Artist list: R
A full list of all the artists in my personal record collection, song lists are included for all.

Emboldened links highlight where there is at least one album in my collection. Biographies and album discographies are included for these artists.

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R.E.M. (the USA)
R.O.C. (England)
R80 Productionz (the Netherlands)
Raagman (England)
Rabbitt, Eddie (the USA)
Rabid (England)
Race, The (England)
Racecar (the USA)
Racedo, Hugo (Colombia)
Racey (England)
Rachell, Yank (the USA)
Rachmaninoff, Sergie (Russia)
Racing Cars (Wales)
Racingreen (England)
Rackit Allstar (England)
Raconteurs, The (the USA)
Radar Brothers (the USA)
Radcliffe Show, The Mark (England)
Radcliffe, Jimmy (the USA)
Raderman’s Jazz Orchestra (the USA)
Radial Spangle (the USA)
Radiant Republic (the USA)
Radiants, The (the USA)
Radiation, Roddy (England)
Radiators From Space, The (Ireland)
Radical Face (the USA)
Radics, Jack (Jamaica)
Radin, Joshua (the USA)
Radio 4 (the USA)
Radio Birdman (Australia)
Radio Control (the USA)
Radio Cowboys; filed under Penny, Hank (the USA)
Radio Dept., The (Sweden)
Radio Four (the USA)
Radio Luxembourg (Wales)
Radio Stars, The (England)
Radiohead (England)
Radiotones (Scotland)
Radish (the USA)
Rado, Noel (Jamaica)
Rae, Dina (the USA)
Rae, Ray (the USA)
Raekwon (the USA)
Raelettes, The (the USA)
Rafferty, Carl (the USA)
Rafferty, Gerry (Scotland)
Rafi, Mohammed (India)
Rage (England)
Rage Against The Machine (the USA)
Ragga Twins, The (England)
Raggasonic (France)
Raggidy, Zum (Jamaica)
Raghav (Canada)
Ragland, Lou (the USA)
Ragnoutaz, The (France)
Rags and Riches (?)
Ragtimers, The (the USA)
RAH Band, The (England)
Rahman, A.R. (India)
Rahzel (the USA)
Railway Children, The (England)
Rain (England)
Rain and Tears (?)
Rain Parade (the USA)
Rain Tree Crow (England)
Rain, The; filed under Lewis, Jeffrey (the USA)
Rainbow (England)
Rainbow Choir, The (England)
Rainbow Orchestra, The (Switzerland)
Rainbow Ranch Boys; filed under Snow, Hank (the USA)
Raincoats, The (England)
Raindrops, The (the USA)
Raine (Jamaica)
Rainey, Ma (the USA)
Rainkings, The (England)
Rainmakers, The (the USA)
Rainwater, Marvin (the USA)
Rainy Afternoons, The (New Zealand)
Rainy Day (the USA)
Raissa (England)
Raitt, Bonnie (the USA)
Raíz (the USA)
Rajpuri, Fauji (Scotland)
Rajrang (India)
Rakes, The (England)
Rakketax (the Netherlands)
Rakotozafy (Madagascar)
Rallo, Tony (France)
Ram Jam (the USA)
Ram, Peter (Barbados)
Rambler Minstrels (the USA)
Rambler Trio, The (the USA)
Ramblers (from The Abbey Hey Junior School), The (England)
Ramblers, The 【Rock n Roll group】 (the USA)
Ramblers, The 【Vocal harmony group】 (the USA)
Rambling Red Foley; filed under Foley, Red (the USA)
Ramirez (Italy)
Ramirez, Karen (England)
Ramize (Jamaica)
Ramona Falls (the USA)
Ramone, Joey (the USA)
Ramones, The (the USA)
Ramrods, The (the USA)
Ramsey, Bill (the USA)
Ranado and The Electronaires, Chuck (the USA)
Ranaldo, Lee (the USA)
Ranch, The (the USA)
Rancid Hell Spawn (England)
Randan Discotheque (Scotland)
Ran-Dells, The (the USA)
