Artist list: W
A full list of all the artists in my personal record collection, song lists are included for all.

Emboldened links highlight where there is at least one album in my collection. Biographies and album discographies are included for these artists.

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W, Thomas; filed under ThOmas.W (France)
W.A.S.P. (the USA)
Wacky, Lisa (Jamaica)
Wadada (Jamaica)
Waddington, Patrick (England)
Wade, Brandon (the USA)
Wade, Earl (the USA)
Wade, Wayne (Jamaica)
Waders (?)
Wades (the USA)
Wadsworth, Kris (the USA)
Wagner, Kurt (the USA)
Wagner, Mirel (Ethiopia)
Wagon Christ (England)
Wagoner, Porter (the USA)
Wagonmasters; filed under Wagoner, Porter (the USA)
Wah! Heat; filed under Wylie, Pete (England)
Wah!; filed under Wylie, Pete (England)
Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra (the USA)
Wailer, Bunny (Jamaica)
Wailers, The 【50-60s garage rock】 (the USA)
Wailers, The 【60s-80s reggae】; filed under Marley, Bob (Jamaica)
Wailin’ Smithers, The (the USA)
Wailing Souls, The (Jamaica)
Wailing Wailers, The; filed under Marley, Bob (Jamaica)
Wainwright III, Loudon (the USA)
Wainwright, Martha (the USA)
Wainwright, Rufus (the USA)
Waite, John (England)
Waitresses, The (the USA)
Waits Project, Tom (Scotland)
Waits, Tom (the USA)
Waka Flocka Flame (the USA)
Wake The President (Scotland)
Wake, The (Scotland)
Wakelin, Johnny (England)
Wakely, Jimmy (the USA)
Waldemar, Richard (Austria)
Walden, Narada Michael (the USA)
Waldorf-Astoria Dance Orchestra, The (the USA)
Wale (the USA)
Walent, Wynn (the USA)
Wales, Josey (Jamaica)
Walk The Moon (the USA)
Walkabouts, The (the USA)
Walker and The All Stars, Jr. (the USA)
Walker Brothers, The (the USA)
Walker, Aaron ‘T-Bone’ (the USA)
Walker, Charlie (the USA)
Walker, George (the USA)
Walker, Joe Louis (the USA)
Walker, Junia (Jamaica)
Walker, Lawrence (the USA)
Walker, Sam 【English pop singer, 90s】 (England)
Walker, Sam 【Jamaican saxophonist, 50s】 (Jamaica)
Walker, Scott (the USA)
Walker, T-Bone (the USA)
Walker, Ted (the USA)
Walker, Wayne (the USA)
Walker, Willie (the USA)
Walkerman (England)
Walkley, PT (the USA)
Walkmen, The (the USA)
Wall Of Voodoo (the USA)
Wall, Paul (the USA)
Wall, The (England)
Walla, Chris (the USA)
Wallace, Franklin (?)
Wallace, Jerry (the USA)
Wallace, Joe (the USA)
Wallace, Leroy ‘Horsemouth’ (Jamaica)
Wallace, Martin (England)
Wallace, Minnie (the USA)
Wallace, Ray (England)
Wallace, Sippie (the USA)
Wallace, Wesley (the USA)
Waller, Fats (the USA)
Wallias Band (Ethiopia)
Wallis, Ruth (the USA)
Wallpaper (the USA)
Walls (England)
Walls, Van ‘Piano Man’ (the USA)
Walsh Gypsy Band, James (the USA)
Walsh, Emanuel (Jamaica)
Walsh, Joe (the USA)
Walsh, Kimberley (England)
Walsh, Maureen (England)
Walsh, Steve (England)
Walter, Klaus (Germany)
Walters, Burt (Jamaica)
