Artist list: L
A full list of all the artists in my personal record collection, song lists are included for all.

Emboldened links highlight where there is at least one album in my collection. Biographies and album discographies are included for these artists.

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L (England)
L, Jonny (England)
L.A. Aces, The (the USA)
L.A. Mix (England)
L.A. Mood (England)
L.A. Style (the Netherlands)
L.B. Dub Corp (England)
L.E.G.A.C.Y. (the USA)
L.J.M. (Jamaica)
L.L. Cool J (the USA)
L.O.C. (Jamaica)
L.R.S. (England)
L.S.G. (Germany)
L.T. and The Soulful Dynamics (the USA)
L.T.D. (the USA)
L.U.P.O. (Germany)
L.U.S.T. (Jamaica)
L.V. (the USA)
L’Enfant Yode (the Ivory Coast)
L7 (the USA)
La Bamba’s Big Band (the USA)
La Bande Feufollet; filed under Feufollet (the USA)
La Bouche (Germany)
La Chatte, Amizade! (Brazil)
La Havas, Lianne (England)
La Honda (England)
La Mafia (the USA)
La Na Nee Nee Noo Noo; filed under Bananarama (England)
La Peste (the USA)
La Roux (England)
La Rue, D.C. (the USA)
La Sera (the USA)
La Strada (Serbia)
La The Dark Man (the USA)
La Trec (the USA)
La’s, The (England)
Lab 4 (England)
LaBelle (the USA)
LaBelle, Patti (the USA)
Laboratory Noise (England)
LaBradford (the USA)
Labrinth (England)
Lacalle’s Band, John (the USA)
Lacey, Tanya (England)
Lachney, Delma (the USA)
Lacy, Rube (the USA)
Ladd, Mike (the USA)
Laden (Jamaica)
Lady Chann (England)
Lady G (Jamaica)
Lady Gaga (the USA)
Lady Leshurr (England)
Lady Meeka (Trinidad and Tobago)
Lady Patra (Jamaica)
Lady Saw (Jamaica)
Lady Slice (South Africa)
Lady Sovereign (England)
Ladybug Transistor, The (the USA)
Ladyfuzz (England)
Ladysmith Black Mambazo (South Africa)
Ladytron (England)
Lafayettes, The (the USA)
LaFleur, Lewis (the USA)
Lafleur, Mayuse (the USA)
LaFosse, Andre (the USA)
Lagos Mozart Orchestra (Nigeria)
Laibach (Slovenia)
Laidback (the USA)
Laidback Luke (the Philippines)
Laika (England)
Laine, Frankie (the USA)
Laing, Denzil (Jamaica)
Lake Charles Ramblers, The; filed under Manuel, Mack (the USA)
Lake, Chris (Scotland)
Lake, Greg (England)
Lake, Kirk (England)
Lakelustre (England)
Lakeman, Seth (England)
Lakeside (the USA)
Laki Mera (Scotland)
Lali Puna (Germany)
Lalito (Colombia)
Lam, Bela (the USA)
Lam, George (China)
LaMar, Pete (the USA)
Lamarr, Gene (the USA)
Lamb (England)
Lamb, Annabel (England)
Lamb, Bill (the USA)
Lamb, Joseph (the USA)
Lambchop (the USA)
Lambrettas (England)
LaMontagne, Ray (the USA)
Lamzi, Errol (Jamaica)
Lance, Johnny (the USA)
Lance, Major (the USA)
Lancers, The (the USA)
Land and The Modern Painters, Daniel (England)
Land Of Talk (Canada)
Land Shark (the USA)
Landero, Andrés (Colombia)
Landes, Dawn (the USA)
Landis, Jerry (the USA)
Landis, Joya (Jamaica)
Lando B (Jamaica)
Lando, Teta (Angola)
Lands, Hoagy (the USA)
Lands, Liz (the USA)
Landsburg, Valerie (the USA)
Landscape (England)
Landstrumm, Neil (Scotland)
Lane, Mickey Lee (the USA)
Lane, Morris (the USA)
Lane, Ronnie (England)
Lanegan, Mark (the USA)
Lanford, Emma (England)
Lang, Eddie (the USA)
Lang, K.D. (Canada)
Lange (England)
Lange, Michi (Germany)
Langford, Frances (the USA)
Langley Schools Music Project, The (Canada)
Lanois, Daniel (Canada)
Lanterns On The Lake (England)
Lanza, Jessy (Canada)
Lanza, Mario (the USA)
Lapitino, Francis J. (the USA)
Lara, Derrick (Jamaica)
Lara, Jennifer (Jamaica)
Lard (the USA)
Larkin, Patty (the USA)
Larks, The (the USA)
Lärm (the Netherlands)
Larmousse (Scotland)
Larrikin, Edward (England)
Larry and The Blue Notes (the USA)
Larry; filed under Odetta (the USA)
Las Ketchup (Spain)
Las Robertas (Costa Rica)
Las Vegass, Yva (Venezuela)
LaSalle, Denise (the USA)
Lasgo (Belgium)
Lasher, Count (Jamaica)
Lasky, Louie (the USA)
Lassigue Bendthaus (Germany)
Last Battle, The (Scotland)
Last Few (the Netherlands)
Last Poets, The (the USA)
Last Remaining Pinnacle (the USA)
Last Resort, The (England)
Last Shadow Puppets, The (England)
Last, James (Germany)
Late Of The Pier (England)
Late Show, The (England)
Lateef The Truth Speaker (the USA)
Latent Heat (Scotland)
Latimer (the USA)
Latimer, Harrison (?)