Randolph, Emory B. (the USA)
Randolph’s Leap (Scotland)
Random Logic (Slovenia)
Random Number (England)
Randomer (England)
Randy and The Rainbows (the USA)
Raney, Wayne (the USA)
Raney’s Umbrellas, Del (the USA)
Range, The; filed under Hornsby, Bruce (the USA)
Ranglin, Ernest (Jamaica)
Rank 1 (the Netherlands)
Rank and File (the USA)
Rankin, Squiddly; filed under Ranks, Squidly (Jamaica)
Ranking Joe (Jamaica)
Ranking Roger (England)
Ranking Trevor (Jamaica)
Ranking, Ricky (England)
Ranko (Jamaica)
Ranks, Chappie (Jamaica)
Ranks, Cutty (Jamaica)
Ranks, Dego (England)
Ranks, Delly (Jamaica)
Ranks, Dugsy (Jamaica)
Ranks, Fragga (Jamaica)
Ranks, Gappy (England)
Ranks, Junie (Jamaica)
Ranks, Mackie (Jamaica)
Ranks, Nardo (Jamaica)
Ranks, Roger (Jamaica)
Ranks, Shabba (Jamaica)
Ranks, Sluggy (Jamaica)
Ranks, Squidly (Jamaica)
Ranks, Stinky (Croatia)
Ranx, Bubbler (England)
Rap (Japan)
Raped, The (the USA)
Rapination; filed under Rapino Brothers, The (Italy)
Rapino Brothers, The (Italy)
Rapper Big Pooh (the USA)
Rappers Delight Club (the USA)
Rappin’ 4 Tay (the USA)
Rappin’ Is Fundamental (the USA)
Rappold, Marie (England)
Rapture, The (the USA)
Rare Breed, The (the USA)
Rascal, Dizzee (England)
Rascals, The (England)
Rash, Curley (the USA)
Rasmus 【Swedish Electronica musician】 (Sweden)
Rasmus, The 【Finnish Rock band】 (Finland)
Rasmussen, Ole (the USA)
Rasp, Charlie (England)
Rasta Man (Jamaica)
Rastafari Elders (Jamaica)
Rat Pack, The (England)
Ratatat (the USA)
Ratigan (Jamaica)
Rational Animals (the USA)
Rationals, The (the USA)
Ratos De Porão (Brazil)
Rats, The 【60s Garage Rock band from Ohio】 (the USA)
Rats, The 【80s Garage Rock band from Oregon】 (the USA)
Rattlesnake Annie (the USA)
Räuberhöhle (Germany)
Raumschmiere, T. (Germany)
Rautenberger, Kai (Germany)
Raven and Chimes (the USA)
Raven Maize (England)
Raven, Marion (Norway)
Raven, Marsha (England)
Ravens, The (the USA)
Ravenscroft, Sheila (England)
Raveonettes, The (Denmark)
Raves, The; filed under Darby, Ward (the USA)
Ravishing Beauties, The (England)
Raw Deal (Jamaica)
Raw Gash (Ireland)
Raw Instinct (?)
Raw Meat (the USA)
Raw Silk (the USA)
Raw Stylus (England)
Rawls, Lou (the USA)
Ray Charles Singers, The (the USA)
Ray Men, The; filed under Wray, Link (the USA)
Ray, Amy (the USA)
Ray, Danny (Jamaica)
Ray, Dave ‘Snaker’ (the USA)
Ray, Don (France)
Ray, Eddie (the USA)
Ray, Johnnie (the USA)
Ray, Kai (the USA)
Ray, Kangding (France)
Ray, Shilpa (the USA)
Ray, Suga (Jamaica)
Ray’s Playboys, Ronnie (the USA)
Raydio (the USA)
Raye and The Beatniks, Patsy (the USA)
Raye, Don (the USA)
Ray-I (Jamaica)
Raylettes, The; filed under Raelettes, The (the USA)
Raymond and Maria (Sweden)
Raymond, Maude (?)
Raymonde, Simon (England)
Rayne-Bo Ramblers, The (the USA)
Rays, The (the USA)
Rayshel (the USA)
Rayvon (Barbados)
Raze (the USA)
Razorcuts (England)
Razorlight (England)
RBX (the USA)
RDX (Jamaica)
Rea, Chris (England)
Reactors, The (the USA)
Reade, Paul (England)
Reader, Eddi (Scotland)
Reading Rainbow (the USA)
Reading, Bertice (the USA)
Ready Roc (the USA)
Readymen, The (the USA)
Real Cool Killers (?)