Walters, Dick (the USA)
Walters, Trevor (England)
Walton (England)
Walton, Mercy Dee (the USA)
Waltones, The (England)
Wamdue Project (the USA)
Wammack, Travis (the USA)
Wampus Cats, The; filed under Woods, Buddy (the USA)
Wanderlieder (Germany)
Wang Chung (England)
Wangemann, Theo (the USA)
Wankys, The (England)
Wannadies, The (Sweden)
Wanted Squad (Jamaica)
Wanted, The (England)
War (the USA)
War Crimes, The (Sweden)
War On Drugs, The (the USA)
Ward 21 (Jamaica)
Ward Brothers, The (England)
Ward, Anita (the USA)
Ward, Billy (the USA)
Ward, Clifford T. (England)
Ward, Crockett (the USA)
Ward, Dorothy (England)
Ward, Helen (the USA)
Ward, Herb (the USA)
Ward, M. (the USA)
Ward, Robin (the USA)
Ward, Shayne (England)
Wardruna (Norway)
Wards Of Court, The (England)
Ware, Jessie (Scotland)
Warema Masiaga Cha Cha (Tanzania)
Warfield, Justin (the USA)
Warfield, Stefanie King (the USA)
Warlocks, The 【00s indie】 (the USA)
Warlocks, The 【60s garage】 (the USA)
Warlop, Michel (France)
Warm Ghost (the USA)
Warm Inventions, The; filed under Sandoval, Hope (the USA)
Warm Jets, The (England)
Warm Sounds, The (England)
Warmer Corners (England)
Warnes, Jennifer (the USA)
Warp Technique (England)
Warpaint (the USA)
Warren and The Tremblers, Jerry (the USA)
Warren, Earle (the USA)
Warren, Ellie (Scotland)
Warren, James (England)
Warren, John (the USA)
Warren, Nick (England)
Warrior One (England)
Warrior Queen (Jamaica)
Warriors (Japan)
Wartburgs Für Walter (Germany)
Wartgore Hellsnicker (England)
Warthog (the USA)
Warthog, Mr. (?)
Wartts, Andrew (the USA)
Warwick, Dionne (the USA)
Was (Not Was) (the USA)
Wascals, The (the USA)
Wash, Martha (the USA)
Washboard Blues Singers; filed under Williams, Big Joe (the USA)
Washboard Orchestra; filed under Francis, Audley (Trinidad and Tobago)
Washboard Sam (the USA)
Washboard Walter (the USA)
Washed Out (the USA)
Washington (Papua New Guinea)
Washington Jr., Grover (the USA)
Washington, Albert (the USA)
Washington, Baby (the USA)
Washington, Bernadette (England)
Washington, Delroy (Jamaica)
Washington, Dinah (the USA)
Washington, Ella (the USA)
Washington, Gino (the USA)
Washington, Glen (Jamaica)
Washington, Jeanette (the USA)
Washington, Leroy (the USA)
Washington, Lightnin’ (the USA)
Washington, Megan (Australia)
Washington, Sarah (England)
Washington, Walter (the USA)
Waskerley Way (England)
Wasp (Jamaica)
Wasps, The (England)
Wassup Foolie (the USA)
Wasted Apostles, The (Canada)
Wastelanders (the USA)
Wat Tyler (England)
Waterboys, The (England)
Waterfront (Wales)
Watergate (Germany)
Waterman, Dennis (England)
Watermät (France)
Watermelon Slim (the USA)
Waters, Crystal (the USA)
Waters, Elsie and Doris (England)
Waters, Julia (the USA)
Waters, Les (England)
Waters, Maxine (the USA)
Waters, Muddy (the USA)
Waterson, Norma (England)
Watkins, Charlie (?)