Latimore (the USA)
Latin American Rhythm; filed under Jaramillo, Pepe (Mexico)
Latino Rave (England)
LaTour (the USA)
Latrice (the USA)
Lattimore, Harlan (the USA)
Lattisaw, Stacy (the USA)
Lauder, Harry (Scotland)
Laughing Charley (the USA)
Laugmentation (England)
Lauper, Cyndi (the USA)
Laura (Australia)
Laurel and Hardy (England)
Laurels, The (the USA)
Laurence Made Me Cry (Wales)
Laurie, Annie (the USA)
LaVette, Bettye (the USA)
LaVey, Anton (the USA)
Lavice and Company (the USA)
Lavigne, Avril (Canada)
Lavinia (England)
Law Of The Rope (the USA)
Law One (the USA)
Law, Miss Joanna (England)
Lawal, Gaspar (Nigeria)
Lawnchair Generals (the USA)
Lawrence, Azie (Jamaica)
Lawrence, Bill (Germany)
Lawrence, Joey (the USA)
Lawrence, Victor (the USA)
Lawrenson, John; filed under Glover and John Lawrenson, Cynthia (England)
Laxton’s Superb (England)
Layna, Magda (?)
Layton and Johnstone (the USA)
Layton, Lindy (England)
Layzie Bone (the USA)
Laza (the USA)
Laza, Pedro (Colombia)
Lazarus, Ken (Jamaica)
Lazer (Jamaica)
Lazlo, Viktor (France)
Lazy Lester (the USA)
Lazyboy (England)
LB; filed under Lassigue Bendthaus (Germany)
LCD Soundsystem (the USA)
LD (England)
Le Bon, Cate (Wales)
Le Futur Pompiste (Finland)
Le Grand Lolo-Lolitta; filed under Lolo Lolitta (Congo-Brazzaville)
Le Loup (the USA)
Le Neve, Aniis (England)
Le Roc, Kele (England)
le sac, dan (England)
Le Shaun (the USA)
Le Tigre (the USA)
Lea Man G (the Netherlands)
Leach, Georgina (England)
Leachman, Silas (the USA)
Lead Belly (the USA)
Lead Stones (the USA)
Leaders, Benny (the USA)
Leake County Revelers, The (the USA)
Leandros, Vicky (Greece)
Leaper, Bob (England)
Leapy Lee (England)
Learned Helplessness (the USA)
Leather Boy, The; filed under Milan The Leather Boy (Serbia)
Leather Nun, The (Sweden)
Leather Slave (the USA)
Leatherface (England)
Leaves, The (the USA)
Lebanese National Orchestra for Oriental Arabic Music (Lebanon)
Leck, Muma (Jamaica)
Lecturer (Jamaica)
Led Zeppelin (England)
Ledford, Steve (the USA)
Lee and The Dragonaires, Byron (Jamaica)
Lee and The Rivieras, Billy (the USA)
Lee, Amy (the USA)
Lee, Ann (England)
Lee, Ben (Australia)
Lee, Bob (the USA)
Lee, Brenda (the USA)
Lee, Bunny (Jamaica)
Lee, Calvin (the USA)
Lee, Curtis (the USA)
Lee, Dee C. (England)
Lee, Georgia (Australia)
Lee, Hubert (Jamaica)
Lee, Jackie (the USA)
Lee, Jacknife (Ireland)
Lee, Julie (the USA)
Lee, Laura (the USA)
Lee, Lisa (the USA)
Lee, Mandy (the USA)
Lee, Mr. (the USA)
Lee, Nickie (the USA)
Lee, Peggy (the USA)
Lee, Sarah (?)
