Artist list: P
A full list of all the artists in my personal record collection, song lists are included for all.

Emboldened links highlight where there is at least one album in my collection. Biographies and album discographies are included for these artists.

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P Naga (Germany)
P, DJ Stevie (the USA)
P, Frankie; filed under Paul, Frankie (Jamaica)
P, Galaxy (Jamaica)
P, George (Jamaica)
P, Johnny (Jamaica)
P, Lady (Jamaica)
P, Lindo (Jamaica)
P, Percee (the USA)
P, Rodney (England)
P.M. (?)
P.M. Dawn (the USA)
P.S.P. (?)
Paaluhi, John (the USA)
Pablo All Stars; filed under Pablo, Augustus (Jamaica)
Pablo, Augustus (Jamaica)
Pablo, Doctor (England)
Pablo, Petey (the USA)
Pablo; filed under Pablo, Augustus (Jamaica)
Pablo’s Animals, Don (Germany)
Pace Jubilee Singers (the USA)
Pacheco, Alberto (Colombia)
Pacific (England)
Pacific 231 (Germany)
Pacific Express (South Africa)
Pacific UV (the USA)
Pacific! (Sweden)
Pack, The (the USA)
Paddingtons, The (England)
Paddock Park (the USA)
Padeau, Luckson (the Ivory Coast)
Paellas, The (Japan)
Paffendorf (Germany)
Pagan, Ralph (Puerto Rico)
Page and Bop, Ian (England)
Page and Harcle (Jamaica)
Page, Hot Lips (the USA)
Page, Patti (the USA)
Paige, Elaine (England)
Paige, Jennifer (the USA)
Paik (the USA)
Pain Teens (the USA)
Painful Defecation (Canada)
Painkillers (Scotland)
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, The (the USA)
Painted In (Canada)
Painters and Dockers (Australia)
Pairs (China)
Paka’s Hawaiians, Toots (the USA)
Palace Brothers (the USA)
Palace Guard, The (the USA)
Palace Music; filed under Palace Brothers (the USA)
Palace Of Swords (Scotland)
Pale Fountains, The (England)
Pale Man Made (England)
Pale Pacific, The (the USA)
Pale Saints (England)
Pale Seas (England)
Pale Sketcher (England)
Pale Sunday (Brazil)
Palladin, Patti (the USA)
Pallas, Laura (the USA)
Pallett, Owen (Canada)
Palma Violets (England)
Palmer, Amanda (the USA)
Palmer, Carl (England)
Palmer, Earl (the USA)
Palmer, Holly (the USA)
Palmer, Robert (England)
Palmer, Tristan (Jamaica)
Palomo, Alan (Australia)
Pamputae (Jamaica)
Pan Head (Jamaica)
Pan Sonic (Finland)
Pana Afros Con, Los; filed under Lord Cobra (Panama)
Panacea (Germany)
Panama (England)
Pancake Breakfast (the USA)
Pancho, Al (Jamaica)
Panda (the USA)
Panda Bear (the USA)
Panda Eyes (Scotland)
Panda Gang, The (England)
Panda Riot (the USA)
Pandercakes (the USA)
Pandit (the USA)
Pandora’s Box (the USA)
Pandoras, The (the USA)
Pandy, Daryl (the USA)
Panic, Emily (the USA)
Panjabi Hit Squad (England)
Panjabi MC (England)
Pank Hi; filed under Prince Pankhi (Jamaica)
Panophonic (the USA)
Panóptica (Mexico)
Pantha du Prince (Germany)
Panton, Roy (Jamaica)
Pants, The (the USA)
Papa Biggie (Jamaica)
Papa Dee (Sweden)
Papa Harvey Hull; filed under Hull, Harvey (the USA)
Papa M (the USA)
Papa Roach (the USA)
Papa San (Jamaica)
Papa Tullo (Jamaica)
Papa Wemba (the D.R. Congo)
Papagika, Marika (Greece)
Paper Lace (England)
Paper Route (the USA)
Paperboy (the USA)
Paperboys, The (England)
Papercuts (the USA)
Paperlung (England)
Para One (France)
Parachute Men, The (England)
Parade (England)
Paradis, Vanessa (France)
Paradons, The (the USA)
Paragons, The (Jamaica)
Parallelograms, The (England)
Paramor, Norrie (England)
Paramore (the USA)
Paramounts, The (England)
Paranormal (?)