Real Estate (the USA)
Real McCoy (Jamaica)
Real People, The (England)
Real Pills, The (the USA)
Real Roxanne, The (the USA)
Real Sounds, The (Zimbabwe)
Real T. (Jamaica)
Real Thing, The (England)
Realicide (the USA)
Realistics, The; filed under Natural-Ites, The (England)
Really Doe (the USA)
Realpeople (the USA)
Reason, The (Canada)
Rebel MC, The (England)
Rebel, Isy (Italy)
Rebel, Tony (Jamaica)
Rebelettes, The; filed under Eddy, Duane (the USA)
Rebels, The 【Canadian Rock n Roll band】; filed under Dakus, Wes (Canada)
Rebels, The 【Reggae band】 (Jamaica)
Rebels, The 【U.S. Rock n Roll band】; filed under Eddy, Duane (the USA)
Rebelz, The (the USA)
Rebennack, Mac (the USA)
Rebirth Brass Band (the USA)
Rebone (South Africa)
Reborn (England)
Rebuilding The Rights Of Statues (China)
Recall (?)
Receptionists, The (the USA)
Rechenzentrum (Germany)
Reckless (England)
Reco; filed under Rodriguez, Rico (Jamaica)
Recondite (Germany)
Record Club (the USA)
Record Executive (the USA)
Recycled Loops (Slovenia)
Red (?)
Red Alarm Clocks (?)
Red Alert (England)
Red Box (England)
Red Cosmos (England)
Red Crayola, The; filed under Red Krayola, The (the USA)
Red Cross (the USA)
Red Dragon (Jamaica)
Red Dye No.5 (the USA)
Red Elvises (the USA)
Red Fang (the USA)
Red Fox (Jamaica)
Red Guitars (England)
Red Heroine (the USA)
Red Horses Of The Snow (England)
Red Hot Chilli Peppers (the USA)
Red House Painters (the USA)
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The (the USA)
Red Knife Lottery (the USA)
Red Krayola, The (the USA)
Red Ladder (England)
Red Light Company (England)
Red Lights, The (England)
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry (England)
Red Nosed Burglars, The; filed under Biggun, Ivor (England)
Red Rat (Jamaica)
Red Red Meat (the USA)
Red River Valley Boys; filed under Bond, Johnny (the USA)
Red Scare (the USA)
Red Shoe Diaries (England)
Red Sparowes (the USA)
Red Star Martyrs (England)
Red, Danny (England)
Red, Paris (the USA)
Redbone, Leon (the USA)
Redbud Records Production (the USA)
Redcaps, The (England)
Redd Kross (the USA)
Redd, Sharon (the USA)
Redding, Otis (the USA)
Reddy, Helen (Australia)
Redhead Kingpin and The F.B.I. (the USA)
Redman (the USA)
Redman, Matt (England)
Redmann UK (England)
Redmond, William (the USA)
Rednex (Sweden)
Redondo (South Africa)
Redskins, The (England)
Redstockings (Canada)
Reece, Alex (England)
Reed (?)
Reed and Mrs. T.A. Duncans, Mrs. L. (the USA)
Reed and The True Loves, Eli‘Paperboy’ (the USA)
Reed Fags, The (Finland)
Reed Network, Dan (the USA)
Reed, Bill and Belle (the USA)
Reed, Blind Alfred (the USA)
Reed, Jimmy (the USA)
Reed, Les (England)
Reed, Long ‘Cleve’ (the USA)
Reed, Lou (the USA)
Reed, Lula (the USA)
Reeder, Eskew (the USA)
Reedy, Winston (England)
Reef (England)
Reegs, The (England)
Reel 2 Real (the USA)
Reelists, The (England)
Reeve, Ada (England)
Reeves and Mortimer; see Reeves, Vic (England) or Mortimer, Bob (England)
Reeves, Conner (England)
Reeves, Goebel (the USA)
Reeves, Jim (the USA)
Reeves, Martha (the USA)
Reeves, Vic (England)
Ref; filed under Refrend (Croatia)
Reflections, The (the USA)
Reflections; filed under Winston, Jimmy (England)
Reflekt (England)
Re-Flex (England)
Refractory (France)
Refrend (Croatia)
Refugee Camp Allstars (the USA)
Regan, Fionn (Ireland)
Regents, The 【50s doo wop】 (the USA)
Regents, The 【70s-80s new wave】 (England)
Reggae Boys, The (Jamaica)
Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra, The (England)
Reggae Revolution, The (England)
Reggae Rock All Stars (Jamaica)
Reggie (the D.R. Congo)
Regina (Finland)
Regis (England)
Regular Fries (England)
Regular John (Australia)
Rehmi, TJ (England)
Reichel, Hans (Germany)
Reid, Alyssa (Canada)
Reid, Bernadine (the USA)
Reid, Clarence (the USA)
Reid, DJ Patrick (the USA)
Reid, Duke (Jamaica)
