double Dagger (the USA)
Double Du (Israel)
Double Dutch Divas, The (the USA)
Double Exposure; filed under Willis, Chip (the USA)
Double Trouble 【blues rock, Texas】; filed under Vaughan, Stevie Ray (the USA)
Double Trouble 【house / rap, 80s-90s】 (England)
Double You (Italy)
Doubleclick (England)
DoubleHappys (New Zealand)
Doucet, Ocsar (the USA)
Dougall, Rose Elinor (England)
Doughboy (the USA)
Doughty, Mike (the USA)
Douglas, Carl (Jamaica)
Douglas, Craig (England)
Douglas, Johnny (England)
Douglas, K.C. (the USA)
Douglas, Lambert (Jamaica)
Douglas, Sheri Lee (the USA)
Douglas, Tommy (the USA)
Doumbia, Moussa (Mali)
Dovers, The (the USA)
Doves (England)
Dowd, Johnny (the USA)
Down Beats, The; filed under Craig, Earl (the USA)
Down Home Boys; see Reed, Long ‘Cleve’ (the USA) or Hull, Harvey (the USA)
Down The Tiny Steps (Scotland)
Downen, Bob (the USA)
Downie, Gordon (Canada)
Downing, Al (the USA)
Downing, Will (the USA)
Download Dreck Creck (?)
Downsiders, The (the USA)
Doxie (the USA)
Doyle, Little Buddy (the USA)
Dozier Boys, The (the USA)
Dozier, Gene (the USA)
Dozier, Lamont (the USA)
Dr. Alban (Nigeria)
Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band (the USA)
Dr. Devious (England)
Dr. Dog (the USA)
Dr. Dre (the USA)
Dr. Feelgood 【aka Piano Red】 (the USA)
Dr. Feelgood 【English blues rock band】 (England)
Dr. Hook (the USA)
Dr. John (the USA)
Dr. Keith (?)
Dr. Lloyd (the USA)
Dr. Mix and The Remix (France)
Dr. Mouthquake (England)
Dr. Octagon (the USA)
Dr. Phibes and The House Of Wax Equations (England)
Dr. Ring-Ding (Germany)
Dr. Skoda (?)
Dr. Spin (England)
Dr. Zeke (Sweden)
Drag Racing Underground (the USA)
Drag, Jack (the USA)
Drag-On (the USA)
Dragonette (Canada)
Drain (the USA)
Drake (Canada)
Drake, Charlie (England)
Drake, Nick (England)
Dramatics, The (the USA)
Dramatis (England)
Dranes, Arizona (the USA)
Dransfields, The (England)
Draper, Rusty (the USA)
Drapht (Australia)
Dre Island (Jamaica)
Dré, Dee (Jamaica)
Dre, Mac (the USA)
Dread and I (England)
Dread Flimstone (the USA)
Dread Zeppelin (the USA)
Dread, Iley (Jamaica)
Dread, Mikey (Jamaica)
Dreadsquad (Poland)
Dreadzone (England)
Dream City Film Club (England)
Dream Diary (the USA)
Dream Frequency (England)
Dream Syndicate, The (the USA)
Dream Warriors (Canada)
Dream Weavers, The (the USA)
Dream, The; filed under The-Dream (the USA)
Dreamcatcher (England)
Dreamdate (the USA)
Dreamers, The 【harmony quartet, ‘51-’52】 (the USA)
Dreamers, The 【Richard Berry’s band】; filed under Berry, Richard (the USA)
Dreamland Express (?)
Dreamlets, The; filed under Gloria and The Dreamlets (Jamaica)
Dreamletts, The (Jamaica)
Dreams, The; filed under Karl, Frankie (the USA)
Dreamscape (England)
Dred Bass (England)
Drenge (England)
Dresden Dolls, The (the USA)
Dressed In Wires (England)
Dresser and The Krazy Kats, Lee (the USA)
Dressmaker (England)
Drew, Kevin (Canada)
Drew, Ronnie (Ireland)
Drewett, Ed (England)
Driemanskap (South Africa)
Driffs (Australia)
Drifters, The 【50s-70s r n b / soul band】 (the USA)
Drifters, The 【Cliff Richard’s band】 (England)
Drifting Cowboys; filed under Williams, Hank (the USA)
Drifting Slim (the USA)
Driphouse (the USA)
Driscol, Erica (the USA)
Driscoll, Julie (England)
Drive, The (South Africa)
Drive-By Truckers (the USA)
Driza-Bone (the USA)
Drones, The 【00s-10s blues rock band】 (Australia)
Drones, The 【70s punk band】 (England)
Drop Electric (the USA)
Drop Nineteens (the USA)
Drops Of Joy; filed under Liggins, Jimmy (the USA)
Drowner (the USA)
Drowsy (Finland)
Dru Hill (the USA)
Drugstore (England)
Drum Club (England)
DrumAttic Twins (England)
Drumbago (Jamaica)
Drummond, Don (Jamaica)
Drummond, Tim (the USA)
Drums, The (the USA)
Drumsound (England)
Drusky, Roy (the USA)
Drustvo Prisjecavalaca Boljih Dana (?)