Parawi, Ashok (Scotland)
Parc Troli (Wales)
Pards; filed under Luther, Frank (the USA)
Paredes, Nacho (Colombia)
Parenthetical Girls (the USA)
Pariah (Scotland)
Pariapunk (France)
Paris Angels (England)
Paris Motel (England)
Paris, Mica (England)
Paris, Ryan (Italy)
Parish, John (England)
Parisio, Gaetano (Italy)
Park Orchestra, The Simon (England)
Park, Graham (England)
Parker Jr., Ray (the USA)
Parker, Anders (the USA)
Parker, Byron (the USA)
Parker, Charlie (the USA)
Parker, Chubby (the USA)
Parker, Derrick (Jamaica)
Parker, Graham (England)
Parker, Johnny (the USA)
Parker, Junior (the USA)
Parker, Ken (Jamaica)
Parker, Maceo (the USA)
Parker, Robert (the USA)
Parkes, Lindo; filed under P, Lindo (Jamaica)
Parkings, Juliet (Jamaica)
Parks, Alex (England)
Parks, Bob (England)
Parks, Lloyd (Jamaica)
Parks, Noel (Jamaica)
Parks, Van Dyke (the USA)
Parkway Project (England)
Parliament (the USA)
Parlophone Quartet (?)
Parlow, Kathleen (Canada)
Parodi, Starr (the USA)
Parr, John (England)
Parrish, Dean (the USA)
Parrish, Man (the USA)
Parrots, The (England)
Parsons, Bill (the USA)
Parsons, Gram (the USA)
Part Chimp (England)
Part Time Punx (Germany)
Partisans, The (England)
Partizan (England)
Partly Faithful (England)
Partners In Crime (the USA)
Partners In Kryme (the USA)
Partners, The; filed under Hudson, Al (the USA)
Parton, David (England)
Parton, Dolly (the USA)
Partridge, Don (England)
Parts and Labor (the USA)
Party Animals (?)
Party Brothers Orchestra; filed under Thomas, Jamo (the USA)
Party Of One (the USA)
Pasadenas, The (England)
Pasquale and The Lunar (the USA)
Passage (England)
Passengers (Ireland)
Passion (Jamaica)
Passion Fruit and Holy Bread (England)
Passion Pit (the USA)
Passion Puppets (England)
Passions, The (England)
Past Seven Days (England)
Pastels, The 【50s doo wop】 (the USA)
Pastels, The 【80s-10s indie】 (Scotland)
Pastor Lee (England)
Pat and Mick (England)
Patchy (Jamaica)
Patek Orchestra, Joe (the USA)
Paterson, Alec (?)
Patience and Prudence (the USA)
Patience, Ernest (Canada)
Patra; filed under Lady Patra (Jamaica)
Patrick Watson (Canada)
Patrick, Kentrick (Trinidad and Tobago)
Patsy; filed under Todd, Millicent ‘Patsy’ (Jamaica)
Patterson, Idelle (the USA)
Patterson, Keisha (Jamaica)
Patterson’s Piedmont Log Rollers (the USA)
Pattexx (Jamaica)
Patton, Alexander (the USA)
Patton, Charlie (the USA)
Patton, Mike (the USA)
Paul and Paula (the USA)
Paul, Billy (the USA)
Paul, Frankie (Jamaica)
Paul, John E. (?)
Paul, Lynsey de (England)
Paul, Owen (Scotland)
Paul, Paul Byrne (?)
