Artist list: I
A full list of all the artists in my personal record collection, song lists are included for all.

Emboldened links highlight where there is at least one album in my collection. Biographies and album discographies are included for these artists.

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I Am Kloot (England)
I Am Scientist (Scotland)
I Am Your Captain (England)
I and Jah Bless, Joseph (Jamaica)
I Awake (Sweden)
I Break Horses (Sweden)
I Monster (England)
I Musici (Italy)
I Octane (Jamaica)
I Solisti Veneti (Italy)
I Was A Cub Scout (England)
I Was A King (Norway)
I, Ludicrous (England)
I, Moses (Jamaica)
I.C.A. (the Netherlands)
I.D.F. (?)
I’ Cons (?)
I’m From Barcelona (Sweden)
I’m In You (the USA)
I’m Not A Band (Germany)
I-20 (the USA)
iamchemist (?)
IAMX (England)
Ian Van Dahl (Belgium)
Iba, Ras (the USA)
Ibizarre (Denmark)
Icarus 【00s drum n bass】 (England)
Icarus 【70s,80s reggae】 (England)
Icarus Himself (the USA)
Icarus Line, The (the USA)
Ice (England)
Ice Berg, Mr. (Jamaica)
Ice Breakers, The; filed under Collins, Albert (the USA)
Ice Cream T (the USA)
Ice Cube (the USA)
Ice Kid (England)
Ice Water (the USA)
Iceage (Denmark)
Icebird (the USA)
Icecream Hands (Australia)
Icehouse (Australia)
Iceman (Jamaica)
Ice-T (the USA)
I-Ching (the USA)
Ici Paris (France)
Icicle Works, The (England)
Icky Blossoms (the USA)
Icon A.D. (England)
Icy Demons (the USA)
Ida Maria (Norway)
Idaho (the USA)
Ideal (Germany)
Ideals, The (the USA)
Idehen, Joshua (England)
Idiot Glee (the USA)
Idle Race, The (England)
Idle, Eric (England)
Idlewild (Scotland)
Idol, Billy (England)
I-f (the Netherlands)
If These Trees Could Talk (the USA)
Ifield, Frank (England)
Ifukube, Akira (Japan)
IG Culture (England)
Iglesias, Enrique (Spain)
Iglesias, Julio (Spain)
Igloo (the USA)
Iglu and Hartly (the USA)
iiO (the USA)
Ijahman (Jamaica)
Ikara Colt (England)
Ikeda, Ken (Japan)
Ikenga Super Stars of Africa (Nigeria)
Ikettes, The (the USA)
Ikonika (England)
iLiKETRAiNS (England)
Ill (England)
Ill Blu (England)
Ill Inspecta (Jamaica)
Illegal Wiretaps, The (the USA)
Illness (England)
Illogical Time Concerns (the USA)
Illusion (Belgium)
Illy (Australia)
Ils (England)
Ima Robot (the USA)
Imaani (England)
Imagination (England)
Imbruglia, Natalie (Australia)
Imlach, Hamish (Scotland)
Immenslope (the USA)
Immortal Technique (the USA)
Impacs, The (the USA)
Impalas, The (the USA)
Impending Doom (the USA)
Imperato, Carlo (the USA)
Imperial Marimba Band (the USA)
Imperial Racing Club (Scotland)
Imperial Teen (the USA)
Imperial Topaz (the USA)
Imperials Quartet, The (the USA)
Impossibles, The (Scotland)
Imposter, The; filed under Costello, Elvis (England)
Imposters, The; filed under Costello, Elvis (England)
Impressions, The (the USA)
Imps, The (the USA)
Imus, Jay Jay (the USA)
In A Sleeping Mood (Italy)
In Crowd, The 【60s rock band】 (England)
In Crowd, The 【70s reggae band】 (Jamaica)
In Flames (Australia)
In This Moment (the USA)
In Tua Nua (Ireland)
In Wilderness (the USA)
Inca Gold (England)
Incantation (England)
Incarnate (Scotland)
Inch (England)
Inclined Plane, The (the USA)
Incognito (England)
Incredible String Band, The (Scotland)
Incredibles, The (the USA)
Indecent Obsession (Australia)
Indeep (the USA)
Indelicates (England)
Indestructible Records (the USA)
Index (?)
