“Pacific Ocean Blue” by Dennis Wilson - album review

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TJR says

There’s some lame to average soft rockers on Dennis’ acclaimed solo LP, but so too there are some shimmering nuggets lurking within, witness exhibit A, “Farewell My Friend”. We’re a million miles away from “Fun, Fun, Fun” are we not? Puts me in mind of Eels bloke, Mark Everett. Some nice background from the Wiki:

“Farewell My Friend” is a song written by Dennis Wilson. It was released as the tenth track for his 1977 solo album Pacific Ocean Blue. The song was released as a single in Europe as the B-side of the “River Song” single. The single however, failed to chart. The track, as with the rest of the album, was credited as having been produced by Dennis Wilson and his close friend Gregg Jakobson. Dennis Wilson sings the lead vocals on this and every other track on the album. The song also features vocals from his brother, Carl Wilson.

The song was written as a tribute to Otto Hinsche, the father of Billy Hinsche and the father-in-law of Dennis Wilson’s brother Carl, who was married to Annie Hinsche. Dennis wrote this tribute to Otto Hinsche, as he had died in Dennis’s arms. Dennis described the song as “sort of a happy farewell”.

The song was played at Wilson’s own funeral in January 1984.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [03:44] 5.4.png Dennis Wilson - River Song (Dennis Wilson, Carl Wilson) Pop Ballad
A2 [02:22] 4.6.png Dennis Wilson - What’s Wrong (Dennis Wilson, Gregg Jakobson, Michael Horn) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
A3 [02:27] 4.3.png Dennis Wilson - Moonshine (Dennis Wilson, Gregg Jakobson) Pop Ballad
A4 [03:09] 4.1.png Dennis Wilson - Friday Night (Dennis Wilson, Gregg Jakobson) Rock
A5 [04:22] 5.0.png Dennis Wilson - Dreamer (Dennis Wilson, Gregg Jakobson) Rock
A6 [03:02] 7.9.png Dennis Wilson - Thoughts Of You (Dennis Wilson, Jim Dutch) Songwriter
B1 [03:31] 6.7.png Dennis Wilson - Time (Dennis Wilson, Karen Lamm-Wilson) Songwriter
B2 [03:25] 4.2.png Dennis Wilson - You And I (Dennis Wilson, Karen Lamm-Wilson, Gregg Jakobson) Soft Rock / A.O.R.
B3 [02:39] 5.9.png Dennis Wilson - Pacific Ocean Blues (Dennis Wilson, Mike Love) Rock
B4 [02:26] 8.7.png Dennis Wilson - Farewell My Friend (Dennis Wilson) Pop Ballad
B5 [02:55] 5.1.png Dennis Wilson - Rainbows (Dennis Wilson, Carl Wilson, Stephen Kalinich) Pop Ballad
B6 [02:55] 4.8.png Dennis Wilson - End Of The Show (Dennis Wilson, Gregg Jakobson) Pop Ballad

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