Reid, John (Scotland)
Reid, Junior (Jamaica)
Reid, Mike (England)
Reid, Sandra (England)
Reid, Sean (Jamaica)
Reid, Steve (the USA)
Reid, Terry (England)
Reid, Vernon (England)
Reign (Jamaica)
Reign Supreme (the USA)
Rein Sanction (the USA)
Reindeer Section, The (Scotland)
Reinhardt, Django (Belgium)
Reith, Dieter (Germany)
Reitz, William (the USA)
Relay; filed under Arc In Round (the USA)
Relf, Keith (England)
Religious To Damn (the USA)
Rell (the USA)
Rellöm, Knarf (Germany)
Remains, The (the USA)
Rembrandts, The (the USA)
Remember Remember (Scotland)
Remmler, Stephan (Germany)
Remora (the USA)
Remy Zero (the USA)
Renaissance 【prog folk】 (England)
Renaissance Man (Finland)
Renaissance, The 【lounge】 (the USA)
Renaldo and The Loaf (England)
Renbourn, John (England)
Rene and Peran (the Netherlands)
Rene and Ray (the USA)
Rene, Googie (the USA)
Renée and Renato (England)
Renegade (Jamaica)
Renegade Soundwave (England)
Rental, Robert (Scotland)
Rentals, The (the USA)
REO Speedwagon (the USA)
Reparata and The Delrons (the USA)
Replacements, The (the USA)
Replikants (the USA)
Reprazent (England)
Reprobates, The (England)
Republica (England)
Reservoir Frogs (?)
Residents, The (the USA)
Respect (the USA)
Respecta; filed under DJ Respecta (Germany)
Rest Assured (England)
Retford, Ella (England)
Retribution Gospel Choir (the USA)
Retro Candy Mecca (the USA)
Re-TROS; filed under Rebuilding The Rights Of Statues (China)
RetroSpector, Phil (Ireland)
Reuben and The Riddler, Jack (England)
Rev (?)
Rev, Martin (the USA)
rev777 (?)
Revelino (Ireland)
Revels, The 【California surf】 (the USA)
Revels, The 【Philly doo-wop】 (the USA)
Revenge (England)
Reverberation (France)
Revere and The Raiders, Paul (the USA)
Reverend and The Makers (England)
Reverse Commuter (the USA)
Revillos, The; filed under Rezillos, The (Scotland)
Revo (the Netherlands)
Revolta (the USA)
Revolution, The; filed under Prince (the USA)
Revolutionaries, The (Jamaica)
Revolutionary Corps Of Teenage Jesus, The (the USA)
Revolver (England)
Revs, The (England)
Rex Everything (the USA)
Reynolds Girls (Ireland)
Reynolds, Blind Joe (the USA)
Reynolds, Blind Willie (the USA)
Reynolds, Debbie (the USA)
Reynolds, Jody (the USA)
Reynolds, Monty (Jamaica)
Reynolds’ Calypso Clippers; filed under Reynolds, Monty (Jamaica)
Rezillos, The (Scotland)
Rezza, Sol (Argentina)
Rhodes, Jim (England)
Rhodes, Lou (England)
Rhodes, Slim (the USA)
Rhodes, Sonny (the USA)
Rhymes, Busta (the USA)
Rhys, Gruff (Wales)
Rhythm Aces 【Gene Phillips band, 40s-50s】; filed under Phillips, Gene (the USA)
Rhythm Aces, The 【Jamaican pop band, 50s-60s】 (Jamaica)
Rhythm and Noise (the USA)
Rhythm Busters; filed under Wills, Luke (the USA)
Rhythm Kings; filed under Ammons, Albert (the USA)
Rhythm On The Loose (England)
Rhythm Ramblers, The; filed under Lucky LeRoy (the USA)
Rhythm Rockers 【Albert Collins’ backing band】; filed under Collins, Albert (the USA)
Rhythm Rockers 【Ted Russell’s backing band】; filed under Russell, Ted (the USA)
Rhythm Rockers, The 【50s-60s Rock n Roll band】 (the USA)
Rhythm Thieves (England)
Rhythmakers; filed under Brown, Ruth (the USA)
Rhythmatic (England)
Rhythmicon (England)
Rhythms Del Mundo (Cuba)
Rialtos, The (the USA)
RIAS Chamber Chorus (Germany)
Ribatski, Marina (Brazil)
Ribbons, The (South Africa)
Ricardo, Don (England)
Riccardo Da Force (England)
Rice and his Sanctified Congregation, Rev. D.C. (the USA)
Rice, Damien (Ireland)
Rice, Gladys (the USA)
Rich Kids (England)
Rich, Charlie (the USA)
Rich, Richie (the USA)
Rich, Rishi (England)
Richard and The Young Lions (the USA)
Richard, Belton (the USA)
Richard, Cliff (England)
Richard, Wendy (England)
Richards, Ada (the USA)
Richards, Glenn (Australia)
Richards, Keith (England)
Richards, Kenneth (Jamaica)
Richards, Roy (Jamaica)
Richardson, Bob (?)