Paul, Ruby (the USA)
Paul, Sean (Jamaica)
Paul’s Disciples (England)
Paula (England)
Pauses, The (the USA)
Pavarotti, Luciano (Italy)
Pavement (the USA)
Pavlas and his Bohemians, Adolph (the USA)
Paw (the USA)
Paws 【Electronica Artist from Zurich】 (Switzerland)
Paws 【Glasgow Punk band】 (Scotland)
Paxton, Tom (the USA)
Paycheck, Johnny (the USA)
Payne, Freda (the USA)
Payne, Herbert (England)
Payne, Jack (England)
Payne, Leon (the USA)
Payne, Monica (the USA)
PDH (Canada)
Peabody, Eddie (the USA)
Peace Together (Northern Ireland)
Peace; filed under Womack, Bobby (the USA)
Peach Tree, The (Australia)
Peaches (Canada)
Peaches and Herb (the USA)
Peaches, The; filed under James, Etta (the USA)
Peacock, Annette (the USA)
Peaking Lights (the USA)
Pear Traps, The (the USA)
Pearl Jam (the USA)
Pearl, Jemina (the USA)
Pearlfishers, The (England)
Pearls Before Swine (the USA)
Pearls, The (England)
Pearson, Alice (the USA)
Pearson, Daniel (England)
Pearson, Johnny (England)
Pearson, Josh T. (the USA)
Peasant (the USA)
Pebbles (the USA)
Pecadiloes, The (England)
Peck, Gregory (Jamaica)
Pecknold, Robin (the USA)
Peculiar, Mr. (England)
Pee (the USA)
Pee Bee Squad (England)
Peebles, Ann (the USA)
PeeChees, The (the USA)
Peechiz (the USA)
Peedie Peedie (the USA)
Peek, John (the USA)
Peek, Paul (the USA)
Peel, Hannah (Northern Ireland)
Peel, John (England)
Peels, The (the USA)
Peeples, Robert (the USA)
Peepshow (?)
Peerless Orchestra (the USA)
Peerless Quartet (the USA)
Peerless Trio (the USA)
Peetah (the USA)
Pegg, Carolanne (England)
Peggy Sue (England)
Péguri, Charles (France)
Péguri, Louis (France)
Pegz (Australia)
Peking Conservatoire Symphony Orchestra, The (China)
Pele (England)
Pellow, Marti (Scotland)
Pena, Paul ‘Earthquake’ (the USA)
Peñaranda, Jose M. (Colombia)
Pendergrass, Teddy (the USA)
Pendulum (Australia)
Pendulums, The (Scotland)
Penetration (England)
Penguin Cafe Orchestra (England)
Penguins Kill Polar Bears (Scotland)
Penguins, The (the USA)
Peniston, Ce Ce (the USA)
Penn, Dawn (Jamaica)
Penner, Dick (the USA)
Pennington, Barbara (the USA)
Pennington, Zac (the USA)
Penny and The Overtones (the USA)
Penny and The Quarters (the USA)
Penny, Hank (the USA)
Penrose and Whitlock (England)
Penta Sexuality (Scotland)
Pentangle (England)
Pentatonix (the USA)
Penton, Thomas (the USA)
People (?)
People Like Us (England)
People, Places, Maps… (Scotland)
Peoples Choice, The (the USA)
Peopling (the USA)
Pepe Deluxé (Finland)
Peppa, Mr. (Jamaica)
Pepper Rabbit (the USA)
Pepper, Florence (the USA)
Pepper, Gennie (Jamaica)
Pepper, Neil (England)
Peppers, The (France)
Pepsi and Shirlie (England)
Pepsi Cola Bottling Company (the USA)
Pep-Steppers; filed under Ming and his Pep-Steppers, Floyd (the USA)
Perc (England)
Percussions (England)
Pere Ubu (the USA)
Peréz, Lucho (Colombia)
Perfect (Jamaica)
Perfect Circles, The (?)
