Artist list: S
A full list of all the artists in my personal record collection, song lists are included for all.

Emboldened links highlight where there is at least one album in my collection. Biographies and album discographies are included for these artists.

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S Club (England)
S Club 7; filed under S Club (England)
S Club 8 (England)
S Club Juniors; filed under S Club 8 (England)
S*M*A*S*H (England)
S., Robin (the USA)
S.A. Supremes, The (South Africa)
S.C.U.M. (England)
S.D.V. Swing Band (South Africa)
S.I.B. (Italy)
S.K.A.W. (England)
S.O.B. (Japan)
S.O.U.L. (the USA)
S.S. Leviathan Orchestra (the USA)
S.Y.P.H. (Germany)
s_w_z_k (England)
S’Express (England)
S’Modern Girls (South Africa)
S’Modern Queens (South Africa)
Saad, Siti Binti (Tanzania)
Saba Tooth (Jamaica)
Saborosa (Angola)
Sabotage (the USA)
Sabre (England)
Sabre, Maverick (England)
Sabres Of Paradise, The (England)
Sabres, The (the USA)
Sabretooth (England)
Sabrina (Italy)
Saccadic Eye Motion (Israel)
Sackey Band, B.E. (Ghana)
Sacred Four, The (the USA)
Sacred Spirit (Germany)
Sacrilege (England)
Sacrosanct (England)
Sad Accordians (the USA)
Sad Boys (the USA)
Sad Café (England)
Sad Day For Puppets (Sweden)
Sad Souls (the USA)
Sade (England)
Sadesper Record (Japan)
Sadier, Lætitia (France)
Sadies, The (Canada)
Sadistik (the USA)
Sado-Nation (the USA)
Sadsic (the USA)
Safe Deposit (Switzerland)
Safe n Sound (England)
Safri Duo (Denmark)
Sagat (the USA)
Sager, Gareth (Wales)
Sagittarius (the USA)
Sahara All-Stars Band Jos (Nigeria)
Said Liquidator (England)
saidflorence (Scotland)
Saigon (the USA)
Saigon Hookers (Canada)
Saikoflow (Spain)
Sailor (England)
Sailors, The (South Africa)
Sailplanes (England)
Sailtones, The (the USA)
Sainkho (Russia)
Saint Etienne (England)
Saint Jude (England)
Saint Orchestra, The (England)
Saints, The (Australia)
Sainty with The New Notes, Russ (England)
Sakamoto, Ryuichi (Japan)
Sakayonsa Afro-Beat (Uganda)
Salad (England)
Salako (England)
Salaryman (the USA)
Salcedo, Cresencio (Colombia)
Salcedo, Pedro (Colombia)
Salem Foundation (?)
Salem Highballers (the USA)
Salem Rages (England)
Salim, Abdel Gadir (Sudan)
Sally’s City Cats (England)
Sallyangie, The (England)
Saloon (England)
Salt Tank (England)
Salteen (the USA)
Salt-n-Pepa (the USA)
Salzedo, Shirley (England)
Sam and Dave (the USA)
Sam and Mark (England)
Sam The Sham (the USA)
Samaga (Venezuela)
Sambassadeur (Sweden)
SameOldJake (the USA)
Samim (Germany)
Samiyam (the USA)
Sammes Singers, The Mike (England)
Sammie (the USA)
Sammy (the USA)
Sammy Boy (South Africa)
Sammyboy Nezimpisi; filed under Bhengu, Sipho (South Africa)
Samora (Brazil)
Sample, Joe (the USA)
Samson and The Philistines (Italy)
Samson, Sidney (the Netherlands)
Samuel, Christian (the USA)
Samuels, Clarence (the USA)
Samuels, Winston (Jamaica)
Samurai Riddim Production Team (Jamaica)
Samurai Seven, The (England)
Samuraj Cities (Sweden)
San Quinn (the USA)
San, Inyo (?)
Sanborn, David (the USA)
Sanchez (Jamaica)
Sanchez D; filed under Sanchez (Jamaica)
Sanchez, Junior (the USA)
Sanchez, Roger (the USA)
Sanctified Singers; see McIntorsh, Elder (the USA) or Edwards, Elder (the USA)
Sand Band, The (England)
Sandé, Emeli (Scotland)
Sanders, Karl (the USA)
Sanders, Kim (the USA)
Sanders, Marcell (the USA)
Sandfingers (England)
Sandkings, The (England)
Sandle Woods (England)
Sandler Trio, Albert (England)
Sandor, Shaun (the USA)
Sandor, Zlata (the USA)
Sandoval, Hope (the USA)
Sandoval, Sonny (the USA)
Sandpipers, The (the USA)
Sandra (Germany)
Sands, Evie (the USA)
Sandwitches (the USA)
Sane, Dan (the USA)
Sanford, Jere (?)
Sangare, Oumou (Mali)
Sanjay (Jamaica)
Sans Blanc (?)
Santa Cruz (England)
Santa Esmeralda (France)
Santamaría, Mongo (Cuba)
Santana (the USA)
Santana and Mannix (Jamaica)
Santana, Juelz (the USA)
Santiago, Dante (the USA)
Santiago, Joey (the Philippines)
Santigold (the USA)
Santing, Mathilde (the Netherlands)
Santo and Johnny (the USA)
Santogold; filed under Santigold (the USA)
Santos, Aggro (Brazil)
Santos, Luis Saraiva dos (Brazil)
Santos, Matthew (the USA)
Sapphires, The (the USA)
Sarandon (England)
Sarapo, Théo (France)
Sarasota (England)
Sargent, Lou (the USA)
Sargent, Tommy (the USA)
Sarkisian, Reuben (Turkey)
Sarmiento, Climaco (Colombia)
Sarmiento, Michi (Colombia)
Sarne, Mike (England)
Sarony, Leslie (England)
Sarrasine (Argentina)
Sarstedt, Peter (India)
Sarstedt, Robin (England)
Sartain, Dan (the USA)
Sash! (Germany)
Sasha 【Reggae Singjay】 (Jamaica)
Sasha 【Trance-House DJ】 (Wales)
Sasha 【Unknown Electronica Artist】 (?)
Sa-Shays, The (the USA)
Satanás (Colombia)
Satchmo Serenaders, The (South Africa)
Satellite 【club artist】 (?)
Satellite 【reggae artist】 (Jamaica)
Satellite Party (the USA)
Sativa Flats (the USA)
Saturday Night Soul (the USA)
Saturdays, The (England)
Saturn V (England)
Saukrates (the USA)
Sauna (the USA)
Saunders, Merl (the USA)
Saunders, Red (the USA)
Saunderson, Kevin (the USA)
Sav Killz (the USA)
Sav Sicc (the USA)
Savage 【rapper】 (New Zealand)
Savage 【reggae artist】 (Jamaica)
Savage Garden (Australia)
Savage Nomads, The (England)
Savage, Chantay (the USA)
Savages (England)
Savalas, Telly (the USA)
Savanna (England)
Savath and Savalas (Spain)
Savings and Loan, The (Scotland)
Savinto (Slovenia)
Savito (Jamaica)
Savona Records Production Team (Jamaica)
Savoy Ballroom Five; filed under Armstrong, Louis (the USA)
Savoy Brown (England)
Savoy Brown Blues Band; filed under Savoy Brown (England)
Savoy Family Band, The (the USA)
Savoy Havana Band, The (England)
Savoy Orpheans (England)
Savoy, Marc (the USA)
Savuka (South Africa)
Saw Doctors, The (Ireland)
Sawada Band (?)
Sawhney, Nitin (England)
Sawyer (Scotland)
Saxes, Shanty Robert (South Africa)
Saxon (England)
Saxons, The (the USA)
Saxton, Bobby (the USA)
Say Hi (the USA)
Saybia (Denmark)
Sayer, Leo (England)
Sayle, Alexei (England)
Sayles, Johnny (the USA)
SBTRKT (England)
Scaffold, The (England)
Scaggs, Boz (the USA)
Scaggs, Noelle (the USA)
Scandinavia (England)
Scanner (England)
Scanners (England)
Scapegoats, The; filed under Edwards, Terry (England)
Scar (the USA)
Scarce (the USA)
Scare Dem Crew (Jamaica)
Scarface (the USA)
Scarfo (England)
Scarlet (England)
Scarlet Fantastic (England)
Scarlet Youth (Finland)
Scarlets, The (the USA)
Scarlett Runners, The (the USA)
Scarlett, Niara (England)
Scarling (the USA)
Scars (Scotland)
Scars On Broadway (the USA)
Scatman John (Italy)
Scattergood, Polly (England)
Scene, The (the Netherlands)
Scenic (Australia)
Scenics, The (Canada)
Schaffer, Doreen (Jamaica)
Scheer (Northern Ireland)
Schematix (the USA)
Scherzinger, Nicole (the USA)
Schiffer, T.T. (?)
