“Fats Is Back” by Fats Domino - album review

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TJR says

Reprise 6304. Later issued in Great Britain in July 1970 on Valiant VS 107. All new, but with 2 reworkings onboard - “I’m Ready” (Fats Domino Sings Million Record Hits, 1960) and “I Know” (Twistin The Stomp, 1962). Produced by Richard Perry and arranger Randy Newman. The production and supporting line up are rather grand, featuring supporting pianist James Booker, drummer Earl Palmer, bassist Chuck Rainey and saxophonist King Curtis. The overall effect is markedly different from the Fats sound of the preceding 20 years – it’s a clear step towards the dull world of mainstream pop rock. The set is not without some merit however as the rollicking “Honest Papas Love Their Mamas Better” surely testifies. His two Beatles covers are also very well done, I’m liking the new rock drawl vocals style from the big man on “Lovely Rita” – his version tops the boring original. And, of course, he was born to play “Lady Madonna”. His version’s is head noddingly fine, and is delivered with a lively full band production groove. Fats may be back in ’68 but I get the sense he’s not in full control - and that’s not a solid foundation to build on…

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [03:22] 5.0.png Fats Domino - My Old Friends (Bernard Decesare, Pasquale Zompa) Blues / Rhythm n Blues
A2 [02:35] 5.3.png Fats Domino - I’m Ready [1968 re-recording] (Antoine Domino, Al Lewis, Sylvester Bradford) Rock n Roll / Rockabilly
A3 [02:40] 4.6.png Fats Domino - So Swell When You’re Well (James Booker) Pop
A4 [02:37] 5.3.png Fats Domino - Wait Till It Happens To You [1968 re-recording] (Antoine Domino, Dave Bartholomew) Blues / Rhythm n Blues
A5 [02:53] 4.1.png Fats Domino - I Know [1968 re-recording of 1962 song] (Barbara George) Pop
A6 [02:23] 6.5.png Fats Domino - Lady Madonna (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
B1 [02:37] 8.3.png Fats Domino - Honest Papas Love Their Mamas Better (Bernard Decesare, Pasquale Zompa) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
B2 [02:26] 5.1.png Fats Domino - Make Me Belong To You (Chip Taylor, Billy Vera) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
B3 [02:35] 5.2.png Fats Domino - One For The Highway (Antoine Domino) Blues / Rhythm n Blues
B4 [02:35] 6.8.png Fats Domino - Lovely Rita (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) Pop
B5 [03:39] 5.7.png Fats Domino - One More Song For You (Bernard Decesare, Pasquale Zompa) Blues / Rhythm n Blues

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