Bo Diddley - The Originator

TJR says:

Not in my collection.

The Pro review:

By 1966, Bo Diddley was a long way from chart success in America, and The Originator was to be his last official album for four years (in the interim he would appear on the two Chess "Super Blues" all-star jam albums). Strangely enough, this is also one of his best albums, mostly comprised of rare, early-’60s singles ("Pills") and B-sides, and filled out with some fun new recordings ("Yakky Doodle"). This record is a bit of a throwback compared with 500 More Man, which preceded it by nearly a year, representing the Bo Diddley of the early ’60s — all of the material has the signature beat and guitar, or other virtues to recommend it, including some very high spirits.

4.0 / 5
Bruce Eder

Extra notes:

¹ All new to his album discography but b-list on the grounds that it's all out of date, mostly pooled from the Chess vaults of the 1950s.

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