Artist list: M
A full list of all the artists in my personal record collection, song lists are included for all.

Emboldened links highlight where there is at least one album in my collection. Biographies and album discographies are included for these artists.

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M (England)
M ‘n’ M’s (the USA)
M and M and The Peanuts (the USA)
M People (England)
M, Valerie (England)
M., Bruno (Portugal)
M.A.S.S. (England)
M.E.E.O. (Sweden)
M.I.A. (England)
M.I.S.T. (England)
M.O.R.P.H. (the Netherlands)
M.V.P. (the USA)
M/A/R/R/S (England)
M’Lonie (Jamaica)
M83 (France)
Ma B (South Africa)
Ma, Remy (the USA)
Maal, Baaba (Senegal)
Mabaso, Lemmy (South Africa)
Mabele, Aurlus (the D.R. Congo)
Mabon, Willie (the USA)
Mabrakat (Jamaica)
Mabunda, Samuel (South Africa)
Mac Band, The (the USA)
Mac, Cutty (the USA)
Mac, Sophie (England)
Mac, Steve (England)
MacAllister, Bonnie (the USA)
Macana, La (the Dominican Republic)
Macbeth The Great (Trinidad and Tobago)
Macc Lads, The (England)
Maccabees, The (England)
MacColl, Kirsty (England)
MacDonald Quintet, The Raymond (Scotland)
Macdonald, Amy (Scotland)
MacDonald, Christie (the USA)
MacDonald, Francis (Scotland)
MacDonald, Ralph (the USA)
MacDonald, W. H. (the USA)
Macdonough and Biehling; see Macdonough, Harry (Canada) or Biehling, John H. (the USA)
Macdonough, Harry (Canada)
Maceo and All The King’s Men (the USA)
MacGowan, Shane (Ireland)
Mach, Leon (the USA)
Macha (the USA)
Machete, Steve (Jamaica)
Machinedrum (the USA)
Machinko, Mela (the USA)
Mack 10 (the USA)
Mack, Doug ‘E’ (Jamaica)
Mack, Eddie (the USA)
Mack, Lonnie (the USA)
MacKenzie, Gisèle (Canada)
Mackerel; filed under Major Mackerel (Jamaica)
MacLeod M.B.E., Pipe Major Donald (Scotland)
Macnee and Honor Blackman, Patrick (England)
MacNeil, Rita (Canada)
MacNeill, Seamus (Scotland)
Macon, Uncle Dave (the USA)
MacRae, Gordon (the USA)
Mad Cobra (Jamaica)
Mad Daddy’s (the USA)
Mad Doggy Dog (Jamaica)
Mad Lads, The (the USA)
Mad Lads; filed under Doc Sausage (the USA)
Mad Lion (England)
Mad Mike and The Maniacs (the USA)
Mad Ones (Canada)
Mad Professor (Guyana)
Mad Scorpion (Jamaica)
Mad Stuntman, The (Trinidad and Tobago)
Mad’House (France)
Madcon (Norway)
Madd Dawg (the USA)
Madd, Ciro (Brazil)
Madden, Benji (the USA)
Madden, Dedi (England)
Madder Rose (the USA)
Maddox Brothers and Rose, The (the USA)
Maddox, Rose (the USA)
Madison Avenue (Australia)
Madison, Phil (Guyana)
Madness (England)
Madness, The (England)
Madonna (the USA)
Madoo, UU (Jamaica)
Madox (Italy)
Madremana, Malika (Puerto Rico)
Madvillain (the USA)
Madyaka, William (South Africa)
Mae Shi, The (the USA)
Maelstrom (France)
Maestro, Mia (the USA)
Maffay, Peter (the USA)
Maffia, Lisa (England)
Mafia and Fluxy (England)
Mafia, Leroy; filed under Mafia and Fluxy (England)
Mafuya, Mabel (South Africa)
Magazine 【00s-10s reggae】 (England)
Magazine 【70s-10s new wave】 (England)
Magee, Sterling (the USA)
Maggi, Boro (the USA)
Maggot Sandwich (the USA)
Maggots, The (the USA)
Maghnaoui, Gana El (Algeria)
Magic Arm (England)
Magic Band, The; filed under Captain Beefheart (the USA)
Magic Black Men (Mali)
Magic Carpets (England)
Magic J (England)
Magic Kids (the USA)
Magic Mushrooms, The (the USA)
Magic Notes, The (Jamaica)
Magic Numbers, The (England)
Magic Sam (the USA)
Magic Slim (the USA)
Magic Theatre, The (England)
Magic Trick (the USA)
Magical Mistakes (the USA)
Magicians, The (the USA)
Magick Orchids (the USA)
Magicks (the USA)
Magik Markers (the USA)
Magnapop (the USA)
Magnetic Fields, The (the USA)
Magneto (Mexico)
Magnolia Electric Co. (the USA)
Magnolia Sisters, The (the USA)
Magnolias, The (the USA)
Magnum 【English rock band】 (England)
Magnum 【Jamaican reggae artiste】 (Jamaica)
Magnum 【Puerto Rican dance producer】 (Puerto Rico)
Magoo 【indie band from Norfolk, England】 (England)
Magoo 【rapper from Norfolk, Virginia】 (the USA)
Maguire, Clare (England)
Maguire, Sean (England)
Magwaza, Herman (South Africa)
Mahaffey, Matt (the USA)
Mahal, Mangi (India)
Mahal, Taj (the USA)
Maher Shalal Hash Baz (Japan)
Mahlabathini (South Africa)
Mahlasela, Vusi (South Africa)
Mahlathini (South Africa)
Mahlathini Band; filed under Mahlathini (South Africa)
Mahlathini Girls (South Africa)
Mahlathini Nezintombi Zomgqashiyo; see Mahlathini (South Africa) or Mahotella Queens (South Africa)
Mahler, Marco (the USA)
Mahlokohloko Stars (South Africa)
Mahotella Queens (South Africa)
MAI (Australia)
Mai Tai (the Netherlands)
Maiko (Germany)
Main (England)
Mainer, J.E. (the USA)
Mainer, Wade (the USA)
Maines, Natalie (the USA)
Maion, Monique (Brazil)
Maisonettes, The (England)
Maize, Joe (the USA)
Majella and The Royal Tartan Highlanders (Scotland)
Majestic Arrows, The (the USA)
Majesty (the USA)
Majik, J. (England)
Major Accident (England)
Major Bones (Jamaica)
Major Danger (Jamaica)
Major Mackerel (Jamaica)
Major Oney (Jamaica)
Major Sample (Jamaica)
Majors, The (the USA)
Makana, Peter (South Africa)
Make Up, The (the USA)
Makeba, Miriam (South Africa)
Makedah (the USA)
Makem, Tommy (Northern Ireland)
Makgolokgolo (South Africa)
Makgona Tsohle Band (South Africa)
Makhaya, Harry (South Africa)
Makhekhe, D. (South Africa)
Makholokholo (South Africa)
Makhona Zonke Band (South Africa)
Mákina del Karibe, La (Colombia)
Making Marks (Norway)
Makino, Kazu (the USA)
Makossa, Jack E. (the USA)
Makthaverskan (Sweden)
Makwela, Joseph (South Africa)
Mala (England)
Malajube (Canada)
Malawi Mouse Boys (Malawi)
Malawi, Dexta (Jamaica)
Malcolm, Carl (Jamaica)
Malcolm, Carlos (Jamaica)
Malcolm, Dennis (Jamaica)
Malcolm, Hugh (Jamaica)
Male Bonding (England)
Male Nurse (Scotland)
Maleka; filed under Madremana, Malika (Puerto Rico)
Malhotra, Siobhan (England)
Malibu (Jamaica)
Malibus, The (the USA)
Malignant (Scotland)
Malin, Jesse (the USA)
Malkmus, Stephen (the USA)
Mallard The Wonderdog (England)
Mallard, Sax (the USA)
Maloko (France)
Malombo (South Africa)
Malone, Bugsy (Jamaica)
Malone, Debbie (the USA)
Malone, Gareth (England)
Malone, J.J. (the USA)
Malone, Kyp (the USA)
Malone, Michelle (the USA)
Malory (Germany)
Maltais, Gene (the USA)
Malte (Sweden)
Malvo, Anthony (Jamaica)
Malvo; filed under Malvo, Anthony (Jamaica)
Mama Bhubesi (South Africa)
Mama Cass; filed under Elliot, Cass (the USA)
Mamas and The Papas, The (the USA)
Mambaza Nabafana Bomshosholozo (South Africa)
Mambo Taxi (England)
Mambo Urbano (Spain)
Mamica (Kenya)
Man 2 Man (the USA)
Man From Delmonte, The (England)
Man Man (the USA)
Man Or Astro-man? (the USA)
Man With No Name (England)
Man, Norris (Jamaica)
Mana (England)
Manak, Kuldip (India)
Manasseh, Michael (the USA)
Manbreak (England)
Manchester Orchestra (the USA)
Manchester United Football Club (England)
Mancini, Henry (the USA)
Mandagi, Dougy (Australia)
Mandalay (England)
Mandel, Harvey (the USA)
Mandell, Eleni (the USA)
Mandell, Steve (the USA)
Mandingo Griot Society (The Gambia)
Mandinka Musicians (The Gambia)
Mandrill (the USA)
Mane, Gucci (the USA)
Manfred Mann (England)
Mangwana, Sam (the D.R. Congo)
Mangxola, Mildred (South Africa)
Manhattan Brothers (South Africa)
Manhattan Love Suicides, The (England)
Manhattan Stars (South Africa)
Manhattan Transfer, The (the USA)
Manhattans, The (the USA)
Manhattens, The (the USA)
Mani, Ranjit (England)
Manic M.C.’s (England)
Manic Street Preachers (Wales)
Manifest (?)
