Artist list: F
A full list of all the artists in my personal record collection, song lists are included for all.

Emboldened links highlight where there is at least one album in my collection. Biographies and album discographies are included for these artists.

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F and F; filed under Fagan and Fish (England)
F and L (England)
F., Richard (the USA)
F.A.B. (England)
F.F.F. (Germany)
F.P.I. Project (Italy)
F.S.K. (Germany)
F.U.A.L. (Northern Ireland)
Fa Sol La Singers (the USA)
Fabiana (Jamaica)
Fabolous (the USA)
Fabric (England)
Fabs, The (the USA)
Fabulous (?)
Fabulous Dials, The (the USA)
Fabulous Thunderbirds, The (the USA)
Fabulous Twilights, The; filed under Mayer, Nathaniel (the USA)
Face 【Reggae artist】 (Jamaica)
Face To Face (the USA)
Face, Orville (Jamaica)
Face, Stevie (Jamaica)
Face, The 【David Morales alias】; filed under Morales, David (the USA)
Facenda, Tommy (the USA)
Faces (England)
Faces On Film (the USA)
Facs and Scythe (England)
Factory Kids (Scotland)
Factory, The (England)
Faded Paper Figures (the USA)
Fagan and Fish (England)
Fagan Fraternity (Jamaica)
Fagan, Sibyl Sanderson (the USA)
Fagen, Donald (the USA)
Fagin, Joe (England)
Fahey, John (the USA)
Faint, The (the USA)
Faintest Ideas, The (Sweden)
Fair Oh’s, Thee (England)
Fair Sex, The (Germany)
Fair, Jad (the USA)
Fair, Jeff Eden (England)
Fair, Yvonne (the USA)
Fairburn, Werly (the USA)
Fairground (England)
Fairground Attraction (Scotland)
Fairies, The (England)
Fairmont (Canada)
Fairport Convention (England)
Fairy Boy (Canada)
Fairytale, The (England)
Faith Healers, Th’ (England)
Faith No More (the USA)
Faith, Adam (England)
Faith, Horace (Jamaica)
Faith, Percy (Canada)
Faithful, Austin (Jamaica)
Faithfull, Marianne (England)
Faithless (England)
Fake Blood (England)
Fake, Nathan (England)
Falange (Brazil)
Falco (Austria)
Falcon Trio (the USA)
Falcon, Cléoma (the USA)
Falcon, Joseph (the USA)
Falconberry, Dana (the USA)
Falconer, Kyle (Scotland)
Falcons, The (the USA)
Falk, Christian (Sweden)
Falkenstein, George (the USA)
Fall & Fall, The (England)
Fall Out Boy (the USA)
Fall, Stephen (England)
Fall, The (England)
Fallen Angels (England)
Fallen Men, The; filed under Joyner, Simon (the USA)
Falling and Laughing (England)
Fallon, Phillipa (the USA)
Fallon, Siobhan (the USA)
Faltermeyer, Harold (Germany)
Fambo; filed under Future Fambo (Jamaica)
Fame, Georgie (England)
Family (England)
Family Band (the USA)
Family Cat, The (England)
Family Elan, The (England)
Family Fodder (England)
Family Go Town (England)
Family Of The Year (the USA)
Family Stand, The (the USA)
Family Tree (the USA)
Famous Flames, The; filed under Brown, James (the USA)
Famous Hokum Boys, The (the USA)
Fanatics, The (the USA)
Fancy (Germany)
Fandangueros; filed under Simanca, Jaime (Colombia)
Fanfarlo (England)
Fang Island (the USA)
Fannan, Rachel (the USA)
Fanning and Fortune (England)
Fanning, Jay (the USA)
Fannypack (the USA)
Fantasia (the USA)
Fantastic Baggies, The (the USA)
Fantastic Four, The (the USA)
Fantastic Mr Fox (England)
Fantastics, The (the USA)
Fantastik, Mr. (the USA)
Fantastique (the Netherlands)
Far East Movement (the USA)
Farafina (Burkina Faso)
Farben (Germany)
Fardon, Don (England)
Fargo, Donna (the USA)
Farian, Frank (Germany)
Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk (the USA)
Farley, Terry (the USA)
Farlowe, Chris (England)
Farm, The (England)
Farmer, Mylène (France)
Farmers Boys, The (England)
Farnham, John (England)
Farrar, Amparito (?)