Perfect Day (England)
Perfect Disaster, The (England)
Perfect Needle, The (Brazil)
Perfect Pop (Italy)
Perfections, The (the USA)
Perfecto Allstarz (England)
Performers, The (the USA)
Perfume Genius (the USA)
Perhacs, Linda (the USA)
Perhower (England)
Peridots, The (the USA)
Period Pains (England)
Perishers, The (Sweden)
Perkie (England)
Perkins and The Silver Stars, George (the USA)
Perkins, Carl (the USA)
Perkins, Elvis (the USA)
Perkins, Ethel (the USA)
Perkins, Velma (the USA)
Permanent Green Light (the USA)
Perms, The (Canada)
Pernice Brothers (the USA)
Perpetual Motion (England)
Perrett’s The One, Peter (England)
Perrey, Jean-Jacques (France)
Perri, Christina (the USA)
Perry and Kingsley (the USA)
Perry, Katy (the USA)
Perry, Lee ‘Scratch’ (Jamaica)
Perry, Omar (Jamaica)
Perry, Steve (the USA)
Persil (the Netherlands)
Personal Helicopter (Canada)
Persson, Britta (Sweden)
Persson, Nina (Sweden)
Persuasions, The (the USA)
Pervers (Germany)
Perwert (Finland)
Peste Noire (France)
Pestilence (the Netherlands)
Pet Friends (England)
Pet Lamb (Ireland)
Pet Shop Boys (England)
Petalpusher (the USA)
Pete and The Pirates (England)
Peter and Gordon (England)
Peter and The Test Tube Babies (England)
Peter, Bjorn and John (Sweden)
Peter, C.C. (Spain)
Peter, Paul and Marty (England)
Peter, Paul and Mary (the USA)
Peters and Lee (England)
Peters, Adam (England)
Peters, Mark (England)
Peters, Sir Shina (Nigeria)
Peterson, Ray (the USA)
Pets, The (the USA)
Petterstein, Shorty (the USA)
Petticoats, The (England)
Pettis, Arthur (the USA)
Petty, Tom (the USA)
Petway, Robert (the USA)
Peyroux, Madeleine (the USA)
PF Project (England)
Pfeffer, Rosaly (the USA)
Ph.D. (Scotland)
Pha, Jazze (the USA)
Phaetons (the USA)
Phair, Liz (the USA)
Phale, Thomas (South Africa)
Phantogram (the USA)
Phantom Band, The (Scotland)
Phantom Family Halo (the USA)
Phantom Light, The (Wales)
Phantom Planet (the USA)
Phantom, The (the USA)
Phantoms, The (the USA)
Pharaohs, The 【Richard Berry’s group】; filed under Berry, Richard (the USA)
Pharaohs, The 【Rocksteady group】 (?)
Pharaohs, The 【Sam The Sam’s group】; filed under Sam The Sham (the USA)
Pharcyde, The (the USA)
Pharmakon (the USA)
Pharrell (the USA)
Phats and Small (England)
Phelps, James (the USA)
Phelps, Rev. Milton (the USA)
Phenomenal Handclap Band, The (the USA)
Pheona (?)
Phil and Harv (the USA)
Phil and The Frantics (the USA)
Philadelphia Grand Jury (Australia)
Philadelphia International Allstars, The (the USA)
Philharmonic 2000 (England)
Phi-Life Cypher (England)
Philippe, Louis (France)
Philistines Jr., The (the USA)
Phillips, Dave (England)
Phillips, Esther (the USA)
Phillips, Gene (the USA)
Phillips, Joseph A. (the USA)
Phillips, Marvin (the USA)
Phillips, Sharon (Trinidad and Tobago)
Phillips, Van (the USA)
Phillips, Washington (the USA)
Phillipson, Larry (the USA)
Phillipson, Petra Jean (England)
Phineas Gage (?)
Phipps, Ernest (the USA)
Phixx (England)
Phleg Camp (Canada)
Phobia (the USA)
Phoenix (France)
Pholy Combo, El (Colombia)
Phonoburbia (Argentina)
Phonte (the USA)
Phosphorescent (the USA)
Photos, The (England)
pHrack R (England)
Phrase (Australia)
PHRH (?)
Phuturistix (England)
Phynite (the USA)
Piaf, Édith (France)
Piano Club (France)
Piano Magic (England)
Piano Red (the USA)
Piano Roll (the USA)
Piano Room, The (Italy)
Pianola Roll (the USA)
Pianoman (England)
Piatcions, Thee (Italy)
Piccadilly Strings, The (England)
Pickett and The Crypt Kickers, Bobby ‘Boris’ (the USA)
Pickett, Charlie (the USA)
Pickett, Dan (the USA)
Pickett, Wilson (the USA)
Picketts, The (the USA)
Pickettywitch (England)
Picnic (Estonia)
Pico (England)
Picotto, Mauro (Italy)
Pidow, Ras (Jamaica)
Pieces Of Peace (the USA)
Pied Pipers, The; filed under Mapfumo, Thomas (Zimbabwe)
Pierce, Billie and De De (the USA)
Pierce, Charles (the USA)
Pierce, Jason (England)
Pierre Etoile (the USA)
Pierre, Marie (England)
Pietersburg Flute Kings (South Africa)
Pietersburg Star Boys (South Africa)
Pigbag (England)
Pigeon Breeders (Canada)
Pigeon Detectives, The (England)
Pigeon John (the USA)
Piglets, The (the USA)
Pigmy Love Circus (the USA)
Pike, Ernest (England)
Pikes, The; filed under Kelly, Bob (the USA)
Pil, Paco (Spain)
Pilane, France; filed under Pilane, Frans (South Africa)
Pilane, Frans (South Africa)
Pili Pili featuring Phikelela Sakhula Choir (the Netherlands)
Piliso, Shadrack (South Africa)
Pill (the USA)
Pill Friends (the USA)
Pillars and Tongues (the USA)
Pilot (Scotland)
Pilot Scott Tracy (the USA)
Pilotcan (Scotland)
Pimlico (England)
Pimmon (Australia)
Pimp C (the USA)
Pinado and his Sound Casters, Bob (Ghana)
Pinback (the USA)
Pinch (England)
Pinchback, Sidney (the USA)
Pinchers (Jamaica)
Pinckney, Michelle (the USA)
Pindar’s Apes (England)
Pine State Playboys, The; filed under Casey, Claude (the USA)
Pine, Courtney (England)
Pine, Gary (Jamaica)
Pinetoppers, The 【40s-50s country group】 (the USA)
Pinetoppers, The 【60s r n b group】 (the USA)
Ping Pong Bitches (England)
Ping Pong Percussion (the USA)
Pinhole (England)
Pink (the USA)
Pink Bomb (England)
Pink Champagne (Sweden)
Pink Diamonds, The (?)