Manilow, Barry (the USA)
Maniqui Lazer (Mexico)
Manisch Depressiv (Switzerland)
Mankind (England)
Mankwane, Marks (South Africa)
Mann (the USA)
Mann Singers, Johnny (the USA)
Mann, Aimee (the USA)
Mann, Barry (the USA)
Mann, Carl (the USA)
Mann, George (the USA)
Mann, Herbie (the USA)
Mann, Johnny (the USA)
Mann, Peter (Jamaica)
Mann’s Earth Band, Manfred; filed under Manfred Mann (England)
Männer Ohne Nerven; filed under DJ Hollerbusch (Germany)
Manning, Barbara (the USA)
Manning, Sam (Trinidad and Tobago)
Manning, Terry (the USA)
Mannino, Aaron (the USA)
Manoff, Dinah (the USA)
Manon Meurt (the Czech Republic)
Manor House Mentones; filed under Hoyte, Clyde (Jamaica)
Manorlady (the USA)
Mansiamina, Bopol (the D.R. Congo)
Mansun (England)
Mantaray (England)
Manticore (England)
Mantis (the USA)
Mantler, Michael (Austria)
Mantovani (Italy)
Mantra (Australia)
Mantronix (the USA)
Manuel and The Music of The Mountains (England)
Manuel, Mack (the USA)
Manufactured Romance (England)
Manzy, Herman (the USA)
Maow (Canada)
Mapfumo, Thomas (Zimbabwe)
Maps 【00-10s indietronica】 (England)
Maps and Atlases (the USA)
Maps and Diagrams (England)
Maps, The 【70s punk band】 (the USA)
Maqueens; filed under Queens, The (South Africa)
Marabi Kings (South Africa)
Mařák, Otakar (the Czech Republic)
Marathon (the USA)
Marathons, The (the USA)
Marauders, The (England)
Marbles, The (England)
Marc et Claude (Germany)
Marce et Trumpak (Martinique)
Marceau (France)
Marcels, The (the USA)
March of Dimes (Trinidad and Tobago)
March, April (the USA)
March, Chloë (England)
Marchand, Charles (Canada)
Marching Band (Sweden)
Marcians, The (England)
Marcushpdavis1 (England)
Marden Hill (England)
Mardi Gras (the USA)
Margot and The Nuclear So And So’s (the USA)
Maria (the USA)
Maria False (France)
Maria, Tania (France)
Mariachi El Bronx; filed under Bronx, The (the USA)
Maribel (Norway)
Marichkov, Kiril (Bulgaria)
Marie and The Atom (New Zealand)
Marie et Les Garcons (France)
Marie Marie, Bavon (the D.R. Congo)
Marie, Donna (Jamaica)
Marie, Kelly (Scotland)
Marie, Sharon (the USA)
Marie, Teena (the USA)
Marijata (Ghana)
Marijne; filed under Vlugt, Marijne van der (the Netherlands)
Marijuana, Tanto (the USA)
Marika (Poland)
Marillion (England)
Marilyn (England)
Marina (Brazil)
Marina and The Diamonds (Wales)
Marinas, Die; filed under Dorau, Andreas (Germany)
Marine Girls (England)
Marine Research (England)
Marines, The (England)
Mario (the USA)
Mario and his khaila alto (South Africa)
Marion (England)
Marionna (?)
Maritime (the USA)
Mark Four, The (England)
Mark; filed under Lindsay, Mark (the USA)
Marketts, The (the USA)
Mar-Keys, The (the USA)
Markham, Pigmeat (the USA)
Markhams and Sisters (South Africa)
Mark-One (Italy)
Marks, Guy (the USA)
Marley, Bob (Jamaica)
Marley, Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ (Jamaica)
Marley, Rita (Jamaica)
Marley, Stephen (Jamaica)
Marley, Ziggy (Jamaica)
Marlin, Lene (Norway)
Marling, Laura (England)
Marlow, Harry (England)
Marmalade (Scotland)
Maroon 5 (the USA)
Maroon Town (England)
Mars (the USA)
Mars Volta, The (the USA)
Mars, Bruno (the USA)
Mars, Mitzi (the USA)
Marsalis, Ellis (the USA)
Marsden, Beryl (England)
Marsden, Gerry (England)
Marsden, Steven ‘Lenky’ (Jamaica)
Marsh, Kym (England)
Marsh, Sally Ann (England)
Marshall Hain (England)
Marshall, Danny (Jamaica)
Marshall, Keith (England)
Marshall, Leona (England)
Marshall, Max (England)
Marshall, Nero (Jamaica)
Marshall, Wayne (Jamaica)
Marsiano, Rocky (Portugal)
Martell, Lena (Scotland)
Martha (England)
Martha and The Muffins (Canada)
Martha and The Vandellas; filed under Reeves, Martha (the USA)
Martika (the USA)
Martin and Derrick (Jamaica)
Martin and her Body Guards, Kay (the USA)
Martin, Billie Ray (Germany)
Martin, Bobby (the USA)
Martin, Caroline (England)
Martin, Charlotte (the USA)
Martin, Chris (England)
Martin, Christopher (Jamaica)
Martin, Dean (the USA)
Martin, Janis (the USA)
Martin, Jean (England)
Martin, Jerry (England)
Martin, Laura J (England)
Martin, Madonna (the USA)
Martin, Marilyn (the USA)
Martin, Mary (the USA)
Martin, Ray (Austria)
Martin, Ricky (Puerto Rico)
Martin, Tony (the USA)
Martina 【German indie pop singer, 80s】 (Germany)
Martina 【Jamaican reggae singer, 00s】 (Jamaica)
Martindale, Wink (the USA)
Martinez, Mercedes (the USA)
Martini, Mr. (England)
Martino, Al (the USA)
Martyn (the Netherlands)
Martyn, Beverley (England)
Martyn, John (England)
Marubini (South Africa)
Marula Boom Stars (South Africa)
Marvelettes, The (the USA)
marvell78 (Ireland)
Marvels, The (Jamaica)
Marvin and Johnny (the USA)
Marvin, Cornelia (the USA)
Marvin, Hank (England)
Marvin, Lee (the USA)
MarvWon (the USA)
Marx, Richard (the USA)
Marxist Brothers (Zimbabwe)
Marxist Brothers 【1980-1987】; filed under Marxist Brothers (Zimbabwe)
Marxist Brothers 【1988 onwards】; filed under Chimbetu, Simon (Zimbabwe)
Mary Jane Girls (the USA)
Mary Mary (the USA)
Mary Onettes, The (Sweden)
Marygold (Switzerland)
Masakela, Hugh (South Africa)
Mascis, J. (the USA)
Mase (the USA)
Maseko, Mavis (South Africa)
Mash, The (the USA)
Mashiyane, Spokes (South Africa)
Masilela, Lulu (South Africa)
Masina, Paulus (South Africa)
Masindi, Benjamin (South Africa)
Masked Alberts Kids Chorale, The; filed under Nilsson, Harry (the USA)
Mason 【drum n bass dj】 (the USA)
Mason 【electronic duo】 (the Netherlands)
Mason and Dstar (the USA)
Mason, Barbara (the USA)
Mason, Harvey (the USA)
Mason, Moses (the USA)
Mason, Steve (Scotland)
Mason, Willy (the USA)
Masonic Wonders (the USA)
Masonna (Japan)
Mass (England)
Mass Media, The; filed under Steinski (the USA)
Mass Order (the USA)
Mass Production (the USA)
Massara (Italy)
Massed Carnaby Street John Cooper Clarkes, The; filed under Clarke, John Cooper (England)
Massiel (Spain)
Massive Attack (England)
Massive; filed under Massive Attack (England)
Massivo featuring Tracy (England)
Massyka (Jamaica)
Masta Ace Incorporated (the USA)
Master M (?)