Lee, Scala (Jamaica)
Lee, Shirley (England)
Lee, Spike (the USA)
Leecan, Bobby (the USA)
Leech, Stephen (Ireland)
Leeds, Austin (the USA)
Leer, Thomas (Scotland)
Leffard, Kelsey (the USA)
Leftfield (England)
Lefties, The (the USA)
Leftside (Jamaica)
Lefturno (the USA)
Leftwich, Benjamin Francis (England)
Leg, The (Scotland)
Legal Weapon (the USA)
Legalize (South Africa)
Lege, Jesse (the USA)
Legend, John (the USA)
Legend, Tobi (the USA)
Legendary Stardust Cowboy (the USA)
Legends, The 【00s-10s indie pop, from Stockholm】 (Sweden)
Legends, The 【60s garage, from Michigan】 (the USA)
Léger, Sébastien (France)
Legion Of Super-Heroes, The (the USA)
Legion, The (the USA)
Legola, Lulama (South Africa)
Legs (the USA)
Lehár, Franz (Austria)
Leighfield, Luke (England)
Leisure Society, The (England)
Leitch, Oriole (Scotland)
Lejeune, Iry (the USA)
Lekakis, Paul (the USA)
Lekman, Jens (Sweden)
Leland Sundries (the USA)
Lemao, Boike (South Africa)
Lemar (England)
Lemon Drops, The (the USA)
Lemon Interupt (England)
Lemon Jelly (England)
Lemon Pipers, The (the USA)
Lemonade (the USA)
Lemonheads, The (the USA)
Lemuria (the USA)
Len Price 3, The (England)
Lena; filed under Fiagbe, Lena (England)
Lenihan, Burton (the USA)
Lenkoe, Johannes (South Africa)
Lennie De Ice (England)
Lenno (Finland)
Lennon, John (England)
Lennon, Julian (England)
Lennox, Annie (Scotland)
Lennox, Elizabeth (the USA)
Lenoir, J.B. (the USA)
Leo and The Pharmacists, Ted (the USA)
Leo The Lion (England)
Leon (the USA)
León, Bienvenido (Cuba)
Leong, Dana (the USA)
Leontiou, Kristian (England)
Lepers, The (the USA)
Lepete, Lui (Jamaica)
Leppard, Raymond (England)
Lerche, Sondre (Norway)
Lerole, Jack (South Africa)
Les 【70s reggae】; filed under Bongo Les (Jamaica)
Les 【80s pop】 (England)
Les Abranis (Algeria)
Les Compagnons de la Chanson (France)
Les Frelons (France)
Les Frères Péguri (France)
Les Officiers Of African Music (France)
Les Rythmes Digitales (England)
Les Savy Fav (the USA)
LeS sOUriREs TrOmPeURs (France)
Les Têtes Brulées (Cameroon)
Les Thugs (France)
Lesotho Sisters (South Africa)
Lester (England)
Lester Singers, The Eddie (England)
Lester, Alfred (England)
Lester, Ketty (the USA)
Let Loose (England)
Let’s Say We Did (Sweden)
Let’s Wrestle (England)
Letters (the USA)
Letters Organize, The (the USA)
Letting Up Despite Great Faults (the USA)
Level 42 (England)
Levellers (England)
Levellers 5 (England)
Leven, Jackie (Scotland)
Levert (the USA)
Levi, Exco (Jamaica)
Levi, Maurice (the USA)
Levi, Mica (England)
Levi, Pop (England)
Levi, Sammy (Jamaica)
Levine, Adam (the USA)
Levitation (England)
Levitch, Timothy (the USA)
Levy, Barrington (Jamaica)
Levy, General (England)
Levy, O’Donel (the USA)
Lewd, The (the USA)
Lewie, Jona (England)
Lewis and The Honeybears, Black Joe (the USA)
Lewis and The Playboys. Gary (the USA)
Lewis Band, R. (the USA)
Lewis, Barbara (the USA)
Lewis, Bobby (the USA)
Lewis, C.J. (England)
Lewis, Dee (England)
Lewis, Douglas (the USA)
Lewis, Furry (the USA)
Lewis, George (the USA)
Lewis, Glenn (Canada)
Lewis, Herschell Gordon (the USA)
Lewis, Hopeton (Jamaica)
Lewis, Huey (the USA)
Lewis, Jeffrey (the USA)
Lewis, Jenny (the USA)
Lewis, Jerry (the USA)
Lewis, Jerry Lee (the USA)
Lewis, Leona (England)
Lewis, Linda (England)
Lewis, Linda Gail (the USA)
