Artist list: G
A full list of all the artists in my personal record collection, song lists are included for all.

Emboldened links highlight where there is at least one album in my collection. Biographies and album discographies are included for these artists.

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G and M Project (Israel)
G Band; filed under Glitter Band, The (England)
G Maffiah (Jamaica)
G Monei (Jamaica)
G Ras, Gregory (Hungary)
G Whiz (Jamaica)
G, Ali (England)
G, Filip (Germany)
G, Gina (Australia)
G, Kenny (the USA)
G, Melanie; filed under B, Melanie (England)
G, Mr. (Jamaica)
G, Paco (Jamaica)
G, Stacey (the USA)
G, Warren (the USA)
G. Love and Special Sauce (the USA)
G.B.H. (England)
G.F. Band, The; filed under Farrow, Gene (the USA)
G.O.A.T. (the USA)
G.P. Family, The (England)
Ga Ga’s, The (England)
Gabbidon, Basil (Jamaica)
Gabin, Jean (France)
Gabor, Roses (England)
Gabriel (Jamaica)
Gabriel and The Angels (the USA)
Gabriel, Ana (Mexico)
Gabriel, Apple (Jamaica)
Gabriel, Peter (England)
Gabriella and Troy (the USA)
Gabrielle (England)
Gad, Billy (the Ivory Coast)
Gadget (Jamaica)
Gadget, Fad (England)
Gadgets, The (?)
Gag (England)
Gahan, Dave (England)
Gaiety Theatre Orchestra, The (England)
Gaillard, Slim (Cuba)
Gaines, Rosie (the USA)
Gainsbourg, Charlotte (England)
Gainsbourg, Serge (France)
Gaither, Bill (the USA)
Gala (Italy)
Galactic (the USA)
Galactic Symposium, The (England)
Galaxie 500 (the USA)
Galaxy 【80s disco pop】 (England)
Galaxy 【80s-10s reggae】; filed under P, Galaxy (Jamaica)
Galbraith, Alistair (New Zealand)
Galchen (Scotland)
Gall, France (France)
Gallagher and Lyle (Scotland)
Gallagher, Liam (England)
Gallagher, Noel (England)
Gallagher, Rory (Ireland)
Gallahads (the USA)
Galleros, Los (Colombia)
Galliano (England)
Galliano, Frederick (England)
Galli-Curci, Amelita (Italy)
Gallo, Vincent (the USA)
Gallon Drunk (England)
Galore, Mamie (the USA)
Galoshins (Scotland)
Galway (Russia)
Galway, James (Northern Ireland)
Gambit, Lance (England)
Gamblers, The (the USA)
Game (the USA)
Game, The (the USA)
Gancher and Ruin (Russia)
Gang Of Four (England)
Gang War (the USA)
Ganger (Scotland)
Ganglords (Jamaica)
Gangsta Weekend Production Team (Jamaica)
Ganim’s Asia Minors; filed under Ganimian, Charles (the USA)
Ganimian and his Orientals; filed under Ganimian, Charles (the USA)
Ganimian, Charles (the USA)
Ganja Ash (England)
Gannon, Tom (Ireland)
Gansterlee (Jamaica)
Gant (England)
Gant, Cecil (the USA)
Gant, Private Cecil (the USA)
Gants, The (the USA)
Ganzfeld (England)
Ganzie, Terry (Jamaica)
Gap Band, The (the USA)
Garbage (the USA)
Garbarek, Anja (Norway)
Garcia (the USA)
Garcia, Adam (Australia)
García, Charly (Argentina)
Garcia, Russ (the USA)
Garcia, Sergent (France)
Garden Odyssey Enterprise (England)
Garden On A Trampoline (the USA)
Gardener, Bibi (Jamaica)
Gardenias, The (the USA)
Gardiner, Boris (Jamaica)
Gardiner, Sir John Elliot (England)
Gardner, Alex (England)
Gardner, Ida (?)
