“Every Mother’s Son” by Every Mother’s Son - album review

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TJR says

Starts off well with a cover - “Come On Down To My Boat” (originally done as "Come And Take A Ride In My Boat" by The Rare Breed in 1966) and I’m thinking yep, double handclap pop vibe, nice organ, cool bassline. I’m into it. The rest are all originals – unfortunately nothing else hits as hard as that opener, although “Allison Dozer” comes pretty close - they do seem to be at their best when they let rip with a bit more abandon, pushing that organ into the red. Elsewhere, things are a fair bit more tame as they veer between many of the flower pop combos of the day, probably falling somewhere between the Lovin’ Spoonful, The Kinks and The Monkees. A band very much in the shadows…

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:18] 6.3.png Every Mother’s Son - Come On Down To My Boat (Wes Farrell, Gerald Goldstein) Pop
A2 [02:24] 4.8.png Every Mother’s Son - I Won’t (Dennis Larden, Larry Larden) Pop
A3 [02:30] 4.0.png Every Mother’s Son - For Brandy (Dennis Larden, Larry Larden) Pop
A4 [02:09] 4.0.png Every Mother’s Son - Didn’t She Lie (Dennis Larden, Larry Larden) Pop
A5 [03:04] 3.1.png Every Mother’s Son - What Became Of Mary (Dennis Larden) Pop
B1 [02:17] 3.3.png Every Mother’s Son - Ain’t It A Drag (Dennis Larden, Larry Larden) Pop
B2 [02:59] 5.9.png Every Mother’s Son - Allison Dozer (Dennis Larden, Larry Larden) Pop
B3 [02:33] 5.0.png Every Mother’s Son - I Believe In You (Dennis Larden, Larry Larden) Pop
B4 [02:30] 4.0.png Every Mother’s Son - Ain’t No Use (Dennis Larden, Bruce Miller) Pop
B5 [02:42] 4.5.png Every Mother’s Son - Sittin’ Here (Peter’s Tune) (Dennis Larden, Larry Larden) Pop
B6 [02:44] 4.1.png Every Mother’s Son - Come On Queenie (Dennis Larden, Larry Larden) Pop

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