Artist list: H
A full list of all the artists in my personal record collection, song lists are included for all.

Emboldened links highlight where there is at least one album in my collection. Biographies and album discographies are included for these artists.

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H ‘Two’ O (England)
H Foundation (Scotland)
H Hawkline (Wales)
H.P. Lovecraft (the USA)
H.P. Zinker (Austria)
H²O (Scotland)
Ha Ha Tonka (the USA)
Haack, Bruce (Canada)
Haastrup, Joni (Nigeria)
Habits, The (England)
Hack String Band (the USA)
Hackberry Ramblers (the USA)
Hacker Farm (England)
Hacker, The (France)
Hackett, Charles (the USA)
Haddaway (Trinidad and Tobago)
Haenschen, W. G. (the USA)
Hag Face (Canada)
Hagar The Womb (England)
Hagar, Sammy (the USA)
Hagen, Earle (the USA)
Hagen, Nina (England)
Haggard, Merle (the USA)
Haggard, Tommy (Germany)
Haight Ashbury (Scotland)
Hailie Jade (the USA)
Haines, Emily (Canada)
Haines, Luke (England)
Hair and Skin Trading Company, The (England)
Haircut 100 (England)
Hairston, Curtis (the USA)
Haisman, Gary (England)
Haji Mike (Cyprus)
Haji, Seamus (England)
Hal (Ireland)
Hale and Pace and The Stonkers (England)
Halen, Eddie Van (the USA)
Haley and his Comets, Bill (the USA)
Half Japanese (the USA)
Half Man Half Biscuit (England)
Half Pint (Jamaica)
Half String (the USA)
Halik, John (Serbia)
Hall, Audrey (Jamaica)
Hall, Daryl (the USA)
Hall, Edmond (the USA)
Hall, Equila (the USA)
Hall, Henry (England)
Hall, James (the USA)
Hall, Kyle (the USA)
Hall, Lianne (England)
Hall, Pam (Jamaica)
Hall, Pat (the USA)
Hall, Terry (England)
Hall, Tom T. (the USA)
Hall, Tony (England)
Hall, Vera (the USA)
Hallam, Basil (England)
Halletz, Eewin (Austria)
Halley, William J. (the USA)
Halliday, Toni (England)
Halliwell, Geri (England)
Hallmark Records House Band (England)
Hallouminati (England)
Halo Benders, The (the USA)
Halo James (England)
Halo, Laurel (the USA)
Halos, The (the USA)
Halstead, Neil (England)
Ham Sandwich (Ireland)
Hamaz (Spain)
Hambone Kids, The (the USA)
Hamburger, Neil (the USA)
Hamilton IV, George (the USA)
Hamilton, Anthony (the USA)
Hamilton, Dirk (the USA)
Hamilton, Roy (the USA)
Hamilton, Russ (England)
Hammer Group, The Jan; filed under Hammer, Jan (the USA)
Hammer, Jan (the Czech Republic)
Hammer; filed under MC Hammer (the USA)
Hammerbox (the USA)
Hammerhead (the USA)
Hammill, Peter (England)
Hammock (the USA)
Hammond All Stars, The (England)
Hammond Jr., Albert (the USA)
Hammond, Beres (Jamaica)
Hamp’s Kentucky Serenaders, Johnny (the USA)
Hampshire, Susan (England)
Hampton, Lionel (the USA)
Hamp-Tone All Stars; filed under Harris, Wynonie (the USA)
Hanapi’s Ilima Islanders, Mike (the USA)
Hancock, Butch (the USA)
Hancock, Herbie (the USA)
Handbaggers, The (England)
Handell Festival Production (England)
Handley, Tommy (England)
Handsome Family, The (the USA)