Watley, Jody (the USA)
Watson and The Brown Dots, Deek (the USA)
Watson Sisters (the USA)
Watson Twins, The (the USA)
Watson, Dale (the USA)
Watson, George P. (the USA)
Watson, Johnny ‘Guitar’ (the USA)
Watson, Patrick (England)
Watt, Albato (Jamaica)
Watt, Ben (England)
Watts, Wortham (the USA)
Wave Pictures, The (England)
Waves, The; filed under Hinds, Justin (Jamaica)
Wavr (the USA)
Wavves (the USA)
Wax (England)
Wax Audio (Australia)
Way Of The West (England)
Way Out West (England)
Wayne, Jan (Germany)
Wayne, Jeff (the USA)
Wayne, Thomas (the USA)
Wayne, Wee Willie (the USA)
WC (the USA)
We All Have Hooks For Hands (the USA)
We Are Enfant Terrible (France)
We Are Hex (the USA)
We Are Scientists (the USA)
We Are The Ocean (England)
We Are The Storm (Sweden)
We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves (the USA)
We Five (the USA)
We Have Band (England)
We Invented The Night (Denmark)
We Know Where You Live (England)
We The People (the USA)
We Were Promised Jetpacks (Scotland)
We’ll Go Machete (the USA)
We’ve Got A Fuzzbox And We’re Gonna Use It (England)
Weakness (the USA)
Weather Girls, The (the USA)
Weather Prophets, The (England)
Weatherall, Scott (the USA)
Weave (England)
Weaver, Ben (the USA)
Weaver, Curley (the USA)
Weaver, Jane (England)
Weaver, Sylvester (the USA)
Weavers, The (the USA)
Webb, Bry (Canada)
Webb, Chick (the USA)
Webb, E. (Jamaica)
Webb, Marti (England)
Webbe, Simon (England)
Webber, Mark (England)
Webber, Marlene (Jamaica)
Weber and Fields (the USA)
Weber, Windy (the USA)
Wechter and The Baja Marimba Band, Julius (the USA)
Wedderburn, Lloyd (Jamaica)
Wedding Band, The (England)
Wedding Present, The (England)
Wedlock, Fred (England)
Wee Papa Girl Rappers, The (England)
Weed Hounds (the USA)
Weeda, Beeda (the USA)
Weedeater (the USA)
Weedon, Bert (England)
Week That Was, The (England)
Weekend (Wales)
Weeknd, The (Canada)
Ween (the USA)
Weezer (the USA)
Weir, Frank (England)
Weird (Italy)
Weird Era (England)
Weiss, Klaus (Germany)
Weissberg, Eric (the USA)
Welch, Barrel House (the USA)
Welch, Gillian (the USA)
Weldon, Casey Bill (the USA)
Weldon, Harry (England)
Welfare Heroine (England)
Weller, Paul (England)
Wells, Bill (Scotland)
Wells, Brandi (the USA)
Wells, Indian (Italy)
Wells, James (the USA)
Wells, Junior (the USA)
Wells, Kitty (the USA)
Wells, Lee (the USA)
Wells, Mary (the USA)
Wells, Nicki (England)
Wendy and Bonnie (the USA)
Wendy and Lisa (the USA)
Wendy Darlings, The (France)
Wendys, The (Scotland)
Werewolf Police (the USA)
Werrenrath, Reinald (the USA)
Wesley, Fred (the USA)
West African Instrumental Quintet, The (?)
West Angeles Mass Choir (the USA)
West End (England)
West, Kanye (the USA)
West, Lindsay (England)
West, Sonnee (the USA)
West, Speedy (the USA)
Westerberg, Paul (the USA)
Western Block (England)
Western Brothers, The (England)
Western Rangers, The; filed under Leaders, Benny (the USA)
Western Swing Dance Band, The; filed under Cooley, Spade (the USA)
Westkust (Sweden)
Westlife (Ireland)
Westminster City School Choir, The (England)
Westmoreland, Kathy (the USA)
Weston, Kim (the USA)
Weston, Paul (the USA)
Westworld (England)
Wet Wet Wet (Scotland)
Wham! (England)
What? Noise (England)
What? What? (South Africa)
