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#1 family-tree-miss-butters.jpg 1968 [13, 35:28] Family Tree - Miss Butters (RCA Victor LSP-3955) studio • new music 5.23 “Below average” Psychedelia; Pop
date.png 04-Apr-2011
notes.png The end. Band split 1969.


The rock group Family Tree formed in 1968 in Canada. Members of the lineup included vocalist and guitarist Bob Segarini, vocalist and keyboardist Michel Dure, drummer Vann Scater, keyboardist and guitarist Jimmy de Cocq, and bassist Bill Trochim. The band had a short life and only released one album. The year it formed, Family Tree landed a deal with RCA Records and recorded a debut album, Miss Butters. It would be the group's first and last offering. Some of the tracks from this loner are "Any Other Baby," "Nine to Three," "Butters Lament," "Simple Life," and "Melancholy Vaudeville Man." Members from Family Tree moved on to other groups, like the Dudes, Roxy, and the Wackers. Bob Segarini also carried on a long solo career.

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