“Just Dave Van Ronk” by Dave Van Ronk - album review

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TJR says

A most efficient conduit of the folk music story, Dave van Ronk was an interesting and entertaining interpreter and creator. He learned much of his trade from the Reverend Gary Davis and, thanks to the fingerpicking teachings of Tom Paley, was able to use his guitar to translate old piano rag stylings within the folk genre, in amongst his many traits and tricks. Mixing up old traditionals with new complex arrangements was his specialty, and this, allied with his contemporary sensibilities, ensured that he was well respected in the competitive Greenwich Village scene of the early 60s. His range of covered material is one of the most impressive aspects of this set in particular – this is exemplified on side 2 as he veers from reading Billie Holiday’s “God Bless the Child” to Fats Domino’s “Blue Monday” to Gary Davis’s “Baby Let Me Lay It On You”. For the album closer, he digs away back in folk roots with his own unique arrangement of “House of the Rising Sun” which, when he had played it live a few years earlier, inspired Dylan to record it on his debut LP. You know you’re good when you’ve got Dylan’s ear.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:29] 5.6.png Dave Van Ronk - Candy Man (Traditional, Gary Davis) Folk
A2 [04:36] 5.4.png Dave Van Ronk - Frankie’s Blues (Traditional) Folk
A3 [04:57] 6.5.png Dave Van Ronk - Bad Dream Blues (Dave Van Rock) Folk
A4 [03:25] 7.3.png Dave Van Ronk - Pastures Of Plenty (Woody Guthrie) Folk
A5 [03:00] 6.4.png Dave Van Ronk - Didn’t It Rain (Traditional) Folk
B1 [02:33] 7.0.png Dave Van Ronk - Wanderin’ (Sammy Kaye) Folk
B2 [04:22] 4.7.png Dave Van Ronk - God Bless The Child (Billie Holiday, Arthur Herzog Jr.) Folk
B3 [01:59] 6.5.png Dave Van Ronk - Blue Monday (Antoine Domino, Dave Bartholomew) Folk
B4 [01:35] 5.6.png Dave Van Ronk - Baby, Let Me Lay It On You (Gary Davis) Folk
B5 [05:35] 6.4.png Dave Van Ronk - The House Of The Rising Sun (Traditional) Folk

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