Artist list: E
A full list of all the artists in my personal record collection, song lists are included for all.

Emboldened links highlight where there is at least one album in my collection. Biographies and album discographies are included for these artists.

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E Male (England)
E Street Band, The (the USA)
E Types, The (the USA)
E, Katherine (Italy)
E, Lizz (England)
E., Sheila (the USA)
E.A.R. (England)
E.B.S. (the USA)
E.U. (the USA)
E.Y.C. (the USA)
E’voke (England)
E-40 (the USA)
Eady, Earnestine (the USA)
Eager and The Vagabonds, Vince (England)
Eager, Brenda Lee (the USA)
Eagleowl (Scotland)
Eagles (the USA)
Eaglin, Snooks (the USA)
Eamon (the USA)
Earl 16 (Jamaica)
Earl, Robert (England)
Earland, Charles (the USA)
Earle, Steve (the USA)
Earlimart (the USA)
Earl-Jean (the USA)
Earls Of Suave, The (England)
Early Hours, The (Australia)
Early Years, The (England)
Earth (the USA)
Earth Girl Helen Brown (the USA)
Earth The Californian Love Dream (England)
Earth, Wind and Fire (the USA)
Earthless (the USA)
Earthling (England)
Earthworm (Jamaica)
Eason, Brother Willie (the USA)
East 17 (England)
East Anglian Productions Team (England)
East Cackalacky Ascetic Marching Death Band (the USA)
East Of Eden (England)
East River Pipe (England)
East Side Beat (Italy)
East Texas Serenaders (the USA)
East, Fred (the USA)
Eastbound Expressway (England)
Easter (the USA)
Easter, Mitch (the USA)
Easterhouse (England)
Eastern Lane (England)
Easton, Sheena (Scotland)
Eastside Boyz, The; filed under Lil John (the USA)
Eastwood and General Saint, Clint (England)
Eastwood, Clint 【film actor】 (the USA)
Eastwood, Clint 【reggae deejay】; filed under Eastwood and General Saint, Clint (Jamaica)
Easy Orchestra, The (Scotland)
Easy, Mr. (Jamaica)
Easybeats, The (Australia)
Eat (England)
Eat Skull (the USA)
Eat Static (England)
Eat The Daisies (Italy)
Eater (England)
Eatliz (Israel)
Eaton, Bobby (the USA)
Eazy Teeth (the USA)
Ebstein, Katja (Germany)
Eccles All Stars, The (Jamaica)
Eccles, Clancy (Jamaica)
Echelon Effect, The (England)
Echeverri, Andrea (Colombia)
Echo and The Bunnymen (England)
Echo Beach (Canada)
Echo Lake (England)
Echo Park (England)
Echobelly (England)
Echoboy (England)
Echoes, The; filed under Big Bopper, The (the USA)
Echospace (the USA)
Echotape (England)
Ecomo, Silvio (the Netherlands)
Econoline (England)
Ectogram (Wales)
Ed Hall (the USA)
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities (the USA)
Edan (the USA)
Eddie and Ernie (the USA)
Eddie and The Hot Rods (England)
Eddy Current Supression Ring (Australia)
Eddy, Duane (the USA)
Edelweiss (Austria)
Edinburgh School For The Deaf (Scotland)
Edine (China)
Edison Lighthouse (England)
Edison Orchester of Berlin (Germany)
Edison Records (the USA)
Edison, Thomas A. (the USA)
Edith Nylon (France)
Editors (England)
Edmunds, Dave (Wales)
Edsel (the USA)
Edsels, The (the USA)
Edward II and The Red Hot Polkas (England)
Edwards Hand (England)
Edwards, Alton (Zimbabwe)
Edwards, Bernice (the USA)
Edwards, Elder (the USA)
Edwards, Jackie (Jamaica)
Edwards, Kathleen (Canada)
Edwards, Moanin’ Bernice (the USA)
Edwards, Piano Kid (the USA)
Edwards, Rupie (Jamaica)