Lewis, Meade Lux (the USA)
Lewis, Pat (the USA)
Lewis, Ramsey (the USA)
Lewis, Sidney Jo (the USA)
Lewis, Smiley (the USA)
Lewis, Sylvie (the USA)
Lex, Rohan (Jamaica)
Lexa (England)
Lexx, Mr. (Jamaica)
Lexxus (Jamaica)
Leyton, Johnny (England)
LFO (England)
LHOOQ (Iceland)
Li’l Millet (the USA)
Li’l Vicious; filed under Vicious (the USA)
Liade, Dickael (the Ivory Coast)
Liam and Me (the USA)
Liars 【NYC】 (the USA)
Liars, The 【Manchester】 (England)
Liaz (England)
Libertines, The (England)
Liberty X (England)
Libyans (the USA)
Lichtenberger, Grischa (Germany)
Lidell, Jamie (England)
Liebrand, Ben (the Netherlands)
Liechtenstein (Sweden)
Lies Damned Lies (Scotland)
Lies, The (the USA)
Lieutenant Pigeon (England)
Lieutenant Stitchie (Jamaica)
Lif, Mr. (the USA)
Life (England)
Life And Limb (the USA)
Life Cycle (Wales)
Life In The Fridge Exists (New Zealand)
Life On Mars (England)
Life with Nixon (Scotland)
Life Without Buildings (Scotland)
Life’s Addiction (England)
Lifeguards, The (the USA)
Lift To Experience (the USA)
Lifter (the USA)
Liftmen, The (England)
Ligament (England)
Liggett, Larry (the USA)
Liggins, Jimmy (the USA)
Liggins, Joe (the USA)
Liggo (Jamaica)
Light Of The World (England)
Light Orchestra, The; filed under Light, Enoch (the USA)
Light, Enoch (the USA)
Lighter Shade Of Brown (the USA)
Lightfoils (the USA)
Lightfoot, Gordon (Canada)
Lightfoot, Papa (the USA)
Lighthouse Family (England)
Lightnin’ Hopkins; filed under Hopkins, Lightnin’ (the USA)
Lightnin’ Rod (the USA)
Lightnin’ Slim (the USA)
Lightning Bolt (the USA)
Lightning Seeds, The (England)
Lightning; filed under White Lightning (the USA)
Lightspeed Champion (England)
Lijadu Sisters (Nigeria)
Like A Stuntman (Germany)
Like Bells (the USA)
Like Like The The The Death (the USA)
Like, The (the USA)
Likwe-Likwe Band; filed under Lolo Lolitta (Congo-Brazzaville)
Lil Jon (the USA)
Lil Mo Yin Yang (the USA)
Lil Play (the USA)
Lil’ Al (the USA)
Lil’ Band O’ Gold (the USA)
Lil’ Boys Blue (the USA)
Lil’ Kim (the USA)
Lil’ Mo (the USA)
Lil’ Rick (Barbados)
Lil’ Russ (the USA)
Lil’ Wayne (the USA)
Lilac Time, The (England)
Lilidollrage (France)
Lilies, The (the USA)
LiliPUT (Switzerland)
Lilja, Tobias (Sweden)
LiLos, The (England)
Lily Of The Valley (Japan)
Limahl (England)
Limelight Orchestra, The (England)
Limerick, Alison (England)
Limmie and The Family Cookin’ (the USA)
Limp Bizkit (the USA)
Lincoln, Abbey (the USA)
Lincoln, Charlie (the USA)
Lind, Bob (the USA)
Linda Guilala (Spain)
Linda, Solomon (South Africa)
Linda’s Original Evening Birds; see Linda, Solomon (South Africa) or Evening Birds (South Africa)
Linder, Krister (Sweden)
Lindgren, Alan (the USA)
Lindisfarne (England)
Lindo, Kashief (Jamaica)
Lindsay, Jimmy (England)
Lindsay, Mark (the USA)
Lindstrøm (Norway)
Lindt, Virna (Sweden)
Lineker, Gary (England)
Lingalong Tecknishun, The (England)
Linkers, The (Jamaica)
Linn, Roy (the USA)
Linos Ensemble (Germany)
Linus (England)
Linx (England)
Lion (Trinidad and Tobago)
Lion Face (Jamaica)
Lion Sitte (Spain)
Lion, Tumpa (Jamaica)
Lion’s Den (Jamaica)
Lionrock (England)
Lions, The (the USA)
Lipps Inc. (the USA)
Lippy Lou (England)
Lipscomb, Mance (the USA)
Liptrick, The (England)
Liquid (England)
Liquid Child (Germany)
Liquid Gold (England)
Liquid Oxygen (?)