Gardner, Samuel (the USA)
Garfunkel, Art (the USA)
Gargamel Productions (Jamaica)
Garland, Judy (the USA)
Garlands (Sweden)
Garlic (England)
Garlow, Clarence ‘Bon Ton’ (the USA)
Garner, Anne (England)
Garner, Larry (the USA)
Garnett, Gale (New Zealand)
Garnier, Laurent (France)
Garp (Germany)
Garrett, Bobby (the USA)
Garrett, Jo Ann (the USA)
Garrett, Lee (the USA)
Garrett, Leif (the USA)
Garrett, Siedah (the USA)
Garrido, Rufo (Colombia)
Garry and Larry (the USA)
Gartner, Wolfgang (the USA)
Gartrell, Delia (the USA)
Garvey, Eddie; filed under Manfred Mann (England)
Garvin and The Mighty Cravers, Rex (the USA)
Garwood, Patrick (the USA)
Gary’s Gang (the USA)
Gas 【electronica artist from Köln, 90s-10s】 (Germany)
Gas 【Punk band from Japan, 80s】 (Japan)
Gas Huffer (the USA)
Gash (Australia)
Gaskin, Barbara (England)
Gaskin, George J. (Northern Ireland)
Gaslight Anthem, The (the USA)
Gaslight Radio (Australia)
Gasolina, Marina; filed under Ribatski, Marina (Brazil)
Gaspard, Blind Uncle (the USA)
Gasparian, Djivan (Armenia)
Gastón (Colombia)
Gastr del Sol (the USA)
Gastric Band (Scotland)
Gat Décor (England)
Gatanga Boys Band (Kenya)
Gately, Katie (the USA)
Gately, Stephen (Ireland)
Gates, Gareth (England)
Gates, Rev. J. M. (the USA)
Gaturs, The (the USA)
Gaudino, Alex (Italy)
Gaughan, Dick (Scotland)
Gauthier, Mary (the USA)
Gaye Bykers On Acid (England)
Gaye, Barbie (the USA)
Gaye, Marvin (the USA)
Gaylads, The (Jamaica)
Gayle, Crystal (the USA)
Gayle, Euton (Jamaica)
Gayle, Michelle (England)
Gayler, Robert (?)
Gaylets, The (Jamaica)
Gaynair, Bobby (Jamaica)
Gaynor and Errol; see Gaynair, Bobby (Jamaica) or Dunkley, Errol (Jamaica)
Gaynor, Gloria (the USA)
Gayten, Paul (the USA)
Gayze (the USA)
Gazza (England)
Gearbox (Scotland)
Gee Cees, The (the USA)
Geese (England)
Gelb, Howe (the USA)
Gelderblom, Peter (the Netherlands)
Geldof, Bob (Ireland)
Gelleh (the Netherlands)
Gemstones (the USA)
Gene (England)
Gene Loves Jezibel (Wales)
General B. (Jamaica)
General Degree (Jamaica)
General Doggie (Jamaica)
General Echo (Jamaica)
General Good (the Ivory Coast)
General Lafayette (Italy)
General Levy; see Levy, General (Jamaica)
General Pecus (Jamaica)
General Public (England)
General Saint; filed under Eastwood and General Saint, Clint (England)
General T.K. (Jamaica)
General Trees (Jamaica)
General, Bobo (the USA)
General, Bunny (Jamaica)
General, Mikey (England)
General, Ricky (Jamaica)
Generation X (England)
Generationals (the USA)
Genesis (England)
Geneva (England)
Gentle Despite (England)
Gentle Giant (England)
Gentle Isolation, The (the Philippines)
Gentleman (Germany)
Gentry, Bobbie (the USA)
Geordie (England)
Georgas, Hannah (Canada)
George, Barbara (the USA)
George, Sophia (Jamaica)
Georgees (Germany)
Georgettes, The (the USA)
Georgia Band; filed under Raney, Ma (the USA)
Georgia Catamounts, The; filed under Buchanan Brothers (the USA)
Georgia Peach Pickers; filed under Williams, Curley (the USA)
Georgia Pine Boy (the USA)
Georgia Tom; filed under Dorsey, Tommy (the USA)
Georgie James (the USA)
Geraldine (England)
Geraldine Fibbers, The (the USA)
Geraldo and his Orchestra (England)
Gerardo (Ecuador)
Geraty, Luke (the USA)
Gerbils, The (the USA)
Germain All Stars (Jamaica)
German Orchestra (Germany)
German Top Five, The (Germany)
Germano, Lisa (the USA)
