Artist list: N
A full list of all the artists in my personal record collection, song lists are included for all.

Emboldened links highlight where there is at least one album in my collection. Biographies and album discographies are included for these artists.

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N*E*R*D (the USA)
N.A.S.A. (the USA)
n.sound (England)
N.W.A. (the USA)
N’Dour, Youssou (Senegal)
Na Fili (Ireland)
Na Maqueens; filed under Queens, The (South Africa)
Nac/Hut Report (Poland)
Nacho Patrol (the Netherlands)
Nada Surf (the USA)
Nadja (Canada)
Nadler, Marissa (the USA)
Nagano, Yukimi (Sweden)
Nagar All Stars, Ranjit (?)
Nail, Jimmy (England)
Naila Boss (England)
Nairobi Matata Jazz (Kenya)
Naka (Guinea-Bissau)
Nakariakov, Sergei (Germany)
Nakisenyi Women’s Group (Uganda)
Naledge (the USA)
Namenlos (Germany)
Namoko, Alan (Malawi)
Namtchylak, Sainkho (Russia)
Nana (England)
Nana Grizol (the USA)
Nangle, Ed (Jamaica)
Nanko (Jamaica)
Nanton, Noel (Canada)
Nap, Ivan (Jamaica)
Napalm Death (England)
Napoleon Solo (Denmark)
Napoleon XIV (the USA)
Narada; filed under Walden, Narada Michael (the USA)
Narcotic Thrust (England)
Narelle, Marie (Australia)
Nas (the USA)
Nash The Slash (Canada)
Nash, Grace (the USA)
Nash, Graham (England)
Nash, Johnny (the USA)
Nash, Kate (England)
Nash, William (the USA)
Nashville Edition, The (the USA)
Nashville Teens (England)
Nastasia, Nina (the USA)
Nastic, Marko (Slovenia)
Nasty Dog Catchers (the USA)
Nasty Facts (the USA)
Natasha (England)
Natchezippi Band (the USA)
Nathanson, Roy (the USA)
Nathel (?)
National Guard Fife and Drum Corps. (the USA)
National Park (Scotland)
National Philharmonic Orchestra, The (England)
National Promenade Band (the USA)
National Trust, The (the USA)
National Youth Choir Of Great Britain (England)
National, The (the USA)
Native (the USA)
Native Mode (the USA)
Nattious (Saint Kitts and Nevis)
Natty (England)
Natural Black (Guyana)
Natural Experience (Sweden)
Natural Four, The (the USA)
Natural Juices (the USA)
Natural Law (the USA)
Natural Rhythm (England)
Natural Touch (England)
Naturalie (Jamaica)
Natural-Ites, The (England)
Nature and Organisation (England)
Nature Set (England)
Nature Sing (?)
Natus, Joseph (the USA)
Naughty Boy (England)
Naughty Boys, The (South Africa)
Naughty By Nature (the USA)
Navarre, Ludovic (France)
Navazio, Miki (the USA)
Navigator (England)
Nayer (the USA)
Nayler, Maria (England)
Nazareth (Scotland)
Nazareth, Ernesto (Brazil)
Nazeno (?)