Master Musicians of Joujouka, The (Morocco)
Master Plan, The (the USA)
Masters At Work (the USA)
Masuka, Dorothy (Zimbabwe)
Matata (Kenya)
Match 22 (Scotland)
Matchatcha; filed under Dibala, Diblo (the D.R. Congo)
Matchbox (England)
Matching Mole (England)
Matchuki, Count (Jamaica)
Material (the USA)
Mates Of State (the USA)
Math and Physics Club (the USA)
Mathambo, Spoek (South Africa)
Mathebula and The Chivani Sisters, Elias (South Africa)
Mathey (the Ivory Coast)
Mathis, Johnny (the USA)
Mathwalimbuzi (South Africa)
Matik (Jamaica)
Matisyahu (the USA)
Matitu, Khalifan (Tanzania)
Matlock (Jamaica)
Matmos (the USA)
Matson, Charles A. (the USA)
Matsuzaki, Satomi (Japan)
Matt Bianco (England)
matt pond PA (the USA)
Mattafix (England)
Matte, Bill (the USA)
Matte, Reggie (the USA)
Matterhorn, Tony (Jamaica)
Matters, The (South Africa)
Matthew, Brian (England)
Matthews, Cerys (Wales)
Matthews, Dave (South Africa)
Matthews, Scott (England)
Matthews’ Southern Comfort (England)
Matthias, John (England)
Matthias, Nathaniel ‘Jerry’ (Jamaica)
Matumbi (England)
Mau (England)
Maughan, Susan (England)
Maulidi Musical Party (Kenya)
Maureen; filed under Walsh, Maureen (England)
Maurice (England)
Maurice and Mac (the USA)
Maus, John (the USA)
Mausi (England)
Mavado (Jamaica)
Mavericks, The (the USA)
Mavi (Israel)
Mavis and The Shasha Boys; filed under Maseko, Mavis (South Africa)
Mavuela; filed under Somo, Mavuela (the D.R. Congo)
Mawela, Irene (South Africa)
Max’C (the USA)
Maxey, Howard (the USA)
Maximo Park (England)
Maxipad (?)
Maxwell and The Rhythmmasters, Johnny (the USA)
Maxwell Hôsti Experience featuring Charmaine, The (England)
Maxx (Germany)
Maxx, Frankey (England)
May, Billy (the USA)
May, Brian (England)
May, Dent (the USA)
May, Imelda (Ireland)
May, Simon (England)
Maya (the USA)
Maya, Edward (Romania)
Mayall, John (England)
Maybecyborgs (Germany)
Maybeshewill (England)
Mayer Hawthorne (the USA)
Mayer, Nathaniel (the USA)
Mayfair Dance Orchestra (England)
Mayfield Players, The (the USA)
Mayfield, Curtis (the USA)
Mayfield, David (the USA)
Mayfield, Jessica Lea (the USA)
Mayfield, Percy (the USA)
Maygreen, Mr. (the USA)
Mayhew, Stella (the USA)
Maynard, Ken (the USA)
Mayne, Clarice (England)
Mayne, Ernie (England)
Mayo and Tally (the USA)
Mayo, Mary (the USA)
Mayors Of Miyazaki (England)
Mays, Zilla (the USA)
Maytals, The; filed under Toots and The Maytals (Jamaica)
Maytones, The (Jamaica)
Maz Headrest (?)
Mazeicks (South Africa)
Mazelle, Kym (the USA)
Mazes (England)
Mazibuko, Joseph (South Africa)
Mazzy Star (the USA)
Mbaqazo Boys (South Africa)
Mbazo (South Africa)
M-Beat (England)
Mbhodlomane (South Africa)
MBM - RSW - DBX - DSS (?)
Mbongwa, Khanyisile (South Africa)
MC 900ft Jesus (the USA)
MC Blaze (England)
MC Bonez (England)
MC C-Mone; filed under C-Mone (England)
MC Decimal R. (?)
MC Dee (?)
MC Det (England)
MC Duke (England)
MC Eric (Wales)
MC Fats (England)
MC Flipside (Canada)
MC Hammer (the USA)
MC Lyte (the USA)
MC Mallett (England)
MC Mikee; filed under Freedom, MC Mikee (England)
MC Miker G (the Netherlands)
MC Nail (Jamaica)
MC Number 6; filed under F.A.B. (England)
MC Parker; filed under F.A.B. (England)
MC Ria (England)
MC Sar and The Real McCoy (Germany)
MC Spiggot (Scotland)
MC Tunes (England)
MC Wildski (England)
MC Zulu (the USA)
MC5 (the USA)
McAllen, Lara (England)
McAlmont and Butler; see McAlmont, David (England) or Butler, Bernard (England)
McAlmont and Nyman; see McAlmont, David (England) or Nyman, Michael (England)
McAlmont, David (England)
McCabe (England)
McCabe, Ste (England)
McCahill, Laurie; filed under McDonald with The Laurie McCahill Band, Stuart (Scotland)
McCain, Jerry (the USA)
McCalister Jr., Don (the USA)
McCall, C.W. (the USA)
McCampbell Brothers, The; filed under Mac Band, The (the USA)
McCann, Les (the USA)
McCarley, Erin (the USA)
McCarthy (England)
McCarthy, Denver (New Zealand)
McCartney, Paul (England)
McClarnon, Liz (England)
McClennan, Tommy (the USA)
McClinton, Delbert (the USA)
McClung Brothers, The (the USA)
McClure, Bobby (the USA)
McCluskey Brothers (Scotland)
McCluskey, Angela (Scotland)
McComb, David (Australia)
McCombs, Cass (the USA)
McConville, Jimmy (the USA)
McCook. Tommy (Jamaica)
McCord, Don (the USA)
McCormack, John (Ireland)
McCormick, Gayle (the USA)
McCoy, Kansas Joe (the USA)
McCoy, Rosemary (the USA)
McCoy, Travie (the USA)
McCoy, Van (the USA)
McCoys, The (the USA)
McCracklin, Jimmy (the USA)
McCrae, George (the USA)
McCrarys, The (the USA)
McCreery, Steven (Scotland)
McCulloch, Ian (England)
McCutcheon, Martine (England)
McDaniel, Lewis (the USA)
McDaniel, Willard (the USA)
McDaniels, Gene (the USA)
McDermott, Ewan (Jamaica)
McDermott, John (Scotland)
McDermott, Kevin (Scotland)
McDermott, Tom (the USA)
McDonald (Jamaica)
McDonald with The Laurie McCahill Band, Stuart (Scotland)
McDonald, Michael (the USA)
McDonald, Shelagh (Scotland)
McDonald, Skeets (the USA)
McDowell, Carrie (the USA)
McDowell, Fred (the USA)
McElderry, Joe (England)
McEntire, John (the USA)
McFadden and Dor; see McFadden, Bob (the USA) or McKuen, Rod (the USA)
McFadden and Whitehead (the USA)
McFadden, Bob (the USA)
McFadden, Brian (Ireland)
McFarlane, Rachel (England)
McFerrin, Bobby (the USA)
McFly (England)
McGarrigle, Kate and Anna (the USA)
McGarrigle, Kate; filed under McGarrigle, Kate and Anna (Canada)
McGee, Dennis (the USA)
McGee, Rev. F.W. (the USA)
McGhee and Cogar (the USA)
McGhee, Brownie (the USA)
McGhee, Stick (the USA)
McGhee, Wes (England)
McGlothin, Tabitha (?)