Germino, Mark (the USA)
Germs, The (the USA)
Gerrard, Lisa (Australia)
Gerry and The Pacemakers (England)
Gersey (Australia)
Gershwin, George (the USA)
Gessesse, Tlahoun (Ethiopia)
Gestures, The (the USA)
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. (England)
Get Fresh Crew, The; filed under Fresh, Doug E. (the USA)
Get Him Eat Him (the USA)
Get Smart! (the USA)
Get Up Kids (the USA)
Get Well Soon (Germany)
Geto Boys (the USA)
Gewandhausorchester Leipzig (Germany)
Ghandi (Jamaica)
Ghost 【00s Japanese alt. rockers】 (Japan)
Ghost 【90s-00s reggae】 (Jamaica)
Ghost Animal (the USA)
Ghost Carriage Phantoms (Wales)
Ghost Mice (the USA)
Ghost Of A Chance (the USA)
Ghost Of Chance (the USA)
Ghost Outfit (England)
Ghost Society (the USA)
Ghost Walks (the USA)
Ghostandthesong (Germany)
Ghostface Killah (the USA)
Ghostland Observatory (the USA)
Ghostpoet (England)
Ghoulardi (the USA)
Giant Drag (the USA)
Giant Killers (England)
Giant Panda (the USA)
Giant Sand (the USA)
Gibb, Andy (Australia)
Gibb, Barry (Australia)
Gibb, Robin (Australia)
Gibbons, Carroll (the USA)
Gibbons, Leroy (Jamaica)
Gibbons, Steve (England)
Gibbs, Joe (Jamaica)
Gibson Brothers (France)
Gibson Trio, The Lorne (Scotland)
Gibson, Cleo (the USA)
Gibson, Debbie (the USA)
Gibson, Dolores (the USA)
Gibson, Don (the USA)
Gibson, Laura (the USA)
Gibson, Wayne (England)
Gibson’s All Stars (Jamaica)
Gick Wack (Jamaica)
Giddy Motors (England)
Gidea Park (England)
Gideon (Jamaica)
Gideon and The Shark, Joe (England)
Gideon, Melville (the USA)
Giersbergen, Anneke van (the Netherlands)
Gift Of Gab (the USA)
Gigantor (Germany)
Gigi (Indonesia)
Gigio, Topo (France)
Gigolo Aunts (the USA)
Gilbert (England)
Gilbert, Bruce (England)
Gilbert, Lawrence E.; filed under Chalmers, Thomas (the USA)
Gilded Lil (Scotland)
Gill, Johnny (the USA)
Gillan (England)
Gillespie, Bobby (Scotland)
Gillespie, Dana (England)
Gillespie, Dizzy (the USA)
Gillette, Irving (Canada)
Gillum, Jazz (the USA)
Gilmer and The Fireballs, Jimmy (the USA)
Gilmore, Boyd (the USA)
Gilmore, Dexter (the USA)
Gilmore’s Band (the USA)
Gilmour, David (England)
Gimmicks, The (Sweden)
Gin Blossoms (the USA)
Gindrinker (Wales)
Ginger Tom (England)
Ginjah (Jamaica)
Ginuwine (the USA)
Ginz (the USA)
Gipsy Kings (France)
Gira, Michael (the USA)
Giraffes Giraffes! (the USA)
Girard and Company, Gilbert (the USA)
Girl Band (Ireland)
Girl Friends; filed under Mafuya, Mabel (South Africa)
Girl In A Coma (the USA)
Girl One and The Grease Guns (England)
Girl Talk (the USA)
Girlie (Jamaica)
Girls (the USA)
Girls Against Boys (the USA)
Girls Aloud (England)
Girls At Dawn (the USA)
Girls At Dawn, The (the USA)
Girls At Our Best (England)
Girls In The Eighties (the USA)
Girls Names (Northern Ireland)
Girls Of The Golden West (the USA)
Girlschool (England)
Girlz Ting (Jamaica)
Gitfiddle Jim (the USA)
Gits, The (the USA)
Gittens, Louis (the USA)
Gittings, Robert (England)
Give It Up’s, The (England)
Givers (the USA)
Glaciers (Australia)
Gladiator (England)
Gladiators, The (Jamaica)
Gladiolas, The (the USA)
Glamarus, Mr. (Jamaica)
Glamma Kid (England)
Glasgow and Strathclyde Universities O.T.C. Pipe Band, The (Scotland)
Glasgow, Deborahe (England)
Glass Candy (the USA)
Glass Gang (the USA)
Glass House (the USA)
Glass Tiger (Canada)
Glass, Alex (?)