Schifrin, Lalo (Argentina)
Schiller Street Gang (the USA)
Schiller, Karl (Germany)
Schilling, Peter (Germany)
Schindler, Samantha (Australia)
Schirach, Otto von (the USA)
Schloss, Cynthia (Jamaica)
Schmehl, August (the USA)
Schnauss, Ulrich (Germany)
Schneider TM (Germany)
Schoen, Vic (the USA)
Schönherr, Dietmar (Austria)
School Of Language (England)
School Of Seven Bells (the USA)
School, The (Wales)
Schreechie, Delton (Jamaica)
Schroeder, John (England)
Schund (Austria)
SchwaB (England)
Schwartz, Lucy (the USA)
Schwefelgelb (Germany)
Schweinfest, George (the USA)
Scientist 【reggae producer】 (Jamaica)
Scientist, The 【electronica】 (England)
Scissor Sisters (the USA)
Scofield, John (the USA)
Scoobie (England)
Scooch (England)
Scoop, The (England)
Scooter (Germany)
Scooter Lee (the USA)
Scorched Earth Policy (New Zealand)
Score, The (England)
Scorn (England)
Scorpions (Germany)
Scot, Jock (Scotland)
Scotch Comic Song Orchestra; filed under Shaw, Sandy (Scotland)
Scotland (Scotland)
Scotland Yard Gospel Choir (the USA)
Scotland, Winston (Jamaica)
Scott & Charlene’s Wedding (Australia)
Scott 4 (England)
Scott and the Four Steps, Freddy (the USA)
Scott de Martinville, Édouard-Léon (France)
Scott, Billy T. (the USA)
Scott, Craig (Jamaica)
Scott, Derek (England)
Scott, Gloria (the USA)
Scott, Isaac (the USA)
Scott, Jack (Canada)
Scott, Jill (the USA)
Scott, Jimmy (the USA)
Scott, Joe (the USA)
Scott, Josey (the USA)
Scott, Leslie (?)
Scott, Linda (the USA)
Scott, Mabel (the USA)
Scott, Mark (the USA)
Scott, Mike (Scotland)
Scott, Moody (the USA)
Scott, Peggy (the USA)
Scott, Ramblin’ Tommy (the USA)
Scott, Ray (the USA)
Scott, Raymond (the USA)
Scott, Sharon (the USA)
Scott, Terry (England)
Scott, Tom (the USA)
Scott, Tony 【american jazz musician】 (South Africa)
Scott, Tony 【dutch rapper】 (the Netherlands)
Scott-Heron, Gil (the USA)
Scottish Enlightenment, The (Scotland)
Scottish World Cup Squad, The; filed under Scotland (Scotland)
Scott-Lee, Lisa (Wales)
Scotty 【American rapper】 (the USA)
Scotty 【American Rock n Roller】; filed under Moore, Scotty (the USA)
Scotty 【Jamaican DJ】 (Jamaica)
Scouting For Girls (England)
Scragfight (Scotland)
Scrawl (the USA)
Screaming Believers, The (Australia)
Screaming Females (the USA)
Screaming Lord Sutch; filed under Sutch, Screaming Lord (England)
Screaming Sneakers (the USA)
Screaming Trees (the USA)
Screech, Jimmy (England)
Screechie (Jamaica)
Screechie Joe (Jamaica)
Screen Vinyl Image (the USA)
Script, The (Ireland)
Scritti Politti (Wales)
Scru Fizzer (England)
Scruff, Mr. (England)
Scrugg (South Africa)
Scuba (England)
Scudda, Joe (the USA)
Scumbag Philosopher (England)
Se:Sa (Germany)
Sea and Cake, The (the USA)
Sea Lions (the USA)
Sea Of Bees (the USA)
Sea Oleena (Canada)
Sea Pinks (Northern Ireland)
Sea Urchins, The (England)
Sea Wolf (the USA)
Sea, The (England)
Seabear (Iceland)
Seabright (the USA)
Seachange (England)
Seafruit (England)
Seagreen Incorruptible, The (the USA)
Seagull Strange (England)
Seahorses, The (England)
Seal (England)
Sealings (England)
Seals, Son (the USA)
Seam (the USA)
Sean and Dutty Cup; see Paul, Sean (Jamaica) or Dutty Cup (Jamaica)
Sean Na Na (the USA)
Sean, Jay (England)
Seanizzle Production Team (Jamaica)
Seapony (the USA)
Search (the USA)
Searchers, The (England)
Searching Years, The (England)
Seashell Sea, The (the USA)
Seasick Steve (the USA)
Seaton, B. B. (Jamaica)
Seaweed (the USA)
Sebadoh (the USA)
Sebaka Borena (South Africa)
SebastiAn (France)
Sebastien (the USA)
Sebring (the USA)
Secada, Jon (Cuba)
Secombe, Harry (Wales)
Secondary Modern, The; filed under Hayman, Darren (England)
Secondsmile (England)
Secret Affair (England)
Secret Goldfish, The (Scotland)
Secret History, The (the USA)
Secret Shine (England)
Secta Suicida Siglo 20; filed under SS-20 (Mexico)
Sedaka, Neil (the USA)
Sedibe, Nelcy (South Africa)
Seed (Scotland)
Seedhill Bruiser (Scotland)
Seedling (the Netherlands)
Seeds, The (the USA)
Seefeel (England)
Seeger, Peggy (the USA)
Seeger, Pete (the USA)
Seekers, The (Australia)
Seelenluft (Germany)
Seelos, Ambros (Germany)
Sef (England)
Segall, Ty (the USA)
Seger, Bob (the USA)
Seigel, Samuel (the USA)
Seigner, Emmanuelle (France)
Seize The Day (England)
Selah (?)
Selda; filed under Bağcan, Selda (Turkey)
Selecter, The (England)
Selena (?)
Self, Ronnie (the USA)
Self, Ted (the USA)
Self, Will (England)
Selfish Cunt (England)
Sellers, Peter (England)
Sellofan (Greece)
Sembello, Michael (the USA)
Semisonic (the USA)
Semper Teens, The (England)
Semprini (England)
Sena (Jamaica)
Senators, The; filed under Strange, Billy (the USA)
Seneca As No Purpose (England)
Senghore, Tony (Sweden)
Senking (Sweden)
Sennen (England)
Señor Soul (the USA)
Señors (the USA)
Sensational Five Singing Sons, The (the USA)
Sensational Five, The (the USA)
Sensational Happy Travelers (?)
Sensational Nightingales, The; filed under Cheeks, Reverend Julius (the USA)
Sensational White Family Singers, The (the USA)
Sensations, The 【50s-60s quartet from Philadelphia】 (the USA)
Sensations, The 【60s-70s harmony vocal group from Kingston】 (Jamaica)
Senseless Things (England)
Senser (England)
Sentinals, The (the USA)
September (Sweden)
September Girls (Ireland)
Serani (Jamaica)
Serano, Yvan (Brazil)
Serena (England)
Serenadettes, The (the USA)
Serena-Maneesh (Norway)
Serendipity Singers, The (the USA)
Serial Kid (Jamaica)
Serious Band, The; filed under Collins, Phil (England)
Serious Drinking (England)
Sermon, Erick (the USA)
Serocee (England)
Serum (England)
Set Fire To Flames (Canada)
Setters, Jilson (the USA)
Settlefish (Italy)
Setzer Orchestra, The Brian (the USA)
Sevek, Aldyn-ool (Russia)
Sevelle, Taja (the USA)
Seven ‘Hot’ Air Men, The (the USA)
Seven Hot Babies; filed under Morris, Thomas (the USA)
Seven Inches, The (England)
Seven Souls (the USA)
Seventh Avenue (England)
Severin (Scotland)
Séverine (France)
Seville, David (the USA)
Sex Pistols (England)
Sexores (Ecuador)
Sexsmith and Kerr; see Sexsmith, Ron (Canada) or Kerr, Don (Canada)
Sexsmith, Ron (Canada)
Sexteto Bolona (Cuba)
Sextette From Florodra (England)
Sexy Girls, The (Jamaica)
SFB (England)
SFV Acid (the USA)
SGB (England)
Sha Na Na (the USA)
Shaba Kahamba (the D.R. Congo)
Shabanaa, Shereen (England)
Shabazz Palaces (the USA)
Shabby Tiger (England)
Shacara (The Bahamas)
Shachal, Har’el (Israel)
Shackleton (England)
Shackleton, Simon (England)
Shad (Canada)
Shades Of Blue (the USA)
Shades Of Rhythm (England)
Shades, The (the USA)
Shadows Of Knight, The (the USA)
Shadows, The 【Bob Luman’s band, 50s-60s】; filed under Luman, Bob (the USA)
Shadows, The 【English pop band, 50s-10s】 (England)
Shadu (Jamaica)
Shady Bard (England)
Shaft (England)
Shaftel, Josef (the USA)
Shaggy (Jamaica)
Shahasar, Amir (Israel)
Shakatak (England)
Shake City Productions, The; filed under McLaren, Malcolm (England)
Shakedown (Switzerland)
Shakelford Singers (the USA)
Shakers, The (the USA)
Shakespeare, Black (the USA)
Shakespears Sister (England)
Shakila (Tanzania)
Shakin’ Stevens (Wales)
Shakira (Colombia)
Shaky Hands, The (the USA)
Shalamar (the USA)
Shalawambe (Zambia)
Shalli (Canada)
Shallow (the USA)
Shalom (Jamaica)
Shaluza Boys; filed under Mankwane, Marks (South Africa)
Sham 69 (England)
Sham Rock (Northern Ireland)
Shamba, Shaka (Jamaica)
Shambeko! Say Wah!; filed under Wylie, Pete (England)
Shame (Scotland)
Shamen, The (Scotland)
Shampoo (England)
Shamrock (the Netherlands)
Shamrocks, The; filed under McConville, Jimmy (the USA)
Shand, Jimmy (Scotland)
Shandi (the USA)
Shandu, Lutheni (South Africa)
Shane and The Yellowcoats, Paul (England)
Shaneversion (Jamaica)
Shangri-Las, The (the USA)
Shanice (the USA)
Shankar, Anoushka (England)
Shanks and Bigfoot (England)
Shanks Pony (England)
Shannon (the USA)
Shannon Four (the USA)
Shannon, Del (the USA)
Shannon, Sharon (Ireland)
Shanokee (Northern Ireland)
Shante, Roxanne (the USA)
Shantel (Germany)
Shanty City Seven (South Africa)
Shape and Sizes (England)
Shapero, Rich (the USA)
Shapes, The; filed under Micachu (England)
Shapeshifters (England)
Shapiro, Helen (England)
Sharam (Iran)
Sharicon, Don (Germany)
Sharkboy (England)
Sharkey, Feargal (Northern Ireland)
Sharks and Sailors (the USA)
Sharmeers, The (the USA)
Sha-Rock (the USA)
Sharon and Robert (Israel)
Sharonettes, The (the USA)
Sharp Teeth (?)
Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Edward (the USA)
Sharpe and The Replays, Rocky (England)
Sharpe, Ray (the USA)
Sharps and Flats, The (the USA)
Shasha and Jackey (South Africa)
Shasha Boys, The (South Africa)
Shattered Theatre, The; filed under Glass Candy (the USA)
Shattuck, Truly (the USA)
Shaw Heights Assembly (Scotland)
Shaw Park Calypso Band, The (Jamaica)
Shaw, Benjamin (England)
Shaw, Elliott (the USA)
Shaw, Mark (England)
Shaw, Marlena (the USA)
Shaw, Ricky (the USA)
Shaw, Sandie (England)
Shaw, Sandy (Scotland)
Shawwna (the USA)
She and Him (the USA)
She Makes War (England)
She Said Destroy (Italy)
SHe’S HiT (Scotland)
Shears, Jake (the USA)
Shearston, Gary (Australia)
Shearwater (the USA)
Shebeleza and Natal Queens (South Africa)
Shed Seven (England)
Sheek Louch (the USA)
Sheen, Bobby (the USA)
Sheena & The Rokkets (Japan)
Sheep On Drugs (England)
Sheer Elegance (Barbados)
Sheer Smegma; filed under Teddy and The Frat Girls (the USA)
Sheer Taft (Scotland)
Sheeran, Ed (England)
Sheila 【American percussionist】; filed under E., Sheila (the USA)
Sheila 【French pop singer】 (France)
Sheila and B. Devotion; filed under Sheila 【French pop singer】 (France)
Shekinah (the USA)
Shellac (the USA)
Shelley, Pete (England)
Shelley, Peter (England)
Shelleyan Orphan (England)
Shells, The 【50s doo wop group from Brooklyn】 (the USA)
Shells, The 【60s soul group from St. Louis】 (the USA)
Shelton and The Gospel Queens, Naomi (the USA)
Shelton Brothers, The (the USA)
Shelton, Anne (England)
Shelton, Sandi (the USA)
Shena (England)
Shep and The Limelites (the USA)
Shepard, Jean (the USA)
Shepherd, Betsy Lane (the USA)
Shepherd, Bill (the USA)
Sheppard, Andy (England)
Sheppard, I.V. (England)
Sheppards, The (the USA)
Sherbet (Australia)
Sheridan, Mark (England)
Sheridan, Tony (England)
Sherieta (Jamaica)
Sheriff (Jamaica)
Sheriff and The Revels (the USA)
Sherman, Bim (Jamaica)
Sherman, Tony (the Netherlands)
Sherman, Yahel (Israel)
Sherrick (the USA)
Sherrys, The (the USA)
Shervington, Pluto (Jamaica)
Sherwood (the USA)
Sherwood, Adrian (England)
Sherwoods, The (the USA)
Sheva, Bas (the USA)
Shi, Sharifa (England)
Shibley, Arkie (the USA)
Shields, Ella (the USA)
Shields, Keith (England)
Shields, The (the USA)
Shift (the USA)
Shifters, The (France)
Shika Tracks (?)
Shilkret, Nat (the USA)
Shiloe (the USA)
Shimmering Stars (Canada)
Shine, Brendan (Ireland)
Shinehead (England)
Shines, Johnny (the USA)
Shinies (England)
Shins, The (the USA)
Ships, The (the USA)
Shire, David (the USA)
Shirehorses, The (England)
Shirelles, The (the USA)
Shirley (the USA)
Shirley and Company (the USA)
Shirley and Lee (the USA)
Shirley Holmes (Germany)
Shirley, Roy (Jamaica)
Shit and Shine (England)
Shitake Monkey (the USA)
Shitdisco (Scotland)
Shitmat (England)
Shiva (England)
ShivaNova (India)
Shivvers, The (the USA)
Shocked, Michelle (the USA)
Shocking Blue (the Netherlands)
Shocking Pinks (New Zealand)
Shocklee, Hank (the USA)
Shockman (the Netherlands)
Shodipo, Mary (the USA)
Shoeface (the USA)
Shoes (France)
Shoestrings (the USA)
Shomang, Taai (South Africa)
Shondells, The 【beat group from Niles, MI】; filed under James, Tommy (the USA)
Shondells, The 【doo wop from Pomona, CA】 (the USA)
Shondes, The (the USA)
Shonen Knife (Japan)
Shontelle (Barbados)
Shontelle, Keisha (the USA)
Shooters, The (the USA)
Shooting Lead Rabbits (England)
Shooting Party (England)
Shootyz Groove (the USA)
Shop Assistants (Scotland)
Short Parliament, The; filed under Hayman, Darren (England)
Short Stories, The (England)
Short, J.D. (the USA)
Shortop (Canada)
Shorty The President (Jamaica)
Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band, The (Scotland)
Should (the USA)
Shout For England (England)
Shout Out Louds (Sweden)
Shovels and Rope (the USA)
Showaddywaddy (England)
Showmen, The (the USA)
Showstoppers, The (the USA)
Showtyme (the USA)
Shoxx (the USA)
Shpongle (England)
Shrag (England)
Shrander, The (?)
Shreds, The (England)
Shriek (Scotland)
Shriekback (England)
Shrigley, David (Scotland)
Shrug (the USA)
Shu-De (Russia)
Shulban, Shaktar (Russia)
Shuman, Mort (the USA)
Shumi (South Africa)
Shushan (?)