Farrell, Mickey (the USA)
Farrington, Albert (?)
Farris and Williams (the USA)
Farris, Rev. Lonnie (the USA)
Farrow, Gene (the USA)
Fascinations, The (the USA)
Fashawn (the USA)
Fashion (England)
Fashion, Errol (Jamaica)
Fassbender, Susan (England)
Fast Food Rockers (England)
Fastbacks (the USA)
Fastos The Great (South Africa)
Fat Boys (the USA)
Fat Daddy Holmes; filed under Holmes, Fat Daddy (the USA)
Fat Lady Sings, The (Ireland)
Fat Larry’s Band (the USA)
Fat Les (England)
Fat Lip (the USA)
Fat Truckers (England)
Fat Tulips (England)
Fat White Family (England)
Fatal (the USA)
Fatal Microbes (England)
Fatback (the USA)
Fatback Band, The; filed under Fatback (the USA)
Fatboy Slim (England)
Fathead (Jamaica)
Father Abraham (the Netherlands)
Fatima Mansions, The (Ireland)
Fatlip (the USA)
Fatman Scoop (the USA)
Fats; filed under MC Fats (England)
Faulkner, Newton (England)
Faust (Germany)
Fautheree, Jimmy Lee (the USA)
Faux Ferocious (the USA)
Favez (Switzerland)
Favor, Edward M. (the USA)
Fawns, The (the USA)
Fax (Mexico)
Fay, Harry (England)
Faya (England)
Faya, Fredo (France)
Faze (Canada)
Fear Before (the USA)
Fear Ratio, The (England)
Fear, Robert (England)
Fearbox (England)
Fearns Brass Foundry (England)
Fearon, Phil (England)
Feast (England)
Feathers, Charlie (the USA)
Federals, The (Jamaica)
Federation, The (the USA)
Feeder (Wales)
Feedtime (Australia)
Feelbad Hit Of The Winter, The (the USA)
Feelies (the USA)
Feeling, The (England)
Feelings, Richie (Jamaica)
Fega Påhopp (Sweden)
Fehring, Johannes (Austria)
Feist (Canada)
Felder, Wilton (the USA)
Felice Brothers, The (the USA)
Felicia (England)
Feliciano, José (Puerto Rico)
Feline (England)
Felius Andromeda (England)
Felix (England)
Fellows, Christine (Canada)
Fellows, Mike (the USA)
Felly (the D.R. Congo)
Felony, Jayo (the USA)
Felt (England)
Felt Tips, The (Scotland)
Fe-m@il (England)
Femmepop (England)
Fendeira, Carlos (Germany)
Fender IV, The (the USA)
Fender, Chuck (the USA)
Fendermen, The (the USA)
Fenn (Scotland)
Fennec, Jean Le (France)
Fennesz (the USA)
Fenwyck (the USA)
Feorm (England)
Ferendji and Sensation Band, Tamrat (Ethiopia)
Fererra, Frank (the USA)
Fergie (the USA)
Fergus and Geronimo (the USA)
Ferguson, Horace (Jamaica)
Ferguson, Neil Nicholson and Mick Coyle, Bob (Scotland)
Fernandez, Jono (Australia)
Fernández, Toño (Colombia)
Ferndale Happy Whistlers (South Africa)
Ferns (the USA)
Ferocious Fucking Teeth (the USA)
Ferrante and Teicher (the USA)
Ferrari, Louis (France)
Ferreira, Xander (South Africa)
Ferrer, Ibrahim (Cuba)
Ferrer, José (Puerto Rico)
Ferrero, Médard (France)
Ferrier, Al (the USA)
Ferro, Valdomiro (Brazil)
Ferry Aid (England)
Ferry, Bryan (England)
Festival Singers, The (England)
Festus The Great (South Africa)
Fetus Productions (New Zealand)
Feufollet (the USA)
Fever Fever (England)
Fever Ray (Sweden)
Fevers (England)
Fhloston Paradigm (the USA)