Glassbooks (Scotland)
Glasser (the USA)
Glasvegas (Scotland)
Glaubitz and Roc (Germany)
Glaze Of Cathexis (Japan)
Glazer, Tom (the USA)
GLC (the USA)
Glee Cast (the USA)
Gleemer (the USA)
Glen, Emery (the USA)
Gleneagles Hotel Band; filed under Hall, Henry (England)
Glenn and Chris (England)
Glenn, Glen (the USA)
Glenn, Lloyd (the USA)
Glenside Ceilidh Band, The (Ireland)
Glinka, Mikhail Ivanovich (Russia)
Glinn, Lillian (the USA)
Glish (the USA)
Gliss (the USA)
Glitter Band, The (England)
Glitter, Gary (England)
Glitterbest (?)
Global Communication (England)
Globe (Saint Kitts and Nevis)
G-Loc (Jamaica)
Gloria and The Dreamlets (Jamaica)
Glories, The (the USA)
Glory Box, The (Australia)
Glory Days (Scotland)
Glory Strummers, The (England)
Glover and John Lawrenson, Cynthia (England)
Glover, Mae (the USA)
Gloworm (England)
Gluck, Alma (the USA)
Gluck, M. (France)
Glueams (Sweden)
Glynne, Walter (Wales)
G-Macc (the USA)
Gnarboots (the USA)
Gnarls Barkley (the USA)
Gnawa Musicians Of Marrakesh (Morocco)
GNOD (England)
Gnome (the USA)
Go Commando (Scotland)
Go West (England)
Go! Team, The (England)
Goat (Sweden)
Goatboy (Wales)
Gobblebox (England)
Gobby (the USA)
Gober, Cliff (the USA)
Go-Betweens, The (Australia)
Goblin (Italy)
God Bullies (the USA)
God Help The Girl (Scotland)
God Is An Astronaut (Ireland)
God Is My Co-Pilot (the USA)
God Lives Underwater (the USA)
God Machine, The (the USA)
God Within (the USA)
God’s Eye (the USA)
God’s Little Monkeys (England)
Godard, Vic (England)
Goddakk (the USA)
Godfathers, The (England)
Godflesh (England)
Godfrey Trio, John (the USA)
Godheadsilo (the USA)
Godley and Creme (England)
Godspeed You! Black Emperor (Canada)
Godzuki (the USA)
Goes Cube (the USA)
Goese, Mimi (the USA)
Gogi, Tanveer (India)
Go-Go’s, The (the USA)
Gogol Bordello (the USA)
Gold Blade (England)
Gold Chains (the USA)
Gold Panda (England)
Gold Teet (Jamaica)
Gold, Andrew (the USA)
Gold, Brian (Jamaica)
Gold, Brian and Tony; see Gold, Brian (Jamaica) or Gold, Tony (Jamaica)
Gold, Tony (Jamaica)
Gold-Bears (the USA)
Goldbug (England)
Golden Blonde (Australia)
Golden Boots (the USA)
Golden Dawn, The 【60s acid rock band from Texas】 (the USA)
Golden Dawn, The 【80s-90s indie pop bad from Glasgow】 (Scotland)
Golden Earring (the Netherlands)
Golden Echoes (the USA)
Golden Filter, The (the USA)
Golden Gate Orchestra (the USA)
Golden Gate Quartet, The (the USA)
Golden Grrrls (Scotland)
Golden Mile, The (Scotland)
Golden Smog (the USA)
Golden Virgins, The (England)
Golden West Cowboys; filed under King, Pee Wee (the USA)
Golden, Billy (the USA)
Goldenscan (England)
Goldfrapp (England)
Goldfrapp, Alison (England)
Goldie (England)
Goldie and The Gingerbreads (the USA)
Goldsboro, Bobby (the USA)
Goldsmith, Glen (England)
Goldspot Productions (England)
Goldtrix (England)
Goles, Lird van (Switzerland)
Golightly, Holly (England)
Golinski Brothers (England)
Golliwogs, The (the USA)
Go-Luckys!, The; filed under Manning, Barbara (the USA)
Gomess (Japan)
Gomez (England)
Gómez, Leroy (the USA)
Gonads, The (England)
Gone To Earth (England)
Gonella, Nat (England)
Gong (France)
Gonjasufi (the USA)
Gonn (the USA)
Gonzales, Chilly (Canada)