Handsome Furs (Canada)
Haney, Howard (the USA)
Hangovers, The (England)
Hanley, Stephen (England)
Hann’s Emperors Of Song (the USA)
Hanna, Bobby (Scotland)
Hanna, Jimmy (the USA)
Hanna, Victoria (Israel)
Hannah and George; see Miller, Hannah (England) or Leach, Georgina (England)
Hannah, George (the USA)
Hannigan, Lisa (Ireland)
Hans-A-Plast (Germany)
Hanson (the USA)
Hanson Brothers, The (Canada)
Happening, The (the USA)
Happiness Boys, The (the USA)
Happy Birthday (the USA)
Happy Camper (the Netherlands)
Happy Clappers (England)
Happy End 【60s-70s Japanese group】 (Japan)
Happy End, The 【80s-90s English group】 (England)
Happy Fats and his Rayne-Bo Ramblers (the USA)
Happy Flowers (the USA)
Happy Hollows, The (the USA)
Happy Mondays (England)
Harare Mambos (Zimbabwe)
Harbinger Complex, The (the USA)
Hard Corps (England)
Hard Left (the USA)
Hard Road, The (the USA)
Hard Skin (England)
Hardcastle, Paul (England)
Harden, Duane (the USA)
Hard-Fi (England)
Hardfloor (Germany)
Harding, Antony (England)
Harding, John Wesley (England)
Harding, Matt (Scotland)
Hardways (South Africa)
Hardy Boys, The (Jamaica)
Hardy, Françoise (France)
Hardy, Ryan (England)
Hare, Ernest (the USA)
Hare, Martyn (England)
Hargrove, Roy (the USA)
Hari-Kari (the USA)
Harlan, Byron G. (the USA)
Harle, John (England)
Harlem (the USA)
Harlem Hamfats (the USA)
Harlem Shakes (the USA)
Harlem Swingsters, The; filed under Mwrebi, Benny G. (South Africa)
Harlemaires, The (the USA)
Harley, Steve (England)
Harmon, James (the USA)
Harmon, Spencer (the USA)
Harmonic Sounds Band (the USA)
Harmonica Frank (the USA)
Harmonious Thelonious (Germany)
Harmony Grass (the USA)
Harolds Revenge (Scotland)
Harper, Ben (the USA)
Harpo, Slim (the USA)
Harptones, The (the USA)
Harrell, Kelly (the USA)
Harriet (the USA)
Harriott, Derrick (Jamaica)
Harris and The Prophets, Ravi (the USA)
Harris and Tony Meehan, Jet (England)
Harris, Anita (England)
Harris, Betty (the USA)
Harris, Calvin (Scotland)
Harris, Emmylou (the USA)
Harris, Erline (the USA)
Harris, Golden P (the USA)
Harris, Gus (Scotland)
Harris, Joyce (the USA)
Harris, Keith (England)
Harris, Major (the USA)
Harris, Marion (the USA)
Harris, Peppermint (the USA)
Harris, Phil (the USA)
Harris, Ray (the USA)
Harris, Richard (Ireland)
Harris, Rolf (Australia)
Harris, Simon (England)
Harris, Tony (the USA)
Harris, Wee Willie (England)
Harris, Willie (the USA)
Harris, Wynonie (the USA)
Harrison and The Majestic Kind (the USA)
Harrison Jr., Donald (the USA)
Harrison, Charles W. (the USA)
Harrison, George (England)
Harrison, James F. (the USA)
Harrison, Noel (England)
Harrison, Wilbert (the USA)
Harry, Debbie (the USA)
Hart and the Lonesome Fire, Roddy (Scotland)
Hart, Charles (the USA)
Hart, Hattie (the USA)
Hart, Mike (England)
Hart, Miss Beatrice (England)
Harth, Alfred 23 (Germany)
Hartley, Keef (England)
Hartley, Phil (England)
