“Showcase Of Hits” by Guy Mitchell - album review

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TJR says

Reading between the lines, Frank Harvey's liner notes tell you all you need to know:

One of the most eminently satisfying performers of the day, Guy Mitchell's reputation for exuberant, happy-go-lucky interpretations of cheerful, finger-snapping songs is second to none. Not for him the distorted, gimmick-infested treatment accorded to their songs by many of today's singers - but a straightforward approach, coupled with a natural inborn gaiety which blends into the very essence of his material.

Right you are then Frank.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:40] 2.3.png Guy Mitchell - There’s Always Room At Our House (Bob Merrill) Pop
A2 [03:22] 1.3.png Guy Mitchell - We Won’t Live In A Castle (Bob Merrill) Crooner / Cabaret
A3 [02:25] 2.3.png Guy Mitchell - Belle, Belle, My Liberty Belle (Bob Merrill) Crooner / Cabaret
A4 [02:42] 3.4.png Guy Mitchell - Look At That Girl (Bob Merrill) Pop
A5 [02:47] 1.2.png Guy Mitchell - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Bob Merrill) Pop
A6 [02:47] 1.1.png Guy Mitchell - My Truly, Truly Fair (Bob Merrill) Pop
A7 [03:07] 3.2.png Guy Mitchell - She Wears Red Feathers (Bob Merrill) Crooner / Cabaret
B1 [02:43] 2.2.png Guy Mitchell - The Roving Kind (Jessie Cavanaugh, Arnold Stanton) Pop
B2 [02:12] 3.0.png Guy Mitchell - Rock-A-Billy (Woody Harris, Eddie Deane) Rock n Roll / Rockabilly
B3 [02:40] 0.9.png Guy Mitchell - My Heart Cries For You (Carl Sigman, Percy Faith) Pop Ballad
B4 [02:35] 2.1.png Guy Mitchell - Pretty Little Black-Eyed Susie (Kathleen Twomey, Fred Wise, Benjamin Weisman) Crooner / Cabaret
B5 [02:27] 2.0.png Guy Mitchell - Cloud Lucky Seven (Charles Tobias, Peter De Rose) Pop
B6 [03:08] 0.8.png Guy Mitchell - Sparrow In The Tree Top (Bob Merrill) Crooner / Cabaret
B7 [02:25] 3.3.png Guy Mitchell - Singing The Blues (Melvin Endsley) Pop
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