Gonzalez (England)
Gonzalez, Carol (Jamaica)
González, José (Sweden)
Gonzalez, Vato (the Netherlands)
Goo Goo Dolls, The (the USA)
Good Life Riddim Production Team (Jamaica)
Good Life, The (the USA)
Good Old War (the USA)
Good Shoes (England)
Good Throb (England)
Good, Matthew (Canada)
Good, The Bad and The Queen, The (England)
Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie (Scotland)
Goodhand-Tait, Philip (England)
Goodie, Khujo (the USA)
Goodies, The (England)
Goodison, Pepe (Jamaica)
Goodman, Benny (the USA)
Goodman, Dickie (the USA)
Goodmen, The (the Netherlands)
Goodnight Monsters (Finland)
Goodrem, Delta (Australia)
Goodtimers, The; filed under Covay, Don (the USA)
Goodwin, Ron (England)
Goofy (Jamaica)
Goombas, The (the USA)
Goombay Dance Band (Germany)
Goon (Denmark)
GoonRock (the USA)
Goons, The (England)
Goosebumps (the USA)
Gopher, Alex (France)
Gordon, Curtis (the USA)
Gordon, Jimmie (the USA)
Gordon, Kim (the USA)
Gordon, Lonnie (the USA)
Gordon, Michael (England)
Gordon, Mike (the USA)
Gordon, Rosco (the USA)
Gordon, Wynter (the USA)
Gordons, The (New Zealand)
Gore (the Netherlands)
Gore Slut (Belgium)
Gore, Lesley (the USA)
Gorgon Sound (England)
Gories, The (the USA)
Gorillas, The (England)
Gorillaz (England)
Gorki (Belgium)
Gorkys Zygotic Mynci (Wales)
Gorst, Charles Crawford (the USA)
Gospel Claws (the USA)
Gospel Comforters, The (the USA)
Gospel Fish (Jamaica)
Gospel Soul Revivals (the USA)
Gospel Storytellers, The; filed under Wartts, Andrew (the USA)
Gossett, Lou (the USA)
Gossip (the USA)
Gothic Archies, The (the USA)
Goto80 (Sweden)
Götterflies (the Netherlands)
Gotti, Bella (England)
Gotti, Yo (the USA)
Gotye (Belgium)
Gough, Damon; filed under Badly Drawn Boy (England)
Goulding, Ellie (Wales)
Goulding, Nigel (the USA)
Gouldman, Graham (England)
Gounz Man (Trinidad and Tobago)
Gouraud, George (England)
Gourds, The (the USA)
Gouzy, Englantine (France)
Gow and The Dead Leaves, Matt Joe (Australia)
Goya Dress (Scotland)
GQ (the USA)
Grace (England)
Grace, Tina (Brazil)
Graceful Slicks, The (England)
Gracie, Charlie (the USA)
Grade A (England)
Graduate, The (the USA)
Grae, Jean (the USA)
Graham Repulski (the USA)
Graham, Anne (the USA)
Graham, Colin (England)
Graham, Davey (England)
Graham, George (the USA)
Graham, Jaki (England)
Graham, Jon Dee (the USA)
Graham, Larry (the USA)
Grails (the USA)
Grain (England)
Grainer, Ron (Australia)
Gram’ma Funk (the USA)
Gramercy Arms (the USA)
Grammacks (Dominica)
Gramophonedzie (Serbia)
Gramps (Jamaica)
Granahan, Gerry (the USA)
Grand Archives (the USA)
Grand Corps Malade (France)
Grand Drive (England)
Grand Duchy (the USA)
Grand National (England)
Grand Prixx, The (the USA)
Grand Puba (the USA)
Grand Resort (the USA)
Grand, Fedde le (the Netherlands)
Grandaddy (the USA)
Grandmaster Flash (the USA)
Grandmaster Gareth (England)
Grandmaster Melle Mel (the USA)
Grand-Pere (the Ivory Coast)
Granite Shore, The (England)
Granny Smiths, The (Canada)
Grant Brothers (the USA)
Grant Lee Buffalo (the USA)
Grant, Amy (the USA)
Grant, Bobby (the USA)
Grant, Boysie (Jamaica)
Grant, Cogi (the USA)
Grant, David (England)
Grant, Eddy (Guyana)
Grant, Elizabeth (?)