What’s He Building In There? (Canada)
Whatevers, The (England)
Whatnauts, The (the USA)
Wheat (the USA)
Wheatstraw, Peetie (the USA)
Wheatus (the USA)
Wheeler, Caron (England)
Wheeler, Elizabeth (the USA)
Wheeler, Frederick (the USA)
Wheeler, Onie (the USA)
Wheeler, Tim (Northern Ireland)
Wheels On Fire (the USA)
Wheez-ie (the USA)
Whelan, Albert (Australia)
Whelan, Bill (Ireland)
When In Rome (England)
When People Were Shorter and Lived Near The Water (the USA)
Where Is The Beach (England)
Whigfield (Denmark)
Whigs, The (the USA)
Whipped Cream (Sweden)
Whipping Boy (Ireland)
Whirl (the USA)
Whirling Hall Of Knives (Ireland)
Whirlwind (England)
Whirr (the USA)
Whiskey Myers (the USA)
Whispers, The (the USA)
Whistler and his Jug Band (the USA)
Whitbred, Thomas E. (the USA)
Whitcombe, Alex (Canada)
White (China)
White and The Terriers, Terry (England)
White Blush (the USA)
White Buffalo (England)
White Cats, The (England)
White Denim (the USA)
White Dwarfs (the USA)
White Fence (the USA)
White Flag (the USA)
White Gangster (Russia)
White Hinterland (the USA)
White Lies (England)
White Lightning (the USA)
White Moth (the USA)
White Noise Sound (Wales)
White Noise Supremacists, The (the USA)
White Pages (the USA)
White Poppy (Canada)
White Rabbits (the USA)
White Rose Movement (England)
White Stripes, The (the USA)
White Town (England)
White Walls (the USA)
White White Lights, The (the USA)
White Zombie (the USA)
White, Andy (Northern Ireland)
White, Barry (the USA)
White, Bukka (the USA)
White, Edna (the USA)
White, Frances (the USA)
White, Georgia (the USA)
White, Jack 【big band】 (England)
White, Jack 【blues rock】 (the USA)
White, Joe (Jamaica)
White, Josh (the USA)
White, Joy Lynn (the USA)
White, K.C. (the USA)
White, Karyn (the USA)
White, Snowy (England)
White, Tony Joe (the USA)
Whitehead, Allister (England)
Whitehead, Jill (England)
Whiteley, Richard (England)
Whiteman, Paul (the USA)
Whiteout (Scotland)
Whiterose, Julian (Trinidad and Tobago)
Whitesnake (England)
Whitest Boy Alive, The (Germany)
Whitey (the USA)
Whitfield, Barrence (the USA)
Whitfield, David (England)
Whiting, Margaret (the USA)
Whitley, Chris (the USA)
Whitman, Slim (the USA)
Whitney Brothers (the USA)
Whitney, Marva (the USA)
Whittaker, Roger (Kenya)
Whitter, Henry (the USA)
Who Are You (Canada)
Who Cares (Scotland)
Who Da Funk (the USA)
Who Moved The Ground? (England)
Who, The (England)
Whodini (the USA)
Whole Sky Monitor (England)
WHOOP-Szo (Canada)
Whopper (England)
Whores. (the USA)
Whourkr (France)
Why? (the USA)
Wibble Wobble Riddim Production (Jamaica)
Wick Scottish Dance Band (Scotland)
Wicked (?)
Wicked Things, The (?)
Wicker Spiggot (the USA)
Wickerman (Jamaica)
Widowspeak (the USA)
Wiedlin, Jane (the USA)
Wiedoeft, Rudy (the USA)
Wiens, Edith (Canada)
Wigan’s Chosen Few (England)
Wigan’s Ovation (England)
Wiggins, James (the USA)
Wiggins, Percy (the USA)
Wigglers, The; filed under Wrigglers, The (Jamaica)
Wigs, Shawn (the USA)
Wiik, Lars (Norway)
Wilcannia Mob, The (Australia)
Wilco (the USA)
Wild Beasts (England)
Wild Cherry (the USA)
Wild Colour (England)
Wild Eyes (the USA)
Wild Flag (the USA)
Wild Flowers, The (England)
Wild Nothing (the USA)
Wild Ones, The (the USA)
Wild Pair, The (the USA)
Wild River Apples (Scotland)
