“Automat” by Automat - album review

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TJR says

Italian composer Romano Musumarra was keen to get a pioneering album of electronica out into the marketplace, and with the major-label backing of EMI, and the writing and playing assistance of fellow-Italian Claudio Gizzi, “Automat” was the result. The album was recorded in late 1977 with the height of technology available at the time (namely the Italian-designed MCS70 analog synth) and would go on on to achieve “cult” status among many fans of electronic music, although both composers were dis-satisfied with the end product, perceiving it to sound “hurried” and lacking depth. Claudio Gizzi composed the uptempo 3-song suite on the a-side, probably best described as the “Giorgio Moroder” side, whilst Musumarra composed 3 shorter songs on the b-side, best described as the “Vangelis” side. Interesting, but not all that exciting…

The Jukebox Rebel

A [16:44] 5.2.png Automat - The Rise / The Advance / The Genus (Claudio Gizzi) Electronica
B1 [05:24] 5.3.png Automat - Droid (Romano Musumarra) Electronica
B2 [06:21] 5.5.png Automat - Ultraviolet (Romano Musumarra) Electronica
B3 [04:30] 6.2.png Automat - Mecadence (Romano Musumarra) Electronica

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