“Edwards Hand” by Edwards Hand - album review

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TJR says

After one album as Picadilly Line, Rod Edwards (keyboards and vocals) and Roger Hand (acoustic guitar and vocals) imaginatively rebranded as Edwards Hand for this cerebral offering best described as an album of “symphonic pop”. Vaguely tinged with folk and psychedelic rock roots, the arrangements are embellished by the lush strings of George Martin who, taking a break from working on The Beatles’ White Album, described their music as “exceptional”. The quality is undeniable. The vibe’s just too square for me man…

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:45] 4.1.png Edwards Hand - Banjo Pier (Rod Edwards, Roger Hand) Cerebral Pop
A2 [02:37] 4.3.png Edwards Hand - Friday Hill (Rod Edwards, Roger Hand) Cerebral Pop
A3 [03:54] 4.6.png Edwards Hand - Episodes, Being The First Part (Rod Edwards, Roger Hand) Cerebral Pop
A4 [03:14] 4.2.png Edwards Hand - Close My Eyes (Rod Edwards, Roger Hand) Psychedelia
A5 [02:14] 3.8.png Edwards Hand - House Of Cards (Rod Edwards, Roger Hand) Pop
A6 [02:41] 3.4.png Edwards Hand - If I Thought You’d Ever Change Your Mind (John Cameron) Pop Ballad
B1 [04:03] 4.6.png Edwards Hand - Characters Number One (Rod Edwards, Roger Hand) Cerebral Pop
B2 [02:54] 4.7.png Edwards Hand - Orange Peel (Rod Edwards, Roger Hand) Folk
B3 [02:13] 3.8.png Edwards Hand - Sing Along With The Singer (Rod Edwards, Roger Hand) Cerebral Pop
B4 [03:17] 3.5.png Edwards Hand - Magic Car (Rod Edwards, Roger Hand) Pop
B5 [05:37] 2.9.png Edwards Hand - The Days Of Our Life (Rod Edwards, Roger Hand) Cerebral Pop

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