Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley 【1958】

TJR says:

“A classic”

Rock n Roll - Bo Diddley style. Raw, hypnotic and super exciting. Side after side after side after side. The Bo Diddley debut scooped ’em all up to create this stunning entry into the long play market. Who else could pack such a punch with one-chord songs? Who else could get away with bigging themself up every 2 minutes? Who else could get you shaking your leg? Who else could get you playing drums with your pencil? Who else could wear a cobra for a necktie? Who couldn’t love?

The Jukebox Rebel


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The Pro Review:

For anyone who wants to play rock & roll, real rock & roll, this is one of the few records that you really need. Along with Chuck Berry, Elvis, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Muddy Waters, B.B. King, and a few select others, Bo Diddley was one of the founders of the form — and he did it like no other. Diddley had only one real style, that being the Bo Diddley beat: a syncopated, rhythmic drive, loaded with tremolo. There are 12 examples of it on this record, and that is about all you need. It’s one of those records that, after listening to just a few cuts, will find you tapping the beats on every available surface. Diddley’s guitar and vocals have a gruff feeling that recalls bluesmen such as Waters, yet he has his own style. Buttressed by drums, funky piano, and usually maracas, it’s absolutely infectious. This is one of the greatest rock sounds that you’re likely to hear, and it’s all on this one record, too.

4.5 / 5
Matthew Greenwald

Extra notes:

¹ Some discographies are listing 1957 for this one, which cannot be true as "Hush Your Mouth" and "Dearest Darling" were both recorded on 29th January 1958. The first pressing matrix for side 1 was J8OP-5247-1 and J8OP-5248-1A for side 2. There was a second pressing issued circa October 1958, so I'd guess the first press was circa springtime '58.

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