Intuthuko Brothers

South Africa Intuthuko Brothers

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#? intuthuko-brothers-featuring-hensford-mthembu-tomorrows-wedding.jpg 1974 [12, 30:57] Intuthuko Brothers featuring Hensford Mthembu - Tomorrow’s Wedding (Skyline Marabi SK-80163) studio • new music 5.43 “Below average” Africana; Pop
#? intuthuko-brothers-stars-of-africa.jpg 1976 [12, 30:59] Intuthuko Brothers - Stars Of Africa (Kaya Lami KYL-2002) studio • new music 6.87 “Good” Africana
#? amagugu-with-the-intuthuko-brothers-the-pride-of-africa.jpg 1976 [12, 32:27] Amagugu with The Intuthuko Brothers - The Pride Of Africa (Kaya Lami KYL-2003) studio collaboration • new music compilation 7.05 “Really good” Africana
date.png 04-May-2011
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This is a famous group, extremely popular throughout the country. The album features Henceford Mthembu, a superstar in his own right, as lead guitarist. The group have been together for over 10 years, which is a long time by any standards. It is obvious from this LP that the experience of playing together has made them into a tight, highly musical, combination. They are presently doing many tours throughout South Africa and Swaziland, and should be in your area soon. So look out for Intuthuko Brothers and enjoy these EMI/BRIGADIER stars of today.

Stars Of Africa LP Liner Notes
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