Fiagbe, Lena (England)
Fialka, Karel (England)
Fiasco, Lupe (the USA)
Fiction Faction (Scotland)
Fiction Factory (Scotland)
Fiddler’s Dram (England)
Fiddlers Four (Ireland)
Fiddlin’ Powers Family (the USA)
Fi-Dels, The (the USA)
Field Mice, The (England)
Field Mouse (the USA)
Field Music (England)
Field, The (Sweden)
Fields (England)
Fields Of The Nephilim (England)
Fields, Arthur (the USA)
Fields, Gracie (England)
Fields, Lee (the USA)
Fields, Richard ‘Dimple’ (the USA)
Fields, Venetta (the USA)
Fierce (England)
Fierce & The Dead, The (England)
Fiery Furnaces, The (the USA)
Fight Like Apes (Ireland)
Fighter; filed under King Fighter (Guyana)
Fighting Cocks, The; filed under Graham, Jon Dee (the USA)
Fighting Kites (England)
Figure Five Orchestra (the USA)
Figures of Light (the USA)
Figurines (Denmark)
Fijalkowski, Pete (England)
Film School (the USA)
Films Of Colour (England)
Filter (the USA)
Filthy Huns (the USA)
Fin (England)
Finch, Catrin (Wales)
Fine Young Cannibals (England)
Finer, Jem (England)
Finger (the USA)
Finitribe (Scotland)
Fink (England)
Finn Moustache (Germany)
Finn, Liam (Australia)
Finn, Tim (New Zealand)
Finney, Matt (the USA)
Finnigan, Mike (the USA)
Finnmark! (England)
Fins (the USA)
Finster, Howard (the USA)
Fiona (Jamaica)
Fiona, Melanie; filed under Melanie Fiona (Canada)
Fiorillo, Elisa (the USA)
Fire and Ice (Jamaica)
Fire Engines, The (Scotland)
Fire Family Band (Zambia)
Fire Fox (the USA)
Fire Links (Jamaica)
Fire, Wayne (Jamaica)
Fireflies, The (the USA)
Firehouse Crew (Jamaica)
Firemen (the USA)
Firestones, The (Jamaica)
Firewalkers, The (France)
Firewater (the USA)
Firm, The (England)
Firman, Bert (the USA)
Firpo, Roberto (Argentina)
First Aid Kit (Sweden)
First Class, The (England)
First Crew To The Moon (the USA)
First Degree The D.E. (the USA)
Fischer, Lisa (the USA)
Fischer, Wild Man (the USA)
Fischerspooner (the USA)
Fishboy (the USA)
Fisher, Eddie (the USA)
Fisher, Fred (Nigeria)
Fisher, J.J. (the USA)
Fishmonkeyman (England)
Fishwod (?)
Fisk University Jubilee Singers (the USA)
Fists (England)
Fitz Of Depression (the USA)
Fitzgerald Group, Patrick (England)
Fitzgerald, Ella (the USA)
Fitzpatrick, Rafe (Scotland)
Fitzsimmons, William (the USA)
Five (England)
Five Americans, The (the USA)
Five Bachelors, The (the USA)
Five Blazes, The (the USA)
Five Blobs, The (the USA)
Five Blue Flames, The; filed under Powell, Chris (the USA)
Five Dollars, The; filed under Williams, Andre (the USA)
Five Fleets, The (the USA)
Five Guys Named Moe (Canada)
Five Hand Reel (Scotland)
Five Keys, The (the USA)
Five Knights, The; filed under Taylor, Tommy (the USA)
Five Red Caps, The (the USA)
Five Satins, The (the USA)
Five Scamps, The (the USA)
Five Sharps, The (the USA)
Five Stairsteps, The (the USA)
Five Star (England)
Five Thirty (England)
Fixit Kid (England)
Fixx, The (England)
Fizz (the USA)
Flaamingos (the USA)
Flacco (?)