Liquid State (England)
Liquor Bike (the USA)
Liquorice (the USA)
Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam (the USA)
Lisa Marie (the USA)
Lisa Marie Experience (England)
Lispector (France)
Lissie (the USA)
Listen Up (?)
Listen with Sarah (England)
Lister, Renee (England)
Literature (the USA)
Litter, The (the USA)
Little Angels (England)
Little Anne (the USA)
Little Anthony and The Imperials (the USA)
Little Axe (the USA)
Little Benny and The Masters (the USA)
Little Bob Story (France)
Little Boots (England)
Little Boys Blue (England)
Little Brother (the USA)
Little Butter (the USA)
Little Caesar (the USA)
Little Caesar and The Romans (the USA)
Little Chris and The Righteous Singers (the USA)
Little Clarkie and The Offbeat Posse (England)
Little Dragon (Sweden)
Little Esther; filed under Phillips, Esther (the USA)
Little Eva (the USA)
Little Feat (the USA)
Little Harvey Hull; filed under Hull, Harvey (the USA)
Little Hero (Jamaica)
Little Jack (Jamaica)
Little Jackie (the USA)
Little Joe and The Thrillers (the USA)
Little Joey and The Flips (the USA)
Little John (Jamaica)
Little Junior; filed under Parker, Junior (the USA)
Little Kid Lex; filed under Hendriks, Alex (South Africa)
Little Kirk (Jamaica)
Little Lenny (Jamaica)
Little Lolly (Jamaica)
Little Man Tate (England)
Little Milton (the USA)
Little Mix (England)
Little Red (Australia)
Little Richard (the USA)
Little Roy (Jamaica)
Little Royal (the USA)
Little Scream (Canada)
Little Sonny (the USA)
Little Tony and his Brothers (Italy)
Little Twitch (Jamaica)
Little Walter (the USA)
Little Willie (Jamaica)
Little Willie and The Adolescents (the USA)
Little, Mikey (Jamaica)
Little, Precious (England)
Littlefield, Little Willie (the USA)
Littlejohn, John (the USA)
Live (the USA)
Liverpool Express (England)
Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral Choir, The (England)
Livin’ Joy (Italy)
Livin’ Sacrifice (Sweden)
Living Colour (the USA)
Living In A Box (England)
Livingston, Andy (Jamaica)
Livingston, Carlton (Jamaica)
Livingstone, Dandy (Jamaica)
Liz and The Bouzouki Band, Mara (England)
Liza; filed under Mother Liza (Jamaica)
Lizard; filed under Daddy Lizard (Jamaica)
Lizzy (Jamaica)
LKJ; filed under Johnson, Linton Kwesi (Jamaica)
Llama Farmers (England)
Llamatron (France)
Llorenna, Kelly (England)
Lloyd (the USA)
Lloyd and Devon (Jamaica)
Lloyd and Glen (Jamaica)
Lloyd Pack, The (England)
Lloyd, Cecil (Jamaica)
Lloyd, Cher (England)
Lloyd, Dice and Mum (Jamaica)
Lloyd, Floyd (Jamaica)
Lloyd, Jimmy (the USA)
Lloyd, Marie (England)
Lloyd, Peter (Jamaica)
Lloyd, Robert (England)
Lloyd, Rue (Jamaica)
Lloydie and the Lowbites; filed under Charmers, Lloyd (Jamaica)
LMC (England)
Lo Fi Disco Project (Scotland)
Lô, Ismaël (Senegal)
Lo, James (the USA)
Loafers, The (England)
Lobo (the Netherlands)
LOC (Jamaica)
Lōc, Tone (the USA)
Local Girls (England)
Local Hero (England)
Local Musicians Recorded In Santiago (the Dominican Republic)
Local Natives (the USA)
Loch Awe (Scotland)
Lock ‘N’ Load (the Netherlands)
Lock, Eddie (England)
Locked Groove (Belgium)
Lockettes, The (the USA)
Locklin, Hank (the USA)
Locksley (the USA)
Lockwood, Robert Jr. (the USA)
Locus (England)
Locust Fudge (Germany)
Lodge, J.C. (England)
Lodge, John (England)
Lodger (Finland)
Loeb and Nine Stories, Lisa (the USA)
Loewenstein, Jason (the USA)
Lo-Fidelity Allstars (England)
Lo-Fi-Fnk (Sweden)
Loft, The (England)