Wild Swans, The (England)
Wildbirds and Peacedrums (Sweden)
Wildbunch, The (the USA)
Wildcats, The; filed under Gracie, Charlie (the USA)
Wildchild (England)
Wilde, Eugene (the USA)
Wilde, Ian (England)
Wilde, Kim (England)
Wilde, Marty (England)
Wilder, Matthew (the USA)
Wildflower (England)
Wildhearts, The (England)
Wildhouse (Scotland)
Wildmen, The (the USA)
Wiley (England)
Wiley, Geeshie (the USA)
Wilhelm, Rolf (Germany)
Wilkins, Robert (the USA)
Wilkinson, June (the USA)
Will and Rick (England)
Will To Power (the USA) (the USA)
Willanette Singers (the USA)
Willard Grant Conspiracy (the USA)
Willard, Jess (the USA)
Willet, Slim (the USA)
William Blakes, The (Denmark)
William, Tim (the USA)
William; filed under Madyaka, William (South Africa)
William’s Rocketeers, Frank (the USA)
Williams and his African Percussionists, Shina (Nigeria)
Williams and The Jewels Band, Fred (the USA)
Williams and Vaudeville Theatre Orchestra, Waller (the USA)
Williams Bobby (the USA)
Williams Brothers, The (the USA)
Williams Jr., Jerry (the USA)
Williams Orchestra, The Granville (Jamaica)
Williams, Alyson (the USA)
Williams, Andre (the USA)
Williams, Andy (the USA)
Williams, Anna-Lynne (the USA)
Williams, Audley (Jamaica)
Williams, Bernie (the USA)
Williams, Bert (The Bahamas)
Williams, Big Joe (the USA)
Williams, Billy 【music hall】 (Australia)
Williams, Billy 【r n b】 (the USA)
Williams, Charles (the USA)
Williams, Clarence (the USA)
Williams, Cootie (the USA)
Williams, Cunnie (the USA)
Williams, Curley (the USA)
Williams, Dan (Jamaica)
Williams, Danny (South Africa)
Williams, Dauphine (the USA)
Williams, Deniece (the USA)
Williams, Don (the USA)
Williams, Everard (Jamaica)
Williams, Freedom (the USA)
Williams, Gene (South Africa)
Williams, George ‘Bullet’ (the USA)
Williams, Hank (the USA)
Williams, Hayley (the USA)
Williams, Henry (the USA)
Williams, Holly (the USA)
Williams, Hype (the USA)
Williams, Irene (?)
Williams, Jabo (the USA)
Williams, Jessica (the USA)
Williams, Jody (the USA)
Williams, Joe 【Jamaica dance band leader】 (Jamaica)
Williams, Joe 【Jazz singer from Gerogia】 (the USA)
Williams, John (Trinidad and Tobago)
Williams, John Buddy (Trinidad and Tobago)
Williams, Johnny 【Alabama soul singer】 (the USA)
Williams, Johnny 【John Lee Hooker alias】; filed under Hooker, John Lee (the USA)
Williams, Kameelah (the USA)
Williams, Larry (the USA)
Williams, Lenny (the USA)
Williams, Lester (the USA)
Williams, Lloyd (Jamaica)
Williams, Lucinda (the USA)
Williams, Luther (the USA)
Williams, Lynn (the USA)
Williams, Mason (the USA)
Williams, Maurice (the USA)
Williams, Melanie (England)
Williams, Paul 【bandleader, 40s to 60s】 (the USA)
Williams, Paul 【pop rock songwriter, 60s to 10s】 (the USA)
Williams, Pharrell (the USA)
Williams, Rita (England)
Williams, Robbie (England)
Williams, Robert Pete (the USA)
Williams, Saul (the USA)
Williams, Tex (the USA)
Williams, Timmie (the USA)
Williams, Tunde (Nigeria)
Williams, Vanessa (the USA)
Williams, Vesta (the USA)
Williams, Victoria (the USA)
Williams, Wayne (the USA)
Williams, Willie (the USA)
Williams, Winston (Jamaica)
Williamson Brothers (the USA)
Williamson I, Sonny Boy (the USA)
Williamson II, Sonny Boy (the USA)
Williamson, Homesick James; filed under Homesick James (the USA)