India (Puerto Rico)
Indian Dream (England)
Indian Givers, The (Scotland)
Indian Ropeman (England)
Indígenas, Los (Colombia)
Indigo (England)
Indirekt (the Netherlands)
Individuals, The (the USA)
Indoda Mahlathini; filed under Mahlathini (South Africa)
Indoda Mbhodlomane; filed under Mbhodlomane (South Africa)
Indoor Voices (Canada)
Infa Riot (England)
Infernal (Denmark)
Infinity Girl (the USA)
Infrared Riddim Production Team (Jamaica)
Infusion (Australia)
Inga (Germany)
Ingram, James (the USA)
Ingram, Luther (the USA)
Inhalants (the USA)
Injuns (Scotland)
Ink Spots, The (the USA)
Inkwell The Biologic (the USA)
Inman, John (England)
Inna (Romania)
Inna Vision (the USA)
Inner Circle (Jamaica)
Inner City (the USA)
Inner Space, The (Germany)
Innis, Louie (the USA)
Innocence (England)
Innocents Abroad (England)
Innocents, The (the USA)
Inocentes (Brazil)
Insane 【American reggae act】 (the USA)
Insane Clown Posse (the USA)
Insane, The 【English punk band】 (England)
Insect Guide (England)
Insides (England)
Insight (the US Virgin Islands)
Inspector Lenny (Jamaica)
Inspiral Carpets (England)
Inspirational Gospel Singers, The (the USA)
Inspirations, The (Jamaica)
Instant Funk (the USA)
Institute (England)
Instrumentals, The (the USA)
Intelligence, The (the USA)
Intense (England)
Intense Degree (England)
Intenso Project (England)
Inter (England)
Interact (?)
Interflow (England)
International Association Quartette (the USA)
International Bastards (England)
International Beat, The (England)
International Kansas City Playboys (the USA)
International Noise Conspiracy, The (Sweden)
International, Dana (Israel)
Internet Forever (England)
Interns, The; filed under Dr. Feelgood 【aka Piano Red】 (the USA)
Interpol (the USA)
Interstate (England)
Into Paradise (Ireland)
Intombi Zephepha (South Africa)
Intraspect (?)
Intruders Five, The (the USA)
Intruders, The (the USA)
Intuition (the USA)
Intuthuko Brothers (South Africa)
Invada (Jamaica)
Invaders Of The Heart; filed under Jah Wobble (England)
Invaders, The 【60s-70s funk group】 (Bermuda)
Invaders, The 【70s-80s New Wave band】 (England)
Invasion, The 【60s garage band】 (the USA)
Invention Of Dystopia, The (England)
Investigators, The (England)
Invictas, The (the USA)
Invincible Quartet (the USA)
Invisible Girls, The (England)
Invites de Diblo, Les; filed under Dibala, Diblo (the D.R. Congo)
INXS (Australia)
Iowa (Australia)
Irby, Jerry (the USA)
Irene and The Sweet Melodians; filed under Mawela, Irene (South Africa)
Irepress (the USA)
Irie and New Breed, Ian (Jamaica)
Irie Ites (Jamaica)
Irie, Clement (Jamaica)
Irie, Penny (Jamaica)
Irie, Sweetie (England)
Irie, Tippa (England)
Irie, Tonto (Jamaica)
Irie, Trisha (Jamaica)
Irie, Vicious (Jamaica)
Irion, Johnny; filed under Guthrie and Johnny Irion, Sarah Lee (the USA)
Iriscience, Rakaa (the USA)
Irma (Cameroon)
Iroha (England)
Iroi (Japan)
Iron and Wine (the USA)
Iron Bitchface (Canada)
Iron Butterfly (the USA)
Iron Maiden (England)
Ironik (England)
Ironing Board Sam (the USA)
I-Roy (Jamaica)
Irresistible Force, The (England)
Irv Da Phenom (the USA)
Irvine, Tristan (England)
Irving, Lonnie (the USA)
Irwin, Big Dee (the USA)
Irwin, May (Canada)
Is And Of The (the USA)
Isa GT (Colombia)
Isaacs, David (Jamaica)
Isaacs, Gregory (Jamaica)
Isaak, Chris (the USA)
Isbell and the 400 Unit, Jason (the USA)
Isenberg, Liz (the USA)
Ishani (England)
Islam, Yusuf (England)
Island Twins (the USA)
Isle, Jimmy (the USA)
Isle, Ronnie (the USA)
Isles, The (the USA)
Isley Brothers, The (the USA)
Isley, Jasper and Isley (the USA)
Isley, Ronald (England)
Isosceles (Scotland)
Israel Vibration (Jamaica)
Issler’s Orchestra (the USA)
It Bites (England)
It Hugs Back (England)
It’s A Beautiful Day (the USA)
It’s Immaterial (England)
It’s OK (the USA)
Itals, The (Jamaica)
Ites, Ayya (the Netherlands)
Ivan (the USA)
Ivey, Lisa (the USA)
Ivy 【from Norwich】 (England)
Ivy 【from NYC】 (the USA)
Ivy League, The (England)
Ivy Queen (Puerto Rico)
Iwanowski, Aleksander (Poland)
Iyara (Jamaica)
Iyaz (the British Virgin Islands)
Iza Wena (South Africa)
Izingane Zo Mgqashiyo (South Africa)
Izingane Zoma (South Africa)
Izinsizwa Zomoya (South Africa)
Izintombi Zengoma (South Africa)
Izintombi Zephepha (South Africa)
Izintombi Zesi Manje Manje (South Africa)
Izintombi Zo Mgqashiyo (South Africa)
Izintombi Zo Moya (South Africa)
Izzy (England)
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