“Take A Look” by Irma Thomas - album review

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TJR says

Irma’s second LP was finally issued in January ’66, having been held back for several months for some reason unknown (Imperial had initially assigned the catalogue number LP-9275 for the set). It seems the label weren’t as committed to Irma as was merited. It’s another brilliant set, split down the middle between the upbeat dancefloor numbers and the heartfelt ballads. Eight of the twelve tracks compile single sides from 1964-65, half of which come from the pen of Van McCoy. Two of the finest tracks, “Take A Look” and “Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand)” hail from 1964 releases. Irma herself pens a major highlight “You Don’t Miss A Good Thing (Until It’s Gone)” – she seems to revel in these tragi-tales of the failed romance. All 4 of the newly unveiled tracks are no less than great – “Teasing, But You’re Pleasing”, “I Haven’t Got Time To Cry”, “Baby Don’t Look Down” and “Wait, Wait, Wait”. For those who never had the singles this album was the bomb. Sadly, this would prove to be Irma’s final statement on Imperial – she’s had no luck in her music biz dealings: “They just gave me my contract. I didn’t leave them on my own, they released me. I have no idea what the reason was.” There’d be no new Irma Thomas LP for seven years – what a travesty.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:58] 10.0.png Irma Thomas - Take A Look (Allen Toussaint) Soul
A2 [01:46] 7.8.png Irma Thomas - Teasing, But You’re Pleasing (Naomi Neville) Soul
A3 [02:43] 7.6.png Irma Thomas - I Haven’t Got Time To Cry (Mel Carter, Zelda Samuels) Soul Ballad
A4 [02:22] 8.8.png Irma Thomas - You Don’t Miss A Good Thing (Until It’s Gone) (Irma Thomas, Jerry Ragovoy) Soul Ballad
A5 [02:45] 7.2.png Irma Thomas - Some Things You Never Get Used To (Van McCoy) Soul
A6 [02:56] 8.2.png Irma Thomas - Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand) (Jeannie Seely, Judith Arbuckle, Pat Sheeran, Randy Newman) Soul Ballad
B1 [02:22] 6.7.png Irma Thomas - It’s Starting To Get To Me Now (Van McCoy) Soul
B2 [02:26] 7.4.png Irma Thomas - Times Have Changed (Van McCoy) Soul Ballad
B3 [02:39] 6.9.png Irma Thomas - He’s My Guy (Van McCoy) Soul Ballad
B4 [02:34] 7.9.png Irma Thomas - Baby Don’t Look Down (Randy Newman) Soul
B5 [02:12] 7.2.png Irma Thomas - What Are You Trying To Do (Naomi Neville) Soul
B6 [02:35] 7.8.png Irma Thomas - Wait, Wait, Wait (Naomi Neville) Soul Ballad

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