Shut Up and Dance (England)
Shutah (Jamaica)
Shuttleworth (England)
Shuttleworth, John (England)
Shveta (England)
Shy FX (England)
Shy Guy Douglas (the USA)
Shyheim (the USA)
Sia (Australia)
Sibiya, Isaac (South Africa)
Siciliano, Dani (the USA)
Sick Things, The (England)
Sickidz (the USA)
Sidden, Gilroy (England)
Sidebottom, Frank (England)
Sideway Look (Scotland)
Sidi Bou Said (England)
Siegel, Samuel (the USA)
Siesta On Sunday (Japan)
Siete Armas (Brazil)
Siffre, Labi (England)
Sifter (the USA)
Sigel, Beanie (the USA)
Sightings (the USA)
Sigue Sigue Sputnik (England)
Sigur Rós (Iceland)
Sigurðarson, Sigurður (Iceland)
Siinai (Finland)
Silencers, The (Scotland)
Silent Love, The (Indonesia)
Silent Strike (Romania)
Silent Witness and Break (England)
Silgee, Wilson (South Africa)
Silhouettes, The (the USA)
Silicon Ballet (Belgium)
Silicone Soul (Scotland)
Silje (Norway)
Silk Family (Jamaica)
Silk, Garnett (Jamaica)
Silk, Nicky (Jamaica)
Silkies (the USA)
Silva, Rui Da (Portugal)
Silvas, Lucie (England)
Silveira, Orlando (Brazil)
Silver (England)
Silver Apples (the USA)
Silver Bullet (England)
Silver Bullet Band, The; filed under Seger, Bob (the USA)
Silver Cat (Jamaica)
Silver Convention (Germany)
Silver Don (Jamaica)
Silver Jews (the USA)
Silver Mt. Zion (Canada)
Silver Pozzoli (Italy)
Silver Quintette (the USA)
Silver Ray (Australia)
Silver Rocket (Poland)
Silver Seas Hotel Orchestra, The (Jamaica)
Silver Soul (Canada)
Silver Sun (England)
Silver Tongue (England)
Silvera, Ana (England)
Silveras, Leon (Jamaica)
Silveras, Owen (Jamaica)
Silverchair (Australia)
Silverfish (England)
Silvers, Owen and Leon; see Silveras, Owen (Jamaica) or Silveras, Leon (Jamaica)
Silversun Pickups (the USA)
Silvertones 【60s Surf Rock group】 (the USA)
Silvertones, The 【60s,70s Reggae group】 (Jamaica)
Silvester Orchestra, The Victor (England)
Simanca, Jaime (Colombia)
Simba (Saint Kitts and Nevis)
Simeone (England)
Simian (England)
Simian Mobile Disco (England)
Simmonds, Chris (England)
Simmons, Al (the USA)
Simmons, Gene (the USA)
Simon and Garfunkel (the USA)
Simon, Carly (the USA)
Simon, Harper (the USA)
Simon, Joe (the USA)
Simon, Paul (the USA)
Simon, Tito (the USA)
Simon, Todd (the USA)
Simonds, Clodagh (Ireland)
Simone, Nina (the USA)
Simonon, Paul (England)
Simoyi, Lulamile (South Africa)
Simple Kid (Ireland)
Simple Minds (Scotland)
Simpleton (Jamaica)
Simpletones, The (the USA)
Simplicity People (Jamaica)
Simply Grand (the USA)
Simply Red (England)
Simply Saucer (Canada)
Simpson, Guilty (the USA)
Simpson, Mickey (Jamaica)
Simpson, Paul (the USA)
Simpsons, The (the USA)
Sims, Frankie Lee (the USA)
Sims, Henry ‘Son’ (the USA)
Sims, Joyce (the USA)
Sims, Kym (the USA)
Sin34 (the USA)
Sinatra Test, The (England)
Sinatra, Frank (the USA)
Sinatra, Nancy (the USA)
Sinclair, Bob (France)
Sinclair, Jimmy (Jamaica)
Sinclaire, Betty (Jamaica)
Sindab, Paul (the USA)
Sinden (the USA)
sinfonia ViVA (England)
Sing That Yell That Spell (Canada)
Singer Tempa (England)
Singer, Hal (the USA)
Singers and Players (England)
Singh, Bhupinder (India)
Singing Apache (Jamaica)
Singing Dogs, The (Denmark)
Singing G. (Jamaica)
Singing Graig (the USA)
Singing Melody (Jamaica)
Singing Prince (Jamaica)
Singing Ranger, The; filed under Snow, Hank (the USA)
Singing Scarvey (Jamaica)
Singing Sweet (Jamaica)
Singing White (Jamaica)
Singleskin (Scotland)
Sinitta (the USA)
Sink Tapes (the USA)
Sioux, Mariee (the USA)
Siouxsie (England)
Siouxsie and The Banshees (England)
Sipho and his Jets; filed under Bhengu, Sipho (South Africa)
Sipho and Johnny; see Mchunu, Sipho (South Africa) or Clegg, Johnny (South Africa)
Sipho The Human Beatbox (England)
Sir Cavalier’s Combo (Jamaica)
Sir Dee’s Group (Jamaica)
Sir Douglas Quintet (the USA)
Sir Harry and Ansel Collins; see J, Harry (Jamaica) or Collins, Ansel (Jamaica)
Sir Lloyd (England)
Sir Lord Baltimore (the USA)
Sir Lord Comic (Jamaica)
Sir Mix-a-Lot (the USA)
Sir Monti Rock III; filed under Disco Tex and The Sex-O-Lettes (the USA)
Siren (England)
Sirenes (England)
Siriusmo (Germany)
Sirron (England)
Sisa (Scotland)
Sisco, Bobby (the USA)
Sisqó (the USA)
Sissay, Lemn (England)
Sissel (Norway)
Sissy and The Blisters (England)
Sissy Bar (the USA)
Sister Annunciata; filed under St. Joseph’s School Choir (Scotland)
Sister Audrey (England)
Sister Charmaine (Jamaica)
Sister India (England)
Sister Marie (Jamaica)
Sister Nancy (Jamaica)
Sister Sledge (the USA)
Sister Suvi (Canada)
Sister Wendy (Jamaica)
Sisters Of Mercy, The (England)
Sitte, Maykah (Spain)
Sivion (the USA)
Six Brown Brothers (the USA)
Six By Seven (England)
Six Finger Satellite (the USA)
Six Keys (South Africa)
Six Lads, The (South Africa)
Sixfingerz (Belgium)
Sixpence None The Richer (the USA)
Sixteen Deluxe (the USA)
Sixteen, Earl (Jamaica)
Sixteen, The (Iceland)
Size, Roni (England)
Sizzla (Jamaica)
Ska Busters, The (Jamaica)
Ska City Rockers (England)
Skaos (Germany)
Skat (England)
Skatalites, The (Jamaica)
Skeddon, Edwin (the USA)
Skeef, Mpho (South Africa)
Skee-Lo (the USA)
Skeewiff (England)
Skeletones, The (the USA)
Skeme (England)
Skepta (England)
Sketelina (Jamaica)
SKF (England)
Skid Row (the USA)
Skids, The (Scotland)
Skillet Lickers; filed under Tanner, Gid (the USA)
Skin Deep (England)
Skin Flesh and Bones (Jamaica)
Skin Games (England)
Skin Up (England)
Skin Yard (the USA)
Skinner, J. Scott (Scotland)
Skinny Girl Diet (England)
Skinnyman (England)
Skip and Flip (the USA)
Skipper (?)
Skipper, Macy (the USA)
Skipworth and Turner (the USA)
Skitso (the USA)
Skitter (Jamaica)
Skittle Alley (France)
Skoffin’ Allsorts (England)
Sköld vs KMFDM; see Sköld, Tim (Sweden) or KMFDM (Germany)
Sköld, Tim (Sweden)
Skream (England)
Skrewdriver (England)
Skull Defekts, The (Sweden)
Skunk Anansie (England)
Sky (England)
Sky Drops, The (the USA)
Sky Larkin (England)
Sky Saxon Blues Band (the USA)
Sky, Nina (the USA)
Skye (England)
Skylarks, The (South Africa)
Skyliners, The (the USA)
Skynet UK (England)
Skyscraper (England)
Skytone (Canada)
Skytoppers, The (the USA)
Skyzoo (the USA)
SL2 (England)
Slack (?)
Slack, Freddie (the USA)
Slade (England)
Slagerij Van Kampen (the Netherlands)
Slamm (England)
Slaney, Ivor (England)
Slap of Reality (the USA)
Slapp Happy (Germany)
Slash (the USA)
Slaughter Joe (England)
Slave (the USA)
Slayer (the USA)
Sleaford Mods (England)
Sleater-Kinney (the USA)
Sledge, Percy (the USA)
Sledgehammer (Northern Ireland)
Sleep ∞ Over (the USA)
Sleeper (England)
Sleeping At Last (the USA)
Sleeping Dogs (the USA)
Sleepless Beach Music (England)
sleepmakeswaves (Australia)
Sleeptalking Birds (?)