Lofton, Cripple Clarence (the USA)
Logan, Johnny (Ireland)
Loggins, Kenny (the USA)
Logh (Sweden)
Loick Essien (England)
Lois (the USA)
Lokassa ya Mbongo (the D.R. Congo)
Loketo (the D.R. Congo)
Lollipop Shoppe, The (the USA)
Lollipops, The (Poland)
Lolly (England)
Lolo Lolitta (Congo-Brazzaville)
Lomax, Alan (the USA)
Lomax, Bess (the USA)
Lombard Quartet, The Carole; filed under Lombard, Carole (the USA)
Lombard Trio, The Carole; filed under Lombard, Carole (the USA)
Lombard, Carole (the USA)
Lombardo, Guy (Canada)
Lombardo, Lisa (the USA)
London African Gospel Choir, The (England)
London Boys (Germany)
London Brass (England)
London Community Gospel Choir, The (England)
London Elektricity (England)
London Film Orchestra, The (England)
London Gay Men’s Chorus (England)
London Philharmonic Orchestra, The (England)
London Saxophonic (England)
London, Jimmy (Jamaica)
London, Julie (the USA)
London, Theophilus (the USA)
London, Tia (the USA)
Londonbeat (the USA)
Lone (England)
Lone Prey (England)
Lone Ranger (Jamaica)
Lone Star Cowboys (the USA)
Lone Wolf (England)
Lonely Walk (France)
Lonero, Bobby (the USA)
Lonesome Sundown (the USA)
Lonestar (the USA)
Loney, Dear (Sweden)
Long Blondes, The (England)
Long Cleve Reed; filed under Reed, Long ‘Cleve’ (the USA)
Long Fin Killie (Scotland)
Long Finger Bandits (England)
Long Firm, The (Scotland)
Long Hat Pins (England)
Long Hind Legs (the USA)
Long Lost, The (the USA)
Long Parliament, The; filed under Hayman, Darren (England)
Long Pigs 【Brooklyn】 (the USA)
Long Ryders, The (the USA)
Long Tall Ernie and The Shakers (England)
Long Tall Marvin (the USA)
Long, Ben (?)
Long, Norman (England)
Long, Shorty (the USA)
Longet, Claudine (France)
Longfingah (Germany)
Longmire, Wilbert (the USA)
Longpigs 【Sheffield】 (England)
Longstone (England)
Longview (England)
Lonyo (England)
Look Blue Go Purple (New Zealand)
Look, The (England)
Looking Glass (?)
Loom (the USA)
Loomer (Brazil)
LoOmis (the USA)
Loop (England)
Loop Guru (England)
Looper (Scotland)
Loose Ends 【60s beat group】 (England)
Loose Ends 【80s-10s r’n’b group】 (England)
Lopes, Lisa ‘Left Eye’ (the USA)
Lopez and Hamilton’s Kings of Harmony (the USA)
Lopez, Jennifer (the USA)
Lopez, Trini (the USA)
Lopez-Cobos, Jesus (Spain)
Loraine, Violet (England)
Lord Beginner (Trinidad and Tobago)
Lord Blakie (Trinidad and Tobago)
Lord Bravo; filed under King Bravo (Jamaica)
Lord Brynner (Trinidad and Tobago)
Lord Byron (Panama)
Lord Canary (Guyana)
Lord Christo (Trinidad and Tobago)
Lord Cobra (Panama)
Lord Composer (Jamaica)
Lord Creator (Trinidad and Tobago)
Lord Cut-Glass (Scotland)
Lord Eva Braun (France)
Lord Executor (Trinidad and Tobago)
Lord Flea (Jamaica)
Lord Fly (Jamaica)
Lord Hummingbird (Trinidad and Tobago)
Lord Invader (Trinidad and Tobago)
Lord Ivanhoe and his Caribbean Knights (Trinidad and Tobago)
Lord Jellicoe (Jamaica)
Lord Kitchener (Trinidad and Tobago)
Lord Laro (Jamaica)
Lord Lebby (Jamaica)
Lord Libby; filed under Lord Lebby (Jamaica)
Lord Messam (Jamaica)
Lord Numb (England)
Lord Of The Dance (Ireland)
Lord Power (Jamaica)
Lord Rockingham’s XI (England)
Lord Sitar (England)
Lord Tanamo (Jamaica)
Lord Tariq (the USA)
Lord Tickler (Jamaica)
Lord Viper (Trinidad and Tobago)
Lord Zen (the USA)
Lord, Mary Lou (the USA)
Lords Of Acid (Belgium)
Lords Of The New Church, The (England; the USA)
Lordz Of Brooklyn (the USA)
Lorelei (the USA)
Loren, Sophia (Italy)
Lorenzo, Paul (?)