Williamson, James (the USA)
Williamz, Mr. (England)
Willie Joe and his unitar; filed under Duncan, Willie Joe (the USA)
Willing and his Riders of The Purple Sage, Foy (the USA)
Willis (England)
Willis, Bruce (the USA)
Willis, Chip (the USA)
Willis, Chris (the USA)
Willis, Chuck (the USA)
Willis, Lloyd ‘Gitsy’ (Jamaica)
Willis, Matt (England)
Willis, Nicole (the USA)
Willis, Ralph (the USA)
Willis, Ruth (the USA)
Willow; filed under Smith, Willow (the USA)
Willows, The (the USA)
Wills, Billy Jack (the USA)
Wills, Bob (the USA)
Wills, Johnnie Lee (the USA)
Wills, Luke (the USA)
Wills, Nat (the USA)
Wills, Viola (the USA)
Wilma & The Wilbers (the USA)
Wilsations, The; filed under Wilson, Mari (England)
Wilson Phillips (the USA)
Wilson, Al (the USA)
Wilson, Brian (the USA)
Wilson, Chicken (the USA)
Wilson, Delroy (Jamaica)
Wilson, Dusty (the USA)
Wilson, Frank 【soul singer】 (the USA)
Wilson, Frank 【vaudeville performer】 (the USA)
Wilson, Hop (the USA)
Wilson, Jack (England)
Wilson, Jackie (the USA)
Wilson, Joe Lee (the USA)
Wilson, Mari (England)
Wilson, Meri (the USA)
Wilson, Nancy (the USA)
Wilson, Peanuts (the USA)
Wilson, Phil (England)
Wilson, Robin (the USA)
Wilson, Steve (England)
Wilson, Steven (Australia)
Wilson, Teddy (the USA)
Wilson, U.P. (the USA)
Wilton, Robb (England)
Wimps (the USA)
Win (Scotland)
Winans, BeBe (England)
Winans, Mario (the USA)
Winchester (Jamaica)
Wind (the USA)
Wind-Up Birds, The (England)
Windy & Carl; see Weber, Windy (the USA) or Huntgren, Carl (the USA)
Winehouse, Amy (England)
Winer, Leslie (the USA)
Winger (Jamaica)
Wingfield, Pete (England)
Wings; filed under McCartney, Paul (England)
Wink, Josh (the USA)
Winkies, The; filed under Eno, Brian (England)
Winner All Stars (Jamaica)
Winslet, Kate (England)
Winsome (England)
Winston, Alex (the USA)
Winston, Jimmy (England)
Winston, Stanley (the USA)
Winstone, Eric (England)
Winstons, The (the USA)
Winter, Johnny (the USA)
Winter, Ophélie (France)
Winterhalter, Hugo (the USA)
Winterkids (England)
Winters, Ruby (the USA)
Wintersleep (Canada)
Winwood, Stevie (England)
Wire (England)
Wireless (England)
Wiseguys, The (England)
Wisemen; filed under Dr. Devious (England)
Wishmountain (England)
Wissy Wassy (Jamaica)
Withered Hand (Scotland)
Withers, Bill (the USA)
Witherspoon, Brother John (the USA)
Witherspoon, Jimmy (the USA)
Within The Ruins (the USA)
Witness (Scotland)
Witnesses, The (the USA)
Witthoft, Cynthia (Poland)
Wizard Sleeve (the USA)
Wizzard (England)
WK, Andrew (the USA)
Woebot (England)
Wok Gal Hard Riddim Production (?)
Wolf Eyes (the USA)
Wolf Gang (the Philippines)
Wolf Parade (Canada)
Wolf, Patrick (England)
Wolfe and The T-Towners, Jim (the USA)
Wolfe, Chelsea (the USA)
Wolfenmond (Germany)
Wolff Parkinson White (the USA)
Wolfgang Press, The (England)
Wolfhounds, The (England)
Wolfmen, The (England)
Wolfram Wire (England)
Wolfsburg Sweater (the USA)
Wolk, Patrick (England)
Wolstencroft, Simon (England)
Wolves In The Throne Room (the USA)
Womack and Womack (the USA)
Womack, Bobby (the USA)
Wombats, The (England)
Wombles, The (England)
Women (Canada)
Women’s Basketball (the USA)
Wonda, Richi (Jamaica)
Wonder Dog (England)
Wonder Stuff, The (England)
Wonder, Mark (Jamaica)
Wonder, Selvie (Jamaica)