Grant, Jenn (Canada)
Grant, John (the USA)
Grant, Michael (England)
Grant, Rachael (the USA)
Grantown and District Pipe Band, The (Scotland)
Grantura (England)
Grape (England)
Grapefruit (England)
Graphics (England)
Grass Widow (the USA)
Grass-Hoppers, The (the USA)
Grateful Dead (the USA)
Grates, The (Australia)
Grave Architechts, The (England)
Grave Pool (the USA)
Graves, Roosevelt (the USA)
Graveure, Louis (England)
Gravity Kills (the USA)
Gray and The Rocketeers, Freda (the USA)
Gray and The Stingrays, Gene (the USA)
Gray, Barry (England)
Gray, David (England)
Gray, Dobie (the USA)
Gray, Glen (the USA)
Gray, Mark (the USA)
Gray, Michael (England)
Gray, Owen (Jamaica)
Grayskul (the USA)
Grayson and Whitter; see Grayson, G.B. (the USA) or Whitter, Henry (the USA)
Grayson, Dori (the USA)
Grayson, G.B. (the USA)
Grease OST (the USA)
Great Lake Swimmers (Canada)
Great Northern (the USA)
Great Unwashed, The (New Zealand)
Greaves, Dennis (England)
Greely, David (the USA)
Green and The Phantoms, Vernon (the USA)
Green Brothers Novelty Band (the USA)
Green Day (the USA)
Green Dust (England)
Green Fuz; filed under Alvey and Green Fuz, Randy (the USA)
Green Magnet School (the USA)
Green On Red (the USA)
Green River (the USA)
Green, Adam (the USA)
Green, Al (the USA)
Green, Alice (the USA)
Green, Anthony (the USA)
Green, Billy (Australia)
Green, Burt (the USA)
Green, Cee Lo (the USA)
Green, Colleen (the USA)
Green, Garland (the USA)
Green, George Hamilton (the USA)
Green, Jesse (Jamaica)
Green, Lil (the USA)
Green, Liz (England)
Green, Paula (England)
Green, Pete (England)
Green, Peter (England)
Green, Robson (England)
Green, Sarah (the USA)
Green, Slim (the USA)
Green, Tanisha (the USA)
Green, Vernon; filed under Medallions, The (the USA)
Greenbaum, Norman (the USA)
Greene County Singers, The (the USA)
Greene, Laura (the USA)
Greene, Rudy (the USA)
Greene, Vivian (the USA)
Greenhornes, The (the USA)
Greenland Sea (England)
Greenskeepers (the USA)
Greenwald, Alex (the USA)
Greenwood, Johnny (England)
Greenwood, Lee (the USA)
Greenwood, Lil (the USA)
Gregorian (Germany)
Gregory, Keith (England)
Gregson, Clive (England)
Grehan Sisters, The (Ireland)
Grenadine (the USA)
Grey and Mofro, JJ (the USA)
Grey and The Legomen, Earl (England)
Grey Stokes, The (the USA)
Grey, Skylar (the USA)
Greyhound (England)
Greys (Canada)
Grid, The (England)
Grier, Jimmie (the USA)
Griff, Zaine (New Zealand)
Griffin, Alistair (England)
Griffin, Billy (the USA)
Griffin, Buddy (the USA)
Griffin, Clive (England)
Griffin, Curley (the USA)
Griffin, Patty (the USA)
Griffin, Rex (the USA)
Griffith, Andy (the USA)
Griffith, Ronni (the USA)
Griffiths, Marcia (Jamaica)
Grimes (Canada)
Grimes’ Swingtet, Tiny (the USA)
Grinderman (England)
Grinderswitch (the USA)
Griner, Linda (England)