McGraw, Tim (the USA)
McGregor and The Bronzettes, George (the USA)
McGregor, Ewan (Scotland)
McGregor, Freddie (Jamaica)
McGregor, Stephen (Jamaica)
McGriff, Jimmy (the USA)
McGuinn, Roger (the USA)
McGuinness, Eugene (England)
McGuire, Rick (?)
Mchunu, Moses (South Africa)
Mchunu, Sipho (South Africa)
McIntorsh, Elder (the USA)
McKagan, Duff (the USA)
McKay, Freddie (Jamaica)
McKee, Maria (the USA)
McKellar, Kenneth (Scotland)
McKenna, John B (Scotland)
McKenzie, Mike (South Africa)
McKenzie, Scott (the USA)
McKeown, Erin (the USA)
McKuen, Rod (the USA)
McLachlan, Craig (Australia)
McLachlan, Sarah (Canada)
McLain, Tommy (the USA)
McLaren, Malcolm (England)
McLean (England)
McLean, Bitty (England)
McLean, Don (the USA)
McLean, Dream (England)
McLean, John (England)
McLean, Penny (Germany)
McLean, Tulsa (England)
McLennan, Grant (Australia)
McLeod, Rory (England)
McLin, Claude (the USA)
McLinton, Delbert (the USA)
McLollie, Oscar (the USA)
McLusky (Wales)
McManus, Alex (the USA)
McManus, Michelle (Scotland)
McMillan, Ian (England)
McMorrow, James Vincent (Ireland)
McNabb, Ian (England)
McNair, Barbara (the USA)
McNair, Harold (Jamaica)
McNaughton, Tom (the USA)
McNeal, Lutricia (the USA)
McNeely, Big Jay (the USA)
McNeir, Ronnie (the USA)
McNutt, Bobby (the USA)
McPhatter, Clyde (the USA)
McPhee, Tony (England)
McQuade, Betty (Scotland)
McQueen, Geraldine; filed under Kay, Peter (England)
McRae, Carmen (the USA)
McRae, Tom (England)
McShann, Jay (the USA)
McSweeney, Nina (New Zealand)
McTell, Blind Willie (the USA)
McTell, Ralph (England)
McTells, The (England)
McVea, Jack (the USA)
McVey, Rob (England)
McVicar, Rory (England)
McWilliams, Bridgette (the USA)
MDMA (the USA)
Me and Dem Guys (the USA)
Me Me Me (England)
Mead, Abigail (the USA)
Mead, David (the USA)
Meanwhile Back In Communist Russia (England)
Meat Beat Manifesto (England)
Meat Loaf (the USA)
Meat Puppets (the USA)
Meat Whiplash (Scotland)
Meathooks, The (the USA)
Meatley, John (Jamaica)
Meck (England)
Med Dred (Cyprus)
Medal (England)
Medallions, The (the USA)
Medeiros, Glenn (the USA)
Medeski, John (the USA)
Median (the USA)
Medicine (the USA)
Medicine Head (England)
Medicine Show, The; filed under Dr. Hook (the USA)
Medicine, Doza (Jamaica)
Medina Green (the USA)
Meditations, The (Jamaica)
Medium Medium (England)
Medley, Bill (the USA)
Meeker, Edward (the USA)
Meeks (Japan)
Meeks, Carl (Jamaica)
meep (?)
Meester, Leighton (the USA)
Mega City Four (England)
Mega Emotion (England)
Mega, Tom (Germany)
Megabass (England)
Megadeth (the USA)
Megafaun (the USA)
Megah; filed under Banton, Mega (Jamaica)
Megginson Female Quartette (the USA)
Mehli, Surinder (Scotland)
Meices, The (the USA)
Meiko (the USA)
Meire (Brazil)
Meister (Japan)
Mekon (England)
Mekons, The (England)
Mekurya, Getatchew (Ethiopia)
Mel and Kim 【novelty duo】; see Smith, Mel【80s-90s novelty】 (England) or Wilde, Kim (England)
Mel and Kim 【pop duo】 (England)
Mel and Tim (the USA)
Mel, Josie (Jamaica)
Melachrino Strings, The (England)
Meladan (Jamaica)
Melanie (the USA)
Melanie Fiona (Canada)
Melian, Michaela (Germany)
Melle Mel; filed under Grandmaster Melle Mel (the USA)
Mellencamp, John Cougar (the USA)
Mello, Macc (England)
Mello-Kings, The (the USA)
Mellotone Sisters (South Africa)
Mellotones, The (Jamaica)
Mellow (France)
Mellow Drum Addict (the USA)
Mellowdrone (the USA)
Mellowtrons (England)
Melodians, The (Jamaica)
Melodites, The (Jamaica)
Melody Makers, The; filed under Marley, Ziggy (Jamaica)
Melody, Bobby (Jamaica)
Melody, Christopher (Jamaica)
Melody, Courtney (Jamaica)
Melody, Lilly (Jamaica)
Melody, Mikey (Jamaica)
Melody, Sharma (Nigeria)
Melody, Tuffy (Jamaica)
Meloy, Colin (the USA)
Melt Banana (Japan)
Melua, Katie (Georgia)
Melville, Winnie (England)
Melvin and The Blue Notes, Harold (the USA)
Melvins (the USA)
Melys (Wales)
Members Of Mayday (Germany)
Members, The (England)
Membranes, The (England)
Memory Tapes (the USA)
Memoryhouse (Canada)
Memphis Black (Germany)
Memphis Bleek (the USA)
Memphis Horns, The (the USA)
Memphis Jug Band (the USA)
Memphis Minnie (the USA)
Memphis Sanctified Singers (the USA)
Memphis Slim (the USA)
Men At Work (Australia)
Men From Mars; filed under Phillips, Marvin (the USA)
Men From... BEYOND, The (the USA)
Men They Couldn’t Hang, The (England)
Men Without Hats (Canada)
Men, The (the USA)
Menace (England)
Menace Beach (England)
Menace Ruine (Canada)
Menage (the USA)
Menard, D.L. (the USA)
Mendes Brothers (Cape Verde)
Mendes, Sérgio (Brazil)
Mendez, Paul (the USA)
Mendoza Line, The (the USA)
Mendoza, Lydia (the USA)
Mendt, Marianne (Austria)
Menomena (the USA)
Mensah and his Tempos Band, E.T. (Ghana)
Mensah, Joe (Ghana)
Menswear (England)
Menta (England)
Mental As Anything (Australia)
Mental D-structure (France)
Mentalease (the USA)
Mento (Jamaica)
Mento Swingers, The; filed under Jamaica Duke (Jamaica)
Merced Blue Notes, The (the USA)
Mercedes; filed under Martinez, Mercedes (the USA)
Mercer, James (the USA)
Mercer, Mae (the USA)
Mercer, Wally (the USA)
