Artist list: V
A full list of all the artists in my personal record collection, song lists are included for all.

Emboldened links highlight where there is at least one album in my collection. Biographies and album discographies are included for these artists.

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V (England)
V Dubl E (England)
V, Marco (the Netherlands)
V/Vm (England)
V3 (the USA)
V88’s, The (Scotland)
Vacant Lots, The (the USA)
Vaccines, The (England)
Vacher, Emile (France)
Vacum (Sweden)
Vagabond Joy (England)
Vagabonds, The (Jamaica)
Vago, Geza (Hungary)
Vagrants, The (the USA)
Vágtázó Halottkémek (Hungary)
Vaissade, Jean (France)
Vakula (Ukraine)
Valadiers, The (the USA)
Valance, Holly (Australia)
Valance, Ricky (Wales)
Valencia, Juan Polo (Colombia)
Valens, Ritchie (the USA)
Valensi, Nick (the USA)
Valentine, Dickie (England)
Valentine, Frankie (England)
Valentine, Rose (?)
Valentino, Bobby (the USA)
Valentinos, The (the USA)
Validators, The; filed under Hibbett, MJ (England)
Valla and The Alamos, Tony (the USA)
Valle, Marcos (Brazil)
Vallejo, Manuel (Spain)
Valli, Frankie (the USA)
Vampire Slayer (Mexico)
Vampire Weekend (the USA)
Vampires’ Sound Incorporation, The (Germany)
Van Basten (England)
Van Day, David (England)
Van der Veer, Nevada (the USA)
Van Doren, Mamie (the USA)
Van Dyk, Paul (Germany)
Van Dyke, Dick (the USA)
Van Dyke, Earl (the USA)
Van Dyke, Leroy (the USA)
Van Dykes, The (the USA)
Van Eps, Fred (the USA)
Van Halen (the USA)
Van Helden, Armand (Germany)
Van Ronk, Dave (the USA)
Van Zandt, Townes (the USA)
Vandalyzm (the USA)
Vandellas, The; filed under Reeves, Martha (the USA)
Vandelles (the USA)
Vanderpool, Little Sylvia; filed under Robinson, Sylvia (the USA)
Vanderpool, Sylvia; filed under Robinson, Sylvia (the USA)
Vanders, Jose (England)
Vanderslice, John (the USA)
Vandervelde, David (the USA)
Vandross, Luther (the USA)
Van-Dúnem, Lourdes (Angola)
Vane, Laura (England)
Vanessa-Mae (Singapore)
VanGaalen, Chad (Canada)
Vangel, David (Canada)
Vangelis (Greece)
Vanguard (Germany)
Vanguards, The (?)
Vanilla (England)
Vanilla Fudge (the USA)
Vanilla Ice (the USA)
Vanilla, Cherry (the USA)
Vanity Fayre (England)
Vantzou, Christina (the USA)
Vanuatu Women’s Water Music (Vanuatu)
Vanwarmer, Randy (the USA)
Vapors, The (England)
Vaqueros Sabaneros, Los (Colombia)
Varela, Christian (Spain)
Varela, Verny (Colombia)
Variety Singers, The (England)
Various Artists (n-a)
Varner, Don (the USA)
Vaselines, The (Scotland)
Vashti; filed under Bunyan, Vashti (Scotland)
Vasquez, Junior (the USA)
Vassar Girls Quartet (the USA)
Vassell, Elaine (England)
Vaughan, Frankie (England)
Vaughan, Malcolm (Wales)
Vaughan, Sarah (the USA)
Vaughan, Stevie Ray (the USA)
Vaughn, Ben (the USA)
Vaults, The (England)
VCMG (England)
Vedder, Eddie (the USA)
Vee, Bobby (the USA)
Vee, Tesco (the USA)
Veer Union, The (Canada)
Vega, Alan (the USA)
Vega, Suzanne (the USA)
Vegas, Mr. (Jamaica)
Vehicle Flips (the USA)
Veils, The (New Zealand)
Veirs, Laura (the USA)
Vek (Israel)
Vek, Tom (England)
Vela, Rosie (the USA)
Vel-Aires, The; filed under Bel-Aires, The (the USA)
Velásquez, Aníbal (Colombia)
Velo Deluxe (the USA)
Velocette (England)
Velochrome (Germany)
Velocity Girl (the USA)
Velodrome 2000 (England)
Velvelettes, The (the USA)
Velvet Crush (the USA)
Velvet Illusions, The (the USA)
Velvet Underground, The (the USA)
Velveteens, The (the USA)
Venam (?)
Venetian Instrumental Trio (the USA)
Venetian Snares (Canada)
Vengaboys (the Netherlands)
Venice Dawn (the USA)
Venice Is Sinking (the USA)
Venom House Production (Jamaica)
Venopian Solitude, The (Malaysia)
Vent 414 (England)
Ventura (Jamaica)
Ventures, The (the USA)
Venus Bogardus (England)
Venuti, Joe (the USA)
Verbalicious (England)
Verbena (the USA)
Verdun (France)
Verlaine, Tom (the USA)
Verlaines, The (New Zealand)
Vermilion (England)
Vernon and Burns (Scotland)
Vernon, Andy (Jamaica)
Vernons Girls, The (England)
Veronica Falls (England)
Veronica; filed under Spector, Ronnie (the USA)
Veronicas, The (Australia)
Versatile Four, The (the USA)
Versatiles, The (Jamaica)
Versatones, The (the USA)
Verseewild (Jamaica)
Verses, Butta (the USA)
Verson, Vivian (the USA)
Versus (the USA)
Vert:x (England)
Vertigo (?)
