Artist list: Y
A full list of all the artists in my personal record collection, song lists are included for all.

Emboldened links highlight where there is at least one album in my collection. Biographies and album discographies are included for these artists.

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Y La Bamba (the USA)
Ya Kid K (the D.R. Congo)
Yabby You (Jamaica)
Yachts (England)
Yaggfu Front (the USA)
Yahel; filed under Sherman, Yahel (Israel)
Yahoos (?)
Yakiniku Warfare (Canada)
Yale University, Class Of 1901 (the USA)
YALL (the USA)
Yamagata, Rachael (the USA)
Yamantaka // Sonic Titan (Canada)
Yancey, Jimmy (the USA)
Yang, Pati (Poland)
Yankovic, Weird Al (the USA)
Yanou (Germany)
Yarbrough and Peoples (the USA)
Yard Wars (England)
Yardbirds, The (England)
Yasmin (England)
Yates, Arafat (the USA)
Yat-Kha (Russia)
Yawns, The (Scotland)
Yayo, Tony (the USA)
Yazoo (England)
Yazz (England)
YC The Cynic (the USA)
Ye Nuns (England)
Ye’spaza, Kritsi (South Africa)
Yeah Yeah Noh (England)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs (the USA)
Year Of The Tiger (the USA)
Yearning, The (England)
Yearwood, Edwin (Barbados)
Yearwood, Trisha (the USA)
Yeasayer (the USA)
Yee, Jasmine (New Zealand)
Yelawolf (the USA)
Yelle (France)
Yello (Switzerland)
Yello-Jakets; filed under Duhon, Johnny (the USA)
Yellow (Jamaica)
Yellow Magic Orchestra (Japan)
Yellow Ostrich (the USA)
Yellowcard (the USA)
Yellowman (Jamaica)
Yelvington, Malcolm (the USA)
Yepez, Lucho (Colombia)
Yes (England)
Yes Alexander (the USA)
Yeti (England)
Yeti Lane (France)
Ying Yang Twins (the USA)
Ynot (the USA)
Yo Gotti (the USA)
Yo La Tengo (the USA)
Yoakam, Dwight (the USA)
Yobs, The (England)
Yoghurtbelly (England)
Yokota, Susumu (Japan)
Yolanda (South Africa)
Yolanda Be Cool (Australia)
Yomanda (Northern Ireland)
Yoot, Tukka (England)
York (Germany)
York, Pete (England)
York, Rusty (the USA)
Yorke, Andy (England)
Yorke, Thom (England)
Yorkston, James (Scotland)
Yorn, Pete (the USA)
Yosef, Tomer (Israel)
Yosh (the Netherlands)
Yothu Yindi (Australia)
You Say France And I Whistle (Sweden)
You Say Party! We Say Die! (Canada)
You Slut (England)
You! (France)
Young Buck (the USA)
Young Cash (the USA)
Young Cashino (the Netherlands)
Young Circles (the USA)
Young Disciples (England)
Young Disciples Co. (the USA)
Young Fathers (Scotland)
Young Fresh Fellows (the USA)
Young Galaxy (Canada)
Young Gods, The (Switzerland)
Young Growler (Trinidad and Tobago)
Young Hunting (the USA)
Young Jeezy (the USA)
Young Jessie with The Flairs; see Jessie, Obie (the USA) or Flairs, The (the USA)
Young Jessie; filed under Jessie, Obie (the USA)
Young Knives, The (England)
Young Marble Giants (Wales)
Young Maylay (the USA)
Young MC (England)
Young Money (the USA)
Young Ones, The (England)
Young People (the USA)
Young Prisms (the USA)
Young Rascals, The (the USA)
Young Romance (England)
Young Soul Rebels (England)
Young Veterans Production (Jamaica)
Young, Dave (the USA)
Young, Eve (the USA)
Young, Faron (the USA)
Young, James (England)
Young, Jimmy (England)
Young, John (the USA)
Young, John Paul (Scotland)
Young, Johnny (the USA)
Young, Karen (the USA)
Young, Kathy (the USA)
Young, Leon (England)
Young, Lester (the USA)
Young, Mae (the USA)
Young, Margaret (the USA)
Young, Marl (the USA)
Young, Monalisa (the USA)
Young, Neil (Canada)
Young, Paul (England)
Young, Preston (the USA)
Young, Will (England)
Youngblood, Sydney (Germany)
Youngbloods, The (the USA)
YoungBloodZ (the USA)
Younge, Adrian (the USA)
Younghearts (the USA)
Younghusband (England)
Youngs, Jenny Owen (the USA)
Youth Group, The (Australia)
Youth Lagoon (the USA)
Youth Pictures Of Florence Henderson (Norway)
Yow! Killdozer; filed under Killdozer (the USA)
Yo-Yo (the USA)
YoYo Honey (England)
Yuck (the USA)
Yuill, James (England)
Yukmouth (the USA)
Yuksek (France)
Yuletide Choir, The; filed under Smith, Mel 【80s-90s novelty】 (England)
Yummy Fur, The (Scotland)
Yummy; filed under Bingham, Yummy (the USA)
Yuri (Mexico)
Yuro, Timi (the USA)
Yute, Don (Jamaica)
Yvad (Jamaica)
Yvette (the USA)
Yvonne; filed under Baker, Yvonne (the USA)
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