Flack, Roberta (the USA)
Flairs, The (the USA)
Flake Music (the USA)
Flames Of Rhythm; filed under Nighthawk, Robert (the USA)
Flames, The 【Alton Ellis’s group】; filed under Ellis, Alton (Jamaica)
Flames, The 【subterfuge alias of Toots and The Maytals】; filed under Toots and The Maytals (Jamaica)
Flamin’ Groovies, The (the USA)
Flaming Lips, The (the USA)
Flaming Stars, The (England)
Flamingo, Johnny (the USA)
Flamingos, The (the USA)
Flanagan and Allen (England)
Flash and The Pan (Australia)
Flash Bang Band (England)
Flash, Dan (Jamaica)
Flashes, The (South Africa)
Flaspar (the USA)
Flat Floogie Boys; filed under Gaillard, Slim (the USA)
Flatmates, The (England)
Flatt and Scruggs (the USA)
Flautas de Millo, Les (Colombia)
Flava Flav; filed under Flavor Flav (the USA)
Flavell, Linda (Scotland)
Flavor Flav (the USA)
Fleck, Béla (the USA)
Flee Rekkers, The (England)
Fleeing New York (England)
Fleet Foxes (the USA)
Fleet Foxes Sing (the USA)
Fleetwood Mac (England)
Fleetwoods, The (the USA)
Fleming, John (England)
Flemons, Wayne (the USA)
Flere Døde Pansere (Denmark)
Flesch, Carl (Hungary)
Flesh Eaters, The (the USA)
Flesh For Lulu (England)
Fletcher, Amelia (England)
Fletcher, Cyril (England)
Flevans (France)
Flexx, Jimmy (South Africa)
Flexxx (Jamaica)
Flickeringlexicon (the USA)
Flies On You (England)
Flight Of The Conchords (New Zealand)
Flinch (England)
Flint, Berni (England)
Flintlock (England)
Flip and Fill (England)
Flip City (England)
Flippa Mafia (the USA)
Flirt (the USA)
Flirtations, The (the USA)
FLK, The (England)
Flo (the USA)
Flo Rida (the USA)
Float Up CP (England)
Floaters, The (the USA)
Flobots (the USA)
Flogging Molly (the USA)
Flop (the USA)
Flor De Mal (Italy)
Florence and The Machine (England)
Florence; filed under Florence and The Machine (England)
Flores, Rosie (the USA)
Flores, Santander (Colombia)
Florida=Death (the USA)
Flotard, Rachel (the USA)
Flotel (England)
Flotsom and Jetsam (England)
Flourgon (Jamaica)
Flow Dan (England)
Flowchart (the USA)
Flower Children, The (the USA)
Flower Drums (Australia)
Flower Leperds (the USA)
Flower Pot Men, The (England)
Flower Power (Italy)
Flowered Up (England)
Flowers 【indie pop band from London, 10s】 (England)
Flowers Ltd and BMG (England)
Flowers Pops, Mike (England)
Flowers, Brandon (the USA)
Flowers, The 【Post-Punk band from Edinburgh, 80s-90s】 (Scotland)
Floyd County Ramblers (the USA)
Floyd The Phenomenal Cat-Trophy (the USA)
Floyd, Eddie (the USA)
Floyd, Frank; filed under Harmonica Frank (the USA)
Floyd, King (the USA)
Floyd; filed under Pink Floyd (England)
Fluff Fluff Fluff Fluff and Cuddleyness (?)