Hartley, Trevor (Jamaica)
Hartman, Dan (the USA)
Hartman’s Heartbreakers (the USA)
Harum Scarums (the USA)
Haruna Samake Trio (Mali)
Harvestman (the USA)
Harvey and The Moonglows; see Fuqua, Harvey (the USA) or Moonglows, The (the USA)
Harvey, Alex (Scotland)
Harvey, Maxine (England)
Harvey, Mick (Australia)
Harvey, Morton (the USA)
Harvey, P.J. (England)
Harvey, Robert (England)
Harvey’s Rabbit (England)
Has A Shadow (Mexico)
Haskell and his Orchestra, Jimmie (the USA)
Haskell, Luddy (Jamaica)
Hasselhoff, David (the USA)
Hastings, Ernest (England)
Haswell, Russell (England)
Hatch, Barbie (the USA)
Hatch, Tony (England)
Hatcha-B (Saint Kitts and Nevis)
Hatcher, Harley (the USA)
Hate Police; filed under Vee, Tesco (the USA)
Hatfield, Juliana (the USA)
Hatfields, The (the USA)
Hathaway, Donny (the USA)
Hatherley, Charlotte (England)
Hatori, Miho (Japan)
Hauck, Carl (the USA)
Haunches, The (Canada)
Haunted House (England)
Haus Arafna (Germany)
Haven, Alan (England)
Havens, Richie (the USA)
Havoc (the USA)
Hawaiian Guitars (the USA)
Hawaiin Orchestra (the USA)
Hawes, Baldwin (the USA)
Hawkes, Chesney (England)
Hawketts, The (the USA)
Hawkeye (Jamaica)
Hawkins Singers, Edwin (the USA)
Hawkins, Buddy Boy (the USA)
Hawkins, Coleman (the USA)
Hawkins, Dale (the USA)
Hawkins, Dolores (the USA)
Hawkins, Edwin (the USA)
Hawkins, Erskine (the USA)
Hawkins, Hawkshaw (the USA)
Hawkins, Jennell (the USA)
Hawkins, Paul (England)
Hawkins, Ronnie (the USA)
Hawkins, Roy (the USA)
Hawkins, Screamin’ Jay (the USA)
Hawkins, Sophie B. (the USA)
Hawkins, Wallie (the USA)
Hawks, The; filed under Hutto, J.B. (the USA)
Hawkwind (England)
Hawley, Richard (England)
Hawthorne Heights (the USA)
Hawtin, Richie (England)
Haxan Cloak, The (England)
Hayden Sisters, The (the USA)
Hayden, Carl (the USA)
Haydn Quartet (the USA)
Haydock and The Boppers, Ron (the USA)
Haydon (England)
Hayes, Darren (Australia)
Hayes, Edgar (the USA)
Hayes, Gemma (Ireland)
Hayes, Isaac (the USA)
Hayes, Phil (Switzerland)
Hayman, Darren (England)
Haymes, Dick (Argentina)
Hayride Gang; filed under Stogner, Dave (the USA)
Hayseed Dixie (the USA)
Haysi Fantayzee (England)
Hayter, Jack (England)
Haywains, The (England)
Hayward, Justin (England)
Hayward, Lawrence (England)
Haywood, Leon (the USA)
Haywoode (England)
Hazard, Blake (the USA)
Hazlewood, Lee (the USA)
Hdq (England)
He Man (?)
Head Of David (England)
Head To Head (Scotland)
Head, Johnnie (the USA)
Head, Roy (the USA)
Headboys, The (Scotland)
Headcoatees; filed under Thee Headcoats (England)
Headcoats, Thee (England)
Headhunters, The (the USA)
Headless Chickens (New Zealand)
Headlights (the USA)
Headroom, Max (England)
Health (the USA)
Healthy Boy and The Badass Motherfuckers, The (France)
Healy, Jeremy (England)
Heap, Imogen (England)
Hear’say (England)
Heart (the USA)
Heart Of Hearts (the USA)
Heart Throbs, The (England)
Heartbreakers, The 【50s doo wop】 (the USA)
