Bo Diddley - This Should Not Be

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Beginning around 1989, Bo Diddley began to release a series of albums which sounded like they were done over a weekend with technopop equipment bought at the Mall. Much of the product was less than satisfying, coming off a bit like an unfocused demonstration tape. But with a Classic innovator in charge there had to be some worthwhile results, and "This Should Not Be" yielded many air-play worthy tracks (provided the dee-jay knew when to fadeout - too many cuts go on too long). The title tune is an inviting medium tempo with nice lyrics; "I’m Not The One", a rapid rapp, should have been edited down to a CD-single side; "The Best" is traditional blues, however over-produced; "Let Me Join Your World" is a beat ballad with Impressions-like harmony; "I Love My Baby" is good fun, something about an enlisted man contemplating calling home even for a one-day leave; "Bozilla’s Groove" is his signature rhythm in new surroundings. It appears that Executive Producer Bo Diddley was determined to show the big names that he could compete in the ’90s and many parts of the 70+ minute set are interesting and enjoyable. What was needed was perhaps an objective post-production hand in editing the set to about 50 minutes and removing some tasteless stuff.

3.0 / 5
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