Edwards, Saundra (the USA)
Edwards, Steve (England)
Edwards, Terry (England)
Edwards, Todd (the USA)
Edwards, Tommy (the USA)
Edwards, Webley (the USA)
Eeek (Canada)
Eek-A-Mouse (Jamaica)
Eels (the USA)
Eels On Heels (Italy)
Eely and The Courtmen, Jack (the USA)
Efterklang (Denmark)
Efts, The (the USA)
Efua (England)
Egan, David (the USA)
Egg, The (England)
Eggs (the USA)
Egoexpress (Germany)
Egyptian Hip Hop (England)
Egyptian Sports Network (the USA)
Egyptr (the USA)
EI-B (England)
Eide, Khalifa Ould (Mauritania)
Eiffel 65 (Italy)
Eight Dayz (Germany)
Eighth Wonder (England)
Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, The (England)
Einheit, F.M. (Germany)
Einstein 【English rapper】 (England)
Einstein 【reggae artist】 (Jamaica)
Einstürzende Neubauten (Germany)
Eisley (the USA)
Eitzel, Mark (the USA)
Eivets Rednow; filed under Wonder, Stevie (the USA)
Ekhi (Spain)
El Capris, The (the USA)
El Chombo (Panama)
El Goodo (Wales)
El Hombre Trajeado (Scotland)
El Khatib, Hanni (the USA)
El Mariachi (the USA)
El Michels Affair (the USA)
El Perro Del Mar (Sweden)
El Trio Cubano (Cuba)
Elastica (England)
Elastik Band, The (the USA)
Elba, Idris (England)
Elbee (Australia)
Elbert, Donnie (the USA)
Elbow (England)
Elcka (England)
Eldon, Jim (England)
Eldred, Lee (the USA)
Eldridge, Press (the USA)
Elected, The (the USA)
Electra (England)
Electrafixion (England)
Electrelane (England)
Electribe 101 (England)
Electric Bird Noise (the USA)
Electric Blankets (the USA)
Electric Chairs, The; filed under County, Wayne (the USA)
Electric Deads (Denmark)
Electric Ferrets (the USA)
Electric Flag, The (the USA)
Electric Light Orchestra (England)
Electric Owls (the USA)
Electric Pop Group, The (Sweden)
Electric President (the USA)
Electric Prunes, The (the USA)
Electric Six (the USA)
Electric Soft Parade, The (England)
Electric Sugar Children, The (Scotland)
Electro Hippies (England)
Electroliners (the USA)
Electronic (England)
Electroset (England)
Electro-Tones (the USA)
Elefant (the USA)
Elegants, The (the USA)
Elektrik Frendz (?)
Elektronauts (Australia)
Element, Max (Jamaica)
Elen, Gus (England)
Elephant (the Netherlands)
Elephant Man (Jamaica)
Elephant Parade (the USA)
Elephant Stone (Canada)
Eleventh Dream Day (the USA)
Elf Power (the USA)
Elfs In Bloom (Japan)
Elgins, The (the USA)
Elias and his Zig-Zag Jive Flutes (South Africa)
Elias, Albert (the USA)
Elijah and The Ebonites (the USA)
Elika (the USA)
Elite, The (the USA)
Elizabeth and The Catapult (the USA)
Elizabeth, Nancy (England)
Elizabeths, The (England)
Elk (the USA)
Elk City (the USA)
Ella Guru (England)
Elle, Jessica (the USA)
Elliman, Yvonne (the USA)
Ellington, Duke (the USA)
Elliot and The Fen Men, Bern (England)
Elliot, Cass (the USA)
Elliot, Paul (Jamaica)
Elliott Brood (Canada)
Elliott, Matt (England)
Elliott, Missy (the USA)
Elliott, Ramblin’ Jack (the USA)
Ellis, Alton (Jamaica)
Ellis, Beggs and Howard (England)
Ellis, Bobby (Jamaica)
Ellis, Brad (the USA)
Ellis, C.O. (the USA)
Ellis, Dorothy (the USA)
Ellis, Pee Wee (the USA)
Ellis, Shirley (the USA)
Ellis, Simon (England)
Ellis, Sophie; filed under Ellis-Bextor, Sophie (England)
Ellis, Warren (Australia)
Ellis-Bextor, Sophie (England)