Heartbreakers, The 【60s rock n roll】 (Mexico)
Heartbreakers, The 【70s new wave】 (the USA)
Heartbreakers, The 【70s-10s rock】; filed under Petty, Tom (the USA)
Hearts Under Fire (England)
Heartworms (the USA)
Heat, The Reverend Horton (the USA)
Heathens All (England)
Heatwave (England)
Heaven 17 (England)
Heavenly (England)
Heavenly Gospel Singers (the USA)
Heavenly States, The (the USA)
Heavens (the USA)
Heavy D. (the USA)
Heavy Stereo (England)
Heavy Vegetable (the USA)
Heavy, The (England)
Hebb, Bobby (the USA)
Hébert, Didier (the USA)
Hecker, Tim (Canada)
Hecq (Germany)
Hector Collectors, The (Scotland)
Hector, Sharlene (England)
Hedgehog (China)
Heebie Jeebies (Scotland)
Heemann, Christoph (Germany)
Hefner (England)
Hegarty, Antony (England)
Hehfu (Wales)
Heidelberg, Henry (the USA)
Heights, The (Wales)
Heike Has The Giggles (Italy)
Heilbronn, Matthias ‘Matty’ (Germany)
Heim, Gustav (Germany)
Heinali (Ukraine)
Heinz (Germany)
Heisser, Bernd (Austria)
Helen Love (Wales)
Helicon (Scotland)
Helio Sequence, The (the USA)
Heliocentrics, The (England)
Helium (the USA)
Hell, Rene (the USA)
Hell, Richard (the USA)
Hellacopters, The (Sweden)
Heller and Farley; see Heller, Pete (the USA) or Farley, Terry (the USA)
Heller, Horace (the USA)
Heller, Pete (the USA)
Hello (England)
Hello Killu (Estonia)
Hello Saferide (Sweden)
Hellogoodbye (the USA)
Helm, Levon (the USA)
Helmet (the USA)
Helmholtz Resonators, The (England)
Helms, Bobby (the USA)
Helms, Jimmy (the USA)
Help Stamp Out Loneliness (England)
Helping Haiti (England)
Helpman, Sir Robert (Australia)
Hempel, Frieda (the USA)
Hemstock and Jennings (England)
Hemus, Percy (the USA)
Henderson, Ainslie (Scotland)
Henderson, Chick (England)
Henderson, Michael (the USA)
Henderson, Rikki (England)
Hendersonville Quartet (the USA)
Hendriks, Alex (South Africa)
Hendrix, Jimi (the USA)
Hendrix, Jose (the D.R. Congo)
Hendrix, Margie (the USA)
Hendrix, R.M. (the USA)
Henley, Don (the USA)
Henriques and The Waikiki Islanders, Basil (the USA)
Henriquez, Grupo Isaiah (the Dominican Republic)
Henry and June (the USA)
Henry Cow (England)
Henry, Clarence ‘Frogman’ (the USA)
Henry, Edd (the USA)
Henry, Joe (the USA)
Henry, Pauline (Scotland)
Henry, Pierre (France)
Henry, Slim (Jamaica)
Henry, Sloppy (the USA)
Henson, Jim (the USA)
Hentchmen, The (the USA)
Hep Cats; filed under Carter, Goree (the USA)
Hepburn, Ethel (?)
Heptones, The (Jamaica)
Her (England)
Her Space Holiday (the USA)
Herbaliser, The (England)
Herbert, Victor (Ireland)
Herbie (?)
Herd, The (England)
Here We Go Magic (the USA)
Heresy (England)
Herman (Jamaica)
Herman Dune (France)
Herman’s Hermits (England)
Hermanek, Frank (the USA)
Hermanitos Ferreyra, Los (Colombia)
Hermanos Martinez, Los (the Dominican Republic)
Hermit Crabs, The (Scotland)
Hernandez, Patrick (France)
Hero (Jamaica)
Heroes, The (?)
Heroines, The (?)