Wonder, Sleepy (Jamaica)
Wonder, Stevie (the USA)
Wonder, Wayne (Jamaica)
Wondress (the USA)
Wong, Dustin (the USA)
Wonky Alice (England)
Wood Group, The Douglas (England)
Wood, Brenton (the USA)
Wood, Chuck (the USA)
Wood, Elsie (the USA)
Wood, Heather (England)
Wood, Mrs. (England)
Wood, Ronnie (England)
Wood, Roy (England)
Wood, Royston (England)
Wood, Scott (England)
Wood, Victoria (England)
Woodbine (England)
Wooden Shjips (the USA)
Wooden Sky, The (Canada)
Woodenbox With A Fistful Of Fivers (Scotland)
Woodentops, The (England)
Woodhands (Canada)
Woodhead Monroe (England)
Woodie and The Henpecked Husbands, Ephraim (the USA)
Woodpigeon (Canada)
Woods (the USA)
Woods, Buddy (the USA)
Woods, Donald (the USA)
Woods, Donovan (Canada)
Woods, Marcella (England)
Woods, Oscar (the USA)
Woods, Tyler (the USA)
Woodsman (the USA)
Woodsman Orphan (the USA)
Woodward, Mick (the USA)
Woody (the Ivory Coast)
Woody, Al (the USA)
Woog Riots (Germany)
Wookie (England)
Woolbright, Mack (the USA)
Wooley, Sheb (the USA)
Woolies, The (the USA)
Woollen Kits (Australia)
Woolpackers, The (England)
Woolson, Raymond Scott (the USA)
Woomble, Roddy (Scotland)
Woottwell, Tom (England)
Working For A Nuclear Free City (England)
Working Week (England)
World Of Music (?)
World Of Oz (England)
World Of Tijuana The Mexicans, The (the USA)
World Of Twist (England)
World Party (England)
World, The 【80s synth pop】 (the USA)
World, The 【80s,90s club】; filed under Louis, Lil (the USA)
World’s End Girlfriend (Japan)
World’s Famous Supreme Team, The (the USA)
Wormhole (Ireland)
Would Be’s, The (Ireland)
Would-Be-Goods (England)
Wounds (Poland)
Wovenhand (the USA)
Woz (England)
Wragg and The Jags, Harry (Scotland)
Wray (the USA)
Wray Men, The; filed under Wray, Link (the USA)
Wray, Link (the USA)
Wray, Nicole (the USA)
Wreckless Eric (England)
Wrecks, The (the USA)
Wreckx ‘N’ Effect (the USA)
Wrede, Gerald (Germany)
Wren (Australia)
Wren, Orla (England)
Wrencher, Big John (the USA)
Wrens, The (the USA)
Wretch 32 (England)
Wretched (the USA)
Wrigglers, The (Jamaica)
Wright Bros. Flying Machine (the USA)
Wright Presents, J. (Scotland)
Wright, Andrew (Jamaica)
Wright, Betty (the USA)
Wright, Billy 【rhythm and blues artist, 40s-50s】 (the USA)
Wright, Billy 【soul jazz artist, 70s-80s】 (the USA)
Wright, Clifton (the USA)
Wright, Edward Sterling (the USA)
Wright, H.S. (the USA)
Wright, Ian (England)
Wright, O.V. (the USA)
Wright, Ruby 【country singer】 (the USA)
Wright, Ruby 【pop singer】 (the USA)
Wright, Winston (Jamaica)
Wrigley, Jennifer and Hazel (the USA)
Wrinkle Neck Mules (the USA)
Wrong Animal featuring Ash (?)
Wrong Kind Of Stone Age (Australia)
Wrongtom (England)
WTCHS (Canada)
Wu Lyf (England)
Wunderbach (France)
Wurlitzer playing piano (the USA)
Wurzels, The (England)
Wu-Tang Clan (the USA)
Wyatt, Andrew (England)
Wyatt, Johnny (the USA)
Wyatt, Robert (England)
Wyclef; filed under Jean, Wyclef (Haiti)
Wye Oak (the USA)
Wygals, The (the USA)
Wylie, Pete (England)
Wylie, Richard ‘Popcorn’ (the USA)
Wyman, Bill (England)
Wynette, Tammy (the USA)
Wynn, Bessie (the USA)
Wynn, Mark (England)
Wynn, Steve (the USA)
Wynns, Sandy (the USA)
Wynter (the USA)
Wynter, Mark (England)
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