Richardson, Calvin (the USA)
Richardson, Don (the USA)
Richardson, Harold (Jamaica)
Richardson, Jape; filed under Big Bopper, The (the USA)
Richardson, Jim ‘Mooch’ (the USA)
Richie, Lionel (the USA)
Richie, Wally (Jamaica)
Richman, Jonathan (the USA)
Richmond Fontaine (the USA)
Rickett, Adam (England)
Rickey and Jennell; see Berry, Richard (the USA) or Hawkins, Jennell (the USA)
Rickey; filed under Berry, Richard (the USA)
Ricks, Glen (Jamaica)
Ricky Kitty and The Klaws (?)
Ricky Spontane, The (England)
Rico; filed under Rodriguez, Rico (Jamaica)
Riddla (England)
Riddle, Nelson (the USA)
Ride (England)
Riders Of The Rio Grande; filed under Tyler, Johnny (the USA)
Ridgley, Tommy (the USA)
Ridgway, Stan (the USA)
Riff Raff (England)
Riff, The (?)
Riffs, The (England)
Rifles, The (England)
Rig (England)
Right Kind, The (the USA)
Right Said Fred (England)
Righteous (Trinidad and Tobago)
Righteous Brothers, The (the USA)
Rigor Mortis (the USA)
Rihanna (Barbados)
Rikrok (England)
Riley and The Mamou Playboys, Steve (the USA)
Riley, Billy Lee (the USA)
Riley, J. (Jamaica)
Riley, Jeannie C. (the USA)
Riley, Talay (England)
Riley, Tarrus (the USA)
Rilo Kiley (the USA)
Rimes, LeAnn (the USA)
Ring, Blanche (the USA)
Ringo (Jamaica)
Ringo Deathstarr (the USA)
Rino (Italy)
Rinse (Scotland)
Rio Rockers, The (the USA)
Riot Squad (Jamaica)
Riots, The (Jamaica)
Rip Chords, The (the USA)
Ripe (Australia)
Riperton, Minnie (the USA)
Rippa (Jamaica)
Ripple (the USA)
Riptides, The (the USA)
Rising Sun, The (the USA)
Risingson (Scotland)
Ritchie Family, The (the USA)
Ritchie, Jean (the USA)
Ritmos Afro-Cubans; filed under Santamaría, Mongo (Cuba)
Ritter, Tex (the USA)
River (England)
River City People (England)
River Detectives, The (Scotland)
Riverdales (the USA)
Rivers and The Maroons, Blue (England)
Rivers, Danny (England)
Rivers, Jack (the USA)
Rivers, Johnny (the USA)
Rivers, Laura (the USA)
Riverside (Poland)
Rivet (?)
Riviera (England)
Rivieras, The (the USA)
Riviere, Mat (England)
Riviere’s Hawaiian’s, Madame (the USA)
Rivingtons, The (the USA)
Rivolta Dell’Odio (Italy)
Rizzle Kicks (England)
Rizzo (the USA)
RJD2 (the USA)
RKM and Ken-Y (Puerto Rico)
Roach Killa (Libya)
Roach Motel (the USA)
Roach, Colin (Jamaica)
Roach, Joff (?)