Sleepwalkers, The (the USA)
Sleepy Hallow Tips (Jamaica)
Sleepy Jackson, The (Australia)
Sleepy King (the USA)
Sleepy Sun (the USA)
Sleigh Bells (the USA)
Slete, Isan (Thailand)
Slevin, Bronagh (England)
Slick (the USA)
Slick Rick (England)
Slick Sisters, The (South Africa)
Slickee Boys, The (the USA)
Slickers, The (Jamaica)
Slide (Scotland)
Slideshow Freak (England)
Slik (Scotland)
Slim and Slam; see Gaillard, Slim (the USA) or Stewart, Slam (the USA)
Slim Chance; filed under Lane, Ronnie (England)
Slimkid3 (the USA)
Slint (the USA)
Slip, The (the USA)
Slipknot (the USA)
Slits, The (England)
Sloan (Canada)
Slow Animal (the USA)
Slow Bongo Floyd (England)
Slow Club (England)
Slow Down Tallahassee (England)
Slowdive (England)
Slowness (the USA)
Slowpoke (the USA)
Slug (the USA)
Sluggy; filed under Ranks, Sluggy (Jamaica)
Slum Of Legs (England)
Slum Village (the USA)
Slutet (Sweden)
Sluts Of Trust (Scotland)
Slutty Hearts (the USA)
Sly and Chris; see Sly and Robbie (Jamaica) or Chris (Jamaica)
Sly and Fire House Crew; see Sly and Robbie (Jamaica) or Firehouse Crew (Jamaica)
Sly and Gitsy; see Sly and Robbie (Jamaica) or Willis, Lloyd ‘Gitsy’ (Jamaica)
Sly and Herbie; see Sly and Robbie (Jamaica) or Herbie (Jamaica)
Sly and Lenky; see Sly and Robbie (Jamaica) or Marsden, Steven ‘Lenky’ (Jamaica)
Sly and Robbie (Jamaica)
Sly and The Family Stone (the USA)
Sly Fox (the USA)
Sly, Frankie (Jamaica)
Sly; filed under Sly and Robbie (Jamaica)
SLZR (Mexico)
Small (the USA)
Small 23; filed under Small (the USA)
Small Choir of St. Brandon’s School, The (England)
Small Faces (England)
Small, Heather (England)
Smaller (England)
Smalls, Ingrid (the USA)
Smart Brothers (the USA)
Smart, Jason (England)
Smart, Leroy (Jamaica)
Smart’s Band, John (the USA)
Smart-E’s (England)
Smashing Orange (the USA)
Smashing Pumpkins, The (the USA)
SMC Project, The; filed under Lock, Eddie (England)
Smile Brigade (the USA)
Smilin’ Joe (the USA)
Smith and The Dreamgirls, Bobbie (the USA)
Smith Jubilee Singers (the USA)
Smith Westerns (the USA)
Smith, Arthur 【‘Fiddlin’】 (the USA)
Smith, Arthur 【‘Guitar Boogie’】 (the USA)
Smith, Bessie (the USA)
Smith, Betty (the USA)
Smith, Bradleigh (England)
Smith, Brix (the USA)
Smith, Byther (the USA)
Smith, Carl (the USA)
Smith, Christian (Brazil)
Smith, Clara (the USA)
Smith, Clemons (Trinidad and Tobago)
Smith, Connie (the USA)
Smith, Conroy (Jamaica)
Smith, Curtis (the USA)
Smith, Eddie (the USA)
Smith, Elliott (the USA)
Smith, Ernie (Jamaica)
Smith, Faber (the USA)
Smith, George ‘Harmonica’ (the USA)
Smith, Gid (the USA)
Smith, Helene (the USA)
Smith, Huey ‘Piano’ (the USA)
Smith, Jimmy (the USA)
Smith, Joseph C. (the USA)
Smith, Keely (the USA)
Smith, Kendra (the USA)
Smith, Lonnie Liston (the USA)
Smith, Mamie (the USA)
Smith, Marc (Scotland)
Smith, Mark E. (England)
Smith, Marvin (the USA)
Smith, Mel 【50s rock n roll】 (the USA)
Smith, Mel 【80s-90s novelty】 (England)
Smith, Moses (the USA)
Smith, Myrna (the USA)
Smith, O.C. (the USA)
Smith, Patti (the USA)
Smith, Paul (England)
Smith, Pinetop (the USA)
Smith, Ray (the USA)
Smith, Rev. Utah (the USA)
Smith, Rex (the USA)
Smith, Robert (England)
Smith, Simon ‘Bassline’ (England)
Smith, Slim (Jamaica)
Smith, Sonny (the USA)
Smith, Stuff (the USA)
Smith, Trixie (the USA)
Smith, Truly (England)
Smith, Warren (the USA)
Smith, Wayne (Jamaica)
Smith, Wendell (the USA)
Smith, Whispering (the USA)
Smith, Whistling Jack (England)
Smith, Will (the USA)
Smith, Wille ‘Long Time’ (the USA)
Smith, William and Versey (the USA)
Smith, Willow (the USA)
Smithereens, The (the USA)
Smithers, Brian N. (England)
Smiths, The (England)
Smittens, The (the USA)
SMLH (the USA)
Smog (the USA)
Smoke and Aqua; see Jackson, Eddie ‘Smokey’ (the USA) or Aqua 【reggae artist】 (Jamaica)
Smoke City (England)
Smoke Fairies (England)
Smoke, The (England)
Smokie (England)
Smokin’ Mojo Filters, The (England)
Smoothie, Jean-Jacques (Wales)
Smudge (Australia)
Smujji (England)
Smyth, Patty (the USA)
Snailhead (England)
Snake (Israel)
Snake The Cross The Crown, The (the USA)
Snakebite (Scotland)
Snakefinger (England)
Snap Ant (England)
Snap! (Germany)
Snapdragons, The (the USA)
Snark (Australia)
Snatch (the USA)
Sneaker Pimps (England)
Sneakpeek (the USA)
Sneaky Feelings (New Zealand)
Sneaky Sound System (Australia)
Sneddon, David (Scotland)
Sneeking, Rachael (Jamaica)
Snell, Annette (the USA)
Sniff ‘n’ The Tears (England)
Snikone (the Netherlands)
Snoop Dog (the USA)
Snow (Canada)
Snow Palms (England)
Snow Patrol (Northern Ireland)
Snow, Hank (the USA)
Snow, Mark (the USA)
Snow, Phoebe (the USA)
Snowman (Australia)
SNTS (Germany)
Snuff (England)
Snug (England)
Snyder, Terry (the USA)
So (England)
So Cow (Ireland)
So Sexual (England)
So Solid Crew (England)
Soap and Skin (Austria)
Sober Now (?)
Soccio, Gino (Canada)
Social Code (Canada)
Social Kaos (England)
Social Outcasts, The (the USA)
Social Studies (the USA)
Societie, The (Scotland)
Society Cats; filed under Lutcher, Joe (the USA)
Soda Stream (Australia)
Sodero’s Band (the USA)
Soel (France)
Sofa Head (England)
Sofahead (England)
SOFI (Germany)
Soft As Snow But Warm Inside (Japan)
Soft Cell (England)
Soft Machine (England)
Soft Pack, The (the USA)
Soft Skeleton, The; filed under Haines, Emily (Canada)
Soho and Natty Sega (?)
Soileau Couzens (the USA)
Soileau, Alius (the USA)
Soileau, Leo (the USA)
Solange (the USA)
Solar Powered People (the USA)
Solar Race (England)
Solar Spirit (England)
Solarno (the USA)
Sole Claw (Canada)
Soledad Brothers (the USA)
Solex (the Netherlands)
Solid (?)
Solid Senders; filed under Milton, Roy (the USA)
Solistic (?)
Sollee, Ben (the USA)
Solo (Australia)
Solo, Ed (England)
Solveig, Martin (France)
Solven Whistlers (South Africa)
Solypsis (the USA)
Some Chicken (England)
Some, Belouis (England)
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin (the USA)
Somers, Alex (the USA)
Somers, Debroy (England)
Somerville, Jimmy (Scotland)
Something Happens (Ireland)
Sometimes Always (Indonesia)
Sometimes, Charlotte (the USA)
Somo, Mavuela (the D.R. Congo)
Son Ambulance (the USA)
Son Of Dave (Canada)
Son Of Dork (England)
Son Of Science (England)
Song Spinners, The (the USA)
Songdog (Wales)
Songhoy Blues (Mali)
Songs For Walter (England)
Songz, Trey (the USA)
Sonia 【guest singer from Alabama 3】 (?)
Sonia 【pop singer from Liverpool】 (England)
Sonic Hearts Foundation (Scotland)
Sonic Subjunkies (Germany)
Sonic Surfers (the Netherlands)
Sonic Youth (the USA)
Sonic, Rob (the USA)
Sonic’s Rendezvous Band (the USA)
Sonics, The 【50s doo wop】 (the USA)
Sonics, The 【60s garage】 (the USA)
Sonique (England)
Sonnet LVIII (the Philippines)
Sonny and Cher; see Bono, Sonny (the USA) or Cher (the USA)
Sonny and The Sunsets; filed under Smith, Sonny (the USA)
Sonos (the USA)
Sons and Daughters (Scotland)
Sons Of The Kingdom, The (Israel)
Sons Of The Mountaineers, The; filed under Mainer, Wade (the USA)
Sons Of The Pioneers, The (the USA)
Sontag Shogun (the USA)
Soofle (France)
Soon E MC (France)
Sophia (the USA)
Soraia, Charlene (England)
Sore Eros (the USA)
Sorlin, Victor (the USA)
Sorry Kisses, The (England)
Sorry Shop, The (Brazil)
Sort Sol (Denmark)
SOS Band (the USA)
Sosbee, Tommy (the USA)
Sosibo, Mpompi (South Africa)
Soul Asylum (the USA)
Soul Bossa (England)
Soul Brothers Six (the USA)
Soul Brothers, The 【mbaqanga group】 (South Africa)
Soul Brothers, The 【motown band】 (the USA)
Soul Brothers, The 【ska band】 (Jamaica)
Soul Center (the USA)
Soul Central (England)
Soul City Symphony, The; filed under McCoy, Van (the USA)
Soul Clan (the USA)
Soul Coughing (the USA)
Soul Drive (Scotland)
Soul Ensemble (the USA)
Soul Explosion (South Africa)
Soul Explosions, The (South Africa)
Soul II Soul (England)
Soul Investigators, The (Finland)
Soul Lads, The (Jamaica)
Soul Masters, The (South Africa)
Soul Mates, The; filed under Green, Al (the USA)
Soul Messengers, The (Liberia)
Soul Of Man (England)
Soul President, The (the USA)
Soul Sisters, The (the USA)
Soul Stirrers, The (the USA)
Soul Survivors, The (the USA)
Soul Syndicate (Jamaica)
Soul Thrillers, The; filed under Hooker, Earl (the USA)
Soul Twisters, The; filed under Hooker, Earl (the USA)
Soul Wax (Belgium)
Soul, Aaron (England)
Soul, David (the USA)
Soul, Jimmy (the USA)
Soul, Junior (Jamaica)
Soulchild, Musiq (the USA)
Souled American (the USA)
Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em (the USA)
Souljaz Pros (South Africa)
Soulmates, The (Jamaica)
Soulmen, The; filed under Aitken, Laurel (Jamaica)
Soulsavers (England)
Soulsister (Belgium)
Sound Demension (Jamaica)
Sound Of Music Cast, The (the USA)
Sound Outside, The; filed under Ford, Sallie (the USA)
Sound, The (England)
Sound; filed under Lowe, Nick (England)
Soundcarriers, The (England)
Soundgarden (the USA)
Soundmurderer (England)
Soundproof (England)
Sounds and Silence (England)
Sounds Of Blackness (the USA)
Sounds Of Vancouver (Canada)
Soundz Mafia (Jamaica)
Soup Dragons, The (Scotland)
Source, The (England)
Souris Déglinguée, La (France)
Sourpatch (the USA)
Sousa’s Band (the USA)
South Ambulance (Sweden)
South Bronx Production Team (Jamaica)
South Memphis Jug Band; filed under Kelly, Jack (the USA)
South Texas Playboys; filed under Rash, Curley (the USA)
South, Joe (the USA)
Southern Death Cult; filed under Cult, The (England)
Southern Four, The (the USA)
Southern Shores (Canada)
Southern Tones (the USA)
Southside Johnny (the USA)
Southside Spinners (the Netherlands)
Southworth, John (England)
Souvenirs, The; filed under Chin and The Souvenirs, Kes (Jamaica)
Sovine, Red (the USA)
Soweto Boys, The (South Africa)
Soweto Gospel Choir (South Africa)
Soweto Stars, The (South Africa)
Soweto Stockvel Septette (South Africa)
Sp!n (England)
Space (England)
Space Cadets (?)