Lorenzo; filed under King Lorenzo (Jamaica)
Lori and The Chameleons (England)
Lorraine (England)
Lorries, The (England)
Los Campesinos! (Wales)
Los del Río (Spain)
Los Jardines de Bruselas (Argentina)
Los Lobos (the USA)
Los TroubleMakerz (Puerto Rico)
Los Umbrellos (Denmark)
Loss, Joe (England)
Lost and Found (the USA)
Lost Cherrees (England)
Lost Generation, The (the USA)
Lost Gonzo Band, The (the USA)
Lost Homeboys, The (Sweden)
Lost Kids (Denmark)
Lost Luna (Belgium)
Lost Penguin (England)
Lost Rivers, The (Germany)
Lost Soul Band, The (Scotland)
Lost Tapes (Spain)
Lo-step (Australia)
Lotek (England)
Lott, Pixie (England)
Lotus Eaters, The 【England】 (England)
Lotus Eaters, The 【USA】 (England)
Lotus Fucker (the USA)
Lotus Plaza (the USA)
Lotus Quartet (the USA)
Lou and Michie One, Louchie (England)
Lou Lou (the USA)
Lou, Don (Jamaica)
Loud Warning (the Netherlands)
Loudbomb (the USA)
Loudermilk, John D. (the USA)
Loudmouth (England)
Louie and The Fat Men (the USA)
Louis XIV (the USA)
Louis, Joe Hill (the USA)
Louis, Lil (the USA)
Louise (England)
Louisiana Aces, The (the USA)
Louisiana Five (the USA)
Louisiana Red (the USA)
Louisiane Cajun Band, The (the USA)
Louvin, Charlie (the USA)
Lov, Sara (the USA)
Love (the USA)
Love Affair (England)
Love and Kisses (England)
Love and Money (Scotland)
Love and Rockets (England)
Love As Laughter (the USA)
Love Battery (the USA)
Love City Groove (England)
Love Corporation (England)
Love Culture (the USA)
Love Cup 【Chicagoan indie rockers, 90s】 (the USA)
Love Cup 【Portland indie pop duo, 10s】 (the USA)
Love Decade, The (England)
Love Decree (Scotland)
Love Ends Disaster! (Wales)
Love Family (?)
Love Generation (Jamaica)
Love Infinity (the USA)
Love Inks (the USA)
Love Is All (Sweden)
Love Of Diagrams (Australia)
Love People, The; filed under Gardiner, Boris (Jamaica)
Love Sculpture (England)
Love Spit Love (the USA)
Love Triangle, The (England)
Love Tribe (the USA)
Love Unlimited (the USA)
Love Unlimited Orchestra, The (the USA)
Love You Moon (the USA)
Love, Ali (England)
Love, Buddy (the USA)
Love, Coy (the USA)
Love, Darlene (the USA)
Love, Geoff (England)
Love, Katie (the USA)
Love, Mary (the USA)
Love, Monie (England)
Loveable Tulips, The (Sweden)
Lovebug Starski (the USA)
Lovedeejay Akemi; filed under Yosh (the Netherlands)
Lovedolls, The (the USA)
Lovedrug (the USA)
Lovefoxxx (Brazil)
Lovefreekz, The (England)
Lovelady, Bill (England)
Loveland (England)
Loveless, Patty (the USA)
Lovelites, The (the USA)
Lovell, Nick (Australia)
Lovely Eggs, The (England)
Lover, Johnny (Jamaica)
Lovers Open Fire (Wales)
Loves (Wales)
Loves Ugly Children (New Zealand)
Loves, The (Wales)
lovesliescrushing (the USA)
Loveslug (the Netherlands)
Lovetones, The 【American soul band】 (the USA)
Lovetones, The 【English reggae band】; filed under Kofi (England)
LoveTronic (the USA)
Lovey’s Band (Trinidad and Tobago)
Lovich, Lene (the USA)
