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#? bra-sello-with-abafana-bentuthuko-bra-sello-with-abafana-bentuthuko-volume-one.jpg 1968 [12, 29:07] Bra Sello with Abafana Bentuthuko - Bra Sello With Abafana Bentuthuko Volume One (CBS LAB-4006) studio • new music compilation 7.18 “Really good” Africana
#? bra-sello-butterfly.jpg 1975 [2, 28:50] Bra Sello - Butterfly (Soweto SWA-14014) studio mini • new music 5.25 “Below average” Disco / Funk
#? bra-sello-the-battle-of-disco.jpg 1977 [2, 38:19] Bra Sello - The Battle Of Disco (Soweto SWA-14018) studio mini • new music 4.50 “Poor” Disco / Funk
date.png 28-Oct-2014
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Selby ’Bra Sello’ Mmutung was one of the most popular south african saxophonist jivers of the 1970s. Sello made his name playing with Abafana Bentuthuko and later joined Mavuthela, working with the late genius Mzwandile David to produce sax-accordion jives under the name Mathwalimbuzi.

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