Veruca Salt (the USA)
Verve, The (England)
Very Best, The (England)
Very Most, The (the USA)
Very Things, The (England)
Veseli Muzyky (Ukraine)
Vessels (England)
Vestals (the USA)
Vestelles, The (the USA)
Vestine, Henry (the USA)
Vetiver (the USA)
Vex Da Vortex (the USA)
VHK; filed under Vágtázó Halottkémek (Hungary)
VHS or Beta (the USA)
Vibert, Luke (England)
Vibes (England)
Vibes, Jr. (the USA)
VibraGun (the USA)
Vibrations, The (the USA)
Vibrators, The (England)
Vice Squad (England)
Viceroys, The (Jamaica)
Vicious (the USA)
Vicious Pink (England)
Vicious, Danny (England)
Vicious, Sid (England)
Vickers, Diana (England)
Vickers, Mike (England)
Vickers, The (Italy)
Victor Records (the USA)
Victor, Guei (the Ivory Coast)
Victor, Patrick (the Seychelles)
Victoria Cafe Orchestra; filed under Cloutier, Frank (the USA)
Victoria, Heather (the USA)
Victoria, Vesta (England)
Victorian English Gentlemen’s Club (Wales)
Victors, The; filed under Barrett, Hugh (the USA)
Victory Travelers, The (the USA)
Vidal, Maria (the USA)
Vida-Sunshyne (Australia)
Videls, The (the USA)
Vienna Ditto (England)
Vienna Mozart Ensemble (Austria)
Vier Transvalers, Die (South Africa)
View, The (Scotland)
Vigilance Black Special (England)
Vigilante (Jamaica)
Vigroux, Franck (France)
Vi-kings, The (the USA)
Vile, Kurt (the USA)
Village People (the USA)
Villagers (Ireland)
Vincent, Gene (the USA)
Vincent, Levon (the USA)
Vincent, Robby (England)
Vincson, Walter (the USA)
Vines, The (Australia)
Vinson, Eddie (the USA)
Vinton, Bobby (the USA)
Vinyl Shotz (Germany)
Viola (Finland)
Violators, The (England)
Violence Cowpiss (Japan)
Violent Femmes (the USA)
Violent Soho (Australia)
Violent Vickie (the USA)
Violet Age (Canada)
Violet Violet (England)
Violets, Vera (the USA)
Violetshaped (Italy)
Violinski (England)
VIP Records Productions (Scotland)
Vip Vop Band; filed under Gordon, Jimmie (the USA)
Viper; filed under Lord Viper (Trinidad and Tobago)
Viragi (England)
Virgance, The (England)
Virgin Prunes (Ireland)
Virgin Rocks (Japan)
Virgin Sleep, The (England)
Virginia Dandies, The (the USA)
Virginia String, The; filed under Harrell, Kelly (the USA)
Virginia Wing (England)
Virginians, The (the USA)
Virginity 99 (Germany)
Virgo, Romain (Jamaica)
Virtue, Frank (the USA)
Virus Syndicate (England)
Visage (England)
Viscounts, The 【50s-60s pop group from London】 (England)
Viscounts, The 【50s-60s pop group from New Jersey】 (the USA)
Viseur, Gus (France)
Vit, Tony de (England)
Vitae (England)
Vitamins, The (England)
Vito and The Salutations (the USA)
Viva Brother (England)
Viva Las Vegas (Spain)
Viva Voce (the USA)
Vive La Fête (Belgium)
Vivian Girls (the USA)
Vixen (the USA)
Vlugt, Marijne van der (the Netherlands)
Vocal Slender (Nigeria)
Vocaleers, The (the USA)
Vocokesh (the USA)
Voice (the USA)
Voice Of The Beehive (England)
Voice Of The People, The; filed under Prince Buster (Jamaica)
Voice Of The Seven Woods (England)
Voicemail (Jamaica)
Voices From The Lake (Italy)
Voices Of Conquest (the USA)
Voices, The; filed under Honey Boy Martin (Jamaica)
Voicst (the Netherlands)
Void, Nik (England)
Voidoids, The; filed under Hell, Richard (the USA)
Vojáckova-Wetché, Ludmila (the USA)
Volcano Choir (the USA)
Volcano The Bear (England)
Volcanoes (?)
Volga (Russia)
Volition (Scotland)
Volkanik Man (Germany)
Volumes, The (the USA)
Voluntary Butler Scheme, The (England)
Volvo (Jamaica)
Von Bondies, The (the USA)
von Lowtzow, Dirk (Germany)
Von Südenfed (Germany)
Vondelpark (England)
Vonnegutt (the USA)
Voodoo Child (the USA)
Voodoo Gearshift (the USA)
Voodoo Queens (England)
Votolato, Rocky (the USA)
Voxtrot (the USA)
Voyage (France)
Voyager One (the USA)
Voytas, Evan (the USA)
VS 【R n B group, 00s】 (England)
VS. 【Punk group, 80s】 (the USA)
Vulpess (Spain)
VX69 (France)
Vybes, Bigga (Jamaica)
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