Ellison, Glen (Scotland)
Elmerhassel (England)
El-P (the USA)
ELpH; filed under Coil (England)
Elro (Wales)
Elston Majeska (England)
Eluveitie (Switzerland)
Eluvium (the USA)
Elwes, Gervase (England)
Ely, Joe (the USA)
Elysian Fields (the USA)
Elzhi (the USA)
EMA (the USA)
Embee (Jamaica)
Embers, The (the USA)
Emblow, Jack (England)
Embrace (England)
Emdaka, Inkunzi (South Africa)
Emerald (Jamaica)
Emerald Express, The; filed under Dexys Midnight Runners (England)
Emeralds 【drone-rock trio from Ohio】 (the USA)
Emeralds, The 【60s beat quintet】 (England)
Emerson (Scotland)
Emerson, Billy ‘The Kid’ (the USA)
Emerson, Keith (England)
Emerson, Lake and Palmer (England)
EMF (England)
Emil and Friends (the USA)
Emilia (Sweden)
Emily (England)
Emily and The Faves (England)
Eminem (the USA)
Emmie (England)
Emmy The Great (China)
E-Motion (England)
Emotions, The 【60s rocksteady group】 (Jamaica)
Emotions, The 【60s-80s soul / r’n’b group】 (the USA)
Emperor Julian (England)
Emperor Machine, The (England)
Empire Bakuba (the D.R. Congo)
Empire Of The Sun (Australia)
Empire Vaudeville Company (the USA)
Empire, Alec (Germany)
En Vogue (the USA)
Enabler (the USA)
Enchanters, The 【Billy Butler’s band】 (the USA)
Enchanters, The 【Garnet Mimm’s band】 (the USA)
Enchantment (the USA)
End Of The Suns, The (Japan)
End, The (England)
Endemic (England)
Endle St.Cloud (the USA)
Endor (Scotland)
Enemy, The 【00s-10s indie band from Coventry】 (England)
Enemy, The 【70s punk band from the USA】 (the USA)
Enemy, The 【80s punk band from Derby】 (England)
Energy Orchard (Northern Ireland)
Enfield, Harry (England)
Enforcers, The (Jamaica)
Engelberts and The B.E. Movement, Brigth (the Ivory Coast)
Engine Kid (the USA)
Engineers (England)
England (England)
England 1982 World Cup Squad; filed under England (England)
England Supporters Band (England)
England World Cup Squad ‘70; filed under England (England)
Englandneworder; see England (England) or New Order (England)
English Chamber Orchestra (England)
English Heretic (England)
English Roots Band, The; filed under Jah Wobble (England)
English, Danny (Jamaica)
English, Kim (the USA)
Englishman (the USA)
Enid; filed under Cumberland, Enid (Jamaica)
Enigk, Jeremy (the USA)
Enigma 【80s disco band】 (England)
Enigma 【90s-10s world-beat project】 (Germany)
Eno, Brian (England)
Ensemble (France)
Ensemble De La TSF; filed under Huard, Albert (France)
Enter Shikari (England)
Entertainment (England)
Entity Squad (Germany)
Envy 【Post-Rock group from Tokyo】 (Japan)
Envy 【Rapper from London】 (England)
Enya (Ireland)
EON (England)
EPMD (the USA)
Eps, Fred Van (the USA)
Equals, The (England)
Equater (Jamaica)
Equators, The (England)
Erasure (England)
Erectus Monotone (the USA)
Eric’s Trip (Canada)
Erickson, Roky (the USA)
Erland and The Carnival (England)
Eros And The Eschaton (the USA)
Erotic Drum Band (Canada)
Errors (Scotland)
Erup (Jamaica)
Eruption (England)
E-Saw (Jamaica)
Esben and The Witch (England)
Esco (Jamaica)
Escoriza, Benjamin (Spain)
Escort (the USA)
Escorts, The 【60s merseybeat band】 (England)
Escorts, The 【60s-90s soul group】 (the USA)
ESG (the USA)
Eshete, Alemayehu (Ethiopia)
Eska (England)
Eskae (Jamaica)
Eskenazi, Rosa (Turkey)
Espeland, Kristin (?)