Space Cowboy, The (France)
Space Manoeuvres (England)
Space Monkey (England)
Space Queens (South Africa)
Space Raiders (England)
Spaceape, The (England)
Spaced Out Roundabout (Scotland)
Spacedust (England)
Spacemaid (England)
Spacemen 3 (England)
Spacemonkeyz (England)
Spade (Jamaica)
Spaghetti Anywhere (England)
Spagna (Italy)
Spalding, Albert (the USA)
Spand, Charlie (the USA)
Spandau Ballet (England)
Spangler and Pearson (the USA)
Spaniels, The (the USA)
Spanishtonians, The (Jamaica)
Spank Rock (the USA)
Spann, Otis (the USA)
Spanner (Jamaica)
Spare Snare (Scotland)
Spark Plugs, The (the USA)
Sparkle (the USA)
Sparklehorse (the USA)
Sparkles, The (the USA)
Sparks (the USA)
Sparks Of Rhythm (the USA)
Sparks, Jordin (the USA)
Sparks, Trevor (England)
Sparro, Sam (Australia)
Sparrow and The Workshop (Scotland)
Sparxxx, Bubba (the USA)
Spat (Scotland)
Spaventi, Ma (Italy)
SPC ECO (England)
Speak and The Spells (England)
Spear Of Destiny (England)
Spearhead; filed under Franti, Michael (the USA)
Spears, Billie Jo (the USA)
Spears, Britney (the USA)
Special AKA, The; filed under Specials, The (England)
Special Beat (England)
Special D. (Germany)
Specials, The (England)
Speckled Red (the USA)
Spectacular (Jamaica)
Spector, Phil (the USA)
Spector, Ronnie (the USA)
Spectrasonic (?)
Spectres (England)
Spectrum (England)
Spedding, Chris (England)
Speedknot Mobstaz (the USA)
Speedway (?)
Speedway Stars (?)
Spektor, Regina (Russia)
Spellbinders, The (the USA)
Spellman, Benny (the USA)
Spence, Brian (England)
Spence, Trenton (Jamaica)
Spencer Blues Explosion, Jon (the USA)
Spencer, Elizabeth (the USA)
Spencer, Elvin (the USA)
Spencer, Harry (the USA)
Spencer, Jeremy (England)
Spencer, Jon; filed under Spencer Blues Explosion, Jon (the USA)
Spencer, Len (the USA)
Spencer, Shaw (?)
Spensah (Trinidad and Tobago)
Spenser, Mike (England)
Sperma (Japan)
Spherers of Celestial Influence, The (England)
Spice (Jamaica)
Spice Girls (England)
Spice, Mikey (Jamaica)
Spice, Richie (Jamaica)
Spicy Drive (Japan)
Spider Sam; filed under McGhee, Brownie (the USA)
Spiders, The (the USA)
Spidersleg (England)
Spikey T (England)
Spillane, Davy (Ireland)
Spiller (Italy)
Spin Doctors (the USA)
Spinach (?)
Spinanes, The (the USA)
Spinners, The (the USA)
Spinto Band, The (the USA)
Spiracles, The (Peru)
Spiral Tribe (England)
Spirea X (Scotland)
Spires, Arthur ‘Big Boy’ (the USA)
Spirit (the USA)
Spirit Choir (the USA)
Spirit Of Israel, The (Israel)
Spirits Of Leo (the USA)
Spiritual Cowboys, The; filed under Stewart, David A. (England)
Spiritualized (England)
Spiritualized Electric Mainline; filed under Spiritualized (England)
Spit (the USA)
Spit Out (Germany)
Spit Syndicate (Australia)
Spitbaby (?)
Spitfire (England)
Spitting Image (England)
Spitzer, Dom (England)
Spivey, Victoria (the USA)
Spizz Oil; filed under Spizzenergi (England)
Spizzenergi (England)
SPK (Australia)
Splash 【English pop group】 (England)
Splash 【South African pop group】 (South Africa)
Splashh (England)
Spleens, The (Australia)
Splendora (the USA)
Spliff Tail (Jamaica)
Split Enz (New Zealand)
Splitter (Germany)
Splodgenessabounds (England)
Spo-Dee-O-Dee Buddies; filed under McGhee, Stick (the USA)
Spokes 【Manchester indie group, 00s-10s】 (England)
Spokes 【South African electro-pop artist, 00s-10s】; filed under Mashiyane, Spokes (South Africa)
Spokes and William; see Mashiyane, Spokes (South Africa) or Madyaka, William (South Africa)
Spökraket (Denmark)
Spook School, The (Scotland)
Spooky (England)
Spooky Tooth (England)
Spoon (the USA)
Spores, The (the USA)
Sportique (England)
Spotlight Kid (England)
Spread (the USA)
Spring Clock Wonder (the USA)
Spring Heel Jack (England)
Springfield, Dusty (England)
Springfield, Rick (Australia)
Springfields, The 【60s pop group】 (England)
Springfields, The 【80s indie pop group】 (England)
Springsteen, Bruce (the USA)
Springwater (England)
Spruell, Freddie (the USA)
Sputniks Down (Scotland)
Spyda (England)
Spyro Gyra (the USA)
Squarepusher (England)
Squashy Nice (the USA)
Squeeze (England)
Squier, Billy (the USA)
Squillo Eletrix, Jo (Italy)
Squires, The (the USA)
Squirrels, The (the USA)
Squits (the Netherlands)
Srinivasan, Ashwin (India)
SS-20 (Mexico)
Ssaliva (Belgium)
SSMG Production House (the USA)
SST (the USA)
St Deluxe (Scotland)
St. Cecilia (England)
St. Christopher (England)
St. Clair, Carl (England)
St. Germain (France)
St. Hilaire, Paul (Dominica)
St. John, Barry (Scotland)
St. John, Carine (Jamaica)
St. Johnny (the USA)
St. Joseph’s School Choir (Wales)
St. Louis Union (England)
St. Louis, Louis (the USA)
St. Luke Church Of God In Christ Youth Choir, The (the USA)
St. Peters, Crispian (England)
St. Plomb (France)
St. Thomas (Norway)
St. Vincent (the USA)
St. Vitus Dancers (England)
St. Winifred’s School Choir (England)
ST-37 (Germany)
Stabmaster Vinyl (Wales)
Stacey, Clyde (the USA)
Stacious (Jamaica)
Stackhouse, Houston (the USA)
Stackridge (England)
Stacy Effect, The (Scotland)
Staff Benda Bilili (the D.R. Congo)
Stafford, Jim (England)
Stafford, Jo (the USA)
Stafford, Terry (the USA)
Stagnant Pools (the USA)
Stakka Bo (Sweden)
Stalin, J (the USA)
Stallarium (Singapore)
Stammers, John (England)
Stamps Quartet, The; filed under Stamps, The (the USA)
Stamps, The (the USA)
Stan, Alexandra (Romania)
Standard Fare (England)
Standard Quartet (the USA)
Standells, The (the USA)
Stands, The (England)
Stanford, Hank (the USA)
Stanier, John (the USA)
Stanley Brothers, The (the USA)
Stanley, Aileen (the USA)
Stanley, Chris (the USA)
Stanley, Chuck (the USA)
Stanley, Frank C. (the USA)
Stansfield, Lisa (England)
Stanton-Miranda (the USA)
Stanza, Uke (England)
Staple Singers, The (the USA)
Staple, Neville (England)
Staples, Mavis (the USA)
Staples, Stuart (England)
Stapleton (Scotland)
Stapleton, Cyril (England)
Stapleton, Steven (England)
Star Spangles, The (the USA)
Star Turn On 45 Pints (England)
Star, Jeffery (?)
Star, Lucille (Canada)
Star, Sandy (Jamaica)
Starbuck (?)
Starchildren (the USA)
Stardeath (the USA)
Stardust (France)
Stardust, Alvin (England)
Starfish (the USA)
Starfucker (the USA)
Stargard (the USA)
Stargazers, The (England)
Stark, Johnny (the USA)
Starlets, The (the USA)
Starlight (Italy)
Starlight Boogies, The; filed under Starlight Singers, The (South Africa)
Starlight Serenaders, The; filed under Starlight Singers, The (South Africa)
Starlight Singers, The (South Africa)
Starline Troubadors, The; filed under Brown, Teddy (Jamaica)
Starostin, Sergey (Russia)
Starr and The Adventurers Band, Tony (the USA)
Starr and The Midnighters, Freddie (England)
Starr and The Starliners, Buddy (the USA)
Starr, Andy (the USA)
Starr, Cyndy (?)