Fluffer (the USA)
Fluid X (the USA)
Fluid, The (the USA)
Fluke (England)
Flunk (Norway)
Flute, Earl (Jamaica)
Flux Of Pink Indians (England)
Fly Ashtray (the USA)
Fly Pan Am (Canada)
Flying Burrito Brothers, The (the USA)
Flying Club (England)
Flying Lizards, The (England)
Flying Lotus (the USA)
Flying Medallions, The (England)
Flying Pickets, The (England)
Flying Saucer Attack (England)
Flynn, Jerome (England)
Flyscreen (Wales)
Flytronix (England)
Foals (England)
Focus (the Netherlands)
Focus Group, The (England)
Focus Three (England)
FOE (England)
Fog (the USA)
Fog, The; filed under Mascis, J. (the USA)
Fogelberg, Dan (the USA)
Fogerty, John (the USA)
Foggos Skasters, Mark (the Netherlands)
Foggy Mountain Boys, The; filed under Flatt and Scruggs (the USA)
Fold, The (the USA)
Foley, Red (the USA)
Foley, Sue (the USA)
Folk Implosion (the USA)
Föllakzoid (Chile)
Fontaine, Eddie (the USA)
Fontaine, Seb (England)
Fontana, Wayne (England)
Foo Fighters (the USA)
Food Pyramid (the USA)
Fool Boona (Scotland)
Fool’s Gold (the USA)
For Abel (Scotland)
Forbidden Five, The (the USA)
Force and Styles (England)
Ford and Lopatin (the USA)
Ford, David (England)
Ford, Emile (Saint Lucia)
Ford, Frankie (the USA)
Ford, Freddy (the USA)
Ford, Katrina (the USA)
Ford, Lita (the USA)
Ford, Ninja (Jamaica)
Ford, Sallie (the USA)
Ford, Tennessee Ernie (the USA)
Ford’s Hawaiians (the USA)
Forde, Florrie (Australia)
Fordham, Julia (England)
Forecast, The (the USA)
Forehand, A.C. (the USA)
Forehand, Blind Mamie (the USA)
Foreheads In A Fishtank (England)
Foreign Beggars (England)
Foreign Born (the USA)
Foreign Legion (Wales)
Foreigner (the USA)
Forest City Joe (the USA)
Forest Fire (the USA)
Forest Giants (England)
Forest Rangers, The (the USA)
Forest Swords (England)
Forkeyes (England)
Formations, The (the USA)
Formby, George (England)
Former Babies (the USA)
Formidable Force (the USA)
Formula Crew, The (the USA)
Forray, Andy (England)
Forrest (the USA)
Forrest City Joe (the USA)
Forster, Robert (Australia)
Forsyth, Bruce (England)
Fort Fairfield (Sweden)
Fort Worth Doughboys (the USA)
FortDax (England)
Forthwrite (Australia)
Fortune Tellers, The (the USA)
Fortune, Johnny (the USA)
Fortunes, The (England)
Forward Russia; filed under ¡Forward, Russia! (England)
Forward Strategy Group (England)
Foster and Allen (Ireland)
Foster The People (the USA)
Foster, Gina (England)
Foster, Gwen (the USA)
Foster, Josephine (the USA)
Foster, Leroy (the USA)
Foster, Millie (the USA)
Foster, Royden (?)
FOUND (Scotland)
Foundations, The (England)
Fountains Of Wayne (the USA)
Four Aces, The 【30s-40s cajun group】 (the USA)
Four Aces, The 【30s-50s harmony group】 (the USA)
Four Aces, The 【60s ska band】 (Jamaica)
Four Bluebirds, The (the USA)
Four Brothers, The (Zimbabwe)
Four Bucketeers, The (England)
Four Clefs, The (the USA)
Four Flames, The (the USA)
Four Jumps Of Jive, The (the USA)
Four Lads, The (Canada)
Four Lovers, The (the USA)
Four Mints (the USA)
Four One and Only’s (the Netherlands)
Four Pennies, The (England)
Four Plaid Throats, The (the USA)