Pink Floyd (England)
Pink Frost (the USA)
Pink Grease (England)
Pink Martini (the USA)
Pink Military (England)
Pink Mountaintops (Canada)
Pink Turds In Space (Northern Ireland)
Pink Turns Blue (Germany)
Pink, Celinda (the USA)
Pink’s Haunted Grafitti, Ariel (the USA)
Pinkees, The (England)
Pinkerton’s Assorted Colours (England)
Pinkies, The (England)
Pinkshinyultrablast (Russia)
Pinky and The Turks, Bill (the USA)
Pino, Geraldo (Sierra Leone)
Pins (England)
Pinson, Mehdi (France)
Pional (Spain)
Pioneers, The (Jamaica)
Pip, Scroobius (England)
Piper, Billie (England)
Pipes and Drums and The Military Band of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, The (Scotland)
Pipes You See, Pipes You Don’t (the USA)
Pipettes, The (England)
Pipitone, Alison (the USA)
Pipkin, Andy; filed under Lucas, Matt (England)
Pips, The; filed under Knight, Gladys (the USA)
Piranhas, The (England)
Pirates, The (England)
Piscopo, Tullio de (Italy)
Pissed Jeans (the USA)
Pitbull (the USA)
Pitney, Gene (the USA)
Pitre, Austin (the USA)
Pittman, Barbara (the USA)
Pity Sex (the USA)
Pixies (the USA)
Pixies Three, The (the USA)
Pixinguinha (Brazil)
Pizzaman (England)
Pizzey, Amos (England)
Pizzicato Five (Japan)
Pizzorno, Sergio (England)
Pizzulo, Joe (the USA)
PJ and Duncan (England)
Placebo (England)
Plague, The (England)
Plaid (England)
Plain White T’s (the USA)
Plan B (England)
Planet 4 Folk Quartet (England)
Planet Boelex (Finland)
Planet Funk (Italy)
Planet X (Scotland)
Planets, The (South Africa)
Plank, Conny (Germany)
Plankton Man (Mexico)
Planningtorock (England)
Plant, Robert (England)
Plantlife (the USA)
Plants and Animals (Canada)
Plasmatics, The (the USA)
Plastic Gangsters (England)
Plastic Ono Band, The (England)
Plastic Population, The; filed under Yazz (England)
Plastikman (England)
Plastix 【English Punk band, 70s】 (England)
Plastix 【Viennese New Wave band, 80s】 (Austria)
Platinum 45’s (England)
Platinum, Junie (Jamaica)
Platnum (England)
Platters, The (the USA)
Platzangst (Germany)
Plavka (the USA)
Play People (England)
Playboy Band; filed under Fred, John (the USA)
Playboys; filed under Taylor, Vince (England)
Players To Be Named Later (the USA)
Playgroup (England)
Playing Fields, The (England)
Playlounge (England)
Playpad Circus (Germany)
Pleasant Valley Boys, The (the USA)
Pleasants, Jack (England)
Please Don’t Blame Mexico; filed under (Please) Don’t Blame Mexico (France)
Pleasure Delux (England)
Pleasure Leftists (the USA)
Plebs, The (England)
Plenti, Julian (England)
Pleyer, Frank (Germany)
Pliers (Jamaica)
Plone (England)
Plotnick, Henry (the USA)
P-Love (Canada)
Plugged Up (?)