Starr, Edwin (the USA)
Starr, Kay (the USA)
Starr, Kerry (Jamaica)
Starr, Ringo (England)
Stars (Canada)
Stars Of Heaven, The (Ireland)
Stars, The; filed under Cooke, Sam (the USA)
Starsailor (England)
Starship (the USA)
Starsound (the Netherlands)
Starting Line, The (the USA)
Startrax (Germany)
Starvation (England)
Stassinopoulou, Kristi (Greece)
State Broadcasters, The (Scotland)
State Of Bengal (Pakistan)
State Of Grace (the USA)
State Of Mind (England)
Stateless (England)
Static (?)
Statik Selektah (the USA)
Statik, Sev (the USA)
Statler Brothers (the USA)
Staton, Candi (the USA)
Status Quo (England)
Statutory Apes, The (Canada)
Stax (the USA)
Stax Pistols, The; filed under Black, Frank (the USA)
Stealers Wheel (Scotland)
Steam (the USA)
Steel Pole Bath Tub (the USA)
Steel Pulse (England)
Steel, Luke (Australia)
Steel; filed under Black Steel (England)
Steeldrivers (the USA)
Steele, Donovan (Jamaica)
Steele, Tommy (England)
Steeles, Betty (England)
Steeleye Span (England)
Steelmen, The; filed under Steele, Tommy (England)
Steely and Clevie (Jamaica)
Steely Dan (the USA)
Steenhuis, Wout (the Netherlands)
Stef, Pako and Frederick (the Netherlands)
Stefani, Gwen (the USA)
Steinman, Jim (the USA)
Steinski (the USA)
Steinvord (Spain)
Stembler, Sallie (the USA)
Stemmons Express (the USA)
Step One Just Plain Folk Singers, The (?)
Stephens, ‘Uncle Bunt’ (the USA)
Stephens, Richie (Jamaica)
Stephens, Tanya (Jamaica)
Stephenson, Duane (Jamaica)
Steppa Style (Russia)
Steppenwolf (the USA)
Stepper, Joseph (Jamaica)
Stepper, Reggie (Jamaica)
Steppin Stones (the USA)
Steps (England)
Stepz (England)
Stereo MC’s (England)
Stereo Total (Germany)
Stereolab (England)
Stereophonics (Wales)
Stereotyp (Austria)
Stereowoolf (Germany)
Sterling (?)
Sterling Trio (the USA)
Sterling, Lester (Jamaica)
Stern, Marnie (the USA)
Stetsasonic (the USA)
Steveless (England)
Stevens, April; filed under Tempo and April Stevens, Nino (the USA)
Stevens, Carl (the USA)
Stevens, Cat (England)
Stevens, Cory (the USA)
Stevens, Rachel (England)
Stevens, Ray (the USA)
Stevens, Sufjan (the USA)
Stevenson and The Cans, Laura (the USA)
Stevenson, Dani (the USA)
Stevenson, Elise (the USA)
Stevenson, Kitty (the USA)
Stevenson’s Rocket (England)
Stewart, Al (Scotland)
Stewart, Amii (the USA)
Stewart, Andy (Scotland)
Stewart, Angella (Jamaica)
Stewart, Billy (the USA)
Stewart, Cal (the USA)
Stewart, Dave (England)
Stewart, David A. (England)
Stewart, Jermaine (the USA)
Stewart, Jimmy (the USA)
Stewart, John (the USA)
Stewart, Keith (Jamaica)
Stewart, Mark (England)
Stewart, Miss Effie (the USA)
Stewart, Red (the USA)
Stewart, Rod (England)
Stewart, Slam (the USA)
Stewart, Tinga (Jamaica)
Stewart, Wynn (the USA)
Stex (England)
Sticky Fingaz (the USA)
Stiff Little Fingers (Northern Ireland)
Stigers, Curtis (the USA)
Stigmata-A-Go-Go (the USA)
Still Corners (England)
Still Flyin’ (the USA)
Stills, Stephen (the USA)
Stills, The (Canada)
Stiltskin (Scotland)
Stimela (South Africa)
Stimulus (?)
Stine, Caleb (the USA)
Sting 【Gordon Sumner】 (England)
Sting 【Reggae artist】 (Jamaica)
Sting International (the USA)
Stinit, Dane (the USA)
Stink Shaft (Scotland)
Stipe, Michael (the USA)
Stith, DM (the USA)
Ştiu Nu Ştiu (Sweden)
STL (Germany)
Stoap Sleverin (Scotland)
Stock, Aitken and Waterman (England)
Stock, Hausen and Walkman (England)
Stoehrfaktor, Lena (Germany)
Stogner, Dave (the USA)
Stoic Violence (the USA)
Stojiljkovic and his Brass Orkestar, Jova ‘Besir’ (Serbia)
Stokes, Frank (the USA)
Stokes, Sara (the USA)
Stolen Minks, The (Canada)
Stoller, Rhet (England)
Stoltz, Kelley (the USA)
Stompers, The; filed under Bond, Eddie (the USA)
Stompin’ Tom (Canada)
Stone Roses, The (England)
Stone Temple Pilots (the USA)
Stone Titan (the USA)
Stone Town Crackers (South Africa)
Stone, Angie (the USA)
Stone, Angus (Australia)
Stone, Cliffie (the USA)
Stone, Joss (England)
Stone, Julia (Australia)
Stonefunkers (Sweden)
Stoneman Family, The (the USA)
Stoneman, Ernest (the USA)
Stoneman, Hattie (the USA)
Stony Sleep (England)
Stooges, The (the USA)
StooShe (England)
Stopstarts (?)
Storey Sisters, The (the USA)
Stories, The (the USA)
Storm 【English reggae band】 (England)
Storm 【German trance duo】 (Germany)
Storm, Gale (the USA)
Storm, Natalie (Jamaica)
Storm, Ricky (Jamaica)
Storm, Shawn (Jamaica)
Storme, Robb (England)
Stormsville Shakers, The; filed under Goodhand-Tait, Philip (England)
Stormy (the USA)
Stornoway (England)
Storyteller (England)
Stott, Andy (England)
Stott, Wally (England)
Stradlin, Izzy (the USA)
Straight Street Group (the USA)
Straight Street Holiness Group (the USA)
Straitjacket Fits (New Zealand)
Straker, Nick (England)
Strand Of Oaks (the USA)
Strange Boys, The (the USA)
Strange Cages (England)
Strange Death of Liberal England, The (England)
Strange Fruit Project (the USA)
Strange Nature (England)
Strange Sensation, The; filed under Plant, Robert (England)
Strange U (England)
Strange, Billy (the USA)
Strangelove (England)
Strangeloves, The (the USA)
Stranger and Gladdy; see Cole, Stranger (Jamaica) or Anderson, Gladstone (Jamaica)
Stranger, Ken and Patsy; see Cole, Stranger (Jamaica) or Lazarus, Ken (Jamaica) or Todd, Millicent ‘Patsy’ (Jamaica)
Strangers 【00s-10s Pop Rock group】 (England)
Strangers, The 【50s,60s Surf Rock group】 (the USA)
Strangers, The 【Merle Haggard’s group】; filed under Haggard, Merle (the USA)
Stranglers, The (England)
Strapaze (Germany)
Strasser, Hugo (Germany)
Stratdon (Jamaica)
Stratus (the USA)
Strawberry Alarm Clock (the USA)
Strawberry Story (England)
Strawberry Switchblade (Scotland)
Strawberry Whiplash (Scotland)
Strawbs, The (England)
Stray Cats (the USA)
Straylight Run (the USA)
Stream (?)
Street Eaters (the USA)
Streetband (England)
Streetlife (the USA)
Streets, The 【00s-10s garage rap】 (England)
Streets, The 【70s punk】 (?)
Streisand, Barbra (the USA)
Stretch (England)
Stretch and Vern (England)
Stretchheads (Scotland)
Stricklett, George M. (the USA)
Strike (England)
Strikes, The (the USA)
String Chorale; filed under Young, Leon (England)
String Driven Thing (Scotland)
String Dusters, The; filed under Innis, Louie (the USA)
Stripes, The (Germany)
Striplin, Sylvia (the USA)
Stripmall Architecture (the USA)
Strokes, The (the USA)
Stromba (England)
Strong, Barrett (the USA)
Struggle Face (Jamaica)
Strummer, Joe (England)
Stryder, Tinchy (Ghana)
Stucki, Lorna (England)
Student Teachers, The (the USA)
Studio 1 Orchestra, The; filed under Skatalites, The (Jamaica)
Studt, Amy (England)
Stump (England)
Stump, Patrick (the USA)
Stunt (England)
Stuntcat (Germany)
Stupids, The (England)
Stush (England)
Style Council (England)
Styles and Breeze (England)
Styles P (the USA)
Styles, Darren (England)
Stylistics, The (the USA)
Styrene, Poly (England)
Styrofoam (Belgium)
Styx (the USA)
Suā (the USA)
Sub Sub (England)
Subcircus (England)
Submarine (England)
Submarines, The (the USA)
Submentals (?)