Merchandise (the USA)
Merchant, Justice (Jamaica)
Merchant, Natalie (the USA)
Merciless (Jamaica)
Mercury Dance Band (Ghana)
Mercury Overdose Production Team (Jamaica)
Mercury Rev (the USA)
Mercury, Freddie (England)
Mercy Dee; filed under Walton, Mercy Dee (the USA)
Mercyland (the USA)
Merino Brothers (Colombia)
Merital Family (Jamaica)
Meritones, The (South Africa)
Merlin (England)
Merrick’s Orchestra (Trinidad and Tobago)
Merritt, Stephin (the USA)
Merritt, Tift (the USA)
Merriweather, Daniel (Australia)
Merry Blackbirds’ Orchestra (South Africa)
Merry Go Round, The (the USA)
Merry Macs, The (the USA)
Merry Melody Singers, The (the USA)
Merry, Allen (the USA)
Merrymakers; filed under Fuselier, J.B. (the USA)
Merseybeats, The (England)
Merson, Billy (England)
Merx (the USA)
Merzbow (Japan)
Merzy (Denmark)
Mescaleros, The; filed under Strummer, Joe (England)
Mesfin, Ayalew (Ethiopia)
Mesita (the USA)
Message, The (Jamaica)
Messaoud, Bellemou (Algeria)
Messene, Jimmy (England)
Messer Chups (Russia)
Messiah (England)
Messy Marv (the USA)
Metal Boys (France)
Metal Mike (the USA)
Metal Mike, Lisa and Julia; see Metal Mike (the USA) or Lombardo, Lisa (the USA) or Altstatt, Julia (the USA)
Metalheads (England)
Metallica (the USA)
Metallics, The (the USA)
Metasplice (the USA)
Metaxa, George (Romania)
Meteors, The (England)
Meters, The (the USA)
Meter-Tones, The (the USA)
Metheny, Pat (Norway)
Method Man (the USA)
Metric (Canada)
Metro and Devonte, Tanto; see Metro, Tanto (Jamaica) or Devonte (Jamaica)
Metro Station (the USA)
Metro, Mikey (Jamaica)
Metro, Peter (Jamaica)
Metro, Tanto (Jamaica)
Metro-Gnomes, The (Scotland)
Metronomes (Scotland)
Metronomy (England)
Metropole Orkest, The (the Netherlands)
Metropolitan Military Band (the USA)
Metropolitan Orchestra (the USA)
Metropolitan Quartet (the USA)
Metropolitan Trio (the USA)
Metros, The (the USA)
Metz (Canada)
Meursault (Scotland)
Mew (Denmark)
mewithoutYou (the USA)
Mexican Girl (?)
Mexican Pets (Ireland)
Mezzanine Owls (the USA)
Mezzoforte (Iceland)
MF Doom (the USA)
MFSB (the USA)
Mgababa Queens, The (South Africa)
Mgarimbe (South Africa)
MGMT (the USA)
MHz (New Zealand)
Mi Ami (the USA)
Miami Horror (Australia)
Miami Sound Machine (the USA)
Miaow (England)
Micachu (England)
Mice Parade (the USA)
Michael (South Africa)
Michael and Raymond (the USA)
Michael and The Messengers (the USA)
Michael, George (England)
Michaelson and The Coastguards, Dan (England)
Michaelson, Ingrid (the USA)
Michele, Chrisette (the USA)
Michelle; filed under McManus, Michelle (Scotland)
Michels, Lloyd (the USA)
Michi; filed under Sarmiento, Michi (Colombia)
Michigan and Smiley (Jamaica)
Mickey and Ludella (England)
Mickey and Sylvia; see Baker, Mickey (the USA) or Robinson, Sylvia (the USA)
Mickey Gloss (Australia)
Microdisney (Ireland)
Micropenis (England)
Micropoint (France)
Microwaves, Los (the USA)
Midas Fall (Scotland)
Middle East, The (Australia)
Middle Georgia Singing Convention No. 1 (the USA)
Middle Of The Road (Scotland)
Middleton, Arthur (the USA)
Middleton, Malcolm (Scotland)
Middleton, Tom (England)
Middleton, Tony (the USA)
Midget Ninjas (Russia)
Midlake (the USA)
Midland (England)
Midler, Bette (the USA)
Midnight Juggernauts (Australia)
Midnight Oil (Australia)
Midnight Shivers, The; filed under Crain, Samantha (the USA)
Midnight Star (the USA)
Midnighters, The (the USA)
Midnite (the US Virgin Islands)
Midnite Band, The; filed under Rallo, Tony (France)
Midniters, Thee (the USA)
Midnorth (England)
Midway (the USA)
Midway Still (England)
Mieskuoro Huutajat (Finland)
Mig-29 (Italy)
Mighty Avengers, The (England)
Mighty Clouds (the USA)
Mighty Diamonds (Jamaica)
Mighty Dougla (Trinidad and Tobago)
Mighty Dub Katz (England)
Mighty Duke, The; filed under Duke (Trinidad and Tobago)
Mighty Hannibal, The (the USA)
Mighty Houserockers, The (the USA)
Mighty Lemon Drops, The (England)
Mighty Math (England)
Mighty Mighty (England)
Mighty Oday Riddim Production Team (Jamaica)
Mighty Panther (Trinidad and Tobago)
Mighty Terror, The (Trinidad and Tobago)
Mighty Two, The (Jamaica)
Mighty Voices Of Wonder (the USA)
Mighty Wah!, The; filed under Wylie, Pete (England)
Mighty Walker Brothers (the USA)
Mighty-Mighty Men; filed under Brown, Roy (the USA)
Migil 5, The (England)
Migs, Miguel (the USA)
Miike Snow (Sweden)
Mika (England)
Mike and The Censations (the USA)
Mike and The Mechanics (England)
Mike, Mr. (Switzerland)
mikeplow1961 (England)
Mikeylous (Jamaica)
Mikie, Nini (Nigeria)
Milan The Leather Boy (Serbia)
Milano (Canada)
Milburn, Amos (the USA)
Mild Horses (England)
Mildman Jan (England)
Miles (England)
Miles, John (England)
Miles, Lizzie (the USA)
Miles, Robert (Italy)
Miles, Wymond (the USA)
Milian, Christina (the USA)
Milieu (the USA)
Military Band of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, The (Scotland)
Military Man (Jamaica)
Military Wives (England)
Milk (the USA)
Milk and Cookies (the USA)
Milk and Honey (Israel)
Milk Inc. (France)
Milk Kan (England)
Milk Maid (England)
Milkbagbrother (?)