Four Seasons, The (the USA)
Four Shades Of Black, The; filed under Love, Katie (the USA)
Four Shells, The (the USA)
Four Students, The (the USA)
Four Tet (England)
Four Tops, The (the USA)
Four Visions (the USA)
Four Winds, The (the USA)
Fourmost, The (England)
Fourth Wave (the USA)
Fowler, Bernard (the USA)
Fowler, T.J. (the USA)
Fowler, Wendy Rae (the USA)
Fowley, Kim (the USA)
Fox (England)
Fox, Curly (the USA)
Fox, Johnny ‘Itch’ (England)
Fox, Noosha (Australia)
Fox, Paul J (Northern Ireland)
Fox, Samantha (England)
Foxes, The (England)
Foxx, Inez and Charlie (the USA)
Foxx, Inez; filed under Foxx, Inez and Charlie (the USA)
Foxx, Jamie (the USA)
Foxx, John (England)
Foxy (the USA)
Foxy Shazam (the USA)
Foxygen (the USA)
Fracasso, Michael (the USA)
Fragma (Germany)
Fragson, Harry (England)
Frame, Grazina (England)
Framer, Eli (the USA)
Frames, The (Ireland)
Frampton, Dia (the USA)
Frampton, Peter (England)
Francettes, The (the USA)
Francis, Audley (Trinidad and Tobago)
Francis, Connie (the USA)
Francis, Mike (the USA)
Francis, Suzette (Jamaica)
Francis, Terry (England)
Franco (the D.R. Congo)
Franco ‘El Gorila’ (Puerto Rico)
Franco, Jess (Spain)
Franconi, Dean (the USA)
Frank and The Top Ten (Germany)
Frank and Walters, The (Ireland)
Frank Chickens (Japan)
Frank Lizst Chamber Orchestra, The (Hungary)
Frank, Stanley (Canada)
Frankee (the USA)
Frankfurter (England)
Frankie and Johnny (Scotland)
Frankie and The Heartstrings (England)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood (England)
Franklin and The Bolts Of Melody, Adam (England)
Franklin, Aretha (the USA)
Franklin, Erma (the USA)
Franklin, Fanny (the USA)
Franklin, Irene (the USA)
Franklin’s Insanity, Bobby (the USA)
Franklyn, Chevelle (Jamaica)
Franks, Peter (Jamaica)
Frans (South Africa)
Frans and Jerry; see Frans (South Africa) or Jerry (South Africa)
Franti (Italy)
Franti, Michael (the USA)
Frantic Elevators (England)
Frantics, The (the USA)
Frantique (the USA)
Franz Ferdinand (Scotland)
Fraser, Ben (England)
Fraser, Dean (Jamaica)
Fraser, Elizabeth (Scotland)
Fraser, Rovleta (Jamaica)
Fraser, Wendy (the USA)
Fratellis, The (Scotland)
fRaTeR hAtEr (the USA)
Fray, The (the USA)
Frays, The (the USA)
Frazier Chorus (England)
Freak (the USA)
Freak Power (England)
Freaks (England)
Freberg, Stan (the USA)
Fred, John (the USA)
Fred; filed under Radiohead (England)
Freddie and The Dreamers (England)
Freddie and The Hitchhikers (the USA)
Frederick, Cecil (England)
Fredrick (Sweden)
Free (England)
Free Energy (the USA)
Free Kitten (the USA)
Free Radicals (Australia)
Free Soul; filed under Quarterman, Sir Joe (the USA)
Free Spirits, The (the USA)
Freebass (England)
Freed Unit, The (England)
Freed, Alan (the USA)
Freedom (the USA)
Freedom, MC Mikee (England)
Freeez (England)
Freefaller (England)
Freeform Five (England)
Freekey Zeekey (the USA)
Freelance Whales (the USA)
Freeloaders (England)
Freeman, Alan (Australia)
Freeman, Bobby (the USA)
Freeman, David (England)
Freeman, Judy (the USA)
Freeman, Rod (England)
Freemasons (England)
Freestyle Science (?)