Subsky (Israel)
Subtropic (England)
Suburban Lawns (the USA)
Suburban Living (the USA)
Suburban Reptiles (New Zealand)
Suburban State (England)
Suburban Studs (England)
Suburbans, The; filed under Cole, Ann (the USA)
Subway Sect (England)
Subway Surfers, The (Germany)
Subways, The (England)
Sucka Free (the USA)
Suckle (Scotland)
Suckmonster (?)
Sudden Passion, The (the USA)
Sudden, Nikki (England)
Suddenly Tammy! (the USA)
Sudsil (Jamaica)
Suede (England)
Sueño Latino (Italy)
Suffering Astrid (Poland)
Sugababes (England)
Sugar 【70s reggae artist】 (Jamaica)
Sugar 【90s grunge band】 (the USA)
Sugar Army (Australia)
Sugar Belly (Jamaica)
Sugar Billy (the USA)
Sugar Plant (Japan)
Sugarbabies (England)
Sugarcubes, The (Iceland)
Sugargliders, The (England)
Sugarhill Gang (the USA)
Sugarkid; filed under DJ Sugar Kid (Puerto Rico)
Sugarman 3, The (the USA)
Suggs (England)
Suicidal Birds (the Netherlands)
Suicidal Tendencies (the USA)
Suicide (the USA)
Suicide Squad (Australia)
Sukami, Teddy (the D.R. Congo)
Sukpatch (the USA)
Sulley and The Uhuru Dance Band, Oscar (Ghana)
Sullivan, Arthur (England)
Sultan, Dan (Australia)
Sultans Of Ping FC, The (Ireland)
Sultans, The (the USA)
Sum 41 (Canada)
Summer (the USA)
Summer Camp (England)
Summer Of Blood (England)
Summer Twins (the USA)
Summer, Donna 【disco - r n b】 (the USA)
Summer, Donna 【electronica artist】 (the USA)
Summerland (the USA)
Summers, Gene (the USA)
Summers, Mark (England)
Summit (Saint Lucia)
Summit Records House Band (England)
Sumner, Bernard (England)
Sumner, J. D. (the USA)
Sun Araw (the USA)
Sun Dial (England)
Sun Electric (Germany)
Sun Glitters (Luxembourg)
Sun God (the USA)
Sun Kil Moon (the USA)
Sun, The (the USA)
Sunbathers, The (England)
Sunbeams, The (South Africa)
Sunblock (Sweden)
Suncharms, The (England)
Suncycle (England)
Sunday Club, The (England)
Sundays, The (England)
Sundblad, Linda (Sweden)
Sundown Park (?)
Sundown Playboys, The (the USA)
Sunfire (the USA)
Sunflowers, The (England)
Sunglasses (the USA)
Sunglows, The (the USA)
Sungura Boys (Zimbabwe)
Sunjaman (Greece)
Sunken Seas (New Zealand)
Sunlight Ascending (the USA)
Sunn O))) (the USA)
Sunny and The Sunliners (the USA)
Sunny Day Real Estate (the USA)
Sunny Era, The (the USA)
Sunnyland Slim (the USA)
Sunscreem (England)
Sunset Rubdown (Canada)
Sunset Strippers (England)
Sunsets, The; filed under Smith, Sonny (the USA)
Sunshine (the USA)
Sunshine Band, The; filed under KC and The Sunshine Band (the USA)
Sunshine Underground, The (England)
Sunshower Orphans (the USA)
Sunspot Jonz (the USA)
Supa Bassie (Spain)
Supa Fast Players Production (Spain)
Supa Koopa (the USA)
Super Adventure Club (Scotland)
Super Black (Jamaica)
Super Cat (Jamaica)
Super Eagles (The Gambia)
Super Furry Animals (Wales)
Super Heroines (the USA)
Super Mal (England)
Super Mambo 69 (?)
Super Seven; filed under Piliso, Shadrack (South Africa)
Super Sister (the Netherlands)
Superbangdeluxe (?)
Superbs, The (the USA)
Supercharge (England)
Superchunk (the USA)
Superdrag (the USA)
Superfunk (France)
Supergrass (England)
Superman Revenge Squad (England)
Supermen Lovers, The (France)
Supermode (Sweden)
Supernaturals, The (Scotland)
Supersonics, The; filed under McCook, Tommy (Jamaica)
Superstar, Anwar (the USA)
Supersuckers (the USA)
Supertramp (England)
Supervisor (Jamaica)
Supherb (the USA)
Supremes, The (the USA)
Surak (Italy)
Sure Shots, The; filed under Williams, Wayne (the USA)
SuReal (England)
Surface Of Eceyon (the USA)
Surfaris, The (the USA)
Surfer (the USA)
Surfer Blood (the USA)
Surfin’ Dave and The Absent Legends (England)
Surfin’ Dead, The (Germany)
Surgery (the USA)
Surreal Madrid (Ireland)
Surrogate (the USA)
Surtek Collective (Chile)
Survivor (the USA)
Suso, Jali Nyama (The Gambia)
Suspicious Circumstance (England)
Sutch, Screaming Lord (England)
Suter, Alexis P (the USA)
Sutherland Brothers (Scotland)
Sutherland, Katie (Scotland)
Sutherland, Nadine (Jamaica)
Suuns (Canada)
Suzan, The (Japan)
Suzy Pepper (Wales)
Svenson and Gielen (Belgium)
Swade (Jamaica)
Swaleh with Maulidi Musical Party, Zuhura (Tanzania)
Swallow, Steve (the USA)
Swallows, The (the USA)
Swamp Rats (the USA)
Swan 【christian pop】 (Jamaica)
Swan 【hip hop】 (the USA)
Swan Dive (the USA)
Swan Lake (Canada)
Swan, Billy (the USA)
Swann, Bettye (the USA)
Swans (the USA)
Swans Way (England)
Swapsies, The (England)
Swarbrick, Dave (England)
Sway (England)
Swayze, Patrick (the USA)
Sweat, Keith (the USA)
Sweat, Rosalyn (Jamaica)
Sweater Girls (the USA)
Sweatman, Wilbur (the USA)
Swedish House Mafia (Sweden)
Sweeney, Matt (the USA)
Sweeney, The (the USA)
Sweeney’s Men (Ireland)
Sweet 75 (the USA)
Sweet Baboo (Wales)
Sweet Billy Pilgrim (England)
Sweet Bulbs (the USA)
Sweet Dreams (England)
Sweet Home Dames (South Africa)
Sweet Honey In The Rock (the USA)
Sweet Inspirations, The (the USA)
Sweet Jane (Ireland)
Sweet Melodians, The; filed under Mawela, Irene (South Africa)
Sweet Nothing (the USA)
Sweet Papa Stovepipe (the USA)
Sweet Pussy Pauline (England)
Sweet Sensation (England)
Sweet Sixteen; filed under Sweet Sixteens, The (South Africa)
Sweet Sixteens, The (South Africa)
Sweet Smell Of Shining (Italy)
Sweet Talks (Ghana)
Sweet Tee (the USA)
Sweet Things, The (the USA)
Sweet, Matthew (the USA)
Sweet, Rachel (the USA)
Sweet, The (England)
Sweetbox (the USA)
Sweetest Ache, The (England)
Sweetnam, Skye (Canada)
Sweetness, Ian (Jamaica)
Sweetness, Nadine (Jamaica)
Sweetpea (the USA)
Sweetwater (the USA)
Swell Maps (England)
Swervedriver (England)
Swift, Richard (the USA)
Swift, Taylor (the USA)
Swim Team 【LA hip-hop crew】 (the USA)
Swimteam 【English indie band】 (England)
Swing City; filed under Brown, Roger (the USA)
Swing Out Sister (England)
Swingin’ Medallions (the USA)
Swinging Blue Jeans (England)
Swire, Rob (Australia)
Swirl (Australia)
Swirlies (the USA)
Swiss (England)
Swiss Beatz (the USA)
Switches (England)
SWV (the USA)
Sybil (the USA)
Sycophant Slags (the USA)
Syd Matters (France)
Sykes and The Sweet Hereafter, Jesse (the USA)
Sykes, Forrest (the USA)
Sykes, Roosevelt (the USA)
Sykes, Stephanie de (England)
Syko and The Caribs (England)
Sylosis (England)
Sylva, Marguerite (Belgium)
Sylvester (the USA)
Sylvia 【50s-80s r’n’b singer】; filed under Robinson, Sylvia (the USA)
Sylvia 【70s Swedish pop singer】 (Sweden)
Sylvia 【guest singer with Shaggy】 (?)
Sylvian, David (England)
Symarip (England)
Symbols, The (the USA)
Symeonn, Rob (the USA)
Symon, Terri (England)
Sympho Reggae (Jamaica)
Symphony Of Strings (the Netherlands)
Symposium (England)
Syms, Sara (the USA)
Syn, The (England)
Syndicate Of Sound, The (the USA)
Syndre, Dennis (Jamaica)
Synkro (England)
Syreeta (the USA)
Syrup USA (the USA)
System 7 (England)
Szabó, Gábor (Hungary)
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