Plumbline (the USA)
Plummet (the USA)
Plump DJs (England)
Plus One (England)
Plush (the USA)
Pluto Monkey (Scotland)
Pluto; filed under Shervington, Pluto (Jamaica)
Poché, Renard (the USA)
Pocket FishRmen (the USA)
Pocket Gods, The (England)
Pocketbooks (England)
Pockets (the USA)
Poco (the USA)
Poet and The Roots; filed under Johnson, Linton Kwesi (Jamaica)
Poeticat (England)
Poets, The (Scotland)
Pogue Mahone; filed under Pogues, The (England)
Pogues, The (England)
Pohjola, Verneri (Finland)
Pohjonen, Kimmo (Finland)
Poi Dog Pondering (the USA)
Poindexter, Annette (the USA)
Point O (Jamaica)
Point Reyes (the USA)
Pointer Sisters, The (the USA)
Pointer, Bonnie (the USA)
Poirier, Ghislain (Canada)
Poison (the USA)
Poison Chang (Jamaica)
Poison Girls (England)
Poison Idea (the USA)
Poison Tree (the USA)
Polara (the USA)
Polaroid (England)
Pole (Germany)
Polecats (England)
Poles, The (Canada)
Police, The (England)
Policenaut (the USA)
Polinski (England)
Polish (Jamaica)
Polka Dot Slim (the USA)
Pollard, Robert (the USA)
Pollard, Su (England)
Pollen 【indie band from Pittsburgh】 (the USA)
Pollen, The 【indie band from Ile-de-France】 (France)
Pollock, Emma (Scotland)
Pollyanna (France)
Polonsky, Johnny (the USA)
Poltergeist (England)
Polvo (the USA)
Polygon, Johnny (the USA)
Polyphemus (the USA)
Polyphonic Spree, The (the USA)
Polysick (Italy)
Polysics (Japan)
Polythene (England)
Pom Pom (Australia)
Pomassl (Austria)
Pomegranates (the USA)
Pomplamoose (the USA)
Pomus, Doc (the USA)
Pond (the USA)
Pongoid (France)
Pongolove (Angola)
Poni-Tails, The (the USA)
Ponys, The (the USA)
Pooh Bear (the USA)
Pooh Sticks, The (Wales)
Pooka (England)
Pool O’ Life (?)
Poole and The North Carolina Ramblers, Charlie (the USA)
Poole, Brian (England)
Poole, Shelly (England)
Pooley, Ian (Germany)
Pooma (Finland)
Pop Evil (the USA)
Pop Group, The (England)
Pop Off Tuesday (Japan)
Pop Parker (England)
Pop Sickle (?)
Pop Will Eat Itself (England)
Pop, Iggy (the USA)
Pop. 1280 (the USA)
Popcaan (Jamaica)
Popcorn Explosion, The (Norway)
Popes, The (Ireland)
Popguns, The (England)
Popinjays (England)
Poppy Factory, The (England)
Poppyheads, The (England)
Pops and Sons (South Africa)
Popstrangers (New Zealand)
Popup (Scotland)
Porcelain Raft (Italy)
Porcupine (?)
Porcupine Tree (England)
Porgy and The Monarchs (the USA)
Porn (the USA)
Porn Kings (England)
Porn Orchard (the USA)
Port O’Brien (the USA)
Portastatic (the USA)
Porter Calypso Star Band; filed under Porter, Hubert (Jamaica)
Porter, Hubert (Jamaica)
Porter, King (the USA)
Porter, Mr. (the USA)
Porter, Roly (England)
Porter, Steve (the USA)
Portion Control (England)
Portishead (England)
port-royal (Italy)
Portsmouth Sinfonia, The (England)
Portugal. The Man (the USA)
Portuguese Joe (the USA)
Posey, Sandy (the USA)
Posh, The (?)