Roach, Max (the USA)
Roach, Steve (the USA)
Roachford (England)
Roadside Graves (the USA)
Roanoke Jug Band (the USA)
Roark (the USA)
Rob (Ghana)
Rob ‘n’ Raz (Sweden)
Rob, Don (the USA)
Robbins, Kate (England)
Robbins, Marty (the USA)
Robbins, Mel (the USA)
Roberto y su Orquesta Tipica; filed under Firpo, Roberto (Argentina)
Roberts, Alasdair (Scotland)
Roberts, Bob (the USA)
Roberts, Isabel (England)
Roberts, Joe (England)
Roberts, Juliet (England)
Roberts, Kenny (the USA)
Roberts, Rockin Robin (the USA)
Roberts, Sam (Canada)
Robertson, B.A. (Scotland)
Robertson, Eck (the USA)
Robertson, Justin (England)
Robertson, Robbie (Canada)
Robey, George (England)
Robin, Moise (the USA)
Robin, Roger (Jamaica)
Robins, Jimmy (the USA)
Robins, The (the USA)
Robinson, Alvin (the USA)
Robinson, Anna (England)
Robinson, Bob (the USA)
Robinson, Chris (the USA)
Robinson, Ed (Jamaica)
Robinson, Fenton (the USA)
Robinson, Hubert (the USA)
Robinson, J. Peter (England)
Robinson, Jackie (Jamaica)
Robinson, Lloyd (Jamaica)
Robinson, Lou; filed under Rhodes, Lou (England)
Robinson, Roger (Trinidad and Tobago)
Robinson, Smokey (the USA)
Robinson, Sylvia (the USA)
Robinson, Terri (the USA)
Robinson, Tom (England)
Robinson, Vicki Sue (the USA)
Robison, Charlie (the USA)
Robles, Lourdes (Puerto Rico)
Robotonists (the USA)
Robson and Jerome (England)
Robyn (Sweden)
Rocca, John (England)
Rocha, Zack de la (the USA)
Roche, Maggie and Suzzy (the USA)
Rochelles, The; filed under Washington, Gino (the USA)
Rochester, William F. (the USA)
Rock ‘n’ Roll Orchestra; filed under Freed, Alan (the USA)
Rock Aid Armenia (England)
Rock and Soul Revue; filed under Stewart, Rod (the USA)
Rock n Roll Trio, The; filed under Burnette, Johnny (the USA)
Rock Of Travolta, The (England)
Rock Steady Crew (the USA)
Rock, Aesop (the USA)
Rock, Chubb (Jamaica)
Rockcliffe, Trevor (England)
Rockers All Stars (Jamaica)
Rockers Revenge (the USA)
Rocket (?)
Rocket 455 (the USA)
Rocket From The Crypt (the USA)
Rocketnumbernine (England)
Rockets 【Jimmy Clanton’s band】; filed under Clanton, Jimmy (the USA)
Rockets, The 【Anson Funderburgh’s band】; filed under Funderburgh, Anson (the USA)
Rocketship (the USA)
Rockformation Diskokugel (Germany)
Rockin’ Berries, The (England)
Rockin’ R’s, The (the USA)
Rockin’ Rebels (the USA)
Rockin’ Red; filed under Louisiana Red (the USA)
Rockings, The (?)
Rockmelons, The (Australia)
Rockpile; filed under Edmunds, Dave (Wales)
Rocksteady Crew, The (the USA)
Rockwell (the USA)
Rocky Fellers, The (the USA)
Rocky Horror Picture Show (England)
Rodan (the USA)
Rodeheaver, Homer (the USA)
Rodger and The Tempests (the USA)
Rodgers and Hammerstein (the USA)
Rodgers and Nicholson; see Rodgers, Audie (the USA) or Nicholson, Daniel (the USA)
Rodgers, Audie (the USA)
Rodgers, Clodagh (Northern Ireland)
Rodgers, Ernest (the USA)
Rodgers, Jimmie 【country singer】 (the USA)
Rodgers, Jimmie 【pop singer】 (the USA)
Rodgers, Lucy (the USA)
Rodgers, Paul (England)
Rodriguez (the USA)
Rodriguez, Adrian (Germany)
Rodriguez, Antonia (Spain)
Rodriguez, Carrie (the USA)
Rodríguez, Máximo (Panama)
Rodriguez, Rico (Jamaica)
Rodrix, Zé (Brazil)
Roe, Tommy (the USA)
Roever, Uli (Germany)
ROFO (Belgium)
Roger and The Gypsies (the USA)
Roger, Aldus (the USA)
Rogers Band, The Randy (the USA)
Rogers Sisters, The (the USA)
Rogers, Bess (the USA)
Rogers, Bill (Guyana)
Rogers, Eric (England)
Rogers, Jimmy (the USA)
Rogers, Julie (England)
Rogers, Kenny (the USA)
Rogers, Roy 【blues guitarist】 (the USA)
Rogers, Roy 【country singer】 (the USA)
Rogue Traders (Australia)
Rogue Wave (the USA)
Roisin; filed under Murphy, Róisín (Ireland)
Rokhausen (the USA)
Roland Rat Superstar (England)
Roland Shanks (England)
Rolf and Liesl (the USA)
Roll Deep (England)
Rollercoaster Pilot (the USA)
Rollers, The (the USA)
Rolling Stones, The (England)
Rollins, Audley (Jamaica)
Rollins, Bird (the USA)
Rollins, Henry (the USA)
Romain, Manuel (the USA)
Romaine (?)