Nazz (the USA)
NBJ (the USA)
NBS (the USA)
Ndere Troupe (Uganda)
Ndima, Mtabhane (South Africa)
N-Dubz (England)
Nduweni, Noah (South Africa)
Neal, C.C. (the USA)
Nealy, Keith (the USA)
Neat, The (England)
Nebe Quartett (Germany)
Nebraska Cornhuskers; filed under Rasmussen, Ole (the USA)
Nebula (the USA)
Nebula II (England)
Nectarine No.9, The (Scotland)
Ned’s Atomic Dustbin (England)
Need We Say More (England)
Need-More Band; filed under Leecan, Bobby (the USA)
Nefertiti (the USA)
Nefilim, The; filed under Fields Of The Nephilim (England)
Negatives, The (England)
Negativland (the USA)
Negritage (Argentina)
Negros de la Región; filed under Crespo, Rafeal Yepes (Colombia)
Neighborhood Kingpinz (the USA)
Neighborhood; filed under Neighborhood Kingpinz (the USA)
neil (England)
Neil, Fred (the USA)
Ñejo and Dálmata (Puerto Rico)
Nelly (the USA)
Nelson and The Jumpers, Jay (the USA)
Nelson, Bill (England)
Nelson, Charlie ‘Dad’ (the USA)
Nelson, Ferdie (Jamaica)
Nelson, Jimmy (the USA)
Nelson, Phyllis (the USA)
Nelson, Ricky (the USA)
Nelson, Sandy (the USA)
Nelson, Shara (England)
Nelson, Shelley (England)
Nelson, Sister Mary (the USA)
Nelson, Tom (the USA)
Nelson, Tracy (the USA)
Nelson, Willie (the USA)
Nelstone’s Hawaiians (the USA)
Nemo (Belgium)
Nena (Germany)
Neo Boys (the USA)
Neon Blud (the USA)
Neon Hearts (England)
Neon Indian (the USA)
Neon Neon (Wales; the USA)
Neon Philharmonic, The (the USA)
Neo-Sulan (Jamaica)
Nero (England)
Nero, Frances (the USA)
Nero, Paul (Germany)
Nerve Senta (England)
Nerves Junior (the USA)
Nervous Norvus (the USA)
Ness (the USA)
Nestor, J.P. (the USA)
Nether Adber Choral Ensemble, The (England)
Neu! (Germany)
Neulander (the USA)
Neuman, Alfred E. (the USA)
Neumeier, Mani (Germany)
Neurosis (the USA)
Neurotics, The (England)
Neutral Milk Hotel (the USA)
Neva Dinova (the USA)
Neverever (the USA)
Nevil, Robbie (the USA)
Neville Brothers (the USA)
Neville, Aaron (the USA)
Neville, Art (the USA)
Neville, Ivan (the USA)
Nevins, Jason (the USA)
New Age Funkstas (the USA)
New Atlantic (England)
New Bad Things (the USA)
New Birth (the USA)
New Bohemians (the USA)
New Breed, The (the USA)
New Cassettes (England)
New Colony Six (the USA)
New Decade (England)
New Edition (the USA)
New Electrics (England)
New Fast Automatic Daffodils (England)
New Flesh (England)
New Four Seasons, The; filed under Lloyd, Robert (England)
New Generation Dudes (the USA)
New Georgians; filed under Gonella, Nat (England)
New God (the USA)
New Group; filed under Williams, Andre (the USA)
New Horizons (England)
New Kids On The Block (the USA)
New Kidz (Jamaica)
New Kingdom (the USA)
New Kingston Band (Jamaica)
New Mastersounds, The (England)
New Mayfair Dance Orchestra (England)
New Model Army (England)
New Order (England)
New Orleans Boys; filed under Professor Longhair (the USA)
New Orleans Feetwarmers, The (the USA)
New Orleans Jazzmen; filed under Morton, Jelly Roll (the USA)
New Orleans Owls (the USA)
New Orleans Social Club, The (the USA)
New Orleans; filed under Professor Longhair (the USA)
New Paradesi Music Machine, The (England)
New Pornographers, The (Canada)
New Power Generation, The; filed under Prince (the USA)
New Product (Jamaica)
New Profile Razor Unit (?)
New Race (Australia)
New Radiant Storm King (the USA)
New Radicals (the USA)
New Rhodes (England)
New Seekers, The (England)
New Vaudeville Band (England)
New Walls (Japan)
New World Theatre Orchestra, The (the USA)
New York Citizens, The (the USA)
New York City (the USA)
New York Dolls (the USA)
New York Military Band (the USA)
New York Trio, The (the USA)
New Yorkers, The; filed under Barton, Eileen (the USA)
New Young Pony Club (England)
Newbern, Hambone Willie (the USA)
Newberry III, Booker (the USA)
Newclare Jive Whistlers (South Africa)
Newcomers, The; filed under Flemons, Wayne (the USA)
Newell, Norman (England)
Newhart, Bob (the USA)
Newley, Anthony (England)
Newman, A.C. (Canada)
Newman, Bob (the USA)
Newman, Colin (the USA)
Newman, Jimmy C (the USA)
Newman, Randy (the USA)
Newman, Tony (England)
News For Yours (England)
News, The 【Huey Lewis’s band】; filed under Lewis, Huey (the USA)
News, The 【Synthpop band】 (?)