Posies, The (the USA)
Positive Force (the USA)
Posner, Mike (the USA)
POST (Scotland)
Post Harbor (the USA)
Post Mortem (England)
Post War Glamour Girls (England)
Post War Years (England)
Post, Mike (the USA)
Post, Robert (Norway)
Posta, Adrienne (England)
Postal Blue (Brazil)
Postal Service (the USA)
Postcode (England)
Potato 5 (England)
Potenkle-I (Jamaica)
Potential Lunatics, The (the USA)
Potential Threat (England)
Potter, Brian; filed under Kay, Peter (England)
Potter, Curtis (the USA)
Potter, Frederick (the USA)
Potty Mouth (the USA)
Poulle, Mapletoft (Jamaica)
Poundsign (the USA)
Pourcel, Franck (France)
Powder (England)
Powell (England)
Powell, Chris (the USA)
Powell, Cozy (England)
Power Of Dreams (Ireland)
Power Station, The (England)
Power Switchblade (the USA)
Power, Cat (the USA)
Powercut (England)
Powerdove (the USA)
Powerjam (?)
Powermad (the USA)
Powerman (Jamaica)
Powers, Jett (the USA)
Powers, Will (the USA)
Pows, The (the USA)
Powter, Daniel (Canada)
PPK (Russia)
Pracatan, Margarita (Cuba)
Prado, Pérez (Cuba)
Prairie Ramblers (the USA)
Praise (England)
Pram (England)
Prata, Puto (Angola)
Pratt and McClain with Brotherlove (the USA)
Preacher and The Saints (the USA)
Precious (England)
Precocious Brats featuring Kevin and Perry (England)
Preditor (Jamaica)
Prefab Sprout (England)
Prefects, The (England)
Prefuse 73 (the USA)
Pregnant (the USA)
Prekop, Sam (the USA)
Prelude (England)
Preludes (the USA)
Premier Quartet (the USA)
Premier, Count (Jamaica)
Premiers, The 【San Gabriel, CA】 (the USA)
Premiers, The 【Wichita, KA】 (the USA)
Pre-New, The (England)
Prescott, Ralph (the USA)
Preservation Hall Jazz Band (the USA)
Presets, The (Australia)
President President (England)
Presidents of The United States of America, The (the USA)
Presley, Elvis (the USA)
Presley, Sean (the USA)
Presnyakov, Igor (Russia)
Pressed And (the USA)
Pressure (Jamaica)
Pressure Of Speech (England)
Prestige (Jamaica)
Preston School Of Industry (the USA)
Preston, Billy (the USA)
Preston, Jimmy (the USA)
Preston, Johnny (the USA)
Preston, Miss Agnes (?)
Pretenders, The (England)
Pretty (the USA)
Pretty Dolls, The (South Africa)
Pretty Girls Make Graves (the USA)
Pretty Reckless, The (the USA)
Pretty Things, The (England)
Previn, Dory (the USA)
Prevrat (the USA)
Pre-War Yard Sale (the USA)
Prewitt, Archer (the USA)
Prez, John Du (England)
Price and The Keystones, Connie (the USA)
Price Family Sacred Singers (the USA)
Price Trio, The Sam (the USA)
Price, Alan (England)
Price, Darren (England)
Price, Jennifer (?)
Price, Lloyd (the USA)
Price, Ray (the USA)
Price, Red (England)
Price, Sammy (the USA)
Price, Sean (the USA)
Price, Toni (the USA)
Pride, Charley (the USA)
Prids, The (the USA)
Priest, Maxi (England)
Priest, The (England)
Prima, Louis (Italy)
Primal Scream (Scotland)
Prime Movers, The (the USA)
Primevals, The (Scotland)
Primich, Gary (the USA)
Primitive Baptist Choir Of North Carolina (the USA)
Primitives, The (England)
Primordial Undermind, The (the USA)
Prince (the USA)
Prince Alla (Jamaica)
Prince Buster (Jamaica)
Prince Charles (the USA)
Prince Far I (Jamaica)
Prince Hall (Jamaica)
Prince Jammy (Jamaica)
Prince Jazzbo (Jamaica)
Prince La La (the USA)
Prince Malachi (England)
Prince Mohammed (Jamaica)
Prince Naseem (England)
Prince Pankhi (Jamaica)
Prince Paul (the USA)
Prince, Alexander (Scotland)
Prince, Charles (the USA)
Prince’s Band; filed under Prince, Charles (the USA)
Prince’s Orchestra; filed under Prince, Charles (the USA)
Princess 【English r’n’b singer】 (England)
Princess 【Jamaican reggae singer】 (Jamaica)
Princess Buster (Jamaica)
Princess Chelsea (New Zealand)
Princess Erika (France)
Princess Kaiulani (the USA)
Princess Superstar (the USA)
Princeton (the USA)
Principle, Jamie (the USA)
Prine, Fiona (the USA)
Prine, John (the USA)
Pringle, George (England)
Prinzhorn Dance School (England)
Prisonaires, The (the USA)
Pritchard, Bill (England)
Pritchard, Mark (England)
Private Collection (England)
Privés, Les (France)
Probe 1 (France)
Problem Child (Jamaica)
Problemz (the USA)
Proby, P.J. (the USA)
Process (?)