Roman Holiday (England)
Roman Ruins (the USA)
Román, Carlos (Colombia)
Romantic Boys (South Africa)
Romantic States (the USA)
Romeo (England)
Romeo, Max (Jamaica)
Romeos, The (England)
Romi and Jazz (England)
Ronalde, Ronnie (England)
Ronettes, The (the USA)
Roni (England)
Ronnie and The Delinquents (the USA)
Ronnie and The Hi-Lites (the USA)
Ronson, Mark (England)
Ronson, Mick (England)
Ronstadt, Linda (the USA)
Room 5 (Italy)
Room, The (England)
Roommates, The (the USA)
Rooney (the USA)
Rooney, Paul (England)
Roos, Mary (Germany)
Roosevelt, M. (the USA)
Roosevelt, Theodore (the USA)
Roots Manuva (England)
Roots Radics, The (Jamaica)
Roots, Puddy (Jamaica)
Roots, The (the USA)
Rootsman, The (England)
Rorer and his North Carolina Ramblers, Posey (the USA)
Ros, Edmundo (Trinidad and Tobago)
Rosa Mota (England)
Rosaly; filed under Pfeffer, Rosaly (the USA)
Rose Of Avalanche, The (England)
Rose Royce (the USA)
Rose, Anthony Red (Jamaica)
Rose, Arrica (the USA)
Rose, Bayless (the USA)
Rose, Caitlin (the USA)
Rose, David (England)
Rose, Emily (the USA)
Rose, Eugene C. (the USA)
Rose, Frankie (the USA)
Rose, Jack (the USA)
Rose, Lucy (England)
Rose, Michael (Jamaica)
Rose; filed under Maddox, Rose (the USA)
Rosebuds, The (the USA)
Roselli, Jimmy (the USA)
Rosenthal, Moriz (Poland)
Roses Kings Castles (England)
Rosie and Ron (the USA)
Rosie and The Originals (the USA)
Rosie Taylor Project, The (England)
Ross, Diana (the USA)
Ross, Doctor (the USA)
Ross, Jackie (the USA)
Ross, Lee (the USA)
Ross, Rick (the USA)
Rosselson, Leon (England)
Rossen, Daniel (the USA)
Roth String Quartet (the USA)
Roth, David Lee (the USA)
Rothberg, Patti (the USA)
Rothenberg, Ned (the USA)
Rothko (England)
Rotund Robert (Scotland)
Rough Cut (the USA)
Roughneck; filed under DJ Roughneck (?)
Roulettes, The (England)
Roundhead (Jamaica)
Rouse Brothers (the USA)
Rouse, Josh (the USA)
Roussel, Brigitte (Poland)
Roussos, Demis (Greece)
Routers, The (the USA)
Rovin’ Gamblers, The; filed under Carter, Bill (the USA)
Rovleta; filed under Fraser, Rovleta (Jamaica)
Rowe, Hahn (the USA)
Rowe, Keith (Jamaica)
Rowetta (England)
Rowland, Kelly (the USA)
Rowland, Kevin (England)
Rowles, Jimmie (the USA)
Rowles, John (New Zealand)
Rowley, Beth (England)
Roxette (Sweden)
RoxXxan (England)
Roxy (England)
Roxy Music (England)
Roxy, Bill (the USA)
Roy and Millie; see Panton, Roy (Jamaica) or Millie (Jamaica)
Roy Junior, Hugh (Jamaica)
Roy Rogers Rocketeers, The; filed under Nelson, Bill (England)
Roy, Congo Ashanti (Jamaica)
Roy, Freddie (Jamaica)
Roy, Harry (England)
Roy, Hugh; filed under U-Roy (Jamaica)
Roy’s 5 Star Hillbillies, Jimmy (Canada)
Royal Air Force Dance Orchestra with Sergeant Miller, The (England)
Royal Amanzimtoti Entertainers, The (South Africa)
Royal Bangs (the USA)
Royal Baths (the USA)
Royal Bliss (the USA)
Royal Canadians; filed under Lombardo, Guy (Canada)
Royal Chessman (the USA)
Royal City (the USA)
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra (the Netherlands)
Royal Court Orchestra (England)
Royal Crescent Mob (the USA)
Royal Esquires (the USA)
Royal Fish (the USA)
Royal House (the USA)
Royal Jamaicans; filed under King, Bertie (Jamaica)
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra (England)
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The (England)
Royal Teens (the USA)
Royal Treatment Plant (England)
Royal Trux (the USA)
Royal We, The (Scotland)
Royal, Billy Joe (the USA)
Royal, Diggi (Jamaica)
Royal, Izzy (?)