Herrera, Eliseo (Colombia)
Hersh, Kristin (the USA)
Hervé (England)
Heskett, Paul (England)
Heslington Primary School (England)
Hewitt and The Buccaneers, Red (New Zealand)
Hewitt, Chris (England)
Hey Anna (the USA)
Hey Paulette (Ireland)
Hey Willpower (the USA)
Hey! Elastica (Scotland)
Heyman, Richard X (the USA)
Heyward, Nick (England)
Heywet, Bahta Gebre (Ethiopia)
Heywood, Eddie (the USA)
Heywood, Loretta (England)
Heywood, Winston (Jamaica)
Hezron (Jamaica)
Hi Light (Saint Kitts and Nevis)
Hi Tek 3 (Belgium)
Hi Tension (England)
Hi_Tack (the Netherlands)
Hiatt, John (the USA)
Hibbert, Toots; filed under Toots and The Maytals (Jamaica)
Hibbett, MJ (England)
Hibbler, Al (the USA)
Hickey, Eddie (England)
Hickey, Ersal (the USA)
Hickman, Art (the USA)
Hickman, Nina (the USA)
Hicks, Johnny (the USA)
Hidden Cameras, The (Canada)
Higgins, Chuck (the USA)
Higgins, Missy (Australia)
Higgs, Joe (Jamaica)
High And Driving (the USA)
High Contrast (Wales)
High Flying Birds; filed under Gallagher, Noel (England)
High In One Eye (the USA)
High Inergy (the USA)
High Llamas, The (England)
High Numbers, The (England)
High Plains Drifter (England)
High Pop (the USA)
High Violets, The (the USA)
High, The (England)
Higher Intelligence Agency (England)
Higher Roar (Jamaica)
Higher Tone (Jamaica)
Highlander II’s, The (the USA)
Highlanders, The (Scotland)
Highlights, The (the USA)
Hightower Brothers, The (the USA)
Hightower, Donna (the USA)
Highwaymen (the USA)
Hi-Gloss (the USA)
Higsons, The (England)
Hill, Benny (England)
Hill, Dan (Canada)
Hill, Gladys (the USA)
Hill, Hamilton (England)
Hill, Jessie (the USA)
Hill, Jessie May (the USA)
Hill, King Solomon (the USA)
Hill, Lauryn (the USA)
Hill, Murry K. (the USA)
Hill, Rev. B.J. (the USA)
Hill, The (England)
Hill, Toni (the USA)
Hill, Vince (England)
Hill, Z.Z. (the USA)
Hillage, Steve (England)
Hillfields, The (England)
Hilltoppers, The; filed under Roberts, Kenny (the USA)
Hilmarsson, Hilmar Örn (Iceland)
Hilson, Keri (the USA)
Hilton, Ronnie (England)
Hiltonaires, The (Jamaica)
HiM (the USA)
Himalaya (the USA)
Himuro (Japan)
Hindermyer, Harvey (the USA)
Hinds, Justin (Jamaica)
Hines, Deni (Australia)
Hines, Gregory (the USA)
Hines, The Brendan (the USA)
Hinkle, Florence (the USA)
Hinojosa, Tish (the USA)
Hinson, Micah P. (the USA)
Hinton, Skeeter (the USA)
Hiperboreal (Mexico)
Hipster Image (England)
Hipsway (Scotland)
Hiran’ny Tanoran’ny Ntao Lo (Madagascar)
Hirsch, Shelley (the USA)
Hirt, Al (Scotland)
His Latest Flame (Scotland)
His Majesty’s Irish Guards Band (Ireland)
His Name Is Alive (the USA)
Hisanol (the Netherlands; Australia)
Hiss : 1292 (France)
Hiss Golden Messenger (the USA)
Hit List (Jamaica)
Hit Parade, The (England)
Hitch, Neon (England)
Hitchcock, Carol (Australia)
Hitchcock, Raymond (the USA)
Hitchcock, Robyn (England)
Hitchers, The (Ireland)
Hite, Olly (England)
Hitechjet (England)
Hithouse (the Netherlands)
Hitler, Adolf (Austria)
Hitman Howie Tee; filed under Tee, Howie (England)
Hits Machine Unlimited (England)
Hive (the USA)
Hives, The (Sweden)
Hlathi (South Africa)
Ho, Oliver (England)
Hoa Hoa’s, The (Canada)
Hobbes Fan Club, The (England)
Hobbs, Cliff (the USA)
Hochman’s Yiddisher Orchester, I. J. (?)