Gripka, Israel Nash (the USA)
Grizzly Bear (the USA)
Grooms (the USA)
Groove Armada (England)
Groove Generation, The (Germany)
Groovemaster, The (Jamaica)
Groovemates (Israel)
Grooves, Scott (the USA)
Groovie Ghoulies (the USA)
Groovy, Winston (Jamaica)
Grossmith, George (England)
Grotus (the USA)
Grouch, The (the USA)
Ground Zero (England)
Groundation (the USA)
Groundhogs, The (England)
Group Home (the USA)
Groupe Loketo, Le; filed under Loketo (the D.R. Congo)
Grouper (the USA)
Groupies, The (the USA)
Grouplove (the USA)
Grover, Bob; filed under Piranhas, The (England)
Growler, The (Trinidad and Tobago)
Grubbs, David (the USA)
Grubs (England)
Gruftrosen (Austria)
Gruntruck (the USA)
Grupo Costa Brava (Colombia)
Grupo de Bachata (the Dominican Republic)
Grupo de Baile Cantao; filed under Estremor, Celia (Colombia)
Gruppe Stein (Germany)
Gryphon (England)
G-Smooth (Australia)
G-Solo (Jamaica)
G-Stack (the USA)
GT (Australia)
Guana Batz (England)
Guerilla (?)
Guerilla Toss (the USA)
Guérino (France)
Guerrero, Lalo (the USA)
Guess Who, The (Canada)
Guetta, David (France)
Guided By Voices (the USA)
Guidry Brothers, The (the USA)
Guidry, Bixby (the USA)
Guidry, Doc (the USA)
Guillemots (England)
Guillory, Delin T. (the USA)
Guilty Ghosts (the USA)
Guitar Slim (the USA)
Guitar Wolf (Japan)
Guitierres, Nicolas (the Dominican Republic)
Gum Takes Tooth (England)
Gumball (the USA)
Gumede and his Concertina Band, Willie (South Africa)
Gumede, Willie (South Africa)
Gumede’s Concertina Band; filed under Gumede, Willie (South Africa)
Gumede’s Swing Band; filed under Gumede, Willie (South Africa)
Gun (Scotland)
Gun Club, The (the USA)
Gun Powder (Jamaica)
Gun, The (England)
G-Unit (the USA)
GUNK (Australia)
Gunn, Art (the USA)
Gunn, John (England)
Gunrose (Portugal)
Guns N’ Roses (the USA)
Gunshots, The; filed under Davis, Al (the USA)
Gunster, Frederick (the USA)
Gunter and The Queens, Shirley (the USA)
Gunter, Arthur (the USA)
Gunter, Hardrock (the USA)
Gurley, Steve (England)
Guru (the USA)
Guru Josh Project (England)
Gururaj, Manjula (India)
Gusanas, Las (Mexico)
GusGus (Iceland)
Gush (France)
Gussow, Adam (the USA)
Gustav (Austria)
Guster (the USA)
Gusto (the USA)
Gusto, Rymzo de (Nigeria)
Guthrie and Johnny Irion, Sarah Lee (the USA)
Guthrie, Arlo (the USA)
Guthrie, Gwen (the USA)
Guthrie, Robin (Scotland)
Guthrie, Woody (the USA)
Gutter Twins, The (the USA)
Guy, Buddy (the USA)
Guys n’ Dolls (England)
Guzang, Latty (Jamaica)
Guzman, Silvio (Colombia)
Guzzard (the USA)
GY Babyface (England)
Gym Class Heroes (the USA)
Gymslips, The (England)
Gypsy and The Cat (Australia)
Gyptian (Jamaica)
Gyres, The (Scotland)
Gyros, The; filed under Tyler, Alvin (the USA)
Gyroscope (Australia)
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