“The Man Who Sold The World” by David Bowie - album review

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TJR says

The ultimate pop chameleon turns rock for his third album, the Zep and the Sabbath now seemingly being the greatest thing since sliced bread. That said, the two best tracks (the moody “After All” and the far-out psychedelic identity crisis that was the title-track) don't stick with the programme. The 23-year-old continues upwardly.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [08:05] 4.6.png David Bowie - The Width Of A Circle (David Robert Jones) Rock
A2 [05:38] 6.0.png David Bowie - All The Madmen (David Robert Jones) Rock
A3 [03:32] 5.6.png David Bowie - Black Country Rock (David Robert Jones) Rock
A4 [03:52] 7.2.png David Bowie - After All (David Robert Jones) Moodcore
B1 [03:11] 6.1.png David Bowie - Running Gun Blues (David Robert Jones) Rock
B2 [04:25] 6.6.png David Bowie - Saviour Machine (David Robert Jones) Rock
B3 [04:13] 4.4.png David Bowie - She Shook Me Cold (David Robert Jones) Rock
B4 [03:55] 9.2.png David Bowie - The Man Who Sold The World (David Robert Jones) Psychedelia
B5 [03:38] 5.5.png David Bowie - The Supermen (David Robert Jones) Psychedelia

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