Hockey Night (the USA)
Hockeysmith (England)
Hodges, Eddie (the USA)
Hodges, Johnny (the USA)
Hodgson, Brian (England)
Hodson, Andrew (England)
Hoffman, Hans (Germany)
Hoffman, Jacob (Ukraine)
Hoffman, Jeannie (the USA)
Hoffmann, Ingfried (Germany)
Hoffs, Susanna (the USA)
Hofner, Adolph (the USA)
Hogan, Silas (the USA)
Hogg, Smokey (the USA)
Hogsed, Roy (the USA)
Hokea, Ben (the USA)
Hold Steady, The (the USA)
Holden Girls (England)
Holden, Ron (the USA)
Holder, Noddy (England)
Hole (the USA)
Holiday (the USA)
Holiday Flyer (the USA)
Holiday, Billie (the USA)
Holiday, Jimmy (the USA)
Holidays, The (Australia)
Holiness Singers; filed under Phipps, Ernest (the USA)
Holladays, The (the USA)
Holland, Eddie (the USA)
Holland, Rick (England)
Holliday, Michael (England)
Hollies, The (England)
Hollingsworth, Taylor (the USA)
Hollis and The Mackadoos, L. (the USA)
Hollis, Mark (England)
Hollow Men, The (England)
Holloway, Brenda (the USA)
Holloway, Loleatta (the USA)
Holloway, Patrice (the USA)
Holloway, Stanley (England)
Hollowpoint (Jamaica)
Holly and The Italians (the USA)
Holly, Buddy (the USA)
Holly, Wesley (the USA)
Hollywood Argyles, The (the USA)
Hollywood Beyond (England)
Hollywood Flames, The (the USA)
Hollywood Jazz Band; filed under Msomi, Reggie (South Africa)
Hollywood Jazz Combo, The (the USA)
Holman, Eddie (the USA)
Holmes, David (Northern Ireland)
Holmes, Fat Daddy (the USA)
Holmes, Rupert (the USA)
Holmes, Winston (the USA)
Holobody (Canada)
Holopaw (the USA)
Holt, Alf (the USA)
Holt, John (Jamaica)
Holter, Julia (the USA)
Holy Balm (Australia)
Holy Disciples Of Chicago, Ill, The (the USA)
Holy Fuck (Canada)
Holydrug Couple, The (Chile)
Hombres, The (the USA)
Home (the USA)
Home and Abroad (England)
Home Boys; filed under Mukwebo, James (South Africa)
Home T (Jamaica)
Homer (the USA)
Homer and Jethro (the USA)
Homer, Louise (the USA)
Homesick James (the USA)
Homestead Trio (the USA)
Homesteaders, The; filed under Young, Eve (the USA)
Homme, Josh (the USA)
Hondells, The (the USA)
Honey (Scotland)
Honey Bears, The (the USA)
Honey Bees, The 【50s girl r n b group】 (the USA)
Honey Bees, The 【60s girl pop group】 (the USA)
Honey Boy Martin (Jamaica)
Honey Cone (the USA)
Honey Dripper, The; filed under Sykes, Roosevelt (the USA)
Honey Jumpers; filed under McLollie, Oscar (the USA)
Honey Ryder (England)
Honey Smugglers, The (England)
Honey Tongue (England)
Honeychurch (the USA)
Honeycombs, The (England)
Honeycrack (England)
Honeycutt, Johnnie (the USA)
Honeydripper, The; filed under Sykes, Roosevelt (the USA)
Honeydrippers; filed under Liggins, Joe (the USA)
Honeymoon Killers (the USA)
Honeymoon Stitch (the USA)
Honeys, The (the USA)
Honeytones, The (the USA)
Honeyz (England)
Hong Kong Trash (England)
Hong Kongs, The (?)
Honny and The Bees Band (Ghana)
Honolulu Serenaders (the USA)
Honorable Worm, The (the USA)
Honorary Title, The (the USA)
Honourable Worm (the USA)
Hoobastank (the USA)
Hood (England)
Hood Internet, The (the USA)
Hood, Patterson (the USA)
Hook, Peter (England)
Hooker (England)
Hooker and Positive People, Frank (the USA)
Hooker Jr., John Lee (the USA)
Hooker, Earl (the USA)
Hooker, John Lee (the USA)
Hooley, William F. (Ireland)
Hoopii, Sol (the USA)
Hoosiers, The (England)
Hooters (the USA)
Hooton 3 Car (England)
Hooverphonic (Belgium)
Hoovers, The (England)
Hooves Of Destiny, The; filed under Houghton, Beth Jeans (England)
Hope Experience, The (?)