Lovin’ Spoonful, The (the USA)
Lovindeer (Jamaica)
Low (the USA)
Low Anthem, The (the USA)
Low Sea (Ireland)
Lowbites, The; filed under Charmers, Lloyd (Jamaica)
Lowbrow (the USA)
Lowe, Charles P. (the USA)
Lowe, Jim (the USA)
Lowe, Nick (England)
Lower Dens (the USA)
Lower Third, The (England)
Lox, Ragga (Jamaica)
Loxx, Curly (Jamaica)
Loyd, Jimmy (the USA)
LR Rockets (England)
LSD and the Search for God (the USA)
Lt. Pigeon; filed under Lieutenant Pigeon (England)
Lt. Stitchie; filed under Lieutenant Stitchie (Jamaica)
Lubbock Texas Quartet (the USA)
Lubec (the USA)
Lubin, Tibi (Scotland)
Luboff, Norman (the USA)
Lucas, Carrie (the USA)
Lucas, Matt (England)
Lucey, Leola (the USA)
Luciana (England)
Luciano (Jamaica)
Lucid (England)
Lucid Dream, The (England)
Lucien, Jon (the British Virgin Islands)
Lucky LeRoy (the USA)
Lucky Soul (England)
Lucky Strike Sisters (South Africa)
Luckyiam.psc (the USA)
Lucrate Milk (France)
Ludacris (the USA)
Luddites, The (England)
Ludicrous Lollipops (England)
Ludus (England)
Luf, Wy (England)
Lufsky, Marshall P. (the USA)
Lugworm (Scotland)
Luhrmann, Baz (Australia)
Luis, Nelly (Peru)
Luke The Drifter (the USA)
Lulu (Scotland)
Lulubelle III (Northern Ireland)
Luman, Bob (the USA)
Lumerians (the USA)
Lumidee (the USA)
Lumley, Eliza (England)
Lumpy and The Dumpers (the USA)
Lunachicks (the USA)
Lunceford, Jimmie (the USA)
Lunch, Lydia (the USA)
Lundager, Jesper (Denmark)
Lundberg, Ebbot (Sweden)
Lung (Wales)
LungLeg (Scotland)
Lunik (Switzerland)
Luniz (the USA)
Lunsford, Bascom Lamar (the USA)
Luo Cultural Association (Uganda)
Lupine Howl (England)
Lupino, Stanley (England)
Luppi, Daniele (Italy)
Lure, Walter (the USA)
Lurkers, The (England)
Luscious Jackson (the USA)
Lush (England)
Lusk, Milán (the USA)
Lutcher, Joe (the USA)
Lutcher, Nellie (the USA)
Luther, Frank (the USA)
Luthuli, Dulcie (South Africa)
Luv’ (the Netherlands)
Luvers, The; filed under Lulu (Scotland)
Luxbeurk, Peggy (France)
LV (England)
Lwin, Annabella (England)
Lydia (the USA)
Lydon, John (England)
Lykke Li (Sweden)
Lyman, Arthur (the USA)
Lyme and Cybelle (the USA)
Lymie (Jamaica)
Lymon and The Teenagers, Frankie (the USA)
Lyn, Keith (Jamaica)
Lynch, David (the USA)
Lynch, Dermott (Jamaica)
Lynn, Agnes (the USA)
Lynn, Barbara (the USA)
Lynn, Cherri (the USA)
Lynn, Cheryl (the USA)
Lynn, Lonnie ‘Pops’ (the USA)
Lynn, Loretta (the USA)
Lynn, Omoye Assata (the USA)
Lynn, Tami (the USA)
Lynn, Terry (Jamaica)
Lynn, Vera (England)
Lynne, Jeff (England)
Lynne, Sue (England)
Lynott, Phil (Ireland)
Lynx (the USA)
Lynyrd Skynyrd (the USA)
Lyon, Ben (the USA)
Lyons, Lonnie (the USA)
Lyric Quartet (the USA)
Lyrical (the Netherlands)
Lyrics, The (the USA)
Lyte, Redd (the USA)
Lytle, Jason (the USA)
Lyttelton, Humphrey (England)
Lyttle, Kevin (Jamaica)
Lytttle Folk, The (England)
LZ7 (England)
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