Freestylers, The (England)
Freewheelers, The (the USA)
Freewheelin’ Franklin (England)
Frehel De L’Empire (France)
Freitas, Zeca (Brazil)
Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle; filed under F.S.K. (Germany)
French Club (the USA)
French For Cartridge (England)
French Fries (France)
French Kicks (the USA)
French Quarter (the USA)
French Revolution, The; filed under Sudden, Nikki (England)
French Wives (Scotland)
French, Don (the USA)
French, Nicki (England)
French, Robert (Jamaica)
French, The (England)
Frente! (Australia)
Frenzi (Jamaica)
FreQ Nasty (England)
Freschard (France)
Fresh 4 (England)
Fresh and Onlys (the USA)
Fresh Ear Productions (Jamaica)
Fresh Prince, The (the USA)
Fresh, Doug E. (the USA)
Fresh, Freddy (the USA)
Fresh, Nando (the USA)
Fresh; filed under DJ Fresh (England)
FreshFire Productions (Saint Lucia)
Freshkills (the USA)
Freshmen, The (Northern Ireland)
Fretton, Matt (England)
Fretwork (England)
Freudian Slip, The (Denmark)
Frey, Glenn (the USA)
Friday Hill (England)
Fridge (England)
Fridgehopper (Scotland)
Friedberger, Eleanor (the USA)
Friedberger, Matthew (the USA)
Friedman, Dean (the USA)
Friendly Fires (England)
Friends Of Distinction (the USA)
Friends Of Harry (England)
Frightened Rabbit (Scotland)
Frightwig (the USA)
Frighty (England)
Frigidettes (the USA)
Frimil, Rudolph (Italy)
Frisco (England)
Frisco Jass Band (the USA)
Frisco Kid (Jamaica)
Frisco, Jackie (England)
Frisell, Bill (the USA)
Frith, Fred (England)
Frizzell, Lefty (the USA)
Frog Chorus, The; filed under McCartney, Paul (England)
Frog Eyes (Canada)
Frog, Michigan J. (the USA)
Frog, Wynder K (England)
From A City In Ruins (England)
From Sarah (Denmark)
Front 242 (Belgium)
Front Bottoms (the USA)
Front Line Assembly (Canada)
Front Page (Jamaica)
Frontline, The (the USA)
Frosini, Pietro (Italy)
Frost and The Troopers, Max (the USA)
Frost, Greta (the USA)
Frugé, Columbus (the USA)
Fruit Bats (the USA)
Fruit Jar Drinkers; filed under Macon, Uncle Dave (the USA)
Fruitcake (the Netherlands)
Fruko y sus Tesos (Colombia)
Frumpies, The (the USA)
Frusciante, John (the USA)
Fuchs, Gabriel (Germany)
Fuck Buttons (England)
Fuck The Facts (Canada)
Fucked Up (Canada)
Fugazi (the USA)
Fugees (the USA)
Fujiya and Miyagi (England)
Fula Flutist (The Gambia)
Fulborn Teversham (England)
Fulhäst (Sweden)
Full Breed (Guyana)
Full Force (the USA)
Full Tilt Boogie (the USA)
Fullbright, John (the USA)
Fuller, Bobby (the USA)
Fuller, Earl (the USA)
Fuller, Jesse (the USA)
Fuller, Johnny (the USA)
Fullerton, Fiona (England)
Fulson Unit, Th’; filed under Fulson, Lowell (the USA)
Fulson, Lowell (the USA)
Fulton, Grant (England)
Fumaça Preta (the Netherlands)
Fumin (England)
Fun (the USA)
Fun Boy Three (England)
Fun Lovin’ Criminals (the USA)
fun. (the USA)
Function (the USA)
Fun-Da-Mental (England)
Funderburgh, Anson (the USA)
Fungus (?)
Funk Masters (England)
Funkadelic (the USA)
Funkdoobiest (the USA)
Funkees, The (Nigeria)
Funkstar De Luxe (Denmark)
Funkstörung (Germany)
Funky Worm, The (England)
Funkystepz (England)
Fuqua, Harvey (the USA)
Fur (the USA)
Furey, Finbar and Eddie (Ireland)
Fureys, The (Ireland)
Furious Five, The (the USA)
Furman, Eddie (the USA)
Furniture 【00s-10s post-rock band from Kuala Lumpur】 (Malaysia)
Furniture 【80s-90s cerebral pop band from London】 (England)
Furry Things (the USA)
Furtado, Nelly (Canada)
Further (the USA)
Fury, Billy (England)
Fused (Germany)
Fuselier, J.B. (the USA)
Fussible (Mexico)
Future (France)
Future Fambo (Jamaica)
Future Islands (the USA)
Future Loop Foundation (England)
Future Of The Left (Wales)
Future Pilot AKA (Scotland)
Future Prophecies (Norway)
Future Sound Of London (England)
Future Troubles (Jamaica)
Futureheads, The (England)
Fuze (Jamaica)
Fuzztones, The (the USA)
Fuzzy (the USA)
FYA; filed under Faya (England)
Fyah I Stick (Jamaica)
Fyah, Kenyatta (Jamaica)
Fyah, Lutan (Jamaica)
Fyffe, Will (Scotland)
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