Milky Wimpshake, The (England)
Milkymee (Sweden)
Millar, Gertie (England)
Miller and The Old South Quartet, Polk (the USA)
Miller, Bobbie (England)
Miller, Buddy (the USA)
Miller, Christine (the USA)
Miller, Emmett (the USA)
Miller, Frank (the USA)
Miller, Frankie (Scotland)
Miller, Glenn (the USA)
Miller, Hannah (England)
Miller, Jacob (Jamaica)
Miller, James; filed under Miller, Reed (the USA)
Miller, Mitch (the USA)
Miller, Ned (the USA)
Miller, Reed (the USA)
Miller, Rhett (the USA)
Miller, Roger (the USA)
Miller, Steve (the USA)
Milli Vanilli (Germany)
Millie (Jamaica)
Milligan, Spike (England)
Millinder, Lucky (the USA)
Million Dead (England)
Million Dollar Quartet (the USA)
Million Stylez (Sweden)
Million Teeth (Jamaica)
Mills Brothers, The (the USA)
Mills, Barbara (the USA)
Mills, Jeff (the USA)
Mills, Mrs. (England)
Mills, Rudy (Jamaica)
Mills, Stephanie (the USA)
Mills, Sydney (Jamaica)
Mills, Ted (the USA)
Mills, Thomas (?)
Milltown Brothers (England)
Milne, Jim (England)
Milo Twins (the USA)
Milosh (Canada)
Milsap, Ronnie (the USA)
Milton, Roy (the USA)
Milwaukees, The (the USA)
Mimitah (the D.R. Congo)
Mimmi’s, Die (Germany)
Mimms, Garnet (the USA)
Mina (Germany)
Minaj, Nicki (Trinidad and Tobago)
Minas, Rick (Burma)
Mind Of Kane (England)
Mind Over Matter (Australia)
Mind Spiders (the USA)
Mindbenders, The (England)
Mineo, Sal (the USA)
Minerva, Maria (Estonia)
Ming and his Pep-Steppers, Floyd (the USA)
Mingus, Charles (the USA)
Mini Skirt Riddim Production Team (Jamaica)
Mini Viva (England)
Miniature Dinosaurs (Scotland)
Miniatures (New Zealand)
Minimo (Jamaica)
Minipop (the USA)
Minisnap (New Zealand)
Ministers-De-La-Funk (the USA)
Ministry (the USA)
Ministry Of Ska (England)
Mink DeVille (the USA)
Minks (the USA)
Minnelli, Liza (the USA)
Minogue, Dannii (Australia)
Minogue, Kylie (Australia)
Minor Alps (the USA)
Minott, Echo (Jamaica)
Minott, Sugar (Jamaica)
Minstrels (the USA)
Mint 400 (England)
Mint Royale (England)
Minus Cway (Croatia)
Minus The Bear (the USA)
Minutes, The (Ireland)
Mira Music Box (the USA)
Miracle Fortress (Canada)
Miracle Legion (the USA)
Miracle Three, The; filed under Wynn, Steve (the USA)
Miracle Workers, The (the USA)
Miracles, The; filed under Robinson, Smokey (the USA)
Mirage (England)
Mirah (the USA)
Miranda Sex Garden (England)
Miranda, Billy (the USA)
Miranda, Holly (the USA)
Mirman, Eugene (Russia)
Miró Belle (the USA)
Miromusic (Denmark)
Mirror Image (?)
Mirror Lady (the USA)
Mirroring (the USA)
Mirrors (England)
Misdemeener (Scotland)
Misfits, The (the USA)
Misiani and Shirati Jazz, D.O. (Kenya)
Miss Black America (England)
Miss Halliwell (England)
Miss Info (the USA)
Miss Kittin (France)
Miss Mend (England)
Miss O (Jamaica)
Missing Brazilians (England)
Missing Delmore (Canada)
Missing Presumed Dead (England)
Missingmen; filed under Barlow, Lou (the USA)
Mission Impossible OST (the USA)
Mission Of Burma (the USA)
Mission, The (England)
Mississippi Jook Band (the USA)
Mississippi Moaner, The (the USA)
Mississippi Mud Mashers (the USA)
Mississippi Mud Steppers (the USA)
Mississippi Sheiks (the USA)
Missourians, The (the USA)
Mist, The (the USA)
Mistabishi (England)
Mistah F.A.B. (the USA)
Mis-Teeq (England)
Mister Heavenly (the USA)
Mister Lies (the USA)
Mistric, Arteleus (the USA)
Mistura (England)
Misty In Roots (England)
Misty, Father John (the USA)
Misty’s Big Adventure (England)
Misunderstood, The (the USA)
Mitch (Jamaica)
Mitchell Brothers, The (England)
Mitchell Minstrels, The George (Scotland)
Mitchell, Bobby (the USA)
Mitchell, Guy (the USA)
Mitchell, Joni (Canada)
Mitchell, McKinley (the USA)
Mitchell, Mitch (the USA)
Mitchell, Prince Philip (the USA)
Mitchell, Ronnie (the USA)
Mitchell, Stanley (the USA)
Mitchell, Willie (the USA)
Mitchum, Robert (the USA)
Mittoo, Jackie (Jamaica)
Mixhell (Brazil)
Mixmaster, The (Italy)
Mixmonster (Israel)
Mixtures, The (Australia)
Mize, Cheyenne Marie (the USA)
Mizell, Hank (the USA)
Mizutama Shobodan (Japan)
Mizz Nobody (Sweden)
Mizzell, Bobby (the USA)
Mizzy, Vic (the USA)
MK Platoon (South Africa)
Mkhalali, Johnson (South Africa)
Mkhize, Mbaliseni (South Africa)
Mlangeni, Babsy (South Africa)
Mme. Antoinette (?)
MN8 (England)
MNDR (the USA)
mnttaB (Australia)
Mo Magic (England)
Mo’, Keb’ (the USA)
Mob Nation (?)
Mobile Strugglers, The (the USA)
Mobiles (England)
Mobius Loop (England)
Moby (the USA)
Moby Grape (the USA)
Mock Turtles, The (England)
Mockasin, Connan (New Zealand)
Mockbirth (Greece)
Mocket (the USA)
Mockingbirds, The (England)
Mockstar (Norway)
Mod Squad (England)
Mode Moderne (Canada)
Model Warships (England)
Modeliste, Ziggy (the USA)
Models, The (England)
Moderat (Germany)
Modern Charms (the USA)
Modern English (England)
Modern Jazz Quartet (the USA)
Modern Lovers, The; filed under Richman, Jonathan (the USA)
Modern Romance (England)
Modern Talking (Germany)
Modern Tone Age Family, The; filed under Dread Flimstone (the USA)
modeselektor (Germany)
Modest Mouse (the USA)
Modesty (Croatia)
Mo-Dettes, The (England)
Modibo, Askia (Mali)
Modiste, Marie (England)
Modjo (France)
Modulated Tones, The (the USA)
Modulations (the USA)
Moebius, Dieter (Switzerland)
Moffat, Aidan John (Scotland)
Moffatt, Katy (the USA)
Moffs, The (Australia)
Mogambos, The (the USA)
Mogollar (Turkey)
Mogwai (Scotland)
Mojah, Fantan (Jamaica)
Mojave 3 (England)
Mojica, Vinia (the USA)
Mojo Men, The (the USA)
Mojo Nixon (the USA)
Mokoena, Anania (South Africa)
Mo-Laudi (South Africa)
Moles, The (England)
Molifi, Ruth (South Africa)
Molina, Aniceto (Colombia)
Molinari, Pete (England)
Moloko (England)
Moloney, Mick (Ireland)
Molvær, Nils Petter (Norway)
Moments, The 【10s indie pop group】 (Japan)
Moments, The 【70s soul group】 (the USA)
Momus (Scotland)
Monacles, The (the USA)
Monaco (England)
Monáe, Janelle (the USA)
Monama, Lucky (South Africa)
Monch, Pharoahe (the USA)
Monckton, Lionel (England)
Monday and The Bitches, Mary (the USA)
Mondy, Alma (the USA)
Money Harm (the USA)
Money, Stretch (the USA)
Money, Zoot (England)
Mongobonix (the USA)
Monica Hits The Ground (Italy)
Monica; filed under Payne, Monica (the USA)
Moniker, Edward (?)