Proclaimers, The (Scotland)
Procol Harum (England)
Prodigy (the USA)
Prodigy, The (England)
Professionals, The (Jamaica)
Professor Frisky (Jamaica)
Professor Green (England)
Professor Grizzly (Jamaica)
Professor Longhair (the USA)
Programme (France)
Progress presents The Boy Wunda (England)
Project 1 (England)
Project Dark (the USA)
Projex, Eddie (the USA)
Prolapse (England)
Prommer, Christian (Germany)
Propa’Ting (Jamaica)
Propaganda (Germany)
Propellerheads (England)
Prophecy (England)
Prophet, Chuck (the USA)
Prophet, Michael (Jamaica)
Prophets Of Da City (South Africa)
Prophets Of Sound (the USA)
Prophet-Z (the USA)
Pro-Tech (Germany)
Protex (Northern Ireland)
Protheroe, Brian (England)
Proto Idiot (England)
Protoje (Jamaica)
Prototypes (France)
Prud’homme, Emile (France)
Prudes, The (England)
Prurient (the USA)
Pryceless (the USA)
Prydz, Eric (Sweden)
Pryor, Arthur (the USA)
Pryor, Snooky (the USA)
Prysock, Red (the USA)
PS I Love You (Canada)
Psalms (Jamaica)
Pseudo Echo (Australia)
Psyche (Canada)
Psychedelic Furs, The (England)
Psychic IIIs (the USA)
Psychic Paramount, The (the USA)
Psychic TV (England)
Psylons, The (England)
Puba; filed under Grand Puba (the USA)
Public Enemy (the USA)
Public Image Ltd (England)
Public Service Broadcasting (England)
Pucho and his Latin Soul Brothers (the USA)
Pucker Up! (?)
Puckett and The Union Gap, Gary (the USA)
Puckett, Riley (the USA)
Puddle Of Mudd (the USA)
Puerta, Alfonso (Colombia)
Puff Daddy; filed under Diddy 【U.S. rapper】 (the USA)
Pug, Joe (the USA)
Puke, The (the Netherlands)
Pukes, The (England)
Pull Tiger Tail (England)
Pullen, Dwight (the USA)
Pullens, Vern (the USA)
Pulling Teeth (the USA)
Pulp (England)
Pulver (England)
Pumajaw (Scotland)
Pumice (New Zealand)
Punch Brothers (the USA)
Punchline, The (the USA)
Punishing Kiss Band (England)
Puppetmastaz (Germany)
Puppy Love Bomb (Ireland)
Purdie, Bernard ‘Pretty’ (the USA)
Purdins, The (the USA)
Pure Bathing Culture (the USA)
Pure Magical Love (the USA)
Pure Morning (England)
Pure Silk (England)
Pure X (the USA)
Puressence (England)
Puretone (Australia)
Purify, James and Bobby (the USA)
Purity (Jamaica)
Purling Hiss (the USA)
Purple Gang (England)
Purple Image (the USA)
Pursuit Of Happiness, The (Canada)
Push (Belgium)
Push Kings, The (the USA)
Pusha T (the USA)
Puss, Snagga (Jamaica)
Pussy Galore (the USA)
Pussy Riot (Russia)
Pussycat (the Netherlands)
Pussycat Dolls (the USA)
Putrid Girls (the USA)
PVC (Norway)
Pye Corner Audio (England)
Pygmies, The (the USA)
Pyhäkoulu (Finland)
Pyjama Party Band (South Africa)
Pyk, Torvald (Norway)
Pyramid, Kabaka (Jamaica)
Pyramids, The (England)
Pyrelli (England)
Pyykkonen, Otto (Finland)
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