Newsom, Joanna (the USA)
Newsome, Chubby (the USA)
Newsted, Jason (the USA)
Newton (the Dominican Republic)
Newton, Frankie (the USA)
Newton, Juice (the USA)
Newton-John, Olivia (Australia)
Newtown Neurotics, The; filed under Neurotics, The (England)
Nextmen, The (England)
Ne-Yo (the USA)
Nezintombi Zengoma; filed under Izintombi Zengoma (South Africa)
Nezintombi Zomgqashiyo; filed under Izintombi Zo Mgqashiyo (South Africa)
NFA (Australia)
Ngane and Khamba (South Africa)
Nganeziyamfisa no Khambalomvaleliso (South Africa)
Ngcem, Delford (South Africa)
Ngcobo, Shiyani (South Africa)
Ngema, Mbogeni (South Africa)
Ngoglia, Anania (Tanzania)
Ngoma Dunduri (Tanzania)
NHK (Japan)
Niara; filed under Scarlett, Niara (England)
Niblett, Scout (England)
Nice and Easy Experience (England)
Nice, Johnny (Jamaica)
Nice, The (England)
Nicholas, Paul (England)
Nicholls, Janice (England)
Nichols Trio, Roger (the USA)
Nichols, Red (the USA)
Nicholson, Daniel (the USA)
Nicholson, Neil; filed under Ferguson, Neil Nicholson and Mick Coyle, Bob (Scotland)
Nick Nack Kids, The (England)
Nickelback (Canada)
Nicks, Stevie (the USA)
Nicky and The Dots (England)
Nico (Germany)
Nicol, Hector (Scotland)
Nicole (Germany)
Nicotines (Sweden)
Nielsen and The Chancellors, Ralph (the USA)
Nielsen, Alice (the USA)
Nielson, Kody (New Zealand)
Niereich (Austria)
Nigel and Marvin (Trinidad and Tobago)
Nigel and The Crosses (England)
Nigger Kojak (Jamaica)
Nigger Mikey (Jamaica)
Night Cats; filed under Little Walter (the USA)
Night Genes (the USA)
Night Owls; filed under Clark, Gerald (the USA)
Night Riders, The; filed under Smith, Mel 【50s rock n roll】 (the USA)
Night Source (the USA)
Nightblooms, The (the Netherlands)
Nightcaps, The (the USA)
Nightcrawlers 【90s Rave】 (Scotland)
Nightcrawlers, The 【60s Garage】 (the USA)
Nighthawk, Robert (the USA)
Nighthawks 【40s,50s harmony group】 (the USA)
Nighthawks 【Jimmy Stewart’s group】; filed under Stewart, Jimmy (the USA)
Nightingale, Maxine (England)
Nightingales (England)
Nightlands, The (the USA)
Nightlifters; filed under Williams Bobby (the USA)
Nightmares In Wax (England)
Nightmares On Wax (England)
Night-Timers, The (England)
Nightwish (Finland)
Nikolai Sinistov (England)
Nile, Willie (the USA)
Nilon Bombers (England)
Nilsson, Harry (the USA)
Nilsson; filed under Nilsson, Harry (the USA)
Niña Ciboulette (Chile)
Nina De Los Peines, La (Spain)
Nine Black Alps (England)
Nine High (England)
Nine Inch Nails (the USA)
Niney (Jamaica)
Ninja Flowers (Jamaica)
Ninja Kid (Jamaica)
Ninjaman (Jamaica)
Nips, The (England)
Niquinho (Brazil)
Nirvana 【60s psychedelia】 (England)
Nirvana 【80s,90s grunge】 (the USA)
Nite Life (Ghana)
Nite Riders, The (the USA)
Nitecaps, The; filed under Stacey, Clyde (the USA)
Nitecats, The (?)
Nitro Deluxe (the USA)
Nits (the Netherlands)
Nitti; filed under Knitty, Ty (the USA)
Nitty Gritty (Jamaica)
Nitzer Ebb (England)
Nitzsche, Jack (the USA)
Nivens, The (England)
Nix, Willie (the USA)
Nixe, The (the Netherlands)
Nixon, Mojo (the USA)
Nizlopi (England)
NJF (Canada)
N-Joi (England)
Nkabinde, Zed; filed under Mahlathini (South Africa)
Nkabinde, Zeph (South Africa)
Nkata Mawewe (South Africa)
Nkengas, The; filed under Ikenga Super Stars of Africa (Nigeria)
Nkosi, Ben (South Africa)
Nkosi, West (South Africa)
Nneka (Nigeria)
No Age (the USA)
No Babies (the USA)
No Doubt (the USA)
No Existe (Germany)
No Fraud (the USA)
No Half Measures (Scotland)
No I.D. (the USA)
No Joy (Canada)
No Man (England)
No Means No (Canada)
No Mercy (the USA)
No Song Kutkotz (the Netherlands)
No Thanks (the USA)
Noah and The Whale (England)
Nobesuthu and Gcaba Twins (South Africa)
Noble Grape (?)