Monique, Candice (Australia)
Monitors, The (the USA)
Monkees, The (the USA)
Monkey Mafia (England)
Monkey Steals The Drum (England)
Monkey Wrench, The (the USA)
Monkey3 (Switzerland)
Monkeys In Love (England)
Monks Of Doom (the USA)
Monks with Orchestra B, Miss Victoria (England)
Monks, The 【60s Garage】 (the USA)
Monks, The 【70s Rock n Roll】 (England)
Mono (Japan)
Mono Taxi (England)
Monochrome Set, The (England)
Monolord (Sweden)
Monomono (Nigeria)
Monotones, The (the USA)
Monro, Matt (England)
Monroe Brothers (the USA)
Monroe, Bill (the USA)
Monroe, Charlie (the USA)
Monroe, George (?)
Monroe, Vaughn (the USA)
Monrose, Cyril (Trinidad and Tobago)
Monsoon 【Reggae band】 (Jamaica)
Monsoon 【Synth pop band】 (England)
Monsta Hemphigher (Jamaica)
Monster Magnet (the USA)
Monster Twins (Jamaica)
Monsters Of Folk (the USA)
Montana Sextet (the USA)
Montana Slim (Canada)
Montana, Patsy (the USA)
Montanari, Ricky (Italy)
Montano, Machel (Jamaica)
Montenegro, Hugo (the USA)
Monterays, The (the USA)
Montet, Berthmost (the USA)
Montez, Chris (the USA)
Montgomery, George (the USA)
Montgomery, Jack (the USA)
Montgomery, John Michael (the USA)
Montgomery, Little Brother (the USA)
Montgomery, Melba (the USA)
Montgomery, Robbie (the USA)
Monti (England)
Montoya, Gildardo (Colombia)
Monty Python (England)
Monyaka (Jamaica)
Mood Mosaic (England)
Mood Of Defiance (the USA)
Mood Rings (the USA)
Mood, The (England)
Moodists, The (Australia)
Moodring (the USA)
Moodswings (England)
Moody Blues, The (England)
Moody, Clyde (the USA)
Mool, Mux (the USA)
Moolah Temple $tringband (the USA)
Moon Bounce (the USA)
Moon Duo (the USA)
Moon Wiring Club (England)
Moonbabies (Sweden)
Moonbeams (the USA)
Moonbell (the USA)
Mooncreatures (England)
Moondog (the USA)
Moondogs, The (Northern Ireland)
Mooney Suzuki, The (the USA)
Mooney, Hal (the USA)
Mooney, Tommy (the USA)
Moonface (Canada)
Moonflowers, The (England)
Moonglows, The (the USA)
Moonlight Trio, The (the USA)
Moonshake (England)
Moonshine Blues (Ukraine)
Moonshine, Micky (Scotland)
Moony (Italy)
Moor and P. Capodiferro, W. (the USA)
Moore and The Rhythm Aces, Bobby (the USA)
Moore, Alex (the USA)
Moore, Alice (the USA)
Moore, Bob (the USA)
Moore, Byrd (the USA)
Moore, Chanté (the USA)
Moore, Daniel Martin (the USA)
Moore, Dorothy (the USA)
Moore, Dudley (England)
Moore, Gary (Northern Ireland)
Moore, Jackie (the USA)
Moore, Johnny 【60s-70s soul singer】 (the USA)
Moore, Johnny 【60s-90s trumpeter】 (Jamaica)
Moore, LaVel (the USA)
Moore, Mandy (the USA)
Moore, Melba (the USA)
Moore, Merrill (the USA)
Moore, Oscar (the USA)
Moore, Pete (England)
Moore, Ray (England)
Moore, Rosie Mae (the USA)
Moore, Sam (the USA)
Moore, Scotty (the USA)
Moore, Sir Patrick (England)
Moore, Sparkle (the USA)
Moore, Thurston (the USA)
Moore, Tina (the USA)
Moore, Tracy Ann (Jamaica)
Moore, William (the USA)
Moore’s Three Blazers, Johnny (the USA)
Moose (England)
Moovers, The (the USA)
Mopeds, The (England)
Mora, Lili De La (the USA)
Morales, David (the USA)
Moran, Mike (England)
Morbid Opera (the USA)
Morcambe and Wise (England)
Morcheeba (England)
Mordant Music (England)
Mordicai Jones (the USA)
More Fire Crew (England)
More, Bart B (the Netherlands)
Moreschi, Alessandro (Italy)
Morgan Heritage (the USA)
Morgan, Corinne (the USA)
Morgan, Derrick (Jamaica)
Morgan, Jane (the USA)
Morgan, Russ (the USA)
Morgan, William H. (the USA)
Morgenstern, Barbara (Germany)
Mori, Ikue (Japan)
Morillo, Erick (Colombia)
Morissette, Alanis (Canada)
Morley, Angela (the USA)
Morning Benders, The (the USA)
Morning Of, The (the USA)
Morning Teleportation (the USA)
Morningstar, Jackie (the USA)
Morocco (?)
Moroder, Giorgio (Italy)
Moroka (South Africa)
Morón, Elías (Colombia)
Morphine (the USA)
Morphosis (Lebanon)
Morricone, Ennio (Italy)
Morris Minor and The Majors (England)
Morris, Chris (England)
Morris, Eric ‘Monty’ (Jamaica)
Morris, Joe (the USA)
Morris, Keith (the USA)
Morris, Lilly (England)
Morris, Rikki (England)
Morris, Sarah Jane (England)
Morris, Thomas (the USA)
Morrisey, Marie (the USA)
Morrison, Carl (Jamaica)
Morrison, Jack (England)
Morrison, James (England)
Morrison, Jim (the USA)
Morrison, Mark (England)
Morrison, Peter (Scotland)
Morrison, Van (Northern Ireland)
Morrissey (England)
Morrissey Mullen (England)
Morse, Ella Mae (the USA)
Mortar and Pestle (Australia)
Mortimer, Bob (England)
Morton Valence (England)
Morton, Ed (the USA)
Morton, Jelly Roll (the USA)
Morwell Unlimited (Jamaica)
Morwells, The; filed under Morwell Unlimited (Jamaica)
Morypcaina (the USA)
Mosby Family Singers (the USA)
Moscow Olympics (the Philippines)
Moshic (Israel)
Moss Cat (England)
Moss, Bill (the USA)
Moss, Buddy (the USA)
Mosshart, Alison (the USA)
Most Brothers, The (England)
Most Serene Republic, The (Canada)
Most, Mickie (England)
Motel Motel (the USA)
Moten, Bennie (the USA)
Moten, Wendy (the USA)
Moth and The Flame, The (the USA)
Moth And The Mirror, The (Scotland)
Mother Abbess (the USA)
Mother and The Addicts (Scotland)
Mother Liza (Jamaica)
Mother’s Ruin (Switzerland)
Motherhips, The (the USA)
Mothers Of Invention, The; filed under Zappa, Frank (the USA)
Mothersbaugh, Mark (the USA)
Motion (Jamaica)
Motion Picture Actress (Australia)
Motiv8 (England)
Mötley Crüe (the USA)
Motorama (Russia)
Motorbass (France)
Motorcycle (the USA)
Motorcycle Boy, The (Scotland)
Motordamn (England)
Motörhead (England)
Motorhome (the USA)
Motorhoney (the USA)
Motorpsycho (Norway)
Motors, The (England)
Mott The Hoople (England)
Motta, Baba (Jamaica)
Mould, Bob (the USA)
Mounsey, Paul (Scotland)
Mount Eerie (the USA)
Mount Kimbie (England)
Mount Moriah (the USA)
Mount Peace Mento Band (Jamaica)
Mount Sims (the USA)
Mountain Dew Boys, The; filed under Shibley, Arkie (the USA)
Mountain Goats, The (the USA)
Mountain Man (the USA)
Mountaineers 【Byron Parker’s group】; filed under Parker, Byron (the USA)
Mountaineers 【J.E. Mainer’s group】; filed under Mainer, J.E. (the USA)
Mountains and The Trees (Canada)
Mourad, Zaki (Egypt)
Mouse and The Traps (the USA)
Mouse On Mars (Germany)
Mouse, John 【indie rocker】 (Wales)
Mouse, John 【reggae singer】 (Jamaica)
Mousse T. (Germany)
Moustache Of Insanity (England)
Mouzon, Alphonse (the USA)
Move, The (England)
Movietone (England)
Movin’ Melodies (the Netherlands)
Mowatt, Judy (Jamaica)
Moxey, George (Jamaica)
Moxham, Stuart (Wales)
Moy, Sylvia (the USA)
Moyet, Alison (England)
Moyo, Jonah (Zimbabwe)
Mozaic (Sweden)
Mozarteum Orchester Salzburg (Austria)
Mozuluart (South Africa)
Mpharanyana (South Africa)
M-Phazes (Australia)
Mr. Airplane Man (the USA)
Mr. Big (the USA)
Mr. Blap (the USA)
Mr. Bloe (England)
Mr. Clean (the USA)
Mr. Dream (the USA)
Mr. Fox (England)
Mr. Kite (Japan)
Mr. Little Jeans (Norway)
Mr. Mister (the USA)
Mr. Moccasin (the USA)
Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire (the USA)
Mr. Review (the Netherlands)
Mr. T Experience, The (the USA)
Mr. Undertaker (the USA)
Mraz, Bill (the USA)
Mraz, Jason (the USA)
Mrs. Howl (the USA)
Mrs. Magician (the USA)
Msakazo Swingsters (South Africa)
Msomi, Reggie (South Africa)
Mt. Sims; filed under Mount Sims (the USA)
Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band (the USA)
Mthembu All Star Queens (South Africa)
Mthembu Queens (South Africa)
Mthembu, Hansford (South Africa)
Mthethwa, Sipho (South Africa)
Mthunzini Girls (South Africa)
Mtukudzi, Oliver (Zimbabwe)
Mtume (the USA)
Mucci, M (Canada)
Muchachos Del Norte (?)
