“Another Green World” by Eno - album review

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TJR says

Once again, “Another Green World” seen the bold Mr Eno enter the studio with no pre-conceptions, no fore-planning, bar the notion that he would engage the studio itself as a key instrument. Somehow, he emerges again with an interesting album of work; his modus operandi seems to serve him well. It didn’t do well commercially, but it’s widely regarded as a masterpiece amongst the critics. For me, it’s a bit patchy overall, but there are plenty of worthwhile moments over the course of the busy 14-track set. The vaguely menacing “Sky Saw” gets side 1 off to a good start, with a wandering bass that can’t seem to make its’ mind up whether it wants to be jazz or new romantic. 8 of the 14 tracks are outright instrumentals – “In Dark Trees” arrives early doors and is amongst the best of these. Again, a sense of menace is in the air, and Brian Eno proves himself to be extremely adept in the art of mood creation – he alone drip feeds guitars, synthesizer, electric percussion and some sort of treated rhythm generator into the mix and emerges triumphantly in a dubby haze. Better still is “The Big Ship”, which follows in the same vein, Eno alone, this time on a bossa-nova beat and without the guitars. Best on the flip-side are 2 tracks with lead vocals; the gorgeous “Golden Hours” and the reflective “Everything Merges With The Night”. The former features old pal Robert Fripp on Wimborne guitar, new pal John Cale on viola and Brian himself on vocals, choppy organs, spasmodic percussion and uncertain piano. It all sounds several years ahead of its time, despite the choppy uncertainty. The latter is framed by some excellent high-neck / low-down bass wandering by Brian Turrington, offset by piano prettiness by the same player, played against wistful vocals and a highly melodic, effects-laden guitar by Eno.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [03:25] 6.5.png Eno - Sky Saw (Brian Eno) New Wave
A2 [01:49] 5.6.png Eno - Over Fire Island (Brian Eno) Electronica
A3 [03:02] 5.2.png Eno - St. Elmo’s Fire (Brian Eno) Cerebral Pop
A4 [02:29] 7.0.png Eno - In Dark Trees (Brian Eno) Dubbeat
A5 [03:01] 7.4.png Eno - The Big Ship (Brian Eno) Electronica
A6 [03:48] 4.2.png Eno - I’ll Come Running (Brian Eno) Cerebral Pop
A7 [01:38] 5.0.png Eno - Another Green World (Brian Eno) Electronica
B1 [02:26] 5.3.png Eno - Sombre Reptiles (Brian Eno) New Wave
B2 [01:30] 5.1.png Eno - Little Fishes (Brian Eno) Electronica
B3 [04:01] 7.2.png Eno - Golden Hours (Brian Eno) Electronica
B4 [03:56] 5.4.png Eno - Becalmed (Brian Eno) Ambient
B5 [03:00] 6.7.png Eno - Zawinul/Lava (Brian Eno) Ambient
B6 [03:59] 7.7.png Eno - Everything Merges With The Night (Brian Eno) New Wave
B7 [02:36] 4.1.png Eno - Spirits Drifting (Brian Eno) Ambient

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