Noble, Nick (the USA)
Noble, Patsy Ann (Australia)
Noble, Ray (England)
Noblemen, The (the USA)
Nobles, Cliff (the USA)
No-Cash (the USA)
Node (England)
Noel, Sak (Spain)
noelopaN VIX; filed under Napoleon XIV (the USA)
Nog Watt (the Netherlands)
Noh Mercy (the USA)
Noir Désir (France)
Noir, Jim (England)
Noise Khanyile (South Africa)
Noisettes (England)
Noizzze and Band, Norah (Austria)
Nolan, Jerry (the USA)
Nolans, The (Ireland)
Nomad (England)
Nomad and The Nightmares, Naz (England)
No-man (England)
NON (the USA)
Non Band (Japan)
Nonagon (the USA)
Nonce, The (the USA)
Nooks, George (Jamaica)
Noone, Jimmie (the USA)
Noordkaap (Belgium)
Noosa Heads (Germany)
Nooten, Pieter (the Netherlands)
Norden, Berrick von (the USA)
Nordine, Ken (the USA)
Norfolk and Western (the USA)
Noriko, Tujiko (Japan)
Noris, Günter (Germany)
Nork Law (England)
Normal, The (England)
Norman Orchestra, Monty (England)
Norman, Cyril (England)
Normil Hawaiins, The (England)
Norris Man (Jamaica)
Nortec Collective (Mexico)
North Carolina Ramblers, The; filed under Poole and The North Carolina Ramblers, Charlie (the USA)
North Dakota (the USA)
Northern Cree (Canada)
Northern Uproar (England)
Northical (Greece)
Northside (England)
Norworth, Jack (the USA)
Nosaj Thing (the USA)
Nosferatu D2 (England)
Not Moving (Italy)
Notations, The (the USA)
Notch (the USA)
Notes and The Rudies, Freddie (England)
Nothing (the USA)
Nothing Painted Blue (the USA)
Notic Nastic (Germany)
Notorious B.I.G. (the USA)
Nottz (the USA)
Notwist, The (Germany)
Nought (England)
Nova Mob (the USA)
Nova, Heather (Bermuda)
Novak (England)
Novas, The (the USA)
Novej (the USA)
Novella (England)
Novelty Five; filed under Hoopii, Sol (the USA)
November Coming Fire (England)
Novocaine (Wales)
Now Now Every Children (the USA)
Nowon (Australia)
Noxagt (Norway)
Noze (France)
N-Trance (England)
Ntuli, Jake (South Africa)
N-Tyce (England)
N-Type (England)
Nu Colours (England)
Nu Generation (?)
Nu NRG (Italy)
Nu Shooz (the USA)
Nuages (France)
Nubiles, The (England)
NuBreed (Australia)
Nuclear (Jamaica)
Nu-Design (England)
Nuff Juice (?)
Nuggets, The (the USA)
Numan, Gary (England)
Number One Cup (the USA)
Numbers 【00s,10s indie】 (the USA)
Numbers, The 【70s,80s pop-rock】 (Australia)
Nump (the USA)
Nunally, Keith (the USA)
Nunezz, Tina (Jamaica)
Nuns Chorus (the USA)
Nuns, The (the USA)
Nurse With Wound (England)
Nursery Crimes (Australia)
Nurses (the USA)
Nu-Sonics, The (Scotland)
Nutini, Paolo (Scotland)
Nutmegs, The (the USA)
Nutty Boys, The (England)
Nuyorican Soul (the USA)
NxtGen (England)
NY (England)
Nyboma (the D.R. Congo)
Nyce (the USA)
Nyenwi, Thony Shorby (Ghana)
Nyman, Michael (England)
Nymron (Jamaica)
Nyro, Laura (the USA)
Nzimande, Hamilton (South Africa)
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