D-Shake (the Netherlands)
D-Side (Ireland)
D-Sisive (Canada)
Dstar (the USA)
Dtox (England)
Du, Shad (Jamaica)
Dual Action (the USA)
Duals, The 【Los Angeles, CA】 (the USA)
Duals, The 【Newark, NJ】 (the USA)
Dub Colossus (England)
Dub Conspiracy (England)
Dub Sex (England)
Dub Specialist (Jamaica)
Dub Spencer and Trance Hill (Switzerland)
Dub Syndicate (England)
Dub War (Wales)
Dube, Lucky (South Africa)
Dube, Mr. (South Africa)
Dubliners, The (Ireland)
Dubmatrix (Canada)
Dubs, The (the USA)
Dubstar (England)
Dubterror (England)
Ducent, Ricardo; filed under Rikrok (England)
Duchess Says (Canada)
Duck Man (Jamaica)
Duck Sauce (the USA)
Ducks Deluxe (England)
Ducktails (the USA)
Ducky (the USA)
Dudley Trio, Osman (the USA)
Dudley, Anne (England)
Dudley, Dave (the USA)
Dudley, S.H. (the USA)
Due Respect (?)
Duff, Hilary (the USA)
Duffie, Side Wheel Sally (the USA)
Dufflecoats (England)
Duffus, Shenley (Jamaica)
Duffy (Wales)
Duffy, Stephen (England)
Duglasettes (Scotland)
Dugosh and The Ah-Ha Playboys, Eddy (the USA)
Duhon, Johnny (the USA)
Duke (Trinidad and Tobago)
Duke Bayou (the USA)
Duke Bootee (the USA)
Duke Of Iron (Trinidad and Tobago)
Duke Spirit, The (England)
Duke, Doris (the USA)
Dukes Of Windsor (Australia)
Dukes, The; filed under Earle, Steve (the USA)
DulceSky (the USA)
Dulcie Luthuli Nabalilizeli; filed under Luthuli, Dulcie (South Africa)
Dulfer, Candy (the Netherlands)
Duloks, The (England)
Dum Dum Girls (the USA)
Dumb (England)
Dumb Angel (Canada)
Dumbo Gets Mad (Italy)
Dummer and Helen April, John (England)
Dumont Minstrels, The (the USA)
DumpstaPhunk; filed under Neville, Ivan (the USA)
Dunavan, Terry (the USA)
Dunbar, Sly (Jamaica)
Dunblane (Scotland)
Duncan, Glynn (the USA)
Duncan, Herbie (the USA)
Duncan, Tommy (the USA)
Duncan, Willie Joe (the USA)
Dundas, David (England)
Dundee Wandering Singers, The (South Africa)
Dunebuggy (the USA)
Dunebuggy Attack (?)
Dunford, Uncle Eck (the USA)
Dungaree Darlings, The (the USA)
Dungeon Acid (Sweden)
Duning, George (the USA)
Dunkley, Errol (Jamaica)
Dunn, Clive (England)
Dunphy Ceili Band, The Sean (Ireland)
Duo Speenhoff (the Netherlands)
Duplo Remote (England)
Duplodeck (Brazil)
Dupont Circles, The (the USA)
Dupont, Nancy (the USA)
Dupree and The Big Sound, Simon (England)
Dupree, Champion Jack (the USA)
Duprees, The (the USA)
Duprez, Fred (the USA)
Dupuis, Joswell (the USA)
Duran Duran (England)
Duran, Manny (the USA)
Durán, Miguel (Colombia)
Duran, Nafer (Colombia)
Durand, Carlitta (the USA)
Duren, Van (the USA)
Durst, Fred (the USA)
Dury, Baxter (England)
Dury, Ian (England)
Dust Brothers, The (England)
Dust Junkys (England)
Dustball (England)
Dusted (England)
Dustin’s Bar Mitzvah (England)
Dusty, Slim (Australia)
Dutch Barn (England)
Dutch Schultz (Northern Ireland)
Dutch Uncles (England)
Dutson, Tom (the USA)
Dutty Cup (Jamaica)
DVA (England)
Dvorin, Al (the USA)
Dwarves (the USA)
Dweeb (England)
Dwele (the USA)
Dying Machines (the USA)
Dylan Group, The (the USA)
Dylan, Bob (the USA)
Dylan, Jakob (the USA)
Dylans, The (England)
Dymaxion (the USA)
Dynamic Dial Tones, The (the USA)
Dynamic Intervention (England)
Dynamic Sisters (South Africa)
Dynamic Tints (the USA)
Dynamics, The (the USA)
Dynamite MC (England)
Dynamite, Ms. (England)
Dynamites, The; filed under Farrell, Mickey (the USA)
Dynamos (the USA)
Dynastie Crisis (France)
Dysart and Dundonald Pipe Band, The (Scotland)
Dyson, Clifton (the USA)
DZK (Brazil)
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