“When Tragedy Struck” by Hank Snow - album review

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TJR says

The Canadian’s brand of country pop is not too shabby – and occasionally strikes a really positive chord with Rebel sensibilities. I do love a good old tragedy – and there are eleven of them here on this conceptual affair. As Bruce Eder (All Music) notes: All of life’s devastating blows are here, including abandonment (“Nobody’s Child”), the death of children (“Put My Little Shoes Away”; “Don’t Make Me Go to Bed and I’ll Be Good”), and the death of a pet (“Old Shep”; “Little Buddy”). Best of the lot is his version of an old tear-jerker written and recorded by Hattie Nevada away back in 1897. In “The Letter Edged In Black” a boy’s life is shattered forever: “I bowed my head in sorrow and in sadness, The sunshine of my life, it all had fled, When the post man brought that letter yesterday morning, Saying ‘come home my boy, your dear old mother's dead.’” It’s a great portrayal from Hank – clearly capable of hitting heavy.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [03:12] 7.0.png Hank Snow - The Letter Edged In Black (Roy Carter) Country
A2 [03:42] 5.6.png Hank Snow - Old Shep (Clyde Foley) Country
A3 [03:42] 5.7.png Hank Snow - The Prisoners Prayer (Don Nash, Ted Daffan) Country
A4 [03:06] 5.4.png Hank Snow - The Drunkard’s Child (Andrew Jenkins, Jimmie Rodgers) Country
A5 [03:26] 4.5.png Hank Snow - Don’t Make Me Go To Bed And I’ll Be Good (Hugh Cross) Country
B1 [02:59] 4.2.png Hank Snow - The Convict And The Rose (Betty Chapin) Country
B2 [03:02] 3.8.png Hank Snow - Put My Little Shoes Away (Traditional) Country
B3 [03:15] 4.0.png Hank Snow - Little Buddy (Hank Snow) Country
B4 [03:02] 4.3.png Hank Snow - There’s A Little Box Of Pine On The 7:29 (Jos Ettlinger, George Brown, Dedette Lee) Country
B5 [03:10] 4.7.png Hank Snow - Nobody’s Child (Cy Coben, Mel Foree) Country
B6 [02:16] 4.5.png Hank Snow - I’m Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail (Karl Davis, Harty Taylor) Country
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