Hope Of The States (England)
Hopewell (the USA)
Hopkin, Mary (Wales)
Hopkins, Al (the USA)
Hopkins, Jon (England)
Hopkins, Lightnin’ (the USA)
Hopper (England)
Hopper, Dennis (the USA)
Hopper, DeWolf (the USA)
Horace Family (the USA)
Hordern, Michael (England)
Horn The Hunt, The (England)
Hornbostel, Christian (Germany)
Horne, Jimmy Bo (the USA)
Horne, Lena (the USA)
Hornsby, Bruce (the USA)
Horntveth, Lars (Norway)
Horny Bitches, The (Canada)
Horowitz (England)
Horrors, The (England)
Horse (Scotland)
Horse Flies, The (the USA)
Horse Lords (the USA)
Horseman (Jamaica)
Horsepower Productions (England)
Horton, Big Walter (the USA)
Horton, Johnny (the USA)
Horton, Robert (the USA)
Horwath, Florian (Austria)
Hosler, Mark (the USA)
Hospitality (the USA)
Hot ‘N’ Juicy (England)
Hot Butter (England)
Hot Chip (England)
Hot Chocolate (England)
Hot Club de Paris (England)
Hot Five; filed under Armstrong, Louis (the USA)
Hot Gossip (England)
Hot Hot Heat (Canada)
Hot Knives, The (England)
Hot Ma (France)
Hot Panda (Canada)
Hot Rats, The (the USA)
Hot Rod Circuit (the USA)
Hot Rod Gang, The; filed under Phillips, Dave (England)
Hot Seven; filed under Armstrong, Louis (the USA)
Hot Shots; filed under Moore, Byrd (the USA)
Hot Snakes (the USA)
Hotel Commodore Ensemble (England)
Hotel Hunger (Denmark)
Hotel Lights (the USA)
Hothouse Flowers (Ireland)
Hotknives, The (England)
Hotplate (England)
Hotshots (England)
Houdini, Harry (Hungary)
Houdini, Wilmoth (Trinidad and Tobago)
Houghton, Beth Jeans (England)
HOUNDSds (the USA)
Hours, The (England)
House ‘A’ Stars Records (Jamaica)
House Master Boyz and The Rude Boy of House (the USA)
House Of Heroes (the USA)
House Of Love, The (England)
House Of Pain (the USA)
House Rockers, The 【Memphis Slim’s band】; filed under Memphis Slim (the USA)
House, Griffin (the USA)
House, Son (the USA)
Housemartins, The (England)
HouseRockers, The 【Hound Dog Taylor’s band】; filed under Taylor, Hound Dog (the USA)
Housewives (England)
Houston (the USA)
Houston, Cisco (the USA)
Houston, Dale (the USA)
Houston, David (the USA)
Houston, Joe (the USA)
Houston, Thelma (the USA)
Houston, Whitney (the USA)
Houzeboyz (?)