Royal, Jesse (Jamaica)
Royalcash (the USA)
Royale, Nico (Italy)
Royalettes, The (the USA)
Royalle Delite (the USA)
Royals, The; filed under 5 Royales, The (the USA)
Royaltones, The (the USA)
Royce Da 5’9 (the USA)
Röyksopp (Norway)
Royseven (Ireland)
Roza, Lita (England)
Rozalla (Zambia)
Roze, Mykal; filed under Rose, Michael (Jamaica)
Roze, Red; filed under Rose, Anthony Red (Jamaica)
Rrose (the USA)
Rsonist (Jamaica)
RTÉ Concert Orchestra (Ireland)
Rub Ultra (England)
Rub-A-Dub Market (Japan)
Rubbaal, Gideon Jah (Jamaica)
Rubber City (the USA)
Rubbish Zoo, The (the USA)
Rubel, George (the USA)
Rubella Ballet (England)
Ruberto, Davide (Italy)
Rubettes, The (England)
Rubia, Maria (England)
Rubicks (England)
Rubies 【00s-10s pop folk】 (the USA)
Rubies, The 【60s doo wop】 (the USA)
Rubinowitz, Tex (the USA)
Rubinstein, Arthur (Poland)
Rubix (the Netherlands)
Ruby (the USA)
Ruby Suns, The (New Zealand)
Rucker, Laura (the USA)
Rucker, Ursula (the USA)
Rude Boys, The (Wales)
Rudi (Northern Ireland)
Rudic, Ricky (Jamaica)
Rudolf, Kevin (the USA)
Ruff Cut (?)
Ruff, Mikey (Jamaica)
Ruffa (the USA)
Ruffelle, Frances (England)
Ruffin, Bruce (Jamaica)
Ruffin, David (the USA)
Ruffin, Jimmy (the USA)
Rufus (the USA)
Ruggedy Annes (Canada)
Rugs, Bunny (Jamaica)
Ruhrseitz, Kurt (Germany)
Ruiz, Olivia (France)
Rulers, The (Jamaica)
Ruling Class, The (England)
Rumble Strips, The (England)
Rumblers, The (the USA)
Rumer (Pakistan)
Rumors, The (the USA)
Rumour, The (England)
Rumours, The (England)
Rumspringa (the USA)
Run Dust (Germany)
Run The Jewels (the USA)
Runabouts, The (the USA)
Runaround Kids (England)
Runaways, The (the USA)
Run-D.M.C. (the USA)
Rundgren, Todd (the USA)
Runks, Peter (The Bahamas)
Runrig (Scotland)
Rural Alberta Advantage, The (Canada)
Rusby, Kate (England)
Rush (Canada)
Rush, Bobby (the USA)
Rush, Ed (England)
Rush, Jennifer (the USA)
Rush, Merrilee (the USA)
Rush, Otis (the USA)
Rushen, Patrice (the USA)
Rusko (England)
Russell, Alice (England)
Russell, Arthur (the USA)
Russell, Brenda (the USA)
Russell, Devon (Jamaica)
Russell, Saxie (the USA)
Russell, Ted (the USA)
Russell, Tom (the USA)
Russian (Jamaica)
Russians (England)
Russo, Jonathan (the USA)
Rutabega, The (the USA)
Ruth and Al (the USA)
Ruth Ruth (the USA)
Ruth-Anne; filed under Cunningham, Ruth-Anne (Ireland)
Rutherford, Melanie (the USA)
Ruthless Rap Assassins (England)
Rutles, The (England)
Ruts, The (England)
Rutto, The (Finland)
RX Bandits (the USA)
RxGibbs (the USA)
Ryan (England)
Ryan, Barry (England)
Ryan, Jim ‘Shaft’ (England)
Ryan, Matthew (the USA)
Ryan, Paul (England)
Ryan, Tommy (the USA)
Ryd, Matt (the USA)
Rydell, Bobby (the USA)
Ryder, Mitch (the USA)
Ryder, Shaun (England)
Rydlah (?)
Ryme Tyme (England)
Rypdal, Terje (Norway)
Rythmodik Piano Roll (the USA)
RZA, The (the USA)
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