Mud (England)
Muddy River (Spain)
Muddy Summers and The Dirty Field Whores (England)
Mudhoney (the USA)
Mudmen, The (England)
Mudrock (the USA)
Mudwimmin (the USA)
Muffs, The (the USA)
Mugstar (England)
Muhammad, Idris (the USA)
Muhsinah (the USA)
Mukwebo, James (South Africa)
Muldaur, Maria (the USA)
Muldrow, Georgia Anne (the USA)
Mule (the USA)
Mulero, Oscar (Spain)
Muleskinners, The; filed under Laine, Frankie (the USA)
Mull Historical Society (Scotland)
Mullard, Arthur (England)
Mullen, Larry (Ireland)
Müller, Werner (Germany)
Mullican, Moon (the USA)
Mulligan, Carey (England)
Mullings, Tanya (Canada)
Multiplex Cineman (?)
múm 【electronica】 (Iceland)
Mum 【reggae singer】 (Jamaica)
Mumba, Omero (Ireland)
Mumba, Samantha (Ireland)
Mumford and Sons (England)
Mummers, The (England)
Mummies, The (the USA)
Mumps (the USA)
Munga (Jamaica)
Mungo Jerry (England)
Munich Machine (Germany)
Municipal Band of Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Munk, Jonas; filed under Jonas Munk (Denmark)
Munoz, Guillermo (Colombia)
Munro, Murray (England)
Munroe, Colin (Canada)
Muph n Plutonic (Australia)
Muppet Show Music Hall, The (England)
Murat, Jean-Louis (France)
Murder Inc (England)
Murder Mystery (the USA)
Murdoch, Richard (England)
Murdoch, Stuart (Scotland)
Murdock, Lydia (the USA)
Mure, Billy (the USA)
Murena, Tony (France)
Muri Shinjuu (Japan)
Murj, J (Jamaica)
Murkus, Amal (Palestine)
Murmaids, The (the USA)
Murmur (Denmark)
Murmurs, The (the USA)
Murphy, Brittany (the USA)
Murphy, James (the USA)
Murphy, Lambert (the USA)
Murphy, Matt (the USA)
Murphy, Noel (Ireland)
Murphy, Róisín (Ireland)
Murphy, Sport (the USA)
Murphy, Walter (the USA)
Murray, Anne (Canada)
Murray, Billy (the USA)
Murray, Keith (the USA)
Murray, Pauline (England)
Murray, Ruby (Northern Ireland)
Murry The Hump (Wales)
Murs, Olly (England)
Murvin, Junior (Jamaica)
Muse (England)
Music Explosion, The (the USA)
Music Factory (England)
Music For Pleasure House Band (England)
Music Go Music (the USA)
Music Lovers, The (the USA)
Music Machine, The (the USA)
Music Relief (England)
Music Seen (?)
Music Specialists, The (Jamaica)
Music Tapes, The (the USA)
Music United Production (Jamaica)
Music, The (England)
Musical Cowboys; filed under Brown, Milton (the USA)
Musical Linn Twins, The (the USA)
Musical Youth (England)
Musiq; filed under Soulchild, Musiq (the USA)
Musique (the USA)
Musselwhite, Charlie (the USA)
Mustafa (the USA)
Mutabaruka (Jamaica)
Mutha’s Day Out (the USA)
Mutya Buena (England)
Muuy Biien (the USA)
Muwewesu Xylophone Group (Uganda)
Mu-Ziq (England)
MV & EE (the USA)
Mwenge Jazz Band (Tanzania)
Mwrebi, Benny G. (South Africa)
mwvm (England)
MXM (Italy)
My Awesome Compilation (England)
My Bloody Valentine (Ireland)
My Boyfriend’s Private Party (England)
My Brightest Diamond (the USA)
My Brother Dave (England)
My Chemical Romance (the USA)
My Dad Is Dead (the USA)
My Dad vs. Yours (Canada)
My Device (England)
My Favorite (the USA)
My Fictions (the USA)
My Flea Circus (Canada)
My Jealous God (England)
My Life In Rain (the USA)
My Life Story (England)
My Life with The Thrill Kult (the USA)
My Little Pony (Norway)
My Morning Jacket (the USA)
My Name (the USA)
My Name Is Ian (Wales)
My Name Is Ishmael Ali (the USA)
My People Sleeping (Canada)
My Robot Friend (the USA)
My Sad Captains (England)
Mya (the USA)
Myaz, Benjy (Jamaica)
Myaz, Levi (Trinidad and Tobago)
Mydolls (the USA)
Myers, Billie (England)
Myers, J.W. (Wales)
Myers, Pete ‘Mad Daddy’ (the USA)
Myhill, Richard (England)
Myles and Dupont (the USA)
Myles, Alannah (Canada)
Myles, Billy (the USA)
Mylo (Scotland)
Myrdhak, Ras (Jamaica)
Myres, Benjie (Jamaica)
Myriad, The (the USA)
Myrie, Ricky (Jamaica)
Myrogens, The (the USA)
Mysteries, The (?)
Mystery Girls (the USA)
Mystery Jets (England)
Mystery Trend, The (the USA)
Mystic 3 (England)
Mystic 6; filed under Duke Bayou (the USA)
Mystic Chords Of Memory (the USA)
Mystic Revealers, The (Trinidad and Tobago)
Mystic Valley Band, The; filed under Oberst, Conor (the USA)
Mystics, The; filed under Natural-Ites, The (England)
Mystikal (the USA)
Mystiques, The (the USA)
Mz Diva (Jamaica)
Mzwandile, Mr. V. (South Africa)
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