Bavon Marie Marie

the D.R. Congo Bavon Marie Marie

#1 bavon-marie-marie-lintrepide-bavon-marie-marie.jpg 1970 [7, 38:25] Bavon Marie Marie - L’Intrépide Bavon Marie Marie (African 360.023 LP) studio • new music compilation
#2 bavon-marie-marie-accompagne-par-jules-celestin-and-lorchestre-vox-action.jpg 1971 [10, 42:06] Bavon Marie Marie accompagne par Jules Celestin and L’orchestre Vox-Action - Bavon Marie Marie Accompagne Par Jules Celestin And L’Orchestre Vox-Action (Ngoma J-33-012) studio collaboration • new music compilation 5.53 “Average” Africana
date.png 05-Aug-2014
notes.png The end. Died 1970. After a lot of searching it’s my best guess that there were two LPs which were "solo billed" to Bavon Marie Marie in the proximity of his lifetime, both of them released posthumously within the first year of his untimely death in August 1970.


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