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#1 flavian-nyathi-and-blues-revolution-ropa-re-zimbabwe.jpg 1980 [10, 41:24] Flavian Nyathi and Blues Revolution - Ropa Re Zimbabwe (Kocorigo KKLP-2000) studio • new music 7.91 “Brilliant” Africana
#? blues-revolution-musikana-we-basa.jpg 1994 [6, 41:36] Blues Revolution - Musikana We Basa 0.000.png (review pending upload) (Gramma Records JLP-1043) studio • new music
date.png 27-Aug-2015
notes.png Unable to complete. Information is too scarce to compile an accurate discography.


Not a lot is written about Blues Revolution. They were possibly formed in the late 1970s in Zimbabwe. There was an LP released in 1980 credited to Flavian Nyathi and the Blues Revolution entitled "Ropa Re Zimbabwe" (Kocorigo KKLP-2000), issued a few months after independence. The tracklisting was - Side One : Takawiran, Mwana Takamushaya, Ve Soweto, Ndikafunga Mai Vangu, Vamugabe; Side Two : Ropa Re Zimbabwe, Pfumo Dema, Baba Namai, Vakasara, Hakuna Nyika Isina Rinda. There were 5 of them on the front cover. Their music was very much in the chimurenga style of Thomas Mapfumo and Oliver Mtunkudzi. No other works are known to me until 1994 when the LP "Musikana We Basa" appeared on Gramma Records JLP1043, produced and engineered by Peter "Cool Dude" Muparutsa. This time, there are six of them on the front cover. All tracks are said to be composed by Ketai Ntimbirire and are very much in the Zimpop style of the original Bhundu Boys.

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