Esper Scout (England)
Espers (the USA)
Espiritu (England)
Esposito, Joe (the USA)
Esposito, Tony (Italy)
Esquires, The (the USA)
Esquivel (Mexico)
Essence (England)
Essence, The (the USA)
Essential Logic (England)
Essex, David (England)
Esso Trinidad Steel Band (Trinidad and Tobago)
Estefan, Gloria (Cuba)
Estelle (England)
Estelle, Don (England)
Estes, Sleepy John (the USA)
Estremor, Celia (Colombia)
Estus, Deon (the USA)
Etana (Jamaica)
Etc (Jamaica)
Eternal (England)
Eternal Summers (the USA)
Eternals, The 【50s-60s harmony group】 (the USA)
Eternals, The 【60s-70s reggae group】 (Jamaica)
Ether (Wales)
Ether Island (the USA)
Etheridge, Melissa (the USA)
Ethiopean, The; filed under Ethiopians, The (Jamaica)
Ethiopians, The (Jamaica)
Étoile de Dakar (Senegal)
Etta and Harvey; see James, Etta (the USA) or Fuqua, Harvey (the USA)
Etten, Sharon Van (the USA)
Eugenius (Scotland)
Eureka Machines (England)
Europe (Sweden)
Eurythmics (Scotland)
Euthanasia (Slovenia)
Eux Autres (the USA)
Eva (Scotland)
Evanescence (the USA)
Evangel Temple Choir, The (the USA)
Evangelicals (the USA)
Evans The Death (England)
Evans, Burnetta (the USA)
Evans, Faith (the USA)
Evans, Gil (Canada)
Evans, Nate (the USA)
Evans, Paul (the USA)
Evans, Sam (Scotland)
Evans, Sian (Wales)
Evasions, The (England)
Eve (the USA)
Eve, Jessica (the USA)
Evelyn, Clara (England)
Even As We Speak (Australia)
Even Worse (the USA)
Evenflow (England)
Evening Birds (South Africa)
Evening Hymns (Canada)
Evenings, The (England)
Evens, The (the USA)
Ever (England)
Everclear (the USA)
Everett, Betty (the USA)
Everett, Kenny (England)
Everly Brothers, The (the USA)
Eversons (New Zealand)
Every Good Tree (the USA)
Every Mother’s Son (the USA)
Everything But The Girl (England)
Everything Is Everything (?)
Everywheres, The (Canada)
Evil Madness (Iceland)
Evil Medz Production Team (Jamaica)
Evil Nine (England)
Evil Superstars (Belgium)
Evils (Wales)
éVOID (South Africa)
Evolution (?)
Ewan and Jerry; see McDermott, Ewan (Jamaica) or Matthias, Nathaniel ‘Jerry’ (Jamaica)
Ex Cops (the USA)
Ex Norwegian (the USA)
Ex Wife (Canada)
Ex, The (the Netherlands)
Example (England)
Exceptions, The (England)
Excessive Force (the USA)
Exciters, The (the USA)
Ex-Cult (the USA)
Excuse 17 (the USA)
Executor, The (Trinidad and Tobago)
Exeroica (Argentina)
Exile 【00s drum n bass artist】 (England)
Exile 【80s pop rock group】 (the USA)
exlovers (England)
Exotics, The (England)
Expelled (England)
Expendables (New Zealand)
Experimental Pop Band (England)
Exploding Hearts, The (the USA)
Exploited, The (Scotland)
Explosions In The Sky (the USA)
Express (Jamaica)
Expression (?)
Expressions, The (the USA)
Extradition Order (England)
Extrém Exém (Sweden)
Extreme (the USA)
Extreme Noise Terror (England)
Eye, Yamantaka (Japan)
Eyeopener (England)
Eyes Of Blue, The (Wales)
Eyes, The (the USA)
E-Zee Possee (England)
Ezell, William (the USA)
EZT (the USA)
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