“Darling, You Know I Wouldn’t Lie” by Conway Twitty - album review

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TJR says

Conway tries his hand at quite a few tough cowboy numbers, but he'd be more at home holding a seven iron than a colt 45 methinks.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [03:07] 2.1.png Conway Twitty - Sound Of An Angel’s Wings (Conway Twitty) Country
A2 [02:37] 2.5.png Conway Twitty - Darling, You Know I Wouldn’t Lie (Wayne Kemp, Red Lane) Country
A3 [03:07] 2.3.png Conway Twitty - Ballad Of Forty Dollars (Tom T. Hall) Country
A4 [02:57] 2.9.png Conway Twitty - Papa Sing Me A Song (Charles Haney, L. E. White) Country
A5 [02:50] 2.1.png Conway Twitty - Window Up Above (George Jones) Country
A6 [02:13] 3.4.png Conway Twitty - Table In The Corner (Conway Twitty) Country
B1 [03:18] 3.8.png Conway Twitty - Bad Man (Conway Twitty) Country
B2 [02:09] 1.8.png Conway Twitty - Bad Girl (Conway Twitty) Country
B3 [03:00] 2.6.png Conway Twitty - When The Grass Grows Over Me (Don Chapel) Country
B4 [02:36] 3.2.png Conway Twitty - Kawliga (Fred Rose, Hank Williams) Folk
B5 [03:26] 2.1.png Conway Twitty - Hungry Eyes (Merle Haggard) Country
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