How Many Beans Make Five (England)
How To Destroy Angels (the USA)
How To Dress Well (the USA)
How To Swim (Scotland)
Howard, Adina (the USA)
Howard, Austin (England)
Howard, Ben (England)
Howard, Camille (the USA)
Howard, James Newton (the USA)
Howard, Miki (the USA)
Howard, Paul (the USA)
Howard, Robert (England)
Howard, Roland S. (Australia)
Howard, Rosetta (the USA)
Howe, Robert (the USA)
Howell, Peg Leg (the USA)
Howie J and Co (the USA)
Howle, Danielle (the USA)
Howler (the USA)
Howlett, Liam (England)
Howlin’ Wolf (the USA)
Howling Bells (Australia)
Howling Owls, The (England)
Howlite (England)
Hoy, Marie (the USA)
Hoyte, Clyde (Guyana)
Huard, Albert (France)
Hubbert, RM (Scotland)
Hubble Bubble (Belgium)
Huckleberry (Scotland)
Hudmon, Sister Clara (the USA)
Hudson Ford (England)
Hudson, Al (the USA)
Hudson, Elaine (the USA)
Hudson, Eleanor Jones (England)
Hudson, Jenifer (the USA)
Hudson, Keith (Jamaica)
Hudson, Mr (England)
Hue and Cry (Scotland)
Hues Corporation, The (the USA)
Huevos Rancheros (the USA)
Huey, Claude (the USA)
Huggy Bear (England)
Hugh Beaumont Experience (the USA)
Hughes, Fred (the USA)
Hughes, Freddie (the USA)
Hughes, Jimmy (the USA)
Hughes, Joe (the USA)
Hughes, Pee Wee (the USA)
Hughes, Spike (England)
Hula (England)
Hull, Harvey (the USA)
Hum (the USA)
Human Beinz, The (the USA)
Human Cargo (Jamaica)
Human Don’t Be Angry (Scotland)
Human Expression, The (the USA)
Human Instinct, The (New Zealand)
Human League, The (England)
Human Movement (England)
Human Skab (the USA)
Humane Society, The (the USA)
Humanfly (England)
Humanoid (England)
Humble Pie (England)
Humblebums, The (Scotland)
Humes, Helen (the USA)
Humms, The (the USA)
Humperdinck, Engelbert (England)
Humphrey, Harry E. (the USA)
Humphries, Teddy (the USA)
Hun Hangár Ensemble, The (Hungary)
Hungry Kids Of Hungary (Australia)
Hunky Dory (England)
Hunnigale, Peter (England)
Hunt, Pee Wee (the USA)
Hunt, Prince Albert (the USA)
Hunter and Jenkins (the USA)
Hunter, Alberta (the USA)
Hunter, Fluffy (the USA)
Hunter, Ian (England)
Hunter, Ivory Joe (the USA)
Hunter, James (England)
Hunter, Joe (the USA)
Hunter, Tab (the USA)
Hunter, Ty (the USA)
Hunters (the USA)
Hunters Club, The (England)
Huntgren, Carl (the USA)
Hunting Lodge (England)
Huntronik (the USA)
Hurley, Steve ‘Silk’ (the USA)
Hurrah! (England)
Hurricane Harry (the USA)
Hurricane No.1 (England)
Hurricanes, The 【Brooklyn harmony group, 50s】 (the USA)
Hurricanes, The 【South African soul group, 70s】 (South Africa)
Hurst, Peter (England)
Hurt, John (England)
Hurt, Mississippi John (the USA)
Husbands ‘N’ Knives (England)
Hush Sound, The (the USA)
Hüsker Dü (the USA)
Husky (Poland)
Husky Rescue (Finland)
Husky, Ferlin (the USA)
Hussainpuri, Lehmber (India)
Hutch, Willie (the USA)
Hutchinson, Leslie (Jamaica)
Hutchinson, Leslie A. (Grenada)
Hutchison, Frank (the USA)
Hutto, J.B. (the USA)
Hutton School Choir (England)
Hutton, Betty (the USA)
Hutton, Tim (England)
Huun-Huur-Tu (Russia)
Hybirds (England)
Hybrid (Wales)
Hydra (Italy)
Hydroplane (Australia)
Hyland, Brian (the USA)
Hylton, Carlton; filed under Ghost 【90s-00s reggae】 (Jamaica)
Hylton, Clive (Jamaica)
Hylton, Sheila (England)
Hyman, Dick (the USA)
Hyman, Phyllis (the USA)
Hynde, Chrissie (the USA)
Hype, Lisa (Jamaica)
Hype, The (Scotland)
Hyper (England)
Hyper Black Bass (England)
Hyper Go Go (England)
Hyper Kinako (England)
Hyperlogic (England)
Hypnolovewheel (the USA)
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble (the USA)
Hypnotist (England)
Hypnotone (England)
Hysteria (England)
Hysterical Injury (England)
Hysterics, The (the USA)
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