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#4 damil-records-house-band-12-tops-volume-4.jpg 1972 [12, 38:17] Damil Records House Band - 12 Tops Volume 4 (Stereo Gold Award ‎MER-100) studio • new music 1.51 “An embarrassment” Rock; Soul
#10 damil-records-house-band-12-tops-volume-10.jpg 1973 [12, 40:29] Damil Records House Band - 12 Tops Volume 10 (Stereo Gold Award ‎MER-106) studio • new music 1.28 “An embarrassment” Pop
date.png 28-Jan-2010
notes.png Not attempted. Not interested.


The "Damil Records House Band" made albums which contain anonymous cover versions of recent and current hit singles. The recordings were intended to replicate the sound of the original hits as closely as possible. The albums were recorded by a studio group comprising session musicians and singers who remained unaccredited. The label had been inspired by Hallmark Records “Top of the Pops” series which had been the forerunner of the concept. When TOTP and their rivals were allowed onto the national LP charts in 1971 they had a spell of high success and were selling by the bucket load. And so inevitably, yet more covers albums started appearing, by a flurry of labels big and small. Damil Records of the USA were just one of many such labels, and launched their “12 Tops” Series in 1972.

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